Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2830 – Full Episode – 1st October, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2830 – Full Episode – 1st October, 2019

Hey, Bawri! Hey, Bawri! She’s not even listening.
What is she up to? Hey!
– Ah! – Hey.. Why are you screaming! In fact, I should be screaming.
– What did I do that you have to scream?
– Really? You’ve sent Nattu and Baga
somewhere and you’re busy dancing
in my shop. Moreover, you’re asking me,
what did I do? I didn’t send them anywhere.
They went on their own. Where did they go?
– To the godown. Why?
– I have no idea. I came here to recharge
my number. Uncle Chakku told me..
– Who’s Chakku? Uncle Chakku. Chakrapal Prabhashankar
Udhaiwala. Hey, you.. His name is Nattu
and not Chakku! He’s Natwarlal Prabhashankar
Udhaiwala. Oh, that was by mistake.
So, Uncle Nattu told me to manage the shop for a while
saying, they’ll be right back. Nattu and Baga are just.. Got it?
No? Good morning, sir.
– Hey, you silly! What are you both doing
in the godown leaving the shop to Bawri
all alone? Magan, manage the godown.
We’ll be at the shop. Let’s go, Uncle Nattu.
– Okay.. He hung up on me! Baga hung up on me!
This Baga is just.. – Stop! No. If you say anything
against Bageshwar, then.. Then what?
– I just don’t like it. Let me make it clear.
– I don’t care if you don’t like! Wow, sir! You’re here already?
– Hey, you! Just tell me why did you hung up on me?
– When you were anyway available to talk face to face why to talk over the phone? Right.. Absolutely right.. Thank you, Uncle Nattu.
Thank you. So, sir tell me,
why did you call me up? Why did you both leave the shop
to Bawri and go to the godown?
– To think. Really?
– You didn’t get it right. To think.
– Right. That’s what I said! To think! But what were you thinking about that made you leave the shop
and go to godown? You could think
in the shop, too. No, sir.
That was not possible. Why?
– Well, in the shop the customers keep visiting.
So, we get disturbed. We can’t think peacefully. That’s why, we went
to the godown to think. Leaving the shop to Bawri? Yes. – Where’s Magan?
– In the godown. Why did you leave the shop
to Bawri and not to Magan? Sir, we had to go to the godown
just for a few minutes. Yes, sir. We didn’t want
to bother Magan to run between the shop and godown
just for a few minutes. Right. – What is that
you both had to think that you left the shop
and went to the godown? Let me explain, sir. Excuse me, Uncle Nattu.
– Yes, dear. Please move.
I don’t have space over here. You could have stood there
and told, dear. Why did you come in between?
– Even you could have done that. Why did you come
in between then? Oh, sorry.. Comfortable?
– Yes. What did I come here for?
– What is that you went to the godown to think about?
– Oh, yes! We had gone to the godown
to think the answer to the riddle
in the postcard. You two have also
got the postcards? What do you mean? Have you also
got the postcard? Yes. And not me alone.. Everyone in Gokuldham society
have received the postcards. And everyone has got
different riddles. What!
– Everybody has got it. That means, it’s not
a joke, Baga. We will definitely
get the reward if we solve the riddle.
Believe me. Yes, Uncle Nattu. Bageshwar, what is PPA? PPA?
– Yes. PPA. ‘Postcard Puzzle
and Award.’ Sorry..
Sorry, Bawri. I did not tell you
because I thought of giving you a surprise
after winning. Okay.
Tell me something. Baga..
Mr. Nattu.. Did you receive
the postcard at the shop? No.
It was delivered at home. I see.
It was delivered at home. That means, the sender
knows everything about us. Now, more than solving
the riddle I am curious to know
about the sender. Sir.. The sender is very smart. The riddles are
so complicating. We have been thinking but
we are not getting the answer. Even we have got
tough riddles. We tried, but we failed
to solve it. Oh, no! We tried to solve
each other’s riddle. But no.. We could not solve it. Oh! Are the riddles
really so tough? I really love tough riddles. Tell me a few riddles. Bawri, we are talking
about the riddle. We are not discussing
poems and couplets. What should we tell you? Bawri..
– What? Okay.
– Sir, no matter what.. We have to solve
the riddles. It’s the matter of
our reputation. Right, Uncle Nattu?
– Of course. It’s the matter of
honour killing. Sorry. Slip of tongue. It is the matter of
honour and pride. Let’s us go, sir.
– Where? Let us go to the godown
and think about it. Let us go.
– Hold on, Mr. Nattu. Stay here and think.
– Okay, sir. Our riddle is.. ‘I am something
whose definition is tough’ ‘I am powerful
but I look weak.’ Wow!
This is a wonderful puzzle. Bawri.. Hold on. Baga.. The answer is relationship. Relationships? The relationships
have become so complicated. It is difficult to define. And they have become
very weak. The answer to this riddle
is relationships. Wow! Thank you, Mr. Nattu.
