Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

We who try to be decent people are bombarded
by some kind of moral political pressure from two sides: First there is the worst one, of
course, this anti-immigrant populous side like why should we even allow refugees in;
it’s their fault; third world travel and so on, there are enough poor people here; they
come from another civilization; it means conflict and so on and so on. So there is all the time this pressure of
we are defending our way of life; refugees are disturbing it. And it’s interesting how in some radical right
wing circles we really have already new conspiracy theories, which always fascinate me in their
madness. A couple of weeks ago the main Slovenia, I’m
a coming from Slovenia, right wing weekly journal something like, Slovene Time Magazine,
published a comment by a guy, which was a ferocious attack on George Soros, the humanitarian
billionaire, claiming that he’s the most disgusting despicable and dangerous person today in the
world because he’s a Jew who is organizing Muslim invasion into Europe. The guy uses totally open brutal terms like
Negroid Islamist hoards are invading Europe. Claiming that the Jewish plan is to destroy
Christian Europe and they’re using Muslims to do it. Why do I like, I mean don’t misunderstand
me I’m horrified at it, But why do I “like” this fantasy? Because it goes to the end and it brings together
two different levels of conspiracy theory. One is Muslim invasion of Europe and the other
is anti-Semitism. Usually we think that there is some kind of
a conflict in the Middle East between Palestinians or Muslims and Jews. This theory claims this is an appeared conflict
to dilute us. In reality even the Muslim terrorists, all
of them, Isis, it’s a Zionist creation to ruin Europe. In the good old fashion or Stalinist way you
know how fascists spoke about plutocratic Bolshevik plot, you bring the opposites together;
they’re doing this. So, not to get lost this is one blackmail. But then now things get much more problematic
for some liberal leftist. Then there is the other blackmail, the humanitarian
blackmail like poor suffering immigrants coming to Europe desperate; is Europe still Europe? Is it using its heart? How can we see all those people suffering
and so on and so on? I basically, of course, agreed with this second
position. I none the less think there is something terribly
wrong in this automatic retranslation of, I don’t want to call it a crisis but whatever
you call it what’s happening with refugees into a pure humanitarian problem, which is
out there from somewhere we don’t even analyze it closely hundreds of thousands of people
are coming and it’s purely a humanitarian question do we let them in or not? I question this on all levels. First, I’m absolutely ready to admit that
even crucial, that it’s not simply something horrible happening in Third World or in this
case in Middle East, as we say in Europe in our arrogant way they screwed it up and now
we should pay the bill or what. Of course Europe, but not only Europe, we
are deeply responsible for it. Look at the all origins of crisis were refugees
are coming from, from northern bit not only northern Africa, Libya and is so on. We Europeans screwed it up with military intervention
then. No Isis, no refugees from Syria or Iraq without
American intervention there or without this global or geopolitical conflict between Russia
and the United States, others involved, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and so on. They are what is behind the Syrian civil war. So again, we cannot say there is a humanitarian
crisis there and it’s purely a question of moral sympathy we will receive them, we are
deeply responsible for them. First geopolitically and at a deeper level
economically. I mean this brutal direct colonialism is more
or less over, but economic neocolonialism this in a way stronger than ever. We know how big Western, and not only Western
also other powers are destroying local agriculture and so on and so on. Like these are things we don’t read a lot
about them, but are you aware of what’s happening now? Even in some African countries where there
is starvation like Ethiopia and so on. Western companies, and in this case happily
I’m ready to say it’s not the usual culprits Europe and the United States, it’s more some
rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and some Asian countries like South Korea and
so on, they’re buying gigantic parts of these countries for agricultural use growing industrial
plants and so on and so on with the millions of people who can be employed for the time
being when production still goes on, but when there’s a crisis everything is chaotic. And so for me the symbol of today’s world,
and it’s typical of how we talk of all the crisis we read so little about that crisis,
is the Republic of Congo may be one of the wealthiest countries in the world with regards
to natural resources and so on, but a non-existing country; central government doesn’t work,
local warlords rule all in direct connection with foreign companies all their precious
metals to export and so on and so on. So again, this is the situation out of which
refugees are created. And now if anything it’s getting even worse. We all sympathize hopes of 20 years ago with
the tragedy of Sarajevo in ex-Yugoslavia, a big city of hundreds of thousands people
