State of Alert Israel style – VPRO documentary – 2017

State of Alert Israel style – VPRO documentary – 2017

I couldn’t ignore this eye-catcher. The Europeans don’t have the same
mentality, culture, experience, DNA… …as Israel in the fight against terror. Do you want a white Europe?
Then use this technology. Our government is trying to catch up
with regard to security… …after many years of funding cuts
for our security apparatus. We’re in Israel
to exchange experiences. I’m humble. Unfortunately for them,
Israel is much more experienced… …in combating terrorism. I understand what you mean
and I understand your worries. But these are matters
we’re now being confronted with. We fight together against terrorism… …against people who want to force
their ideas on us by violent means. So what you make is a drone jammer?
– It detects and jams. The system can detect all explosives
within 8 seconds. Does it use sniffing technology?
– It measures parts per trillion in the air. Mena, wait. What is it that you sell? I sell know-how and advice… …regarding the security of
strategic objects, especially airports. It usually consists
of two main components: One is risk analysis
and a description of the situation. The other is advice with regard
to procedures and technologies. To whom do you sell it?
– To anyone who wants to buy. If there are problems somewhere,
they usually ask me to come. Mostly outside Israel. Very often in Africa,
a lot less often in Europe. What is the challenge in selling to
Europe? The core problem in Europe, and I’ll try
to be cautious and politically correct… …is the mentality. The mentality of people
who have, or had, a good life. For I see big changes
taking place in Europe. Some are visible, but most of them
take place underground. In the near future
we’ll see more and more of them. Why would people who have a good life
and don’t have problems… …worry about tomorrow?
That’s human nature. That’s the major problem in Europe. Maybe they protect a certain lifestyle,
a mind-set. They do, but they don’t notice,
as Spiro Agnew said… …and I’ll try to put it in a decent way: “The sons of *** changed the rules and
didn’t tell us.” It is now happening in Europe. You’re an expert on airports. How did
you feel after the attack at Zaventem? Firstly I felt embarrassed about the
fact that such a well-prepared attack… …had eluded the Belgian
intelligence agencies. Part of the problem
is legislation in Europe… …which gives the individual
complete freedom. Understandably, the Europeans wish
to protect their freedom and lifestyle. In Israel we’ve given up on that.
– I understand, but you and me… …don’t fear the Israeli judicial system,
which gives security services free rein. For we are law-abiding citizens
and don’t belong to a terror organisation. The profiling method here
is one of the pillars of airport security. Can you explain it?
– What does this method entail? You want to fly, I’m a security officer. I talk with you,
check your passport and ticket… …and we follow a kind of ritual,
a kind of interview. On the basis of that interview
I need to determine, on the spot… …whether you’re trustworthy or not. The problems start when the passenger
shows suspicious signs… …which could indicate
that he’s a suspect passenger. In that case
there’s a comprehensive search. The person is frisked and his luggage
and hand luggage are searched. If all passengers are checked
in the same way… …the security system can’t find
this one person it’s looking for. But that’s the logic behind the European
and American security system. And that’s why it doesn’t work.
They put in huge amounts of energy. A lot of manpower, technology,
scanners, security gates, and so on. It doesn’t work?
– It’s horrible. What’s lacking?
– Common sense. Seriously… …the Europeans don’t have the same
mentality, culture, experience, DNA… …as Israel in the fight against terror.
I’m dead serious. My friends who come to Israel
find the airport a disaster. But with my Israeli passport
I’m waved through. Many people complain about
being interrogated and checked… …but they’re not all terrorists.
– So? Should we not check, should we not
interrogate, should we not scan? But it has its price. Me too, I see people walking around
aimlessly at the airport… I think: What are they doing here? Yes, and rightly so.
