Star Wars: Prelude to Episode IX

In an age before the rise of the Republic
and Empire, some throughout the galaxy started to study and explore a universal life energy
called the Force, even forming religions dedicated to its worship. The most prominent of these groups became
the Jedi Order of Ahch-To, who revered the Force but also recognized its potential for
misuse, training themselves to suppress emotion and channel the energy only for noble purposes. Raised from a young age to live by the Jedi
Code, they used calm, compassion and harmony to channel the light side of the force, standing
in opposition to the Dark Side, which used emotions like anger and hate. The Force spoke to individuals through microscopic
Midi-Chlorians, which lived inside the cells of all living beings, and those born with
a special sensitivity to this energy often had enhanced physical and mental abilities
and might even be capable of prophetic visions. Though they were limited by their level of
force sensitivity at birth, with discipline and training, they could become immensely
powerful. Over the years, the Order travelled to many
worlds, and eventually allied themselves with the government of the Republic which become
a superpower with great influence across the galaxy. Acting as their diplomats and military commanders,
the Jedi protected the Republic, but a fracture within the organization soon threatened to
destroy it all. It began when a Rogue Jedi was cast out of
the Order for experimenting with anger and hatred to unleash the power of the Dark Side,
but not all rejected his teaching, fascinated by this new approach to gaining unique and
extraordinary powers relatively quickly. The two factions then fought a civil war called
the Hundred Year Darkeness and in the end the Rogue Jedi and his followers left the
Republic to settle on the planet of Korriban. The Sith Order as they became known, trained
in the Dark Side and adhered to the Sith Code, believing personal ambition was all that should
matter and must be pursued no matter the cost. As the Sith grew in strength they went to
war with the Jedi on several occasions, including the Sith Wars and Jedi-Sith War, conquering
republic worlds and building massive superweapons able to destroy entire planets. The Sith even spread to the Republic capital
of Coruscant, building a Shrine, imbued with dark powers. Yet inspite of their strength and technology,
the Sith suffered from constant inner strife, plotting against each other and assassinating
rivals, allowing the Jedi to take advantage and drive them back, retaking fallen worlds,
and disassembling their superweapons. After liberating Coruscant, the Jedi sealed
away the Dark Side Energy of the Sith shrine, and built the Great Jedi Temple upon its foundation. Yet this proved a fatal error, as the Dark
energy could not be fully contained, and awaited the day it might be discovered. Though the Sith were nearly wiped out, Darth
Bane, the last great master of the old Order survived long enough to reform the organization
according to the personal philosophy he developed throughout his life. Recognizing the self-destructive nature of
the Sith, and wanting to avoid internal power struggles, he implemented the Rule of 2, limiting
the Order to one Master to embrace the power of the Darkside, and one Apprentice to desire
that power and eventually challenge for supremacy. In this way they could work in the shadows,
getting stronger with every new generation of Sith, while secretly manipulating events
towards the goal of destroying the Jedi order and returning to power throughout the Galaxy. Although Darth Bane was eventually tracked
down and defeated by the Jedi, his legacy lived on through a secret apprentice who escaped
notice. Despite their victory, years of warring both
with the Sith and Mandoloreans collapsed the government of the Old Republic and in its
wake a new Galactic republic emerged, adhering to the same values of democracy, equality
and justice. The Jedi once again declared themselves defenders
of the Republic, but because the Sith were thought to be defeat, this time focused on
diplomacy and peacekeeping, rather than destructive wars. For a thousand years the Republic, led by
a Senate and Chancellor, flourished and expanded their influence, but after so many years of
prolonged stability, the government was mired in corruption and greed as self-serving politicians
manipulating the political process and galactic economy to their own benefit. At the same time the Sith Order worked in
the background, undermining the government through a vast networks of spies, underworld
contacts, corporate interests and political allies. As a result, the Sith were wealthy, influential
and immensely powerful in the dark side, and so when Darth Sidious killed his master Plagueis
to take over the Order, he was in a position nto become the final Dark Lord who would at