under siege like in medieval times. Okay, but what’s happening now in Aleppo is
even worse in a way. It’s a really big city of almost two million
people and at least out of egotism we should worry more. Are we aware what kind of explosive new refugee
crisis is being prepared there? So again, I buy all of this. On the other hand, now comes the problematic
part, I don’t believe that first that we are the only culprits. Because is not simply us Western Europeans,
Americans and Arabs, there is a mega class division rich countries, poor countries, corruption
among Arabs themselves. And as some people pointed out you cannot
just simply say many left liberals enjoy this, they have a kind of a perverse pleasure whenever
there is a crisis in a Third World country they always will someway prove oh it’s our
possibility. There is something so patronizing in this
as if they are even too stupid all those Arabs or black Africans to be really evil. If they do something catastrophic only we
are big enough even in the direction of the evil to do it. So let’s take this case, let’s ask a simple
question, which some people don’t like to ask, aren’t they immediately below the big
crisis region, Syria, Iraq, aren’t there a couple of Arab Muslim countries who are among
the richest in the world, take Qatar where they control their own Al Jazeera who all
the time emphasizes the plight of immigrants and so on. Qatar usually, at least among the first three
per capital with greatest per capital income richest countries in the world, competition
is somewhere, Lichtenstein, Europe, Qatar and Singapore. You know how many refugees they took? None. All of them, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar,
Emirates, none, only the poor countries are invaded by them. So I don’t think these questions should be
taboo like what’s the international geopolitical game that is being played here? That’s the first point. The second point, so called Moslem fundamentalism. You know, we should not simply say – okay
of course I’m not condemning it in a racist way, but it’s also not enough to say okay
this is just a reaction to Western imperialism so automatically again we are guilty. Of course it’s a reaction, but listen, let
me draw a parallel. Hitler was also just a reaction to brutal
Western imperialism, treatment of Germany after World War I. It’s absolutely clear in this sense Western
Europe, England, France were responsible for Hitler, but this doesn’t mean that they were
wrong to fight it afterwards. And it’s the same way here. Arab’s have been exploited all that, all of
that, but nonetheless Moslem fundamentalism is not to simply just a pure passive reaction
to a difficult predicament, it’s nonetheless a conscious choice, it’s certain active politics,
it’s a way in a very strong sense to react to what? To modern crisis. So for me instead of accepting this official
coordinates, on the one hand we Western permissive society, on the other hand bad fundamentalists. A more radical question is what is fundamentalism
today? In what sense is it generated by inner antagonisms
of global capitalism. Even in the United States you probably know
it’s simple, it’s not Guy Fieri, but great book Thomas Frank what happened in Kansas. This is the enigma Kansas, which was for over
a century the quintessentially progressive American state from anti-slavery campaigns
and so on. In the last 30/40 years it became the very
backdrop of new Christian fundamentalism. So if you look at numbers of fundamentalists
in the United States they are pretty much the same in percentage, some three/four percent
as the number of radical fundamentalist among Arab countries and so on. First we should approach the problem in this
more fundamental way, not simply blaming Islam and so on, Islam is a problematical religion
but every religion is problematic. I think we are living today in an era of,
I’m not too afraid to speak as a leftist moral conservative, an era of ethical decay, disintegration
of ethical substance where things which were simply unimaginable decades ago can be said
or done today. Let’s take the example of a state, which boast
itself as the only island of reason in that area of the Middle East. Do you know that the highest religious authority
in the army of a country there said two or three months ago, I checked it with my friends,
it’s not a hoax it’s true, that when the army of their country occupies another land of
people, soldiers have the right to rape local women there. Now we will say who was this Isis? No, the big Rabi of idea of Israeli defense
forces. The truth are with all my disagreement with
the politics of their government now they are the ultimate people of civilization, but
you see even they are part of this decay. So that I don’t lose the track, the first
thing to do with refugees is to locate them in this global economic ideological political
situation. The second thing is nonetheless not to make
a taboo of the fact that they are not just passive victims, day by day I mean here not
refugees as such but those among them who clearly are fundamentalists, and we should
debate these issues openly. The third thing, and that may be the crux
of the misunderstanding why people attacked me. The third point is look, we tend to forget
that we all are not just abstract free individual citizens of the world, we do live as part
