Should Your Brand Invest in Facebook Groups? Social Media Minute

Should Your Brand Invest in Facebook Groups? Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab and this is Social Media
Minute. Now, when Facebook got created and companies started creating their Pages
there was the “Become a Fan” button and you became fans of essentially that
place and it became a community with a lot more engagement at the time and it
was a lot smaller in size. Now, obviously as these Pages moved from thousands of
fans to tens, hundreds of thousands, of millions, Facebook changed the game. They
said this is not a Fan community, this is actually you just “Like” the page and you
become that Fan and since then it stopped becoming a Fan. It became “Liking
a Page” and everybody kind of likes many different Pages. Average users like tens
and tens of Pages but you really don’t engage with them anymore as much as you
would have. Now that leaves the question where do you actually have that core
community. Mark Zuckerberg in his last very long address around the elections,
around different things said we’re gonna put a bigger stress on actually creating
groups and communities of people. And the Group’s function on Facebook, I believe,
is something that by a lot of brands is underutilized. I know many brands that
have actually their core communities, or their influencers, or their VIPs in a
couple of groups and they have as much engagement on a page with 20 times less
people or 50 times those people than their, you know, big Facebook page. They
have as much engagement over there. And it’s so positive by this real community.
So the question for you as brands is should you build that community? They’ll
give you feedback, they’ll give you valuable information, you can test stuff
with them. So I think brands should be doing that, but if you’re considering it:
you know, try it, test it, see for yourself and obviously iterate by understanding
more data around it. Good luck!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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