Scoliosis from Leg Length Inequality – seen on x-ray

Scoliosis from Leg Length Inequality – seen on x-ray

okay we’re looking at a short leg
scoliosis this is a recent patient of mine she’s only 20 she’s given me
permission to use her x-rays for some education here now let’s look at this
left sided x-ray I’m just going to magnify it a little bit
this is patient facing us so zoom it right in here and if she’s facing us then we’ve got her left hip here and her right hip here
and I want to show you how a short leg causes a scoliosis or curvature of the
spine I think you can get a sense that her spine is way off to the side here and
over here on the right you can actually see the state of her spine she’s got a
double scoliosis here again this is her left side over here she’s facing us
again her left side here now if i zoom right in I want to show you that I’ve
marked the top of her hips and if I change the contrast so you can see that
a little better here’s the outline of her left hip here okay and you can see
I’ve drawn a line on the top of that hip and if I move across you can see the
right hip the outline there and again I’ve drawn a line straight across and
brought it all the way across to the side and you can see there’s a big
difference this is a weight-bearing x-ray she’s standing up and if I take a little
measurement to see how much of a short leg she has she has 9.2mm
that’s what the measurement shows us that’s almost a centimeter
that’s quite a big big jump there so let’s just go back to the regular scroll
back out again here and I’ll just move that x-ray over so there you see she has a definite short left leg and here you can also see if I drawn a line
there the sacrum that’s this bone here is definitely tipping down to the left
there let’s move that number out of the way and it’s pulling her spine in that
direction over here let’s take a look now at the scoliosis up close and
there you can see there are the tops of the pelvis and this bone in here is the
L5 vertebra that’s this one the last vertebra of the lumbar spine and you can
see she’s got a substantial scoliosis these lines are drawn in S 1 2 3 4 and 5
and the measurements between s 1 and 5 will give her scoliosis s 1 and s 5 equals
42.4 degrees that’s a very large scoliosis let’s just center that again and take a look as I zoom back out here to give you a real sense of what you’re looking at there we go so you can really see
there’s that 42 degree scoliosis and the body has done a good job here it’s
trying to straighten itself out so it’s actually giving her another curvature in
order to finally straighten her right around where her heart is so she gets a
lot of symptoms she’s been sore through her back much of her childhood all the
way down here no one has ever taken another x-ray since the first time she had one
taken and now we’re working together to get her a lot more comfortable and there
you see a short leg scoliosis a curvature of the spine caused by a short leg with
this particular patient I’ll be giving her a small heel lift to give her an
artificial lengthening of this leg and then we’ll do some work through the
joints the spine to get her a lot more comfortable and a lot healthier I hope
you enjoyed that and learned something about scoliosis and one of the causes
thanks for watching join me at or click to preview my Scoliosis Exercises course thanks very much

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

81 thoughts on “Scoliosis from Leg Length Inequality – seen on x-ray

  1. @asiaqueen4ever This isn't something to figure out on your own. You need to see a health care practitioner who can measure your x-rays and prescribe the appropriate lift (if indicated). A chiropractor may be a good choice.

  2. i have this problem too, my back pain started since i was around 12 and now im 21, i guess i'm used to the pain now but it's so bothering, i always have a pain in the left part of the low back part.

  3. You are very welcome. I'm glad the video information helped. Not every practitioner has the same interests to study and follow the same path after university. I happen to be qualified and interested in the biophysics of posture. It is what gets me up in the morning. Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. Where would you recommend buying a small heel lift? I have a slight short right leg and have lower back pain (quadratus lumborum) 24 hrs a day. Thank you, I love the channel.

  5. @HeavyD622 Hey thanks glad you enjoy it! You need to be prescribed one from your health care practitioner like a chiropractor because not all people with a short leg should wear a heel lift. There are many reasons why some can not and this means needing a consultation first.

  6. i just got diagnose today my right hip is higher my a half an inch. but luckly im 19 and they say i should be fine and it not sever.

  7. @LaylatalQadr Good news. My experience is that chiropractors (being one myself) really understand the long term implications of a leg length difference (as I myself have one and now use a small heel lift).

  8. @posturevideos ya i just got a shoe lift. hip fells better not as much pain. aslo it 1 inch difference not half inch.

  9. @rodriguezbrat Some people with a short leg shouldn't use a lift for mechanical reasons hard to explain without an x-ray. More can then can not though. The older someone is, the less likely to want to use a lift because they have been stuck in that pattern so long. It's a tricky call.

  10. It's more about the short leg not long one. It will depend on the measurement from your x-ray as to whether a heel lift can help you. You should see a professional who can examine you and determine whether or not you need an xray. Thanks for watching!

  11. Hey, Im 20, 6"5 and have a similar problem. I have a C shape scoliosis that is present in my lower back as a result of a leg length discrepancy. My right hip is 24mm lower than my left, partly due to my LLD but also cause of the way my hips are rotated. Im currently wearing a 10mm heel lift on my right side to compensate. Would it be worth getting a CT scan to find out the exact length of my legs? Also, for someone my age, what are the chances of every achieving a straight spine(or close to)?

