Syria’s White Helmets: Saving Humanity

Syria’s White Helmets: Saving Humanity

The White Helmets are rescue workers who are
committed to help civilians in the areas which suffer from the war in Syria, and they can’t
stop, because killing does not stop in Syria. The bombing does not
stop in Syria. Our motto is, “To save one life is to save
all mankind.” These words give us hope and inspiration to
fight back and continue our work. Life is a tragedy in Syria. People sacrifice in times of crisis, as each
person has his or her own different reasons. And they only thing we have in common is humanity, and the love of helping others. This great work, the saving of a human life,
is the same as saving all of mankind. What we ask for is actually to stop our work. Our dream is not to expand it. Our dream is to stop when the killing stops
in Syria.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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