Sid Meier’s Civilization V -How To Download Mods from Steam Workshop

Sid Meier’s Civilization V -How To Download Mods from Steam Workshop

This is the main menu for Civilization V.
You click mods. Now this is the End User License
Agreement for mods.
You have to agree to this every time. Now, this is the main mod menu. You click on “get mods” and this will open
Steam Workshop where you can download any mod you want We’ll click “Ethnic Units” to start and just hit subscribe and you get this message saying that it has been added. Return to the game and wait for a moment while it catches up. It is now downloading the mod. Most mods are very quick. This is a
somewhat large mod so it will take some for it to do the transfer and it has several steps after this, but
usually this process takes a few seconds this mod will take a little longer. Right now it is installing the mod. This is the final step of the installation. The mod is now installed and will be
available in the list of mods as soon as it finishes this screen. Now I’m going to update some existing mods. Simply click the update button and wait. There’s a little delay between sending that command to subscribe or
update and the actual update. Now it’s beginning the download for both
of these and as you see the Canadian mod was almost instant. This one takes a little longer. Now I’m going to activate a few mods. Africa map… …and i already have the Ireland mod activated and I’m going to activate
Rohan, The Lord of the Rings Civ pack. Click “next” to activate the mods. There’s a slight pause while loads
the mods into memory. These are the mods that are active and this is all you would get back to
the main menu, through the back button. We’re going to look at this screen. This
is telling you this mod is unavailable because it requires DLC
or an expansion pack. If you see that red text, you can’t use the
mod. Now this is the single-player screen. We’re going to set up a game, and this just shows you that Rohan has been activated. Now, King Theoden and The Rohan are
available as a civilization in the game. Those are the unique features of the
civilization. We’re going to look at the maps next. Africa is listed and Ireland will be listed below. Click back if you want to go back to the main menu. And you would “Start Game” if you actually wanted to start. Now I’m disabling the mods. This is how you remove a mod. This one is not compatible with my
version of the game, so I’m removing it. When you do this, there’s a delay, so you
see I will still see it listed so I can even go back
and unsubscribe again. It just takes it a second to catch up and now it’s going to
disappear and that is all there is to installing mods and removing mods
using Steam Workshop

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Sid Meier’s Civilization V -How To Download Mods from Steam Workshop

  1. When I subscribed It downloaded and all but when I go play a game even thow the mods show up as installed none of the civilizations or maps are available as an option.

  2. this people who are having problems with mods if your mod doesn't install ho try restarting civilization 5 and or steam if you have a Mac you cannot use mods and right now the gods vs Kings expansion has a bug where you cannot use mods in multi-player hopefully steam will fix that in the next update.

  3. This does not work for me. The mods never show up in the mod menu. I tried everything I even uninsulated the game and reinstalled it and it still won't work. If anyone can help please PM me.

  4. i have a torrented version of the game, i see it in the mods menu, but the moment i get into the mods menu the game crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this

  5. I have a regular PC, and this method does NOT work. I waited 10 minutes and none of the mods I subscribed to would show up.

  6. When I try to do those mods it doesnt work for me. I can subscribe to the mods but it doesnt download it. I downloaded mods before on there, but now it does download them. it only subscribes to it and thats it. How do I fix this bug?

  7. In mine it says the only mod i can play is Theodora and the Inca and thats not even a mod, that screen doesnt come up for me when i hit single player, it just has one option. How do i fix this????

  8. Reading through the comments here, figure I'd answer a few things in one comment.  First, yeah that "waiting…waiting" part sucks.  I am considering remaking this video and taking that out (and changing the name so it's less confusing) and more up to date.  Second, if your question involve pirate copies of Civ, don't bother asking.  Third, Steam Workshop for Civilization V only works on PC, not Mac.  While it is possible to make mods work on Mac, Steam Workshop will not.

  9. i can't "Set up a game" there are appearing "personalize a game" so… i can't create a new game… someone help me please 🙁

  10. Hey man I have a question, I will enable a mod for a civilization, for example Hunkpapa Sitting Bull, but the civilization never shows up, what should I do to fix this?

  11. how to install mods on the non-steam version?(it is still original,but not on steam)
    please please
    please please please
    please please please please heeeeeeelp

  12. I realize the title has frustrated people, and I am considering renaming it, but moreover I'm not happy with this video in the first place.  It is no longer accurate, and I would rather just remake the video in the future.  

    However with changes expected to mod support for Linux and Mac upcoming, I would hold off until I know what's going on before I invest the time into making a new version of this (with a better title).

  13. Another post I need to make.  I have said it before here, I do not support piracy of this game, and while I don't like limiting conversation, I ask that my videos not be used in promoting pirated copies of this game.  The fact is, the steps shown in this video will not work in a pirate version.  

  14. ive downloaded a mod from the steam workshop but its not working for me at all infact only one mod is working and its a map mod any suggestion?

  15. Why don't I have anything that says "mods" in the main menu? I bought mine on steam, and I got all DLCs and expansions.

  16. i have a problem, i installed the australia and indonesia, but when i click
    mods and then single player setup game, they dont show up!
    what the heck?

  17. Hello Riastrad, I have always wanted to create Civilization mods (Compatible with BNW) but I haven't found a tutorial other than in the Civ 5 Tutorial guide, and I haven't been successful using that. I was hope you could please make one, thanks!

  18. I have a question that's not really about mods but about the map maker for civ 5 from steam is there a way to add goody huts to the map or is it just a random thing?

  19. Can someone please help me out..? I'm continually have the same problem of when I go into the mods single player and attempt to select a leader, there is only Assyria and one of the mods I have installed. Where are the rest of the leaders?

  20. I bought the game and have got various mods.. But when I go to the single player menu (Through the mods screen) i don't have all the normal civs and stuff and some of it doesnt work properly, any suggestions?

  21. I have a bunch of mods that add new civilizations like cthulu and fallout factions. how am i supposed to play as them? i go to mods and check them off but it doesnt show them when i try to pick a leader for a new game,

  22. So, i have a question, how to fix crashing, when i click next on mods menu.
    Civ5 crashes for me, after i have waited normally 5-15 seconds on the mods list screen or if i click next after i have activated mods earlyer. How to fix it ???

  23. I wanted to donwload Earth 2014 but when i select it at the mods menu in Civ 5. And i click on ''Set Up Game''. I select a leader, start the game it didn't install it…. HELP?! PLEASE!

  24. When i finish Subscribing i click back to game then next it takes me to the single player game and what mods im using so i click next i click what king i want but the mods i downloaded for new people are not there what do i do?

  25. For some reason, all I see after loading the mods is "Custom Game" and "Load Game". It won't let me setup a game with mods..:(

  26. I want to use mods but I am afraid they are not safe. Do you think mods are safe. How could they affect your computer?

  27. When I get to the play game button I click on it but it's just regular the regular civ 5 lobby.

  28. I installed some mods from the workshop and i get the red text when trying to activate the mods, however i have all the DLCs and whatever else the mods wants so im not sure what to do.

  29. Can you pls help me!!!!!!!!— when i enable the mod and press next, i go to set up a game, and when i choose the civilization the one from the mod doesnt appear… PLS HELP xD sry for spam

  30. I downloaded about a year and when I updated it I didn't realize it had been deleted and I cant play my world do I have to delete my save I had so much, the mod did nothing.

  31. I dont have the iption to set-up a game aftrr i loaded in the mods i obly havr custom game amd load game

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