Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2218 – 7th Jun, 2017

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Ep 2218 – 7th Jun, 2017

Bhide, talk to me. Why are you talking
about principles? Do you think
only you have principles? Don’t we have any? No, sir.
I didn’t mean that. My mistake.. Your mistake? Is it just your fault? Isn’t it
the boy’s mistake? How is it Gotiya’s fault?
He’s a kid. Only kids appear
for the exams of class 10 not people of my age. Good.
– Quiet! And the rest of your students
who passed are also kids. They worked hard,
so they passed. Gotiya didn’t
work hard, so he failed. Dad.
– Yes. Tell me, why do
you want to return the money? A teacher’s duty
is to educate his student. Similarly,
a student should pay something to his
teacher in return. Guru Dronacharya,
Kripacharya, Chanakya also took something in return
from their students. Similarly,
you took the fees. And there’s
nothing wrong in that. What can a teacher do
if the student does not study? How is it your fault
if Gotiya didn’t write anything? And tell me something. Are your students
your only responsibility? Don’t you have any
duties towards your family? Look, Bhide,
listen to me carefully. You will
not give her a penny. Because it’s
your hard earned money. And your family has the
right on it. Did you understand? Wow, Dad!
– Wonderful, sir! You’re great, sir.
You’re too good. You’re
absolutely right, sir. You’re right. Madhavi, I’m really sorry. Actually, I was in
shock due to Gotiya’s failure. Enough! Not anymore. I will not
give her money back. Good..
– Very good. Yes!
– Good one. Now you’re talking. Just a minute. But she must be on her way. What will we give her
when she’ll ask for the money? Yes. She’s dangerous. She keeps threatening. How will I face her? We will handle her together. If she’s dangerous then we are not less either. Let her come.
We’re not scared of her. No, Sodhi. We will
have to act smart. No. Use your brain. But Jethalaal, nothing’s
going to work in front of her. Think about it. You’ll
definitely find a way out. Had Gotiya studied well done his homework on time and wouldn’t
have bunked my classes he would’ve passed the exam. Correct. I’ve seen him telling Gotiya
to focus on his studies. But no.
He was always into his mobile. I found one. I’ve an idea. What is it?
– Tell me. Let her come.
I’ll handle her. I’ll tell you what, Bhide. Call two to three
students to the society who passed the exam. What is your plan,
Jethalaal? Accounts. She needs money,
right? So, how can we
pay without settling it out? Mr. Aatmaram! Oh, God! She’s here. Hey!
Come on. Yes. I’m coming. Let’s go. Okay.
– Let’s go. – Yes. I’ll keep this.
– Okay. Hey, Aatmaram! Hey, Mr. Bhide! Come down. Come out, Aatmaram. Bhide! He’ll come.
Calm down. He’ll come. Coming. Look, he’s here. Jethalaal? Mr. Mehta, Sodhi? When did you come,
Taarak? A few minutes ago. Roshan, you? You didn’t
even tell me that you’re here? I was in such haste that
I didn’t have time to tell you. Hey, stop talking. Aatmaram,
I hope my money is ready. Yes. Absolutely. Now, who is he? He is Jethalaal. Who is he? I am his..
What do I call myself? I am his secretary. Don’t talk
to me in English. Sorry. Actually,
I look after his accounts. What do you call it? I am his accountant. Yes! Wow, Aatmaram.
Amazing. You even
have an accountant? The thing is,
he has such a huge tutorial. So, he needs an accountant
to settle his accounts. What is he talking about? Mrs. Mangu,
he was telling me that he
owes you some money. Yes. Rs. 5 lakhs. Yes. That’s right. He was
telling me this. Rs. 5 lakhs. Jethalaal. What are you saying? I’m settling
the accounts, Dad. Don’t worry.
I’ll be fair to both. Accountant, I’ve done the math. Rs. 5 lakhs.
Give me the money. You will get your money. But the thing is, you
must have done it your way. And this is
related to education. So, we settle
accounts in a different manner. Jethalaal. The students are here. Come here.
