SHADOW | Community of Dreamers

SHADOW | Community of Dreamers

hello my name is hunter and I want to thank you for checking out our page we’re proposing to create the largest dream database in the world and we need your help I always been blown away by the concept of dreaming the idea that for one third of our lives our bodies are suspended in our unconscious minds are free from the limits of reality sadly about 95% of all dreams fade away before you even leave the bed now imagine a world where we can create a space for dreams to self organize and give us real information about our consciousness you know that that voice in your head that lets you know you exist we’ve created shadow as a way to participate in accelerate evolution we’re gonna pick up where Freud and Jung left off and leverage the 50-plus years of innovation that’s put Rovers on Mars and supercomputers in our pockets we will start with a mobile application that helps you remember and record your dreams shadow uses an escalated alarm to gradually pull you through your hypnopompic sleep state and is ready to record when you shut off the alarm now you can speak or text your dream into the application if you do audio will transcribe it into text and will pull out the key words from there we’ll push the dream to Big Data cause so we can anonymously organize the global data to identify major themes and trends true comprehension comes when the dots are revealed then we see the big picture now the Japanese sleep the least but do they dream the least or what do women in Moscow dream about or what do kids in Sao Paulo dream about you feel this is a huge data set that’s literally being forgotten every night so here’s where you come in we’ve taken shadow as far as we can on our own and we need your help to explode it out of our heads and into the real world you can donate to iOS Android or Windows and when we reach our funding goal whichever device has the most donations will start building that one first if we’re successful with this project will forever change the course of human history and remember it wasn’t too long ago that the majority the population thought the world was flat so this idea is bigger than any one of us alone and we need your help to pull the future forward and make Shadow possible and I leave you with this final thought and it’s a quote from John Lennon and what he says is a dream we dream alone is only a dream a dream we dream together can be a reality so thank you very much if looking at it from another way we push technology to its furthest possible development and we had instead of a dial telephone on one’s desk a more complex system of buttons and onetouch would give you anything you wanted

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. There's no doubt there is great significance in tracking and understand our dreams. Try reading, "The Dream Game by Ann Faraday." Amazing book on how to analyze your dreams. However my Creep-O-Meter goes off the charts when people are posting their ever thought on FB and Twitter and now they want to mine dream data as well.

  2. Hello RunAMuckGirl2,

    We don't want your dream data, we want you to have your dream data so you can identify short and long term patterns that emerge. From the time your dream comes out of your lips or fingertips, it will be encrypted with 2048-bit SSL. During both transmission and storage of your dreams we will be using best-in-class encryption standards so you can rest assured that one will be reading your dreams without your consent.

    Please feel free to call me 001 917 515 3647.

  3. How can we donate this? And is there anyway undergraduate psychology students can become research assistants? I have attempted to allow dream research to flourish at my university and have been yearning to initiate a research project like this!!! I want more information, posted this on my social media and psychology research page!

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for your support and interest in SHADOW. We are running a Kickstarter right now.. The best way to help with the development of SHADOW is to become a backer and share our Kickstarter with your network.

    You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date on everything SHADOW. For more specific questions about research, please email me at: jenn[at]discovershadow[dot]com

  5. A really good concept and I am looking forwards to the results. The sleep monitor is not a new concept (see Sleep Cycle), but joined with a dream diary it could be very useful. I hope there will be an option to turn off the alarm, and use your own. Dream sharing is quite a brilliant idea. I for one would be willing to submit my dream data and see what those around me were dreaming. Security would have to be strong – with emphasis on the far future – advertisers would jump on our dream data.

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