You’re alert, you keep your eyes open. Your mentality is totally different. As an Israeli you grow up with it
and it’s in your DNA. For Europeans it’s no priority, it doesn’t
occupy them. Which is understandable, too. They let other values prevail. The right to privacy is more
important in Europe, or used to be. And in Israel
we should be attentive to them, too. But security and people’s safety
are just as important. Because they are a nation’s
ultimate goal and responsibility. Can the Europeans prevent
a change in their mentality? Well, reality will force them to change… …a reality they have faced
for a number of years now. We have sixty to seventy years
of experience… …with endless confrontations, even wars. And many of our products have actually
been put to combat test. If you buy military products,
one of the major aspects is… …their operational workability. Israel exports billions of dollars’ worth… …to clients all over the world. After the attack in Belgium… …I went there to investigate,
together with a colleague. One of the things we said was: As long as there’s no collaboration and
exchange between security services… …then…
– Was there a failure? There was an intelligence failure. The method we’ve developed in Israel… …is called “security circles”. The first circle… …has nothing to do with the airport
as such, but more with policies. That’s preventive intelligence. In Brussels there was no intelligence. The available information about the
underground wasn’t passed on in time. Anyone who comes in is checked. This is only the entrance.
The exit is at the other side. The exit is somewhere else.
This is entrance only. We differentiate between people
who arrive and people who depart. That makes it much easier
to check them. Good morning.
Start work, start streaming. How many persons have passed so far?
– 4432 persons. the land of the people a land for always the land where we were born
and where we will live whatever happens This call is diverted to an automatic
voicemail. As police chief I was responsible
for security at all those border crossings. And also for monitoring the goods,
all the procedures. So I know them all. I’d like to talk about the security circles. Security circles are the solution.
Let’s talk about the threats. With that I mean terrorism,
not the threat of war. We’ve had these dangers here
for decades: Shootings, assaults, car bombs… …shootings in crowded places,
explosives, knife attacks… …here we’ve experienced them all. Over there is the Palestinian side. Palestinians arriving in big numbers
walk through pedestrian locks. In each lock they’re checked. Then we declare them ‘clean’
and they can enter the country. I must emphasise that there’s
no contact during these checks… …between security staff and Palestinians. We use cameras and communicate
through loudspeakers. After checking the person
and his belongings he’s let through. Are there ever conflicts? Do you have to interrogate, detain, frisk? Of course. We’ve had people
blowing themselves up at crossings. This is the terminal for goods
from the West Bank bound for Israel. Here we see a Palestinian truck
arriving with merchandise. At the other side
an Israeli truck is waiting for it… …and the goods are transferred
from one truck to the other. Years ago these trucks just entered
Israel. That’s how infiltrations took place. It was hard to check each truck
for bombs and weapons. The police then decided… …that trucks could no longer
be allowed in. So now the vehicle stops
and the goods are transferred. So the fence is one security circle? There are four security circles: The circle for intelligence, thwarting
and prevention, mainly on the West Bank. That’s a dynamic circle without
clear borders. It’s intensive work. A clearer circle is the barrier,
which you can see here on the right. The barriers at the borders
are physically recognizable. If you drive into Israel, you get
the next circle, run by the police. That’s also a dynamic circle. We’ve left the circle
of border crossings and the fence… …and we’re entering the city. In public spaces
such as shopping centres… …the police instruct the owners
about security, according to the law. You can see a guard at the entrance,
who’s undoubtedly armed. Every entrance to the shopping centre
is guarded. You can’t film here. These guys are taking a course… …in protecting the Israeli railroads. This starts with a very strict
selection procedure. We assume that the guard
always works alone. We call him the lone warrior.
He’s always alone. He has to solve things by himself. There’s no one who gives him orders,
no drone that shows him the way. It has to be brief and aggressive:
One person with one solution. They practice this all day. They have to act responsibly,
they cannot shoot at will… …and are well trained.
That’s the level these guys reach. They’re not just civilians
walking around with guns. They’re professionals.
Because security is a profession. I landed at Paris airport
about six months ago. After what has happened,
I expected a lot of security measures. But what I actually saw were soldiers
with helmets and bullet-proof vests… …dogs and loaded guns. To me, as a security professional… …all that should have been
perfectly normal. But I thought it looked abnormal
and excessive. You don’t handle security that way.
You don’t use a tank. What will you do with a tank?
Fire grenades? Or will you fire a machine gun,
or set your dog on someone? That doesn’t make any sense.
