100 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais Breaks Down Why He Hates Humanity

  1. Humans are an all consuming blight, they have no redeeming qualities. In the short space of 250 years, we have fucked this planet & everything on it. The vast majority of us believe in a supernatural, all powerful being that determines the slightest movement from a hair on our heads & that we all go to heaven in eternal paradise, christ, our reptilian brain calls the shots. As a hard core misanthrope, my only regret is that i won't live long enough to witness our demise in all its beauty & glory.

  2. I agree with Ricky’s observations 100%… I feel the same (I don’t understand why women also use the hairdryer on private parts walking around naked in changing rooms – in China😂😂😂😂

  3. There is not wrong with us as a species, we are just with too much of us. Everything too much is bad, so are we…….

  4. Ever since I could remember I was aware of the hypocrisy. The young are told to be kind, share, be nice and don't hurt each other but we proceed to be cruel and kill each other on a daily bases. Humanities main moral guiding principle is to protect life and do no harm but frequently break that rule without a second thought.

  5. I always say to my friends "humans should all die from an unknown virus that only affects humans and let the world to the animals, but let the dogs in charge, they're good boys"

  6. Yeah Ricky, we love you in Denmark, feel free to come back at anytime, to your new favorite place 😛

  7. Dogs are much better than humans…
    Ricky has never met my dog or heard her eat…. One he did, he would be..what the fcks wrong with your dog ?? Is she eating rocks or something?? She is the loudest chrunch eater I ever heard..
    I have seen other dogs look at her when she eats and give that look like ..damn your fcking loud . I am going over here so I don't get blamed for it..

  8. right about humanity…disgusting species…wars/pollution/destroy nature/create random havoc/destructive impulse, on and on. just the worst.

  9. Pierre Desproges wrote: I love Humanity too much to endure it in its mediocrity. So no mysanthropy there just fine selection, this man is my other comedian hero. Check it guys.

  10. Agree with Ricky about humanity.We are a species full of shit and pretend we are something else.Hypocrites to the bone.

  11. Question to people who agree to hate humanity:

    Do you also see yourselves as among the few smartest and nicest people in the world?

  12. There is a Russian saying I've heard, goes something like this: "The more you get to know people, the more you will appreciate dogs"

  13. I'd love to get drunk with Ricky and nag about shit till we piss our selves laughing.
    What a guy. What a human being. We need more Rickies on this planet.

  14. That's the problem with the world. The people in power have a serious contempt for the working class, for humanity. So they have a brutal economic policy (neoliberalism/Reaganomics) which is a fraud that increases inequality, which leads to why people are annoying, violent and cruel. If we had an economic policy for genuine prosperity for all, people would be happier, more refined and educated, more loving and the world would be a better place.

  15. And these stupid bastar**s are laughing like it is the funniest joke but dont think about why many people think like this

    Humanity is disgusting, awful and stupid

  16. Give thanks you can do so much and be competent at it. But I guess being competent or gifted is like, so what? Yeah, you're right, humanity sucks. Ha ha. Suck it up, buttercup.

  17. There are 2 types of people is hate in this world the first one is this guy they go against their own species thinking all of them should've killed but in his heart hes like MAMAM I DONT WANNA DIE,its so fucking annoying then their are dip shit humans who think they rule the world like scientist or world war or world leaders we are all evil ._.

  18. The tantrums we throw. Humanity has its evils. Mostly because we are sentient and ummmm…. have Free will it is. Free will has given us equally good things as well as bad things. If you can't find a single thing great about humanity, you haven't appreciated your own or maybe YOU personally have none.

  19. I would cook a Dog…and serve to him…and after he would eat I would ask him how did tasted ? and let him know was dog meat…LMAO…we can do any kind of jokes right?

  20. All jokes aside.. dogs are cute but they are annoying af.. especially when they bark 24/7. Guess I'm on that next level of hate.

  21. Oh Ricky, so blunt and true~ 👍 Everything I’ve listened too or seen by Ricky Gervais regarding humanity is absolutely on point, in my opinion. All those things annoy me, and the sniffling actually makes me gag

  22. Copenhagen is so liberal and cool…. Ricky, Copenhagen is a sympton of what is wrong with Denmark. Islamic terror, muslim invasion, corruption and violence by muslims escalating… Denmark is a shithole because they are so stupid to keep bringing in immigrants from the middleeast. They LITERALLY just took in an ISIS supporter.

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