Thank you. Baga, you are welcome. Now, send the answer
quickly. Hold on, Baga. Hold on. I don’t think
this is the right answer. Why?
– Why? People fulfil relationships. If one fulfills
his relationships then everything will fine. And if he doesn’t then the relationship
will spoil. So, it depends on the people. So, ‘relationship’ can’t be
the answer to your riddle. Baga, I think
sir has got a point. Cancel this answer. Allow me to think
over it again. Sorry.
I thought a lot about it but, I did not get the answer. The riddle is very tough. Baga, you always
talk about the elders. Ask your elders. They have left the world. Have they not said anything
about these riddles? Yes, sir. Our elders have answers
to all the riddles. But he doesn’t
know anything. Excuse me, sir.
I am not old. Oh! Sorry. Better. Shall I say something?
– No. We have an elderly person
who is really old. Shall we ask him?
He would know everything. Who?
– Mr. Chumbak. Mr. Chumbak?
Who is he? Sir.. She is talking
about Mr. Champak. Hey.. Chumbak..
His name is Champaklaal. What do you mean Chumbak? What is she saying?
– Sorry.. That was a mistake. By the way, sir,
Bawri’s idea is good. To be honest, your father
is really a senior citizen. Not just a senior citizen,
Mr. Nattu. He is wise too.
– Yes. That’s why I am asking you
to ask your father. I asked him in the morning but he didn’t reply.
He ignored. He scolded me saying that I
can’t even solve a puzzle. It’s okay, sir.
I’ll talk to him. Yes, you talk to him. If Mr. Nattu asks,
then he’ll answer. Hello.
– Sir. Mr. Jethalaal wants to talk.
– Hey.. Y-Yes.. Yes, Father.
– Yes, Jetha. W-What are you doing?
– Why? A-Actually.. I want to discuss something.
– Go ahead. No, if you’re busy,
then I’ll call you later. Come on, I am not
doing anything. Tell me, what it is.
– It’s nothing much. A-Actually..
That puzzle.. Jetha, you’re still stuck with
that puzzle even in the shop? What can I do, Father?
The puzzle has trapped me in such a way that I am unable
to focus on anything. And it’s not just my case,
but it’s same with everyone. Who else?
– Oh.. That means everyone
is crazy about the puzzle. Yes.
– Tell me. Tell me your puzzle.
– Thank you. Thank you, Father. I am telling you.
Just a moment. Yes.
Here’s my puzzle. ‘What is that thing’ ‘after possessing which
you can do anything?’ ‘You don’t have to stay
dependent at all.’ Just a minute..
Let me think. ‘What is that thing’ ‘after possessing which
you can do anything?’ ‘You don’t have to stay
dependent at all.’ He’s thinking. What’s this, Jetha? Can’t you solve
such an easy puzzle? D-Do you know the answer?
– Yes. Wow! Tell me, Father.
What’s the answer? No, I’ll tell you after you
return home in the evening. Father, I can’t wait till that.
Please tell me. Jetha, you just consider
that you’ve got the answer as of now. You just don’t worry now. You just come in the evening,
then I’ll tell you. Thank you.. Father, you’ve
freed me from such a stress. Okay. Okay, then let’s hang up.
– Okay, Father.. Thank you.. W-What did he say? Father said that he knows
the answer and he’ll tell me after I
will return home today. After closing the shop,
even I and Mr. Nattu will come to your house
with you. Even we want our answers.
– Yes, sir.. Yes, definitely come. Father will easily answer
your puzzles. We’ll do one thing. We’ll close the shop early
in the evening and go to father. We have till 8:30 p.m.
to answer, right? As soon as father gives us
the answers we’ll immediately send
the text message. We’ll do it for sure.
– Yes. Let me give this good news
to Mr. Mehta too. Yes, Jethalaal, tell me.
– Sir, what are you doing? I am in office,
I am working. Oh, okay..
Sorry.. If you’re busy, then it’s okay,
I’ll call you later. I just called regarding
the answer of the puzzle. I didn’t say
that I am busy, Jethalaal. No, you said that you’re
in office and you’re working. Yes, I am working,
Jethalaal. But even I am thinking about
the puzzle again and again. And even Anjali called me twice
for the answer. Oh.. But I am not getting
the answer, Jethalaal. Mr. Mehta, I got the answer
of my puzzle. How?
– Father. And Baga gave me the idea that the senior citizens mostly
know the answers of puzzles. Then I talked to father
about my puzzle. Father said that he knows
the answer of this puzzle. Wow!
What’s the answer, Jethalaal? He didn’t tell me.
He said the he’ll tell me after returning from the shop
in the evening. That’s so nice, Jethalaal. Jethalaal, even I’ll do
one thing. I’ll come to your house
in the evening and will talk to your father. Maybe he can answer
my puzzle as well. Not maybe, Mr. Mehta.