I tell you this as an Israeli. Private security is the backbone
of every public facility. They prevent attacks at the location itself.
There’s no one else there. The lone security guard at the entrance… …is the one who should
prevent the attack somehow. They’re working on a project
in East Jerusalem. It’s an explosive area. That is evident
to us, but the situation is like this: Palestinians and Jews
meeting each other… …and tourists from all over the world. With their different views,
this leads to friction. Part of the criticism on Israel is… …that attackers are shot
from far away… …while it’s unclear
how dangerous they were. Those police officers in Europe,
what is their task? They have to fine people
and maintain order, that’s true. But when a terrorist starts
stabbing people, what do they do? Will they look at him and try to talk to him?
I don’t think so. At least I hope not. They have to kill him. That is their task.
– But there are rules of engagement! That is a procedure that leads you to fire
at the body. If someone doesn’t stop, should I wait
for him to come to me? What would you do?
– Run away. Would you like to have a weapon on you? I’d run.
– But you’re not a police officer. A policeman is not a puppet,
he’s responsible. What does he do? So let’s say he has a weapon.
Will he use it? Okay, so what does he do with it? You beg him not to come closer, but he
approaches anyway. What do you do? What does the police officer do? We do this: We give him
an opportunity to stop approaching. Up to a certain point. And then
we stop him, by shooting him. To kill or to stop him? To stop him. But sometimes
the shots are deadly. Can I help it? If you hang out with security people
for a while… …you automatically start to look
at everyone with suspicion. For instance, there was a Muslim guy
at the university… …who liked to dress up all in white. And he was blind. And after doing a lot of research
into security… …I was almost sure he wasn’t blind. And that’s the whole point. It took me a while to realize
he really was blind. But everything that deviates a little… …is suspicious right away,
because of your state of mind. And that happens quickly.
Within two, three days. You see someone driving too slowly.
Someone asks for directions. Anything that isn’t regular
or perfectly organized, is suspicious. But life isn’t like that,
and that’s the whole point. It has a big influence on you. One of the things I wrote about it
was this: The more security you use,
the greater the security risk. It’s a small step from suspecting
parts of the population… …to using excessive violence
against them. Comparing it to Germany is a sensitive
issue. It’s completely different here. One of the things
I can understand better now… …is that any society can sink this low. It’s not hard for me to understand. I can understand what happened
in Germany, Italy and America. Because I understand
what’s happening in Israel. Because I meet people
who are completely level-headed… …but as soon as you say
certain words to them… …all their morals disappear,
and the say: Kill. Even the university is like a bunker.
But nobody mentions it. In the stronghold of critical thought. In an extremely suspicious society
a binary kind of perception develops. It doesn’t remain constant. There’s
more than just Jews and Palestinians. That’s only the beginning. The perception of:
Are you with us or against us… …is a constant test of people’s loyalty
by the way they look. Look how you parked your car. Look how he’s parked,
and that one over there. And look at how we’re parked. How?
– The other way around. Why? Because this way we can
drive off right away in an emergency. When there’s panic,
we won’t cause any accidents. This is ‘readiness’. Individual freedom or not,
it’s about being alert. There’s always a chance something
terrible happens. That’s the way it is. What do you do? We’re passing on knowledge.
We don’t sell equipment. This is a training course for leaders. The second part is law enforcement. We train them and we ‘upgrade’ them. All over the world,
but only for foreigners. No Israelis?
– No, they already get military training. From a very early age, from kindergarten
on, so they don’t need it. The third sector
is the private security industry. You see it everywhere now.
The Americans use it overseas… …in their wars in Iraq,
Afghanistan and Libya. We train security personnel,
for defence and assistance… …in the civilian sector. And in our concept
we focus on the entire society. Come here a minute. You can’t educate society
in such a way… …that people will call 911 and expect
someone to come and help. In the fight against terrorism,
it won’t happen. Nobody will come.