of concrete communities with certain ways of life which are focused precisely on ways
of enjoyment of how sexual relations are regulated all that that’s very core of a community and
we are different to here so we should not avoid all these questions of, for example,
Muslims, Muslim Arabs entering Europe they come with their customs. And okay the politically correct way is to
say we should leave them their customs, we have our customs, we should elevate ourselves
above these differences and take care of fundamental equality human rights and so on. This I claim doesn’t work because human rights
are universal values are never abstractly elevated above concrete ways of life. Like examples that you get in Germany, I write
about them in my book. Over 2000 girls per years of immigrants to
Germany who go to ordinary German high schools escape from home because they were more seduced
by the western way of life, visit night clubs, have German boyfriends and so on. And then their families put pressure on them
like we know in what sense and they escape, seek refugee with the police. Do you know that they already have over 20
safe houses in Germany where these girls are provided with fake ID and so on and so on. And of course, massive community cries or
you are ruining our way of life. Let’s be frank, in a way they are right. I mean you cannot impose on a Muslim community
our Western notions of freedom if we need to choose the sex partners and claim we respect
your way of life. The way that family deals with a woman is
the very basic components of their way of life. I’m not saying there is an easy way out here,
but I’m just saying that you see my point that the problem is real here, the problem
is real and I think we – and also I know the Muslim intolerance is often exaggerated, there
is a big story of intolerance of Western people towards Muslims, but there is also the other
side of the story. For example, I learned this from leftists
in Berlin, in Sweden, in Denmark and in Netherlands, Muslim communities they’re attacking gay parades
or when they see public display of homosexuality and so on and so on. So you see what I mean. What I’m simply advocating it’s not, of course
not, oppressing refugees on behalf of our Western standards, but I hope you admit you
have to set a certain limit and it’s a difficult limit it has to be renegotiated like I don’t
know, when a girl who doesn’t want to be veiled is forced by her family to wear a veil and
she comes to German police and complains. You have to decide, you say no that’s their
problem or do you say no we respect a certain notion of feminine freedom their rights, we
will not tolerate that. Whatever you do it will be very painful. I’m claiming this, if we don’t approach these
topic’s openly in a public debate we are just feeding the anti-immigrant populist racists
and we will get in 10/20 years a terrible Europe where the predominant force will be
anti-immigrant populists. So again, my point is not we are incompatible
with immigrants let’s not have them in Europe, no we can have even more immigrants. But we should absolutely talk about these
problems in an open away not ignore these problems. Ignoring these problems means you leave the
space open for anti-immigrant populous and then you have this after catastrophe of literally
divided nations were simply the liberal left attitude is as if if you just mentioned these
problems they claim no this is anti-immigrant Islamophobic racism, these excel the problems. No, ordinary people experience see these problems
and we have to also address those concerns. I’m not talking here as a right wing populist,
on the opposite if I make a quick jump to American politics that’s why, although I know
we shouldn’t expect too much from Bernie Sanders but my admiration for Bernie Sanders was that
he mobilized for a progressive project precisely those ordinary small half impoverished farmers
workers who ideally vote for the new populist Republican right. Bernie Sanders opened up the scope of the
terrain for progressive cost for the left outside all this academic LGBT whatever and
included into it also ordinary impoverished people who are the ideal pray of right wing
populace. For me everything politically depends on this. We have two struggles today, one which unfortunately
are combined enough. One struggle is all the struggle against sexism
and so on, gay rights. And the others struggle is the struggle for
poor people, economic struggle, Third World and so on. And the most tragic thing I write about this
in my book is I hope you noticed this, it’s when Third World countries advocate controlling
women, homophobia and so on as part of their anti-colonialism. No this is like – the ridiculous example of
this is Mugaba who openly stands for it. But you have in the Kenya in all those countries
where openly the very notion of women’s rights, gay rights is dismissed as neocolonialists
strategy of ruining the local communities, of destroying local ways of life and so on
and so on. But if this problem will not be resolved,
if we will be caught in our politically correct struggle against discrimination and so on
and keeping this at the distance from basic economic social struggles then we are doomed.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Slavoj Žižek on Refugees, Conservatism, and Cultural Incompatibility