last unleash the Revenge of the Sith. With the aid of his master Sidious, known
on his home planet of Naboo as Sheev Palpatine, was elected as a Senator in the Galactic Republic,
and with aid of his apprentice Darth Maul, manufactured the Naboo Crisis to become chancellor. Using the Dark Side energy of the shrine underneath
the Jedi Temple, sidious hid himself from the enemy and a decade later created yet another
crisis with the Clone Wars, using his new apprentice Darth Tyrannus to lead a movement
of Seperatists with a droid army against the government. Using the war as a pretence, Palpatine authorized
the creation of clone army and encouraged the senate to pass a number of bills giving
him emergency. At the same time he acted as a mentor to young
Anakin Skywalker, a powerful jedi he manipulated into executing his apprentice once he was
no longer useful. Nearing the end of the war, the Jedi discovered
palpatine’s true identity, and attempted to arrest him, but were betrayed by Anakin
Skywalker who was lured to the dark side with promises of immortality for himself and his
beloved wife padme. Chancellor Palpatine then announced he survived
a failed Jedi Coup, and unleashed order 66, activating the inhibitor chips within the
clone soldiers to turn them against their Jedi generals. While some few Jedi survived and fled, most
were slaughtered and the Order was destroyed. With everything in position, Palpatine ordered
the final defeat of the Separatists and stated that because of all that occurred, the republic
must be re-organized into the First Galactic Empire, led by an Imperial Senate, and himself
as Emperor. But not all were prepared to give up their
freedoms and some like Senator Bail Organa of Aldaron, and Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrilla
worked behind the scenes to form a Rebel Alliance. One of the most powerful Jedi to survive was
Obi Wan Kenobi who lived in exile on Tatooine, watching over the son of Anakin Skywalker,
now known as Darth Vader, believing the child might be the Chosen One from ancient prophecy
destined to bring balance to the force. Luke’s twin sister Leia was left with Senator
Organa, who raised her as a princess of Alderaan, eventually becoming one of the leaders of
the rebellion. When Luke came of Age, he was trained by Obi
Wan and the great Master Yoda before their passing, and alongside his sister Leia, and
friends Han Solo, Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2, helped the Rebellion destroy 2 Death Stars
and faced the Emperor and Darth Vader in a final confrontation. Having failed to turn Luke to the Dark Side,
Sidious was prepared to kill him, but Darth Vader was unable to watch his son die and
betrayed the Emperor, throwing him down a cavernous shaft, seemingly to his death. Following their defeat in the battle of Endor
and the death of the Emperor, the Imperial loyalists retreated to the Outer Rim, allowing
the Rebel Alliance to form the New Republic government, guided by their values of freedom,
equality and democracy. Meanwhile, the remnants of the empire descended
into chaos, with many former officers, admirals and moffs fighting over leadership. Yet soon Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, who was
given charge over one of the Emperor’s contingency plans in the case of his death, took charge
of the situation, organizing a meeting of the remaining leadership only to betray them
to the new Republic which sent a fleet to kill or capture those in attendance. Gallius Rax then orchestrated one last large
scale confrontation between the Empire and Republic at the battle of Jakku, in order
to destroy the armies of both sides, so that he could fulfil the destiny bestowed upon
him by the Emperor, and flee with the last of their ships to build a new Empire with
the help of storehouses, shipyards, and laboratories secretly established in the Unknown Regions. During the years of Imperial rule, Sidious
sent teams led primarily by Grand Admiral Thrawn, to map the Unknown regions and plant
the seeds for later colonization. Unfortunately for Gallius Rax, he did not
live to see victory, as he was killed by Admiral Rae Sloane, someone he tried to use and eliminate,
only for her to survive and seek vengeance. A proud and fearsome Imperial loyalist, Admiral
Sloane took over the operation of Gallius Rax and led their forces to the Unknown Regions,
where they eventually formed the First Order, awaiting the day they might reclaim the galaxy. After the battle Jakku, Grand Vizer Mos Amida,
who technically inherited Imperial rule but had no real authority, represented the Empire
in issuing a formal surrender and signing the Galactic Concordance to end the war. In addition to the New Republic, which struggled
to establish their authority across the galaxy, other governments also formed, like the Confederacy
of Corporate Systems and the New Separatist Union, while neglected worlds in the outer
