Stossel: Moral Panic Over Sex Work

Stossel: Moral Panic Over Sex Work

77 year old billionaire Robert Kraft is accused We’ve all heard that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught in a sex trafficking sting. Women at the spas were lured into the sex trade. They were women who were from China, who were forced into sex slavery. We’re told it happens all the time. Thousands of children are raped every day. Sex trafficking, a growing problem. But that’s not true, says reporter Elizabeth Nolan Brown. In Robert Kraft’s case: They had all of these big announcements at first saying that they had bust up an international sex trafficking ring, that these women were being forced there and they weren’t allowed to leave. This is not about lonely old man or victimless crimes. This is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. But now prosecutors concede there was no sex trafficking. And that’s typical. I’d say 99% of the headlines are not true. Sex trafficking and prostitution are just sort of used interchangeably. We’re here to rescue people that need to be rescued. Police routinely claim they rescue women. They say “we rescued these women” and by rescue they put them in jail and give them a criminal record. The victims are the sex workers themselves who are getting harassed and locked up in cages by the cops. Agents arresting at least 14 suspects. Being arrested doesn’t help you. These women chose to be sex workers. I wasn’t coerced. It was something that I actively wanted to do. But the cops call it sex trafficking. You were trafficked. Yeah, they call a lot of things trafficking, the drug trafficking, the immigration trafficking. Celebrities perpetuate the myth. Today you can go online and buy a child for sex. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza. Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal business in the world. If that was the case, cops would be able to find this all the time, cops wouldn’t be having to go through these elaborate doing these elaborate stings. Florida police spent months taking down the Robert Kraft spa. They had Homeland Security involved, they were following these women around the grocery stores, watching them buy condoms, they were going through their trash and analyzing their trash. If this was really a situation where these women were being forced and sexually assaulted multiple times a day, the cops just let it happen for months on end? The women were trafficked. In case after case, police call the women “sex slaves.” These women are true victims. I actually talked to one of the sheriffs who was interviewed there the first one, John Urquhart, and he ended up saying, “Well, you know, I mean maybe they weren’t being forced by whatever, but we’re all trafficked by something and there was money involved, and then by the end of the investigation they were like, “Well, I mean, they were pressured because they didn’t know a lot of people and they wanted to make money,” The implication is, with the number of men and the number of hours, that this couldn’t have been voluntary. I read through all the court documents involved in this, and it actually paints a very, very different story. The documents, as usual, made reference to prostitution. The women apparently were willing. We wanted to rescue them out of that horrible life. They are on a moral crusade. They’re doing the right thing. But all they did was actually go in there, bust up their place of business, close it down, and then let the women go. The cops are not cruel, they, I assume they want to do the right thing. Why would they say this stuff? Cops like working these kinds of cases, I think. They bring the police good publicity A major sex trafficking ring busted And also… You have a lot of federal money coming at this. These human trafficking task forces where the federal government funds these local cops to do these stings, and if they call them human trafficking stings, they get this money. So much of the anti-prostitution laws that are being pushed is a combination of the conservative fetish for going after people for doing “sex stuff” and the liberal instinct to help a group of people that they can’t be bothered to understand. Trafficking is a real problem in every state in the United States of America. Right now almost 300,000 American children are at risk. 300,000 children. 300,000 Not just at risk, says this former prosecutor: 300,000 kids a year are raped, sex trafficked, and pimped in this country. That 300,000 number was disavowed. The lead author of the study, Richard Estes, now disavows it, the National Crimes Against Children Center says do not cite this study. So many people debunk the study and say this is just a total bull crap number. I’d like to tell you a story about a 15-year old girl Actor Ashton Kutcher even promotes an app which he claims rescues sex trafficking victims. We’ve identified and recovered over 6,000 trafficking victims this year. Ashton Kutcher has this app…. [ugh] which he claims recovers victims. 300,000 children are at risk. Where is he getting these numbers? If Ashton Kutcher is finding all those victims, he’s not turning them over to police. Kutcher’s representatives did not respond to our repeated emails. When we have these exaggerated numbers, it forces people to go into this crazy emergency moral panic mode that ends up not helping the actual problem that we have. If it was your daughter there you would not be saying it’s a victimless crime. They want to just eradicate all prostitution. We will not stop until we have stamped out the menace of human trafficking. They want this imaginary world where if you take away you know, a safer option for these women and everyone will just, the oldest profession as they call it, will magically stop. But that’s not going to happen. They are treating the women like a piece of furniture. The way we try to stop that from happening, is actually making the problem worse.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. More fascism courtesy of Government & Government ENFORCERS aka Cops…this is what you get when women are given the vote: Repeal 19!