  1. 5:13 "We are deeply responsible for them" — so important and not said enough. So many of these people are fleeing from conflicts that we (the West, Europe, the US) caused.

  2. Why in the world would you want immigrants coming to Europe, living off social security and demanding same cultural conditions as where they ran from? I don't get that reasoning.

  3. ISIS was not only made to ruin Europe, but also to help Israel maintain control over the surrounding regions by keeping them in chaos

  4. Some "Western" Values:

    – Christian priests can rape children and be "forgiven" by the Christian institutions they act on behalf of

    – Christians can marry children

    – You can shoot someone if you perceive them to be a threat

    – Gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry

    – Gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt

    – Women should be "discouraged" from seeking a life outside marriage and child rearing

    – Women should expect to be sexually assault and even raped if they dress "inappropriately", behave "promiscuously", or are inebriated

    – Men should be forgiven if they sexually assault women or even rape them, especially if the woman was dressed "inappropriately", behaved "promiscuously", or either party was inebriated

    – Caucasian women should not have children with non-caucasian men

    – It's okay to pay someone less than they're able to live on, for their labour

    – It's okay to pollute rivers

    – It's okay to dump toxic waste on land inhabited by non-caucasian people

    – It's desirable to control the land of multiple continents and drive natives from their homes

    – Profiting from war is okay

    Are these the common "Western" Values Zizek is talking about, because I see a lot of disagreement when it comes to pretty much all these things, and this is just the list I came up with off the top of my head.

    This is the problem I have when it comes to "Western" values and Islam. Most right wingers who extol the virtues of "Western Values" actually love "Islamic" and "African" values, because they themselves tend to come from very conservative cultures; the problem arises from that pesky skin tone issue. Always has done, always will do.

  5. It´s incredible how Zizek´s fan boys aren´t capable to understand that a guy who speaks in that way has deep, deep troubles. He is sweating contradictions with his body language.
    Well, leftists has deep troubles with cognitive disonance, not so weird at all.

  6. Im a swede and a big fan of Ziziek, so when he said that he had heard from leftist friends in Sweden that Pride parades had been attacked by muslims I had to look it up since had never heard of that. I just want people to know that this has never happened in Sweden, at least not openly reported by anyone.

  7. 5:00 "We are deeply responsible for them"
    Yeah not my country buddy. And besides. Now the population of a country should be saddled with barbarians because their government screwed the pooch?

    The rich people who made those decisions have the monetary means to shield themselves from the consequences of said policies. The poor people who had fuck all to do with it, don't.

  8. Why is it "antisemitic" for Europeans to oppose the Great Replacement?


    Jewish intellectuals created race war narratives like Critical Theory / Whiteness Theory.

    Jewish owned media giants spin anti-White narratives and deny or normalize the Great Replacement.
    Jewish bankers are the biggest sponsors of the Great Replacement. Their campaign donations (to both left wing and right wing parties) buy traitor politicians by the dozen.

    Jewish lawyers use law-fare to prevent or delay the deportation of illegal migrants.

    Jewish activist groups have been put in charge of censoring the Internet by Big Tech.

  9. Why is it "antisemitic" for Europeans to oppose the Great Replacement?


    Jewish intellectuals created race war narratives like Critical Theory / Whiteness Theory.

    Jewish owned media giants spin anti-White narratives and deny or normalize the Great Replacement.
    Jewish bankers are the biggest sponsors of the Great Replacement. Their campaign donations (to both left wing and right wing parties) buy traitor politicians by the dozen.

    Jewish lawyers use law-fare to prevent or delay the deportation of illegal migrants.

    Jewish activist groups have been put in charge of censoring the Internet by Big Tech.

  10. The IDF doesn't have a POLICY of rape, this was an OPINION of one reprehensible rabbi. Religious people in general shouldn't be regarded as having sensible opinions.