rim became centers of piracy and organized crime. Meanwhile, Chancellor Mon Mothma pushed through
the military disarmament act, drastically reducing the size of the republic army and
navy to instead empower individual member worlds to raise their own planetary defenses. Mon Mothma also voluntarily abolished many
of the emergency powers enacted by Palpatine before retiring from public life. However, with no one else similarly able to
unify the government, the Senate was mired in gridlock between the Centrist faction advocating
for centralized authority under a single powerful leader, and the populist faction seeking more
autonomy for member worlds, and the decentralization of power. Working in the shadows to undermine the New
Republic, the First Order destroyed Leia Organa’s political career by revealing that her father
was Darth Vader and assassinated Tai Lin Garr, the populist candidate for First Senator. After an investigation, Leia learned many
Senators were being bought off and realized a larger conspiracy was at play and so resigned
her position and formed the Resistance, a private military organization dedicated to
facing threats against the Republic. At last ready to reveal themselves, a number
of Centrist Senators suddenly abandoned the New Republic and pledged their alliance to
the First Order, and they started spreading their influence in the outer rim. Now led by the dark side force user Supreme
leader Snoke, he took as his apprentice the boy Ben Solo, son of Leia Organa and Han Solo,
who took the name Kylo Ren. Although initially a student of Luke Skywalker,
Snoke contacted him through dreams and turned him to the dark side. Sensing the evil within him, Luke panicked
and raised his lightsaber to strike his nephew as he slept, but then hesitated, and in that
moment Ben Solo awoke. Seeing his uncle about to kill him, he summoned
his lightsaber and destroyed the temple with his force powers. And so in 34ABY, the First Order, led by Snoke
and Kylo Ren, unveiled Star Killer base, a planet sized superweapon, built in secret,
able to destroy a number of planets in a single volley. Ready to declare war, General Hux launched
an attack destroying several worlds including Hosnian Prime, the capital of the New Republic,
wiping out their government and primary military forces. With the aid of the war heroes Han Solo and
Chewbakka, as well as Rey, a young but powerful force user, Finn a former stormtrooper, Poe
Dameron a pilot and the droid BB8, the Resistance was able to strike back and destroy Starkiller
Base. During the fighting Kylo Ren murdered his
father Han Solo, and took a wound from a bowcaster, before losing a duel to Rey and escaping the
planet as it broke apart. With the New Republic in chaos, the First
Order became the new central government, and while many feared them, only the Resistance
of Leia Organa stood in opposition. Unfortunately, the First Order was able to
track them through Hyperspace, resulting in a battle which killed admiral Ackbar and nearly
all of their leadership. Being chased by the First Order, and down
to less than 400 people, the resistance fled to the nearby planet of Crait, while Vice
Admiral Holdo crashed their last vessel into the enemy flagship Supremacy, to buy them
time. Meanwhile, on the planet of Ahch-to, Luke
Skywalker struggled to train the girl Rey, as he lost faith in the Jedi after his failure
to form a new order. Rey, in turn, was struggling to remain with
the light side, as she felt an immediate connection to the dark side energy on the island, and
was experiencing a telepathic connection with Kylo Ren, bonding with him and learning more
about why he turned against the Jedi. Discovering the connection to Kylo, Luke demanded
she leave and they briefly duelled with a staff and stick before she knocked him to
the ground. Believing there was still good inside Kylo,
she made her way to the flagship Supremacy where she was brought before Snoke, who revealed
he created the connection between them. But when the Supreme leader ordered kylo to
kill her, he instead activated the lightsaber by Snoke’s side, killing his darkside master. Kylo and Rey then fought side by side as they
defeated the Elite Praetorian Guard and after the battle considered ruling the galaxy together. But Kylo wanted to continue embracing the
Dark Side, while Rey sought the light, and they clashed before going their separate ways. With Kylo Ren as their new ruler, the First
Order trapped the resistance on Crait, but just as all hope seems lost, Luke Skywalker
appeared and fought a duel with his nephew, giving his allies time to escape aboard the
Millennium Falcon. By the time Kylo realized he was fighting
a Force Projection, it was too late and he sensed Rey one last time before they departed. Unfortunately, the effort was too much for
Luke Skywalker, who died and became one with the force.

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