  2. It’s a shame that our government and media have colluded for so long now to destroy the lives of hard working men and women. And they do it in a way that hurts real trafficking victims. There are more slaves in the world today then the entire 400 year western slave trade combined.

  3. ITs not moral panic. It's a real issue.
    That 300,000 comes from doj, not just republicans.

  4. This stossel guy is an idiot. He criticizes the problem but will not and cannot claim to have a better solution because his show is simply to point a finger.

  5. In Canada prostitution is completely legal. We love freedom! Oh, but did I forget to mention the part about it being a criminal offence for the John(s). Funny that… Cons drafted the bill and the lefties and lefty media loved it. Can’t tell women what to do with their bodies unless, of course, it provides practical utility to a male.

  6. Most human trafficking, along with most missing persons, are humans going to slave camps on other Reptilian controlled worlds.

  7. As someone who's been involved with sex work, the new laws passed which shutdown Craigslist and Backpage did nothing but harm sex workers. Not only did it make their job more dangerous, it put them behind on bills, many became homeless or were forced to return to abusive living situations, and many others were forced to resort to theft or peddling drugs to make ends meet when their source of income suddenly vanished, and some of them are now in jail as a result.

  8. Prostitution will end when humanity at large accept sexuality as something natural and not a taboo that must be I'll looked upon. Also when a safer outlet is provided to take care of the sexual impulse (that doesn't involve humans at all be it a woman or a man "for those to whom this applies")

  9. "I'm for decriminalizing prostitution" is interpreted by stupid people as "I use prostitutes a lot". And most people are stupid. They have no principles and act based on reflexes and mainstream stereotypes without making any effort of thinking.

    Btw., the ugliness of prostitutes in the police report at 1:20 tells how bad the situation in US is. Why not outlaw sex completely? Surely, it's always the case that one of the partners exploits another because one of them earns less money than another, so he/she needs to be protected from trafficking. But what if a miserable person saved money for months just to have enough money to pay for a good sex? Who exploits whom? Both?

  10. Okay, you're going to need to apply a "prevalence equals relevance" test to this, because sex slavery and sex trafficking definitely exists, and is common. In NYC, in DC, in Boston, in Philly, "washy washy" houses are openly advertised. Most of the prostitutes don't speak English, and lord knows where they came from or how they got there. It's easy enough to say "If this were true, do you think the cops would just let it happen?" Yes, because they do. I have no idea why, but they do, until they don't–and then this video actually criticizes when the police do take action. Kind of cake-and-eat-it-too approach there, if you ask me.

    I'd like to see some stats, if possible, before declaring that the scope of the "problem" and the scale of the law enforcement response is overblown. I'm against the hammer of the law going after people who are participating in this market of their own volition, but simply declaring that something real is fake isn't very persuasive.

  11. This isn't so much a conservative panic as a christian panic. Religious fanaticism and sex repression is the problem.

  12. personally, if someone, whether they're male or female, wants to put themselves out to get money in exchange for sexual gratification and makes the willing and fully recognizable decision to do so then why not let them? if there is no human trafficking/sex trafficking involved where the workers are forced to work in order to maintain safety or get hooked on drugs like heroin so they're dependent on their captors in order to survive then the government has no place legislating the morality of sex work.

