*Student societies at Cambridge University: May Week Alternative, India Soc, Oxfam, Sikh Soc

*Student societies at Cambridge University: May Week Alternative, India Soc, Oxfam, Sikh Soc

So May Week Alternative is an amazing
student initiative Aim is to put donation and charity at the heart of
celebration and we’re doing this during the amazing May Week. So one thing I’ve learnt
out of May Week Alternative is how much hope and positivity
there is in people We’ve had people making the
largest donation in their lives so far and it’s just taught me that students can do a lot and we can change the world.
So coming up soon is our May week party and after that, we want to reach more
students and grow as a society and hopefully get over £50,000 raised
for the Against Malaria Foundation next year. If you want to find out more or are
interested in a chat, feel free to like us at Facebook @MayWeekAlternative
or send us a message. It’s a great place for Indians both
international and in the UK and non-Indians all alike to meet
socialise and have fun. So what you can expect within the next 12
months, if you are a fresher joining us, we have an India Soc family system which is a great way to meet new people
and get involved with the community, club nights and cocktail nights
especially, if you’re into that Bollywood vibe. If you’re into dancing or
singing, we have an acapella group associated with us called Desinance which
is really fun. I was part of that during my first year and a Bollywood troupe which
is a great thing if you’re involved in dancing. Our main event is in Lent Term which is the
India Soc ball which is great fun for everyone involved To find out more or to contact us you can follow us on Instagram @cuindiasoc
and we mainly advertise on our Facebook page CambridgeuniversityIndiasociety/CUIS We basically tackle a huge range of
humanitarian issues everything from period poverty to the refugee crisis and we try and fundraise for these things by creating events like OxJam We have campaign focuses that
change every term and so last term one thing that we
focused on was Yemen as well which we did a petition for Yeah and they read it out
in Parliament actually our local MP read it out Another thing that we really want to
do next term is increase the outreach of our society so we are looking for new events officers new campaigns officers and college reps
in every college So to find out more about our society check us out on
Facebook: facebook.com/Oxfamcam and we have an Instagram page @Oxfamcam
and a WordPress where we update what we’re doing The Sikh Society is a cultural and
religious society where Punjabis and Sikhs can come together, get to know one
another and connect with other Sikhs and Punjabis and learn more about the
culture, the tradition, the faith and participate in various events across the
University terms. We’ve launched many different activities and events that
have allowed us to express ourselves and raise understanding and awareness. For
example, we had the langar seva, whereby we donated lots of food to homeless
people in Cambridge and we had many chills and activities in the evenings
and I think that just allows us to de-stress To find out more about Sikh Society,
whether Sikh or not, follow us on our Instagram page @cusikhsociety or
add us on Facebook @CambridgeUniversitySikhSociety and we
hope to keep you updated about our many events

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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