  12. Great questions! Best way to get an accurate measurement is from an anterior-posterior x-ray of the pelvis that includes the femoral heads (top of the leg bones). This view is called a ferguson view and is used by some chiropractors. This is the starting point anyway.

  13. I have the exact same condition, but my left leg is shorter than the right, and the difference between my two hips is about 4 cm. I'm getting surgery tomorrow where they will take the 4 cm out of my femur, and my back will slowly correct itself. Has anyone had the same surgery done before?

  14. I have 1 year school massage. But I had the chance to have chiropractic seminar done in India also in Russia.. other seminar done in Japan…You just cry to see how this masters in Chiropractic field .. they are so effective that you want to go back to your office and practice.. practice practice.. When someone comes to me with one leg longer.. I make that person to breath 4 time deeply ..when i am ready i just pull the shorter one 90% of this comes positive..very effective .

  15. After 24 yrs of having doctors tell me its all in my head i found that my right heal was not fully formed and was infact smaller.this caused my right hip to drop and has painfully twisted my spine… I have degenerative disks and am in agony.i only hope that when i show my gp this. She does not disregard your findings… Im now 34 and i seem to of entered a new phase.i am having so many aches and pains its making my life unbareable…do you have any advice…?

  16. Yes, make sure you have a health professional who understands the structure of the spine. Chiropractors are primary health care providers who study 4-5 years including many years of radiology which means they understand xrays and the structure of the spine. I can not recommend any specific professionals though. You may be interested in my Posture Analysis service. Find it under Best Posture Products of my website. Thanks for watching!

  17. Oh my, this is like me exactly! I grew up with only the knowledge of having one leg shorter than the other. I was never told that that could cause scoliosis at the time. My right hip has always been sticking out a lot but I never knew why. Anyway, I kept on having pain in my right hip so we went to the doctor in the beginning of this year, I was then 17.
    Continues in next comment ^

  18. They did an x-ray and suddenly I had Scoliosis! It was both curved and crooked, very low on my back. I was a bit confused at first and I still am. I don't know what to do about it and I get tired in my lower back all the time. I can't sit still in class because it hurts. Any tips?

  19. You definitely need to see a health care practitioner who understands the structure of the spine and who can give you an examination and perhaps offer treatment. A chiropractors is one of many primary health care practitioners who understand scoliosis. Let me know how you get on and thanks for watching.

  20. As you are still growing you must see a health care provider who can take regular xrays to monitor the progress (usually taken every 6 months until you stop growing). You may also benefit from seeing someone who understands scoliosis and can help with your symptoms. I have a scoliosis and my chiropractic care has helped me for more than 20 years. Thanks for your question.

  21. So what kind of work would you be doing with her joints to get her healthier? Routine stretching exercises? Back brace?

  22. im 18 and my back might be on its way there how do i naturally doctor and surgery free work on aligning my spine and center of gravity

  23. If you think you may have a curvature in your spine you may really benefit from an xray and an examination from a qualified health care practitioner while you are still growing.

  24. Hello thanks for your question. The only way one can get a true leg length measurement is by xray. If from xray 1.5cm is the amount that is a large amount. Anything over 6mm is considered anatomically short vs functionally short and may improve with some type of intervention. Sounds like an assessment from a professional would be a good idea. Let me know how you get on.

  25. The pain is changeable. Sometimes the concave side from the muscles constantly being lengthened and some people the concave side because everything is crowded. For my own scoliosis and short leg the pain tends toward the long leg/concave side. Thanks for your question, good one!

  26. Hello…. I have mild right convex lumbar scoliosis very mild but can see on the X-ray…. My question is which way do I excersis eg side bends to balance this out….. Any advise would be appreciated

  27. Great question thanks! I have a right convex scoliosis and why this is so interesting to me. Without examining you it is difficult to prescribe exercises. I've invented the hip hike which is featured in my brand new Posturecise DVD out in less than 8 weeks! Check it out if you like on my website under 'best posture products'. Thanks so much for watching!

  28. Hello! You bet, Logan was one area of training a good decade ago. Love it for pregnant women and babies too. Thanks for watching and commenting.

  29. Yes, mine is a functional leg length difference – in other words when I wear a heel lift in my shoe and re-xray my lumbar spine (which I've done), the scoliosis straightens out. Good question!

  30. Hey There! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Backprolax Secrets (just google it), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you tried using home remedy called Backprolax Secrets? I've heard many incredible things about it and my cousin completely cure his back pain safely with this remedy.

  31. My problem is that i cannot be diagosed correctly. People tell me there is nothing wring with me and even doctors seem not to get the right thing. I was diagnosed with disc hernia, but I have muich more symptoms of scoleosis, including short leg, tilted pelvis like this lady… i just dont know who can do this for me.. I didnt even get a proper x ray – the one that can include my pelvis and spine together….:(

  32. My twenty year old daughter has the same condition because of fibula hememelia .she has refused a second leg lengthening but is having ankle fusion.