  11. Its worth knowing how Muslims agree with or differ from the general population :

  12. Zizek is off the mark regarding Soros it is only a matter of time that what Soros is truly doing will come to light. Zizek also likes to aquite to history and attempts to use historic examples that compare to modern happenings. For someone so invested in history I am suprised he has never studied the Venetians and their impact upon modern europe. Surely houses like Gandolfini and Nassau in particular, which if you go and see spawned the house of Hannover (current monarchic fam. of Britain.), House of Oranje-Nassau and through these ties also eventualy laid the foundations of what became house Saxo-Gotha, who believe it or not are the 'royal branch' of the Rothchild trading emporium. A very intresting history not often disccused or studied in detail by people like Zizek, Peterson or any other left- right-wing thinker.

  13. Sometimes I think zizek,’s task is to detach leftism from practical activism and make it an almost funny futile intellectual endeavor that can not be taken seriously. And sometimes I like him. Of all the leftists, why should he receive all the airtime and coverage?

  14. Fact check: muslims only bring shit wereever they go! And yes the UN never get to do shit exept moralising the poor poeple that just try to leave a peacefull life.

  15. lol you don't need to conspire to this theories to be true, it's not like some Jewish organizations conspire with Muslim refugees in smoking rooms, don't be ridiculous, the truth and reality in the floor encourages us to believe that this "conspiracy theory" is real when NATO mostly US goes and destroys Muslim Nations for no apparent reason (Libya, Iraq, tried Syria), than Saudi Arabia US Allie don't receive Refugees neither does Israel..So is it crazy talk, when Jewish Organizations even European politicians are open about it, that say "less Native people is good means less Nazis"?

    PS: There's this tendency to say We Europeans are responsible for the mess in the middle east, are you crazy if by Europe you mean UK and France OK, but most European Nations have nothing to do with it and are against USA interventions, and the ones that are NATO have not much say in the matters, NATO was supposed to be a defensive alliance not a offensive anyway. And this ones responsible are the first to run way and say the others Nations have to solve it..USA should receive must refugees and send money to restore peace, because it's the primary responsible for the middle east crisis.
    No ones being arrogant saying the middle eastern messed up wtf, you're giving a hint on calling European white Racists that call middle eastern savages, nice try it's not true.

  16. Demographic replacement is officially projected. Calling it a conspiracy theory is itself a conspiracy to gaslight Europeans who are facing near total extinction amd everyone knows it. What's wrong with his nose? Why does anyone listen to someone so dishonest?

  17. Why is it that the people who most vocally advocate for immigration are almost always the people who would be incapable of defending a nation if it were invaded by fascists?

  18. Except the vast majority of us are classical liberal and are NOT calling for an end to immigration altogether we want a common bl**dy sense approach as was once normal ie limited numbers and asylum for genuine reasons and background checks as we would if we enter other countries.

  19. Many eastern European countries are now paying the price for skilled and non skilled workers leaving their home countries but very few people want to talk about it as it would be an admission of failure.

  20. Mmm…. the manipulation of language in words such as populism in where an idea has wide popular consensus just like with the identity politics left their ideas are popular consensus among themselves therefore populism!

  21. I agree. But I would make the emigrants more (insert nationality of your country) and thats it. Before they can come and live here they must know how to speak in our language, know the hymn ect. Also make the your nation more patriotic in a healthy way. And also try to prevent conficts that started this wave of emigrants, but at the same time try not to involve europe in their problems too much.

  22. how do people take this drug addicted clown seriously? It looks like he did an 8 ball of coke before turning the camera on. Add to that his unkempt appearance and it's just not a good look overall.

  23. Not sure about conspiracy or invasion.
    But how you call policies importing 2m mostly military age, mostly muslim men into Germany – 2m into 80m is what 2.5%.
    It may not have been meant this way but it comes out as such.

  24. Yeah make your minds up and come clean conservatives so you believe in human rights or not. Stop.making shit stories up

  25. The fact that when he criticized Islamic extremism he had to clarify that he not racist is terrifying.

  26. I wonder why should anyone waste time by thinking about refuges and their shit hole countries?

  27. If your country is like Switzerland or Poland who didn't invade, wage war or didn't have any colonies in other nation states I think you do have a choice if you want to or don't want to take in these refugees based on cultural differences.