Come here, dear. Ms. Mangu. These children
are also Aatmaram’s customers just like your son, Gotiya. I mean, students. They too had
appeared for SSC this year. The only difference is they’ve passed,
and your Gotiya didn’t. Jetha,
why did you call them here? Yes! What are they
going to do here? I have no idea! You will come to know
right now. Give me two minutes. Ms. Mangu, I would like
to ask Gotiya some questions before
I give you the money. Can I ask? Yes!
Yes. He doesn’t know anything. Thank you.
Thank you. – Okay.. Gotiya, tell me one thing. Did the teacher
use to teach you properly? Yes! He taught me some
things twice or thrice. Twice or thrice! Oh, wow! Thank God! Ms. Mangu, he charges money
to teach him once. But he taught him
twice to thrice.. But that’s all right! We
don’t need extra money for that. That’s all
right! We won’t even count that. That’s okay. My first question to you
is that, whenever he used
to give you homework would you
regularly do that? Tell us.
Tell us the truth. Or else, I will have to
get your notebook and show it to your mother. No! No! No! I didn’t
do the homework. Oh! He didn’t do it. Children, tell me. Would you do all the
homework that he
would ask you to do? Yes, sir.
We would do it. I used to do my
homework regularly. That’s why I was never
worried about the exam. Well done, Divya! So, tell me now..
Ms. Mangu he gave
him a homework to do but he didn’t do it. So, Aatmaram is not
at fault in this. Is that all right? We will deduct Rs. 1 lakh
for not doing the homework. Now, Rs. 4 lakhs are left. I will ask the
second question now. Gotiya, tell me one thing. Did you use to remain
engrossed in your mobile phone despite the
teacher asking you not to? Speak!
– Speak! If you don’t speak I will have
to ask these children. And they will speak
the truth. Yes! No! No! Yes, I used to remain
engrossed in the mobile phone. Here you go. Children, did even you use to
keep busy using your phones during the classes? No, sir! I would never get
the mobile phone to the tuition classes. Yes, even we wouldn’t
get the mobile phones there. Well done! Very good!
Very good! Ms. Mangu despite the teacher
asking him not to do that he used to
keep busy using the phone. Aatmaram is not
at fault in this as well. So, we will deduct
another Rs. 1 lakh for that. Rs. 3 lakhs are still left. I will ask the third
question now. Aatmaram.
– Yes? You take an exam
before the final exams, right? What is it called? Practice test. Yes, that’s right! Practice test! Gotiya did you appear
for the practice test your teacher
had conducted? Tell us, dear.
– Tell us. No. No?
Why? That’s all right. There may be some reason..
That’s all right. It might be a
personal reason.. Anyway, kids.. The teacher must have conducted
the test for you as well.. Did you
take the test? Sir, I had taken the test twice. Wonderful! So, Ms. Mangu,
everyone had taken the test but Gotiya didn’t. So, the teacher is not at
fault in this as well. We will deduct another
Rs. 1 lakh for it. Okay?
Now Rs. 2 lakhs are left. I will ask the fourth
question now. Gotiya, has it
ever happened in the entire year
that you had come out from the house on the
pretext of attending the class but you went
somewhere else? Tell us, dear.
Tell us the truth. Your teacher has the
attendance register with him. We can check the
register to find out the truth. Sir, get the register. I will get it right now. No, sir! Yes, I have bunked
classes many times. I used to come out of the house
on the pretext of attending the class but I would meet
my friends and play instead. What are you saying? You used to tell me that
you needed to attend classes and you used to bunk classes
and play instead! Ms. Mangu,
he has done all this many times! Sometimes, his friends’
birthdays and at times, mom’s birthday.
Sometimes, he had to go out. He used to make
quite a few excuses. Well, children, you too must
have bunked classes just as Gotiya
used to bunk classes, right? Not at all, sir. We didn’t miss a single class. Wonderful.
– Wow.. So, Ms. Mangu, Mr. Bhide
used to take up tuition classes regularly but Mr. Bhide is not at fault if Gotiya wasn’t attending
the classes. So, deduct Rs. 1 lakh for this. Now remains another 1 lakh. Wow.. – That’s it.
