Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2826 – Full Episode – 25th September, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2826 – Full Episode – 25th September, 2019

Mom, look who came to meet you. You all.. Yeah, Pinky came to the society
to sell vegetables she mentioned
that you are not well. That’s why, we all decided
to come and meet you. What happened to you? Looks like, she’s really unwell. Yeah..
– It’s all right.. Sunita.. Oh, God! She has high fever. I will call Hansraj.
– Yeah, please. Easy.. Komal! Yeah, Komal. Come to Sunita’s house fast. Sunita’s house?
– The vegetable vendor, Sunita. What are you doing there?
– Actually.. Don’t worry, Komal.
Text me her address. I will come there
as soon as possible. Fine, come soon. Good morning, Mr. Hathi. Good morning. What happened? Where are you in a hurry? I’m going to Sunita’s house,
the vegetable vendor. Why? All the ladies
have gone to her house. They have gone
to Sunita’s house! Then why did Madhavi say that they are going
to beauty parlour. Why did they go there? Actually, Komal called me
and she said.. Mr. Bhide,
I won’t get an auto so easily. So can you please drop me
on Sakharam to Sunita’s house. Yeah, sure.. Stay here.
I will get Sakharam here. Yeah..
– Okay. Bhide, what are you doing? An accident would have happened! Why weren’t you attentive,
Popatlaal? Thankfully, I applied brake otherwise,
you would have flown off. Hey, stop with your nonsense. No jokes with my name! Mr. Bhide,
stop arguing with him. We are getting late. Let’s go fast..
– Okay. Where are you running late? We have to go to Sunita’s house,
the vegetable vendor. Sunita’s house? Popatlaal,
there’s already enough tension. It’s a matter of concern! Then, I will tag along. Tell me everything
on the way. Okay.
– Okay. – Let’s go.. Let’s go, Mr. Bhide. Come this side..
– Yes. It’s good that all of you
came here. It was an emergency so we got Mr. Hathi on Sakharam. We? Listen.
– Yes. Sorry, I lied to you.
– It’s okay. I can understand. How long has you mom been ill? Since about a week. Sometimes,
she has intense headaches. She screams out of pain. When she gets dizzy,
she falls down at times. Did you get her checked
by any other doctor? Yes. That doctor had given
some reports for her as well. Show me the report. The doctor said,
we’ll have to get her operated. There will be huge expenses. That’s why,
I’m selling vegetables. I want to earn a lot of money. I have to get her healthy. Please treat her. Komal..
– What happened, Hansraj? Sunita has brain tumor.. Brain tumour?
What does it mean? It means there’s a small growth
in your mother’s brain. She has to be operated. Mr. Hathi,
how much will the surgery cost? Around Rs. 3.50 lakhs
to Rs. 4 lakhs. Oh, God! How can I arrange
so much money? We don’t even have money
to buy medicines. Sunita.. Relax.. Mom, don’t worry.
I’ll get you operated. Doctor.. Please perform
my mother’s operation. I will sell vegetables all day. I will make a lot of money. Mom, let’s sell your jewellery. So, Pinky was telling the truth. These are Sunita’s jewellery.
– That’s true but.. How will Sunita arrange money
for her operation? Bhide, can you arrange something
from the society funds? There isn’t enough money
in the society funds. Even if everyone chips in,
how much can we arrange? Doctor, please help my mother.
I just want my mother! I just want my mother! Don’t cry, dear.
– No.. I don’t have anyone
apart from my mother. Dear, you don’t have to pay
for her treatment. Your mother can get treated
free of cost. Who will perform the surgery
free of cost? The government of this country. Our government?
– Yes, dear. Under National
Health Protection Scheme your mother will get treated
free of cost. Is it true, Doctor?
– Yes, dear. Does your mother
have a mobile phone? – Yes. Please give it to me. Dear, I can do this
from my mobile phone but if I do this
through your mother’s phone you will get
all the information too. But there’s no balance
in my mother’s mobile phone. Don’t worry about the balance.
We’ll recharge her number. Let’s call Jethalaal
and get the number recharged. Do you have balance
to call Jethalaal? Sorry..
All right, call him. Why are you calling Mr. Jetha
for such a trivial matter? I will call Mr. Baga,
he will recharge the number. His balance got saved. What!
– Nothing.. ‘I am sure, it’s Bawri.’ Disconnect the call.
Disconnect the call! Baga, I have told you
umpteen times not to talk to Bawri
when you’re working. Why don’t you understand? But Bawri did not call me.
It was Ms. Babita. Then why did you disconnect
the call? Sir, you’re so strange. You asked him
not to answer the call and disconnect it. So, he disconnected it. Answer the call! Yes, Bawri.
– Hey! Hang up right now! I asked you not to answer
Bawri’s call yet you did it. Sir, Baga answered the call
on his phone. What are you saying?
Baga answered Bawri’s call. Bawri had called him
but Bawri called up on Baga’s phone, right? Who is calling you now?
Is it Bawri? No, it’s Ms. Babita. Baga, how can it be
Ms. Babita’s phone? It is your phone, right? You’re right, Mr. Nattu.
It is my phone but Ms. Babita is calling me. Oh! That way. I thought you are saying that the phone
belongs to Ms. Babita. But Ms. Babita is calling him.
– No, sir. That phone belongs to Baga. Please be quiet for a while.
Answer.. The call got disconnected. Mr. Nattu, what have you done!
– What did I do? Bawri’s call got disconnected! It wasn’t Ms. Bawri.
