Shopware Community Day 2019 – Journeys (Official Aftermovie)

Shopware Community Day 2019 – Journeys (Official Aftermovie)

It has been incredibly exciting to introduce Shopware 6 to the Community today. We’ve all been working towards this day. Everyone – the entire Shopware community – has given us such great feedback. That is the power of open source. It’s great – it’s been fantastic. I don’t normally get time to listen to the speakers. I really enjoyed Ken Hughes’ speech. I do a lot of keynote speeches around the world and this is right up there with the top ten. It’s really been well organised and efficient. You’ve got such a mix of people here. Passionate developers, the curiosity of partners, all those networking conversations that are happening all day. I’ve been walking around all day and everywhere you go there are conversations. I think what we will achieve with Shopware 6 will surpass anything we have accomplished so far. The Shopware Community Day has evolved into a mega festival of inspiration. For me this is one of the best events in the industry. I think the atmosphere here is just fantastic – you can really feel the open mentality. This is such a great spirit and a super nice exchange. The feedback today was tremendous. It was absolutely impressive to see what ideas and suggestions people brought with them.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Erster! 😉
    Demnächst dann auch mit einem ganz persönlichen Podcast-Recap von mir auf oder iTunes Podcast:

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