T H E P L O T // A short documentary on a community garden

T H E   P L O T // A short documentary on a community garden

The PLOT started in March, well actually,
in February of 2016. It was an art-food project started by Don and Cora Li-Leger. It’s not allotment gardens, it’s a sharing garden that you don’t have to
have membership for and you don’t have ownership – specific personal ownership
– but it’s a collective community ownership. Anybody can come in and and work in it and anybody can harvest and you can’t steal the food because the
food is free, so that was part of the premise. And then people just started
showing up you know we had maybe a dozen people to begin with that were invited
in and then community would walk by and someone would stop by and say oh I work
out on Sundays but I’ll come here instead and pretty soon we just had more
and more people coming in and joining. It just evolved. We started having Sunday potlucks and people from the whole community would get together and it was amazing to see the inter-cultural inter-generational kinds of gatherings. *Music* Mother I feel you under my feet. Some people had nothing, were homeless,
some people had, you know, huge houses in South Surrey and they were sitting at
the same table together. Somehow outside people feel way more comfortable than they do in an indoor space. I’ve seen people meeting, you know that , somebody’s
picking beans and all of a sudden they met their Italian neighbor they didn’t
even know existed you know, they go off in Italian and
they’re very excited and I’ve seen people from the community exchanging
recipes from different cultures and coming together in that way. So, this is so much more than a garden. It’s so much more than a garden where food is
the thing that brings people together it’s common to all people, something we
all need and it inspires people. It gives them something to connect over. It’s been amazing watching over the past
two years people come forward. Each person that’s come into the garden has
offered some piece that’s needed. And it’s the volunteers it’s all the
volunteers, it’s all the people that come forward that have made this garden what it is.
People sometimes spend just a few hours or sometimes many many many
hours some of the volunteers come from a very
cultivated background, some of them that come forth and volunteer have a lot of
personal challenges, have perhaps even challenges with substance abuse,
alcoholism and there’s something about the mix about the ability for people to
cross those boundaries and bridges with each other and for me that’s powerful
because that speaks to what this garden is about – which is about
the heart of the community and about nurturing every heart that
comes in here and it’s almost like the land does that all on its own. It just
frees people to be a little kinder to each other, a little kinder to themselves
and it just shifts things somehow that to me is a real magical
piece about community and how it works in a space like this.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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