My father can definitely answer your puzzle too. And I called you to ask you to
come to my house in the evening and get the answer
of your puzzle. Thank you, Jethalaal..
Thank you.. I’ll come in the evening, okay?
– Okay.. That’s so wonderful. Let me call my friends
at Gokuldham society. Mr. Mehta.. Yes..
– I called to inform you that Jethalaal’s puzzle
will be solved. Really?
That’s great! Mr. Champaklaal said, he’ll solve the puzzles
within no time. Who told you? Jethalaal just called me
and told me about it. That’s amazing!
Our job is done! Yes! Then Mr. Champaklaal can solve
our puzzles as well. I called to tell you the same. I’ll go over to
Mr. Champaklaal’s house along with Anjali before 8:30 p.m. and find
an answer to my puzzle. You will not be going over
by yourself. We shall go over
to Mr. Champaklaal’s house before 8:30 and ask him
to solve our puzzles. Yes, we’ll be there as well. I will be there by 8:30! All right, Grandpa.
He said, he’s coming. All right. Mr. Jethalaal..
– Jethalaal! Come in, Ms. Anjali.
Come in, Mr. Mehta. Jethalaal, everyone is here.
Mr. Champaklaal isn’t here yet. Yes, Jethalaal.
Where’s your father? Yes, Jethalaal.
Where’s Mr. Champaklaal? Why are you so restless?
Be patient. Well, we need to submit
the answers before 8:30. I know.
Dad must be on the way. Okay..
– He’s here! What happened?
Why is everyone here? Everyone was eagerly waiting
for you. – Yes. But why? We are obsessed with puzzles.
We are here to find the answers. Oh, I see. So, no one could solve
the puzzles. – No. No, Mr. Champaklaal.
We tried very hard but we couldn’t solve
the puzzles. You are our only hope.
– Yes.. Dad, did you hear that? All right..
Tell me, what are the puzzles? Dad, listen to my puzzle first.
– No, Jethalaal. Let him solve my puzzle first
because it’s very difficult. The puzzle is.. I will tell you first..
– No, hold on.. I’ll go first.. Stop it!
Please be quiet! Calm down, everyone. I will commit a blunder
if things are so chaotic. Don’t be mad at me, later. Sorry, Mr. Champaklaal. Mr. Mehta,
you may ask him first. It’s all right.
Mr. Hathi, you can go first. Mr. Aiyar,
you may ask him first. Jethalaal, you can ask him
first. – You may ask him first.. Mr. Aiyar, you can ask him.. Silence!
Please be quiet. If anyone utters a word I will not listen
to anyone’s puzzle and I will not tell the answer. No one shall say anything.
Please be quiet. Sorry.. I want everyone to be quiet
and tell me the puzzles by taking turns. We are running out of time
as well. Babita, you can go first.
Mr. Aiyar.. Is that okay? Thank you so much, Mr. Jetha. Here’s our puzzle.. I am the strongest. And hatred is ineffective
against me. Mr. Champaklaal,
we thought a lot. The answer is not a nuclear
weapon nor a human. The answer is not God nor a pen. Yes! I have solved the puzzle. You know,
there’s a shloka in Sanskrit. Okay.. This puzzle is very puzzling. I didn’t understand anything.
– Same here. It went over my head. I mean,
I didn’t understand anything. This verse simply means that small things bind together
and bring a great change. Like small fibres make
a rope. And we can use that rope
to hold an elephant! So unity has great
strength. Unity is the answer
to your riddle. Unity?
– Unity? Since unity can make
even a weakling strong. We have many languages
and religions along with classes,
sects and forms. Even different cuisines,
thoughts and ways of life. And yet India is a nation
of unity in diversity. And based on that unity,
India is a powerful nation. Yes, Sir. In this bond of unity all our angst is lost. Just as we the folk
of Gokuldhaam. How close we are
together! Yes. Our scriptures
have said it clearly. The world is
a great family. So all religions are one. And if we all live
as a family there will be no hate
within. Yes.
– Thank you, sir. You have solved
the riddle so well. Yes, thank you.
– Thank you. It is said that internet
has the answer for everything but it came into existence
only a few decades ago. So what did people do
before that? People chose a precise way
to get their answers. They sought answers
from the wise. Ones with great experience
and knowledge. And great experience.
Elders had all answers. And even today we find
such elders. And people of Gokuldhaam
did the same. The people went
to Sir Champak. To get the answer
for the riddle. And he did answer
Aiyar’s riddle. And let us see if he can
answer the rest. We have a lot
of questions. Who sent the riddles? Why did they it?
What could it bring? All will be revealed. In the next episode
so stay tuned. Friends,
a special request. Tomorrow is
2nd October 2019 and the 150th Birth anniversary
of Mahatma Gandhi. And we ask from all
our fellow countrymen To remember Gandhiji.
To bow to him. To walk the path
that he has shown. So we can guide
the nation. For a better future. Jai Hind!
Jai Bharat!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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