  28. He seems to be a sentimental fool, a zealot really, or an outright liar. He moans of human rights and responsibilities, yet he seems to forget the fact it would be more efficient to use the resources near or directly at the conflict areas. Seriously, who brings refugees or economic migrants to countries like Finland..? Estimated resource cost of living in Finland is 3.8 times higher than the Global average and, as a cherry on top, we're already extremely developed as a nation (=the migrants from third World countries have an abysmally low employment rate and will always be a burden on us).

    Obviously he doesn't have the brain of an extreme capitalist, I.E., he can't put himself in the position of the people who decide these things. Of course the elite wants to bring in refugees to the wealthy states, because they either own the facilities that'll provide for those refugees on the tax payers' dime or their friends own said facilities (=this is exactly what happened in Finland).

    So, the owning class gains direct revenue, more pressure to the markets by suddenly flooding it with more competition and polarization of the politics, which causes chaos and during chaotic times you can basically do whatever you want to do (=freedom of speech has taken massive hits in the recent years). Yet according to Slavoj, I am the evil, deplorable racist who should shut up and just accept what's happening. I ask you this, how many successful multi-ethnic, multi-cultural countries have existed for longer than a few decades?

    YOU give them YOUR OWN money if you so choose to, but do not force me to provide for them. You'll be nothing more than a bourgeois fat man preaching from an ivory tower until you make an actual sacrifice for your ideals.

  29. I’m sorry but if you come into a country and expect the people of that country to adapt around your culture then you shouldn’t be allowed to stay. The way Muslims treat women and girls is obscene and we shouldn’t allow them to retain these aspects of their culture if they come in to Europe.

  30. I am not sure if people see how sincere he is. And the struggle it takes to not landslide towards some view and keep a very balanced viewed considering reality of social scenarios in a very objective way.

  31. tldr: If you fuck up or invade someones country, expect a lot of their displaced dirty refugees to come to your country.

  32. Wait our leaders make decisions we didn't even agree with. The majority of Europeans were against involvement in the Middle East and now we are all deeply responsible. But when Merkel decided to let in a million refugees she also did it against the will of the majority but back then Slavoj said that the majority isn't always right and that sometimes leaders have to push through a policy even if it isn't popular in the hopes the results will eventually convince the majority it was a good thing. In otherwords if politicians really want to do something even if it is completely against the will of the people they should just do it and if it goes wrong we are all deeply responsible.

  33. No responsibility without agency. We aren't all deeply responsible when the majority of Europeans were against military involvement in the Middle East.

  34. It isn't our fault Tony Blaire, Merkel and Chirac blindly followed the US into the middle east while the majority of Europeans were against it.

  35. I am not agree with what he said about of immigrants and the right of woman to say no to the religious imposition!

    the immigrants firstly must be legal.
    I am against totally to the illegal immigration.
    than our guest must respect our land our people our culture our laws.

  36. When speaking of muslims, I would like to point out a Bosnian muslims for example, something that is never mentioned in these manners, couse, for centuries we are muslims, but we belong to western world and ideas by beeing part of europe and western way of life, and still are, and that is achieved not by beeing subjected to separation and segregation, but by beeing actively involved in all forms of life and new ideas and thinkings that go beyond word of Kur'an (that is mostly only followed in rest of the muslim world), and still managed to perserve our identity, costums and religion. That was happening from let's say, austro-hungarian times in 19th century, trough yugoslavia till now, and we still identify ourself as europeans. I would really like to Slavoj to pinpoint that "transition" which he probably whitinessed during yugoslav era with his friends who were muslims, I believe that would be a interesting topic to cover.