You are on the scene. A week ago there was an incident
in Israel. A terrorist attack on soldiers. An attack on soldiers. That attack was prevented by
a civilian who worked as a guide there. That’s how you run a country. So that everyone,
no matter where he is… …can help to defend the country
and fight against terrorism. A civilian who isn’t prepared,
who panics and isn’t alert… Civilians being aware
lowers the threat by 80 percent. Awareness lowers the risk. But what is the price, of all this, …when all the civilians are suspicious,
ready to shoot, alert… No, no, not on the alert. Not on the alert. Aware.
That’s not the same. Young people are also trained here.
We call it preparation for the army. High school students prefer to pay
for this rather than buy a Gameboy. They receive training
that prepares them for the army. The young people, and we adults,
carry out symbolic exercises… …to conquer the hill. Does he have a gun?
– Yes, that’s part of self-defence. To walk around with a gun? Yes, because in our reality he can be
a member of a special unit. Or another category
that’s allowed to carry a gun. There’s always someone among us
who can intervene. Here, civilians intervened
in an attack with vehicles. They jumped on trucks and tractors
that were ramming buses. They entered the tractor,
because there was a terrorist in it. I don’t say there are no heroes.
They’re everywhere. That’s very important, and it’s great. But here with us, there are more. People are willing to risk their lives… …to prevent other people getting hurt. We do this automatically. In the army, they teach you right away
never to withdraw. You don’t back off in civilian life
either. You don’t walk away. Show them that we’re the strongest. Come on, come on, come on. That’s right, you’re tough. When do these kids start
training for the army? When they’re fourteen,
fifteen or sixteen… …to be ready for the army at eighteen. It’s always from choice,
it’s the wish to be a man. To protect. Why is Israel the arms industry’s lab? We are a lab. Several countries
help us with our defence… …in the form of products
we don’t manufacture ourselves. They’re sent here to be upgraded
for practical use. We can test for operational use. Most of the people
who work in this industry… …such as police officers and soldiers,
believe in what they do. They believe that they are fighting evil. Some people say they considered
all the aspects… …such as human rights and democracy,
but there’s no other option. I call it security theology. They live in
that system, as it justifies all they do. If Europe imports weapons,
technology and advice from Israel… …what does it import? It imports suspicion, and the mechanism
to control dangerous groups. And it imports the war. Waging the every day war,
caused by profiling… …that drives a wedge between groups
and suppresses discussion. This way, Europe is import the conflict. If they want an intifada, they’ll get one. They buy the separation.
We’re here, they’re over there. They buy the wall
you can see behind me. It’s the same logic that says:
If I see you, and you wear a hijab… …your brother works at the mosque,
your family is poor… …then you’re a security risk. This is Isawiya, a neighbourhood
that has expanded enormously. But even they though they are Israeli
residents, they are seen as security risks. The border patrol stopped us here. To them, it’s madness
for us to walk in there. If you don’t see the segregation… …and don’t see it as a dividing line
between friends and enemies… …between dangerous and harmless
people, then you’re not afraid. If you do see the separation
and make it deeper, then you are afraid. There are people who think
this is justified. But we have to ask ourselves
what we want in the end. Don’t take the technology
and knowledge without asking this. Do you want a white Europe?
Then use the technology. But if you don’t want that, and believe
in diversity and integration… …and if you can do without
that racial hierarchy in daily life… …you don’t need the technology. That there is the Eastern part. Over there by the horizon
is the West Bank. 15 kilometres,
you can see it with the naked eye. This here is a strategic spot. Because it’s the highest point
in the area. You can see everything from here. You keep finding solutions,
and the terror keeps evolving …but what about a real solution? If you mean the problems in
the Middle East, specifically in Israel… …then technology certainly
isn’t the solution. Neither are the procedures.
The solution is politics. But of course many
security people feel that way. Because we have the experience.
We know the problem. And we understand
what the solution is. That’s why many of us think that
the solution has to come from politics. Not from cameras or sensors
that register who’s jumping the fence. I don’t want them to jump,
I want a good neighbour… …who lives a decent life, like me. We understand that very well. Because you know
the security problem? That too, but also because
we understand that the solution… …isn’t a sensor, or a procedure
for arresting people… …or for tracking down suspects. If everyone is doing well,
everyone is happy.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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