  13. Moral panic is exactly right. The panic was pushed along by selfrighteous powerhungry people also. The line about it being so easy to buy a child online was an out right lie. Yes, you could do it when Back Page was up, but I read those ads, and I never saw any for a child. They had to be covering them up. They used these scare tactics to push an internet sensorship bill, and it was already illegal to promote sex trafficking online. The whole purpose of that law is to regulate everything but actual sex trafficking. I was watching a Ted Talk recently where this preachy old bitch literally said that women are stained with a prostitution conviction, but guys just get forgiven. Um, excuse me. What about the days of nonstop coverage over the patriots guy? Sex always sets off the morally selfsuperior.It's like they said in South Park, "Grown-ups don't care about violence if there's sex things to worrie about." So so so true.

  14. THE SEX TRAFFICKING COMES FROM MEXICO!!!!! How do I know? I am half Mexican!!!! Shut the border! Save the children from sex slavery!

  15. Does anyone know any well-researched, well-cited, reputable books that discuss the reality of sex trafficking and prostitution? Thanks.

  16. i still do not understand that aborting a baby is a choice, but prostitution is crime?, and the argument that that prostitution denigrates women, do you know what kind women have been the most powerful and dangerous in the history?, prostitute, the lovers of the nobles and kings, and in the days of the cowboys the prostitutes owned banks and stores

  17. I would just like to say that at this moment this video has 11,444 views and 996 likes…Impressive interaction rates you have there reason, keep it up…

  18. The buying and selling of sex between consenting adults should not be criminalized regardless of anyone’s personal moral stance; it’s really dumb. Decriminalize it and lightly regulate it for health and safety. Bring this industry out of the shadows and put an end to exploitation by pimps and ruining lives unnecessarily by law enforcement as the criminal justice system.

  19. I grew up with several women I've known very well from my early teens and who have since entered the sex trade, as sex-workers/prostitutes as well as lap dancers, strippers and online work, such as live cam streams etc. They all chose to do this work, no one forced them and they actually prefer to do this kind of work rather than getting a 9-to-5 job as it fits their lifestyle better and they can make more money and they actually find it interesting meeting new people, and actually a lot of the work they do is more than 'just' providing sexual services, they provide company and companionship to people who may be lonely and are there to offer advice and support to people who may be having difficulties in their lives etc. I've discussed these matters at length with them, as I find it super interesting, and their biggest issue/concern by far is the risk of the police. The current laws actually put these women at much greater risk. Three of them were actually arrested as they were doing 'escort work' out of one of their homes, and here in the UK if you have more than one person providing such services from the same property it is technically considered as operating a brothel. One of the main reasons they were working together from the same address was purely for safety reasons. They felt much safer if there were more than one of them there at any time and it made sense for them all to be working since they were there to support each other anyway. Yet because of this they were targeted by the police and arrested. So in fact by having such restrictions in place that prevent more than one person working from the same location they are quite obviously putting these women at a much greater risk. We need to remove the stigma around sex work and end the perception that people only enter this line of work as a last resort, as this is just not true from my experience. What annoys me most about the laws preventing sex work is the arrogance of the law makers, and others who pretend to want to help sex workers, when actually more often than not the current laws put women, and men, in this industry at far greater danger by both placing restrictions on where and how many people can work and also by pushing it underground. As with the drug laws these approaches only cause much grater harm and actually cause people to lose faith and trust in the police. I was raided for growing and selling cannabis several years back and it was an awful experience, in fact I felt more violated by this than when I was the victim of a home invasion robbery when I was in my late teens, and it made me lose faith and trust in the police as a result! Hopefully these ridiculous laws will be changed soon to actually protect people, it does seem like in the US there are positive moves in this direction, particularly around drug laws, and the news from Denver recently is very encouraging, however I don't hold out much hope for a similar common-sense approach to be implemented in the UK anytime soon, unfortunately!