– Right. – Gotiya! Ms. Mangu, hold on.
I still have to settle the account
for another one lakh. Let me finish it and you may
scold him together, at once. So, dear,
the fifth question. Gotiya, just tell me.
Did it ever happen throughout the year when Mr. Bhide told you where you lack and what you should be
paying attention to? Did he ever say so?
– Speak up. Yes. He did tell me I’m weak in Maths
and Science. Yes. – So, you must have
paid more attention since sir told you.
Am I right? And you’ve failed
in the same subjects, right? Well, children,
just as Mr. Bhide told Gotiya that he’s weak
in those subjects did he ever tell you
what subjects you’re weak in and what you should be
focusing on more? Yes, sir. Mr. Bhide did tell me
that I’m weak in Maths and he asked me to work harder. And I worked harder and got
the highest marks in the same subject.
– Wow! – Very good. There you are. So, Ms. Mangu, Mr. Bhide did
tell Gotiya the subjects he was weak in
and asked to pay more attention but your son Gotiya didn’t pay
attention towards them. So, Mr. Bhide is not at fault
here. So, that will deduct
another one lakh. Yes. So, Mr. Bhide doesn’t owe
a single penny to you. Am I right, sir? Yes, absolutely. So, Ms. Mangu, that settles
your account. Now, let me give you
our account. So, now, you owe some amount to Mr. Bhide. What! Oh, amazing, Jethalaal! Yes, let me explain. Accountant. I mean, Jethalaal..
– Bhide let him complete.
– Yes, accountant. I mean, Jethalaal.. Thank you.
So, Ms. Mangu as you know, when we do
any kind of business the main thing
is the businessman’s brand name. What?
– Brand name.. I mean.. Let me explain. Reputation.
– That’s right. What? English again? Well.. Prestige.
– Yes, prestige. Okay..
– So, when it comes to the business of tuition classes,
Mr. Bhide is quite well-known. He holds a record that not a single student
of his has failed till date. And the same record
is his business secret to grab new customers..
I mean, new students. And that’s why,
in today’s newspaper.. Toofan Express. Yes.. In the front page
of Toofan Express we’ve got Mr. Bhide’s photo
and an article published. By spending Rs. 5 lakhs. Saying that Mr. Bhide holds
this record that not a single student
of his has failed. So, people should come and
join his tuition classes. But the record he was holding is broken by your son, Gotiya. So, that has tainted Mr. Bhide’s
reputation. That’s why, Rs. 5 lakhs
that we spent today has become a loss for us. So, according to me,
you’ll have to pay Rs. 5 lakhs to Mr. Bhide now. Mr. Jetha is talking
about lakhs! It’s Rs. 5 lakhs..
– Yes.. Wow, Jetha!
Wow! Come on, Mr. Jetha!
– Wonderful! Friends, Ms. Mangu,
the fisherwoman who traps everyone in her ploys
is trapped by her own ploy and my best friend, Jethalaal
is the one who trapped her who’s an experienced
businessman. He has given such an account that it has left Ms. Mangu
and her companions shocked. By the way, friends,
tell me something. Is it right to blame the teacher
or the tuitions or the school if a student fails? If a student works hard,
he can pass with good grades. He doesn’t need any tuitions. Had Gotiya tried harder
and not bunked his classes or not paid attention
to his mobile phone had completed his homework
on time and had done his revisions,
he would have passed. But the situation is quite
different. We’ll have to wait and watch if
Ms. Mangu accepts this account. And if she doesn’t, will she
vent her frustration on the Gokuldham society?
What do we say about what’s going to happen,
but the situation is critical. But there would be laughter
in your house when you watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’. Keep watching, keep laughing. Friends, I have good news
for you. We’re telecasting
a special episode of ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah
Chashmah’ this Saturday. You heard it right.
On 10th June, Saturday at 8:30 p.m. sharp.
Do watch ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah
Chashmah’. And keep thinking what
Ms. Mangu will do after hearing this account.
Keep watching, keep laughing.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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