It was Ms. Babita. What am I saying? It’s not your fault, sir. The three names
start with the letter ‘B’. Baga, Bawri and Babita. So,
you might have got confused. But I have to admit Mr. Jetha gets confused
with the words starting with the letter ‘B’. Mr. Jetha,
it’s Ms. Babita’s call. Baga, why is Ms. Babita
calling you time and again? Please be patient, Mr. Nattu.
Do your work. Answer the call. Mr. Jetha,
is your phone switched off? Please be silent
for a couple of minutes. Give the phone to me.. Ms. Babita, why are you calling
on Baga’s number repeatedly? My phone is on. Actually, I need some help
from Baga. What help? I want to recharge
a phone number. Okay, I’ll get it done
right away. Recharge the number.
Hey, number.. Give him the phone quickly.. What amount do you want
to charge for, Ms. Babita? Do it for Rs. 500.
– Okay, you want to recharge it for Rs. 500.
Tell me the number. Hold on for a minute.
– Sure. Please note it down. It’s getting recharged.
– Hold on, Ms. Babita. It’s done.. Okay, great!
Mr. Jetha, it got recharged. Thank you very much! I’ll pay you the money
in the evening, okay? Ms. Babita, what are you saying? How can I accept money from you? Let’s not talk about money. Whose number is it?
– It belongs to Sunita the vegetable vendor. Has Sunita brought vegetables
to our society? No, I’ve come to her house. You went to her house
to buy vegetables! No, Mr. Jetha, I didn’t come
to buy vegetables. Actually, I came here
for a different reason. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Okay, bye.. Thank you.
– Okay.. The number has been recharged. I’ll
get her e-card done.
– Yes.. How can you get an e-card
on the mobile phone? I’ll tell you.
First, we’ve to open a website. www.mera. pmjay.gov.in Then we need to add
Sunita’s number in it. Dear, tell me your mom’s
mobile number. Now we’ll enter the captcha code
and generate the OTP. We’ve received the OTP. Now, we’ll enter the OTP and submit it. There you go!
Sunita’s e-card is ready. Your mother will get
free treatment under Ayushman Bharat
Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. That’s wonderful! I’ll call the ambulance
right away. – Okay.. Hello,
is this ambulance service? I need an ambulance immediately. Please note down the address. It is a great scheme
by Indian government. Yes..
– I know! Excuse me.
I’m Dr. Hansraj Hathi. This is my patient Sunita’s
Ayushman Bharat e-card. Please have a look. I’ll make a hard copy of it
right away. Sure, please.
Thank you. Go and get the card.
There you go. Thank you. He’s here.
– There you go. Thank you very much.
– Thank you. Welcome.
– Thank you. Doctor, here are the reports
of Sunita. And here is Sunita’s Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri
Jan Arogya Yojana e-card. Her treatment will be done
under this scheme. Thank you, Doctor.
– Thank you.. You will have to fill up a form.
– Okay. There you go, Doctor.
– Okay. Thank you. My mom will recover,
won’t she? Yes, dear,
your mom will be absolutely fine after the surgery. Doctor, Sunita’s surgery
will be performed under the scheme, right? Yes, it will be done. You don’t have to pay
any money. Don’t you worry.
– Thank you. When is the operation
going to be performed, Doctor? Very soon. Don’t you worry, Sunita. Everything will be fine, okay? God, Sunita is undergoing
a surgery today. Please see
that everything goes well. God, fill the life
of that little girl, Pinky with happiness. Please! Dr. Hathi,
please save my mom. Pinky, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to your mom. The surgery was successful. Thank God!
– Oh, my God. A million thanks to You. Pinky,
your mom is absolutely fine. Thank you, Doctor. Sunita, how’re you feeling? I’m fine. Savita, I’m alive
because of these people. Thanks to all the residents
of Gokuldham. Come on, Sunita. You don’t have to thank us. Whatever we did was our duty.
– That’s true. You get well soon. Yes. And start coming
to Gokuldham soon. Yes, we will wait for you
and your fresh vegetables. Yes. Doctor, you saved my mother,
thank you so much. No, I just did my duty. This thank you is deserved by the National Health
Protection Scheme. Because of that your mom
got her treatment for free. And not just the treatment until your mom gets cured
completely all the medicines
will provided for free because of this scheme.
– That’s true. Are you happy now? I’m very happy.
– Sweet! Yes!
Pinky, always stay happy. And from tomorrow
stop selling the vegetables and start going to the school. Yes. And I will study and become
a doctor like Dr. Hathi. And I will help people
who are in need. Yes, become a doctor and remove all the diseases
from the world. Okay?
– Okay. It’s amazing! In today’s time,
where you don’t even get water for free people are getting
a new lease of life without spending a penny. But it has happened. Vegetable seller, Sunita
got a new life. She got treated
without spending any money. For people who are poor,
buying a medicine is like buying gold.
In such a situation this policy has come
like a life saver. Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri
Jan Arogya Yojana. Under this scheme,
Sunita got treated. And Pinky got her mother. Now, Pinky will complete
her education and make her future. Friends, through this scheme a lot of people
from the country at least 45 lakhs people
have utilised this scheme. And a lot of people
are using it. And we want others
to make use of it. There is a possibility
that a lot of people are unaware of it.
So, spread the information. Tell the people who are poor
and deprived that there is a scheme that will get you treated. The scheme is Ayushman Bharat
Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana. It’s our duty to help and spread the information. Friends, on my behalf thank you for this scheme. On behalf of ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ team appeals that you use this scheme
and this information reaches people. To know what happens in ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ keep watching, ‘Taarak Mehta
Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching,
keep laughing.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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