  20. And again just like with the illegal alcohol, drug, and gun trade, it's dangerous because it's illegal! Prostitutes get abused not because "that's the nature of sex trade" it's because it's illegal and if they get raped or beaten by a client or a pimp, they'll be thrown in prison and given a criminal record! It's the same thing with drug addicts. Drug addicts don't seek help for their problem because they are controlled, they refuse to seek help because if they do there's a high risk they'll be caught and arrested and thrown in prison.

  21. If we ban sex work shouldn't police work be banned. Both cops and prostitutes hit the street to generate revenue for their pimps. The only difference is police get paid better and their pimps reside at City Hall.

  22. Maybe the politicians aren't so against it for the "victims". Maybe they're so strongly against it so that nobody can engage in it like they do silently behind the scenes. Maybe the politicians who don't partake of it take up the same view for political points with the people they're stuck working with. Maybe they believe prostitution is morally wrong for what ever moral compass they have so they therefore believe they should impose their will upon others in the "land of the free".

    Maybe just legalizing prostitution will allow for some things like health benefits and safer environments for sex workers or allow things like male sex workers servicing women to come out and also be part of the conversation. Maybe this would make Americans more open, honest, and mature about "the sex topic" so we can move forward and not backwards on it so that abuse cases are sorted out from consenting adults and handled appropriately to protect both women and men. Maybe this makes too much sense so there can't be any validity here.

    Maybe this is a lot of maybes. 😛

  23. Sex Trafficking, campus rape "epidemics," MeToo, online predators, Priests and Boy Scouts Abuse claims, Satanic Ritual Abuse… We've had a generation of non-stop sex-related panics, and all are grossly exaggerated.

  24. Government should not have any control over what two consenting adults do with each other even when money is exchanged

  25. If just one child is trafficked for sex, it's one to many. If one child is being raped by their parents, that is one child to many. It doesn't matter who is doing it. Stop! Stop diddling kids.

  26. The government can't tax it therefore it's illegal. The government doesn't care about citizens, or daughters or any of that moral bullshit.* IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOST TAX REVENUE*

  27. Clearly this is a case where the truth is the truth but the not the whole and nothing but… Yes these woman are predominantly Asian or Eastern European, Yes they are aware that they can work in the back of some kitchen or clean rooms in a hotel. Yes they recognise that they are not alone and Americans just might fall in love with them if they play it right. The biggest revelation is these women know that being in America is much better than Taiwan, Indochina, Vietnam, Czech, Slovenia, Yugo, Romania etc

  28. Translation: Govt; " we are here to save you fair lady, from being trafficked, we are your knight in shining armor!!!" Hook ; " no im actually vending my vag voluntarily, I enjoy getting dumpster pumped, now unless you are here to rent my box, leave me alone."

  29. But isn't Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka on this crusade to end human trafficking? I wouldn't sink that's he would not want her to be involved in something that was basically over-inflated or sham if for no other reason than to have it not the exposed to come back on him. So this report makes a lot of sense but out of every report I've seen on human trafficking this is the only one with this View. Although John Stossel is seldom wrong.

  30. This is absolutely untrue this whole video. What is your point here what are you trying to say are you in denial that these things don’t happen did you not understand that the current trader in chief is also involved in this kind of thing

  31. Did stossel just say celebrities push the myth and play clip about human trafficking?? No… We have more people in slavery now then when slavery was legal in Western culture.

  32. I guess you could say those 2 sex workers that came on have never got their salads Stossed quite like this…

  33. What we have are criminais doing crime and abusing both women and men, yes they need to be dealt with for the crimes they commit but saying this is an international crises is a stretch. . If you want to see a real rape culture in the US look at male prisons, but no one will.

  34. Sex sells or sex gets you arrested haha so much corruption in this country by authorities who fraud our own government when will we the people fight back and put these cops or media people in jail?

