45 thoughts on “Several Teens Arrested After Wild Brawl With Police

  1. I watched the video, and I seen the officers actually assaulting two of the teens for no reason whatsoever. So, they ought to be arrested too. The cops are bullies and they abuse their authority when they feel like it. 🚮🚮

  2. For years the people in NY were being harassed by the NYPD. We can argue whether if some people deserved to be handle in a certain way, but I can tell you this. The people in NY especially the ones of color are fed up and now are attacking back.

  3. Is anyone or the reporter going to mention the officer assaulting a minor teen? Show the original footage please. File civil charges against this officer. ASAP. The cop punched the 2 kids first and second time cocked back. Hmm fyi assaulting a police officer 😂 show me the footage more like self defense

  4. how can there be any respect for anyone, kids are raised without any guidance, and they don't respect their parents, nor teachers, so what do you expect out of them, just gangbanging and killing themselves

  5. Are you people kidding me, the police started it by punching two children in the face and when they defend themselves then it becomes assaulting an officer

  6. I’ve watched multiple videos of cops being shot and their partners continue to use mild force.

    But NY cops don’t fuck around. They are just as crazy as the criminals.

  7. And they still demand to know why more BLACKS are arrested by force. Its because more blacks USE FORCE AGAINST POLICE, AS YOU SEE HERE.

  8. From now on when there are big brawls between low lifes..the cops should just say "fuck it" and let them kill each other.. no matter what actions the cops take , they're always the ones to blame and nobody says a word about the community these people come from.

  9. Yes whoop those COP'S ass we are tried of them beating on us and killing us i applaud them for fighting back more of this is going 2 take place fuck NYPD👿🔥🔥

  10. The media is the propaganda arm of white supremacy so of course their gonna depict the enforcement arm of white supremacy in the best light. For the uncompromising truth see The Black Authority , Professor Black Truth, Tariq Nashid.

  11. The media is the propaganda arm of white supremacy so of course their gonna depict the enforcement arm of white supremacy in the best light. For the uncompromising truth see The Black Authority , Professor Black Truth, Tariq Nashid. The advise Show

  12. If y'all going to show the video, show the whole video. Next time keep the part in there where the same police officer you see punching the teen does the same thing to another teen HE walked up on.

  13. Buy pig. These cops have no business policing over black people you white people have shown your not far removed from your ancestors

  14. 😏 Now if this was a black police officer caught on camera trying to crack a 15 year old rich white kids face in half out in the suburbs somewhere with the 🌎 watching 😏 im 101% sure the cop would have been fired and noooobody would see a problem with a fat lawsuit 😏 Yes folks in 2019 a young black life in America still doesn't hold the same value as a young white life.

  15. Those teens got assaulted by cops with dumb founded training and dont you dare tell me im wrong and have you noticed all of those cops were white and im telling if the cops were black they wouldve handled the situation calmly those cops had nothing to do hey how about you get a donut and get fatter than you already are i mean have you seen one of them thats the next big chungus

  16. Wherever a certain type of people go whether it's Chicago or New York there is violence, let the police do their job, otherwise we are targets of teenage gang violence.

  17. You can clearly see the teens trying to get the police officer off of the other teen before being hit in the face. That’s when everybody started going crazy. Really just watch and assess the situation. Regardless if the fucking kids stole a purse or whatever; punching the kid was excessive. You did too much. You can not tell me that the kids were in the wrong for this. Police officers train to handle different situations accordingly; they should be the ones responsible. What sane person would assault an officer with a gun, taser, and the entire justice system on their side unless their motive was entirely in self defense? Seriously ask yourself that. Are you guys in that much denial that there is a much bigger problem at hand? Well let me make it clear for you. You guys are the monsters here. You really are. Regardless of the misdemeanor the kids may have committed; punching them like that was uncalled for. But of course; when you’re wearing the blue suit and carry the gun on your hip; you hold all the cards to justice right? Get the fuck outta here. You people need to learn to take some kind of accountability. That was an act of sheer hatred. What was a cop defending himself from when HE has the gun? That kid hits that officer; that’s an assault on the OFFICER in the court of law. Not the other way around. I’m looking through these comments and I am just shook. You guys can’t possibly be so dumb. You apparently didn’t watch the video through and through; and it wasn’t even the full tape..

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