  37. almost 23 minutes of mental masturbation about world problems and no actual solution. Talking openly about stuff is not the solution, it's just more conversations without loving solutions. people are fucked in a fundamental level, all the crap we end up talking about when you get into politics and ideologies are way too far from the core issues. People have issues in their minds, bodies, in their existance, in the way they manage to live a regular life, in their sexual life, the way they raise kids, and so on, and it is not because some company or capitalist society or anybody fucked them up, but because life is essentially hard and fucked, even if they lived free from political and social structures, nature will do its thing and make sure to let them know that shit aint easy, and nobody has a clue of how to "live correctly", we live in a complex system, with complex bodies, and minds, and complex experiences, and different ways to react to things. The problem with Leftists or right wingers is that they believe "they are correct" and none of them are correct, sometimes for certain situations you need a leftist approach and other times you need a right wing approach, but if you are caught in your fucking ideology without the ability to accept the flaws of your way of thinking then you are fucked. we need the right and the left, but most importantly we need love to guide us, but we are so "mental" about how to approach life, that we can spend hours debating ideologies and concepts but "zero time" doing stuff out of just pure love and care for one another. And people suffer because life is hard and we are all going to die, so we just need more kindness and LEGIT ACTS of kindness. Grab your Leftist or right wing ideology and put it aside and be nice to your family, friends, neighboor and to yourself, get some therapy, fix little shit around you and if we "all" do that, the world will be freaking amazing. Stop being so fucking apocaliptic about shit and be kind to everyone, capitalist, leftist, or anything, we are all going to die, so why don't you spend some time being nice, you can do that with no money or education, that only takes "HEART", and you can't teach heart, you must just show it through actions of kindness.

  38. Discussion of that problem concerning immigrants will solve nothing by itself. If it won't produce some results, then it's worthless. If you accept immigrants, both approaches will fail (as already told in the video), both of them require one of either communities to give up some of the values which they will not give up. If you don't accept them, you don't have to solve that dilemma, so logic tells that that's at least the first step in the right direction (which I personally think that the best solution, if you want to bear some responsibility for the problems partially created by us, is to help them in their countries, don't accept them here since it will create trouble not only for us, but also for the countries which will need to be rebuild… and that's just concerning refugees and not economical migrants who should totally be rejected).

  39. Its funny how he can claim that there isnt a problem with foreign billionaires sponsoring unwanted mass immigration into Europe or that it doesnt cause massive surges in crime or terrorism, the stats all show this being the case. Nothing is worse for the working class than multiculturalism/open borders and the social dumping that comes with it. The obvious truth plenty of cultures are fundamentally incompatible just showcases that Marxist historical materialism is out-of-touch with reality because these conflicts do not arise from differences in ressources between cultures.

  40. “Ef you look the number of fundamentalist in U. S. they are same in percentage 3-4, as radical percentage of arab countries and so on” ???!!! R U SERIOUS ZIZEK???!!!
    Only 3-4 % of the population of Arab countries want to kill you fo writing a wrong book, or leaving your religion???!!! You really believe in that statistic???!!! Actually I believe you really believe that. I remember your bragging about ability off arabs off democracy and “ arabs spring “. You ware JUST little bit of. Spring or winter, it is just 3 months different!

  41. It's apathy and fear that is allowing hordes of Muslims to shit all over Western civilization. The latter solution of not backing down from our customs to tolerate their's is the only way to go.

  42. And in reality 3 years after everyone understands George Soros is really trying to undermine the modern world and is working hard on undoing borders, nations and everything natural.


  43. The Muslim invasion of Europe is not a conspiracy theory as this dim witted individual would have you believe, it is an ongoing phenomenon since around 1400 years ago, only someone with no knowledge of European history could try and pretend otherwise. And I find it rather amusing that someone who is supposedly a left wing philosopher can back the mass immigration machinations of the Global capitalists.

  44. 4:49
    How can you mention all those countries and somehow miss Israel on that list, it is kind of a big deal you know.
    Also refugees are not coming from libya or syria, the refuges we get in to europe comes mostly from sub saharan africa, this is an important distinction.
    Thirdly; the refuge crisis has absolutely and unquestionably been facilitated trough people smuglers, whose income is highly up for debate.