  35. Another thing:
    Who knew that we've been living in a rape Culture for over a century! Me too showed us that right?
    Funny how in my 50+ years of sexual maturity I've always thought rape was very rare. Heard of maybe 2 cases in my life.
    You know what I'd have done if I'd heard about anyone I knew getting raped? It is unthinkable! The man responsible would experience immediate neighborhood Justice.
    What would be the solution to an actual rape Culture?
    Toxic Real masculinity and chivalry.
    Rape Culture is Complete BS imho

  36. I'm tired of everyone in the comments talking about "making life safe for sex workers". If they really want safe lives, they shouldn't BE sex workers. It's an unhealthy way to live in the first place!

  37. Prostitution is sex trafficking. I guarantee you 99% of prostitutes only do what they do to get some money to survive. The leaders of the prostitution rings deserve the death penalty, they use "capitalism" as an excuse to degrade our moralities and pressure women into a place where they would prefer not to be. Prostitution may as well be sex trafficking because they have now other way to pay there bills. But never mind because muh freedoms to exploit women sexually because capitalism

  38. Wanna do something about this?

    Jury Nullification.

    Read up on it. Make sure you are on the jury rolls. Come dressed nice, be quiet and speak when spoken to. Act nice and open minded. If asked if you know about Jury Nullification well it's a crime to lie – but some people 'forget' things under stress. Look at any Game Show… Even stuff they study on. Then make sure you 'remember' in the Jury room. I checked with a lawyer on this. Don't boast you lied later – not that you should lie – but hey "I didn't remember" worked for Reagan – and what he was asked about if he truly didn't remember it meant he was incompetent big time. But he didn't boast about lying on TV and that is something he'd have been impeached for, even by most of his own party – they had reputations and morals back then.

    Argue blue faced to acquit for any crime where the law is unfair, the punishment unjust or it just is not worth anyone's time.

    There's a neat movie – "12 angry men" – on that group dynamic. Lots easier in RL – the "Sports Fan" is the default character.

    And the cops don't care about protecting anyone or justice. Just "Points" – indeed as they pointed out here they stalked them for weeks. If it was a nightmare of captive women in cages facing horrible abuse and torture, just burst right in, they'll quickly testify against captors. But, nope, just a business that happened to be illegal. Now in a lot of areas they won't be able to get any legit job that'd pay enough for a crud apartment if you had 3 of them – instant check and instant rejection. Same with renting a house or loan application. So, what 'profession' is open…?

    So yeah. If you don't like prostitution, don't pay to F— whores. But long as they aren't legit slaves, or really underaged, it should be an open profession. We tolerate politicians and moneylenders without putting a pickaxe in their skulls… Why give Whores a hard time then?

    Send them "Not Guilty" on stuff like this. They'd let Freddy Krueger walk down the street naked and covered with blood, his red footprints leading back to a Day-Care Center without the "Points" of catching him. They only want an easy score, probably ignore a drooling axe murderer just out of a nuthouse with an axe in his straightjacket hands going to kill another family. Then when the neighbors complain the screams and blood on the windows send a SWAT team – hope they get the address right or they storm the wrong house and kill everyone inside.

    And, aren't they so BRAVE when they stop 'worker slaves' for huge hour long 'safety checks' first thing in the morning…? Never do those in the evening or the weekend when the career criminals are sleeping. But the worker slaves don't up and shoot them. Then a few hours later the police are having lunch and the criminals burglarize the homes. The police come a week after they get the call, angry they have to come by. Oops, noticed your light was out, here's your ticket…

  39. Rescue me, Sherriff! I'm a teacher! I was trafficked! I thought I was going to teach young people not take it up the arse everyday! There are lots like me. We can't get out! Help!

  40. Solution – drop the arbitrary moral code punishable by hell and make sex work legal. Make the workers and the punters safer, regulate health and conditions, tax it and rip it out of the hands of those who make the real inflated money because the supply is limited by the cops. Shareholders say thank you very much to the cops and the little old ladies who think they know God's will.

