Strange News – Racist Women Ranting & Fighting at McDonalds

Strange News – Racist Women Ranting & Fighting at McDonalds

why don’t touch my food without gloves we don’t touch food without gloves, idiot I know it’s gonna take an hour to get the food *unintelligible* why don’t you go back to Jamaica – – make a dollar an hour *customer* crazy *customer* oh my god! shut up blood clot bumbaclot see, really you’re gonna film this? Cause’ that’s actually like you can delete that right now you literally can’t film someone did you really just touch my phone? delete that video you’re a goof bro, you’re lucky that phone doesn’t get smashed delete that video – you’re a goof bro, you’re lucky that phone doesn’t get smashed tell me about it buddy this – the cops are gonna get checked on you you’re f***in filming, filming call, call call (call call) guess what I’m from USA the cops are gonna love you guys assaulting people, hey? buddy, you’re filming us illegally ill-legally tell everybody 100% illegally tell everybody what’s illegal you’re a f****ng loser oh yea winner – gagnon yas and you will be charged for filming illegally and your phone will be taken posession of *customer* why don’t you just throw them out? *customer* oh my gosh! hi. Um I wish to obtain a junior chicken with extra lettuce and extra, like as much mayonnaise as possible

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

96 thoughts on “Strange News – Racist Women Ranting & Fighting at McDonalds

  1. i don't know the answer to that question only because i've never been in that situation before but i will say this i was raised to never hit a woman but at the same time i was also raised to protect myself so i feel that if you don't want to be hit then dammit don't hit anyone

  2. wow – zero class, by filming it you are defending your self, should have charged them with assault – guys need to charge bitches who hit them period.

  3. reminds me of the time i was on light rail staring at a "woman" who was screaming profanities at her three young kids because one was crying, one running around on a moving train and one (the oldest, couldn't have been older than 10, but knew better) was staring at her in disbelief. i made a point of standing up and moving closer to her all the while staring daggers at her. she noticed me and yelled "what are you staring at?" to which i calmly replied "nothing. seriously nothing." everyone around broke out in laughter, shaming her. of course, when she "got it" about 10 seconds later, we almost wanted to feel sorry for her…it was her "light bulb moment". this bitch is gonna have one of them someday and i hope somebody films it!

  4. these women are psycho they let this feminist bullshit creep up in their head , little do thay know there are guys out here that will hit them.

  5. "At no time, and under no circumstances, is anyone in Canada subject to arrest for the simple act of taking a photograph or filming". This woman really doesn't know her laws….

  6. really cause it looks like someone needs to take possession of ur forehead cause that shit is reachen for the stars bitch

  7. That "blonde" is the ugliest girl I have ever seen, honestly try make up or something! And you 2 girls are branded the RACISTS for sure! Your never attractive when your a racist loser…which both of these girls are! But the blonde girl seriously makes me want to puke!

  8. Wasn't even paying attention to the argument I was play attention to what the first dude was putting in his order I was like my boy what u bout to eat tonight like mah dude lemme get some and those WERE TWO OF THE DIRTIEST BITCHES IVE EVER SEEN

  9. Gross lady, how is she going to say you are going to get charged for filming! There is no law saying it is illegal to film in public

  10. Very few men still have the mindset of "never strike a woman no matter what." What most men have today is a mindset of "don't hit me I don't hit you." If I was minding my own business and some crazy broad came up and started running her mouth, I'd tell her off and try to leave. If she kept getting in my way and prevented me from leaving, I'd just use another exit. But as soon as she put her hands on me once, I will tell her the same thing I would tell another man – "Don't do that again." If she's crazy(or dumb) enough to do it again, then sorry but I will not pull punches. Once she's incapacitated or otherwise no longer preventing me from leaving, I will leave. I will not sit there and commit abuse. But I will not let myself BE abused either.

  11. Oh hell nah, once the bitch touched my shit it woulda been oooooooovah. I would have told her "You touch me or my phone again and I'm gonna make my arrest worth it by making sure you need surgery on that face." And if she went for the phone again I'da beat the life outta that bitch. No fucks that shes a chic either, you come to the playground you better be prepared to play.

  12. I love how white girls are racist but cant seem to exist without black womens mammerisms the sassy fingerpoint and neck roll belongs to the black woman, the style of dress, or hell they cant even invent a pose for a pic of their own. White girls pose like black women on fb, ig, and all social media photos, the twerk, do it all like black women and have audacity to hate the black people who mothered and fathered her style and definitely the slang they use Only in Amerikkka can people be so ignorant.

  13. I’m a black man who that whore would have never on her last day attempted to assault or slap my phone out my hand for any reason..

  14. I love how when people behave badly, they claim it's illegal to film them. LOL Uh….NO it is not.

  15. That Asian stole the show with his face. He said everything with one facial expression.

    The greatness of youtube. Right there.

  16. They think they can get away with tampering with evadence if it's illegal then why are the security cameras recording

  17. The Lord never allows me to be in situations like these bcuz he knows my mouth heart and hands and on my son I would've dragged both bitches inside that restaurant she sounds so stupid/ignorant

  18. LOL, two fugly as hell buck teethed morons with huge gaping vaginas that look like they spew raw sewage, "dining" at McDonald's because they can't afford any better establishment, it's just hilarious!

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