  45. Jews organize brown invasions. Just look at the 1965 hart seller act. Look at the ngo's who helping immigrants get in… it led to the Pittsburgh Jewish attack, but also in Europe, also the lawyers at the us southern border and the judges overturning law… and so on and so on

  46. Don't know if the guy is asking for cocaine ot a Kleenex. That said, Zizek, thanks for your opinions.

  47. I would like to know what should a person in the WEST DO we are run by thieves for thieves you vote they get power do what there masters tell them it's all part of the globalist one world thieve-tom Dark times are coming and the thieves want it

  48. One of the best points made by Zizek is one that I'm constantly trying to explain to people, is this idea of separating the struggles of social equality and oppression from economic equality and oppression. These things go hand in hand, it's like trying to only fix a flat tire when you also have a bent axle. You may get the ruling class to stop oppressing certain groups, but only to the same extent that they oppress everyone else through economic exploitation. Everyone is still oppressed as a group, no matter if men and women are equal, that's the goal of Neoliberal economics, at its very core, to keep the power in the hands of those who have it, and give it to those who are willing to exploit their community.

  49. Subsaharan africa hitting 5 billion people by 2100 and wanting to live someplace else (i.e. Europe or N. America) isn't a conspiracy theory, you fat, sniffing, bumbling and incomprehensible weirdo.

  50. "One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.’?” Algerian President Houari Boumedienne in 1974. Qaddafi has made similar statements. Who does this commie think he's fooling?

  51. What do you mean "we Europeans"? Even accepting your premise, Sweden didn't screw it up. Germany didn't screw it up. Slovenia didn't screw it up.

  52. soros is a self proclaimed nazi, a financial terrorist, and a globalist thug. his stated intent is to destroy the soveriegnty of all nations.

  53. Refugees are in large part a problem created by imperialism, neo-liberal colonial usury, and even more so because of western induced climate change which is making their homelands increasingly chaotic and uninhabitable. The real question is what is the obligation of western countries to the people harmed by historical and present damage to their ability to carry on their way of life in their homelands? If they are forced to flee by climate change that they didn't cause, and then forced to change their way of life to meet western standards in a country they didn't have a choice in fleeing towards… aren't we fucking them with both ends of the stick? And then complaining about how they ruined our culture by making us do it? Real talk, no one made us drive their homeland towards chaos and uninhabitability. Let's be honest, the argument that the west is morally superior is kinda bullshit given that we are driving the extinction of non-western culture so that it can assimilate and make us more comfy in our own homelands. We are just being selfish hypocrites, and pretending it is for the benefit of their children to be more free in our societies. When in reality, this is a problem that we created by allowing the neo-liberal capitalist 0.0000001% to fuck up the planet.

  54. This video shows very precisely the problems I have with accepting Zizek as a respectful philosopher. He makes good points, he has great accuracy when it comes to describing problems and analyzing political power developing in the current world. However, when he starts interpreting these notions and tendencies, he is quite flawed. "Our European values", don't let me laugh! These are American values, exported to Western Europe and still controversial in countries that are often described as "east block", aka ex-Soviet Europe. Gay rights in Poland and Hungary are extremely contested, let alone they would welcome a foreign culture as part of their own. The same goes as a matter of fact, in Western Europe, which only pretends to be very open and tolerant but in reality is only accepting these progressive values today and using them as an argument against migration and multiculturalism. Liberalism, what he calls the "decay of ethical values", is exactly what caused this revolution in gay and trans rights. Liberalism is what has defended the freedom of speech, the freedom of identity, what postmodern philosophers sometimes called "the end of history". If Liberalism wasn't instigated by the philosophers and people during the era of The Enlightenment, we would all be tall blondes with our hair cut sideways.

    It is not a decay of ethics that is at play, it is a darkening of the mind. We are reverting back to a society that tries to distance itself from Enlightenment. We cannot blame politics for this, but television, automatization, digitalization, ie the evolution of our technology and our reliance to them. If we were to learn how to trust ourselves more by being critical thinking beings instead of monkeys pushing buttons all the time, society would be fine. It is literally laziness that is killing us. Nothing else. The world economy is taking hits because Germans are too frickin lazy to have their industries digitalized. Germany of all countries!

  55. 16:59 He's deadly WRONG! You DO can say you respect "their" way of life *(of each one)… as long as THEY respect the way of life each other!! Which OF COURSE implies respecting the way of life of women who want OUT of their traditional ways!! So in theory there IS a CLEAR CUT way out of that false dilemma he's saying.

  56. 22:33 It is not to keep DISTANCE from those different struggles, but to realize they are different AXIS of intersectionality which leads to say one can work out each one somehow independently. Because it does happen more or less independently throughout other civilizations.

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