  41. With all due respect, I have to disagree with this video.
    Adults who chose freely to be sex workers for whatever reason, is one thing.
    Human trafficking and kidnapped children is another. There are actual victims and people who are in need of help, that I feel being overlooked in this video.
    Let alone the question of prostitution itself( which I find wrong, but that's just my opinion).
    It's like the EPA and pollution. Taking care and protect the environment from harm is good, but it becomes a revenue generator for the state, when politicians and bureaucrats expand its authority and funding.
    They are taking a serious issue into a way of making personal gains for themselves.

  42. I suppose the problem with the media is not presenting a balanced view and catering to specialized views or views with a political bias. Most reasonably intelligent adults understand that "the police exaggerated" is not a story; I think they also understand "the police exaggerated and trafficking is therefore not an issue with any importance" a little less, but it is still not a story. In journalism a story is good if it gives an informed perspective and, additionally, makes you care. Slapdash reporting is junky. Even if there are less trafficking victims, it is worth caring about what happens to them and how trafficking as a crime is perpetuated, particularly in as safe a place as the US. The human, soft side of trafficking is important because the lines between it and prostitution can blur; victims might be unwilling but this also may be their most reliable source of survival (food, medical care, avoiding harm, including torture and homicide). Since trafficking money is connected to other crimes (including terrorism) as a hard issue, (apart from emotional concern for the victims) it matters. It isn't the number of victims it is, for lack of a better term, the cost of the crime. When trafficking happens to one person the system that enabled it (complicit behavior on the part of people including those acting in a professional capacity such as emergency room physicians) stays in place if it is not prosecuted. This enables it to happen to another victim. One thing that is key is that people can be trafficked without being aware of it. So society has to learn to be aware of signs.
    Prostitution is akin to sex trafficking insofar as it seeks to gain cooperation of the victim, which is more profitable and makes victims easier to control. Women are by far the likeliest victims.
    Sex trafficking or any sort of trafficking is a legal term and as such is most useful probably to prosecutors. For normal people understanding that trafficking can mostly mean a small social circle, well controlled with few meaningful supports, is useful. It would apply to women in varying degrees of compliance, including licensed sex workers (such as those in parts of Nevada).
    This is not the best I can do to respond to this discussion; it's vague and sounds theoretical, but it isn't. I just had to say *something*. I have no axe to grind here and no bias. Just experience and I wish these women well.

  43. Harm reduction should be our method of dealing with drug addiction and prostitution. These girls are gonna do what they do, they should have a safe place to do it. You hear about awful things that happen to bookers that work the streets, but you never hear about girls getting raped, abused, beaten, or murdered at strip clubs, those "massage" places, or legal brothels in Nevada

  44. When prostitution isn't legal, it's easy to say every single case of the act is connected with sex-trafficking, where it's assumed that the woman involved is in an environment, and occupation against her will.

  45. Although the numbers make be conflated, the problem is real. Many young girls are sold for sex, even by there parents. I've seen it in Korea, Africa, and South America. There are those that use this problem to get publicity, but there are also many that work silently in the background to save there children.

  46. Why is getting paid to have sex illegal? Pimping being illegal I can understand, but the prostitutes themselves being illegal?

  47. If you exchange dollars for hours, you're a prostitute. Welcome to modern day slavery! Someone who exchanges dollars for sex? Probably one of the more honest service industries left. The crazy kid stuff? Wherever you see Louder judgement, you'll find the greatest guilt. Just ask Epstein and his associates if you don't think it's happening. The craziest crimes being committed are either in, or work closely with D.C. Mind you, the death trafficking is by far their most lucrative racket. over a quarter billion innocents dead in the last seventy years alone is proof positive that business is booming.. (oh.. i didn't mean the pun… I'm gonna go now.)