  33. Can this condition be cured once both legs are the same length?plus my daughters hips or hip is wearing out.

  34. hi I have the same condition and I don't know what to do .. for me to lessen the curve I have and also I experienced back pains and leg cramps every time I have my period I really need your advice . and I really want to be cured for me to pursue my dream to become a model . hoping for your response . Im from the philippines . GOD BLESS :)) 

  35. Dr. Moore, thank you for this instructional video. What would be the best myofascial release technique to relieve the pain from the lower back pain in such condition? 
    I got all kinds of foam rollers and tennis balls 🙂 

    Thank you!

  36. Hi Dr I have same problem but my curvature is lil but my one shoulder is backward what to do with it I am trying to put pillow in my under a
    Arm it is giving me slow but good results but what to go with my right shoulder which is backward and downward,,, am English is not good hope I wrote well

  37. Hello Dr.Paula Moore, I have been struggling with right sided pain since I was 19. 3 years ago my spine doctor took an xray and noticed a 22mm length  difference between my left and right hip bone, slight scoliosis, he diagnosed me with leg length discrepancy of the left leg. I wonder if heel lifts alone will help with this large discrepancy and help with the pain I suffer with every day. Any other recommendations I can look into will be greatly appreciative.

  38. Hey dr my daughter have LLD 1.4 centimeter defrence from another one she is 5 months old how can i treat her? Any help?

  39. Hi Im 17 and I am diagnosed with scoliosis. I have been feeling pain in my left leg. just near an specific area in the buttocks. sometimes it is hard to walk and I find it hard to straighten my left leg when Im in a sitting position because it hurts. Is it a symptom of a short leg discrepancy and is it caused by my scoliosis? will it go away when my bones are mature? hoping for an answer. thank you

  40. just a heel lift? my custom orthotics didn't account for the 1cm lld and with 2 heel lifts my gait is still uneven to where I don't push fully through my long leg

  41. doc i have this issue aswell were i can send u my xrays please help me. i go to college and it affects wtever i do.

  42. hi i have question about my leg i had hib bone injury and had rodes in hip bone, after some years i am feelung pain and cannot clime upstairs also have priblem to walk and cannot run too, welk the same leg going shorter than other leg is about one inch. pls advise

  43. thanks for reply.. Dr after surgery in 2010 september i recoverd but after 5 to six year latter i mean now Im turned to 31 and feeling pain and also leg shorter problem too. specially when i walk to hight such as stairs or ramp etc.. I went to my orthopaedic dr too he suggest that rides are fixed no problem there use pain killers untill you bear the pain. after it we have last solution of artificial hip bone ball. but artificial hip bone has 15 to 20 year gurantee only and because im only 31 si dr advised bear it as nuch longer as you can.. now tell if u need my x ray or any other reoort i will scan you pls give me your email or wats app vuber any contact to consult you

  44. Hello I am 17 yrs female and have been diagnosed with scoliosis for 3 years. now my curvature is almost 40 degree plus my nerve is mildly getting pressed and Dr's are suggesting surgery. But my parents are avoiding surgery. what is your opinion on this and can you tell me the disadvantage of not getting surgery done. as it is lumbar scoliosis I am really worried if this will cause me problems in future. Thanks in Advance

  45. isnt the scanogram who measures the leg bones more accurate and trustworthy rather than a pelvis xray? My pelvis x ray standing showed 2-3mm difference but when i had done a scanogram also standing it showd 8mm difference between the two legs. Maybe depends where u shift ur weight?!!

  46. I m 40 and I think this happen to me , my scoliosis is lumbar , the localized pain at the area is heavy , I feels my hip bilateral is weak , looks a 8mm shorter

  47. Man, my Chiro is BS. So the root cause is the shortness of the leg. I have same thing and he said, "just keep coming to me we can straighten it out, ur tilt will be gone, you don't need those heel lift shoes." I'm a dummy I said ok but I spent a lot of money going to see him. I should've thought.

  48. ok, so is it a functional short leg or anatomical? it the femur actually shorter? did you measure it? by far most are not anatomical, but functional, and the product of muscle imbalance from nerve interference, a correctable problem. if functional, they do not need any artificial compensation like a heel lift, what they need is to get their neck adjusted by an hio method chiropractor, which will alleviate other nerve interference caused health issues they have as well.

  49. I have this and also my daughter has it but I find it better with whole lift under left foot. When I started using only heel lift my posture was really bad. Some shoes I have shoemaker higher whole shoe 1/2 cm. My daughter's is a bigger difference and is wearing a back scoliosis brace. Important to check everyone in the family!

  50. Is It Safe To Do Back Extension With Scoliosis I've Been Dealing With It For 22 Years I'm Afraid Of Doing Back Extension Because I don't Know The Risk.

  51. I realised that the cause of m6 scoliosis was my leg length descrepency on my 18th birthday. Can I still fix it. My left leg is longer than my right leg and my spine makes an s curve. There's a convex curve on the bottom right and on the top left. My dad had it and it corrected as he grew up.

  52. I just found out today that my right leg is 25mm shorter than my left, and I also have a scoliotic curvature.

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