  48. Why don't reporters and journalist report the definition of sex trafficking and demand the cops explain their (mis)use of the word.
    If it is just like a game to procure federal funds, that is also an abuse.

  49. Yes, they should not call prostitution sex trafficking. Still, sex work is evil and exchanging money for sex should stay illegal. More tact is needed than the current method, but pretending it’s just an okay thing and no big deal is the stupidest position of libertarians.

  50. Wow, I would've thought the ladies in the Asian massage parlor were kept against their will. I'd be interested in their individual stories. Why doesn't the federal money help retrain them and house them if they are actual slaves? I think it's also one of those things few people are willing to fight for: the right to pay for sex.

  51. The Government owns our bodies and what we do with them and what we put into them. Yay Government! Yay Ashton Kutcher!

  52. Yes, BUT… it also is a real thing, when it comes to kids, who are not consenting adults!!!

  53. Trafficked means forced into a job. A lot of people think that just because a sexworker is foreign she is trafficked, but if he/she is doing it on their own free will they are not trafficked. I've seen a lot of news articles and internet articles that use the meaning of "trafficked" incorrectly. IMO this is sometimes intentional since "trafficked" is an emotive word (ie just hearing or reading it can set off emotions for some readers) and often the writer of these articles often have an agenda (eg they personally want sexwork to be illegal). The media (especially trash tabloids like the Daily Record) are NOT reliable sources for things like sexwork or trafficking.

  54. The people whining about prostitution are probably people that never had to work hard in their entire life. When i was a kid, i got payed with a friend to clean up a basement, literally flooded and full of shit. Did i want to do it? No. Did my friend? No. Did i puke more then once? Yes. It was some gross shit, But the money was right. I made about four times more then i would have at any other availabler at me at the time, and that time period.

    Also, what i want these hooker-haters to do, is create a large group of volunteers that will go out there and fuck the disabled people out there. There are so many out there, both with physical and mental issues. Can you guess where they might get a chance to have any sex, and perhaps, just brief, but still affection? Hookers.
    A legal market will make it way, way WAY more difficult to have actual, ACTUAL trafficked people getting exploited. The very same goes for underage prostitution: A regulated market will make it more difficult to commit crimes then a black market.

  55. The media blasting things out of proportion and misleading people? NO! this can't be true! I don't believe it! Just last week fox had a segment about a war criminal and how he was a "hero" (the guy killed innocent civilians and prisoners, took pictures and bragged about the killings) yeah they mislead like their own lives depend on it.

  56. Of course there are those involved in sex work that do so freely at their own will. The vast majority could care less about prostitution occurring when it involves the type of women you interviewed here. That doesn't mean sex trafficking isn't also a very real problem. The problem is in law enforcement's approach, which often mimics that of the drug war. Going after the drug user, or John, doesn't make a difference, or make the world any safer. The emphasis should be on the asian organized criminal networks which are the biggest perpetrators of these trafficking rings.

  57. These women are true victims! Let's fucking RUIN THEIR LIVES AND MAKE THEM UNABLE TO FIND LEGAL WORK!!! – The police, probably

  58. I have always known the belief that sex workers were "trafficked" or somehow coerced into the trade was a lie, or at the very least an exaggeration. While it is undoubtedly true of many, it a false claim that ALL sex workers are "victims."

  59. Buy over using the term "sex trafficking" as demonstrated in this vid so well, used to cover a very large net, you harm those who are legit trafficked vs those simply working in the sex trade, and doing so willingly. You know what the road to hell is paved with right?! Make prostitution among consenting adults legal, focus on the legit traffickers, and throw the book at them when they're caught for LEGIT trafficking of other human beings. It's not rocket science….

  60. "as easy as ordering a pizza" oh, please then, confide in us where and how something like that can exist because i bet it's a lot harder than that

  61. If the us government is paying police to fight bigfoot, then your gonna hear about a lot more bigfoot sightings. What gets rewarded, gets DONE.

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