Resume Template – How to Write a Resume Summary or Profile

Resume Template – How to Write a Resume Summary or Profile

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier of, guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy
and in today’s video I’m going to teach you how to write a resume if you want to
get into a different job or industry than the one that you’re currently in
now the first thing that employers see when
they look at your resume is something called your profile or summary section
if you currently don’t have that on your resume then this video is definitely the
one for you because I’m going to explain to you how important those first few
sentences are and I’ll explain how to develop those sentences so that when the
employer first looks at it in the first five to ten seconds they can say wow
this person is the exact right fit for the type of job that I’m currently
hiring for and I definitely want to bring them in for an interview so I’m
going to describe the purpose of the profile section and I’m also going to
teach you how to incorporate it in a way where it can relate to the different
type of job or industry that you want to get into so first off what exactly is a
profile or summary section first it represents a snapshot of your background
experience and education describing who you are and what you’re capable of and
like I said it’s the first thing that employers see so it has to be clear
concise and it has to hit the nail on the head to tell the employer that you
are the exact fit for the job that you’re applying to you want to avoid
soft skills and specifically just go for the technical skills when you’re
describing your profile and overall it should be about three to four bullet
points max so now that you know what a profile section is let’s move on to the
three steps on how to prepare your profile and to match it to the exact
type of different industry or job that you want to get into step number one
create your overarching bullet point by outlining an overview of your
professional background experience education industries etc and the key to
doing this successfully is to identify the keywords that are on the job
descriptions for those different positions that you want to apply to and
then match it back to the key duties responsibilities and tasks that you’ve
performed in your current roles and in your previous roles that align with
those keywords in my top notch resume course I actually go into this concept
super in-depth and I even give a template on exactly how the per sentence
should be written in your profile how each of the bullet points should be
written but for the purpose of this video this is what
you need to know step number two discuss your technical skills and knowledge in
the profile section so in this section of your profile you want to list all the
key concepts that you have knowledge of or that you’ve had experience with doing
and incorporate them into this bullet point in your profile section because
even if you don’t have the hands-on experience but you have knowledge of
those specific concepts that the job is asking for then it’s important for you
to showcase that and demonstrate that this is especially important if you lack
the job experience but you have the necessary knowledge and qualifications
or understanding of that particular job or industry and this can include
software skills as well so anything like Excel or other types of complex systems
that you have knowledge of and experience with then definitely include
that in this bullet point finally step number three discuss your language or
more technical skills or knowledge that you possess this third and final bullet
point gives you the opportunity to express your language capabilities if
that’s what the job is asking for or it gives you the opportunity to further
emphasize your key technical knowledge concepts requirements and experience
that you know are relevant for this position that you’re applying to that
you happen to have so there you have it my three steps on how to build a
compelling profile when you’re wanting to apply to a different type of job or
industry now I know what you’re thinking but I want to see a clear example of
exactly how this works and if that’s the case then feel free to download my free
resume hacks ten resume hacks down in the description box below or you can
download my free resume samples PDF as well now if you already have both of
those things and you are truly ready to take your resume from where it is into a
brand new top notch attractive compelling resume then definitely you
want to check out my course top notch resume it’s a self-study self-paced
course online course where you’re gonna learn my step by step program on how to
build a resume that actually gets you the job and I’ll walk you through each
of my steps in detail and within a few hours you’ll be able to have a brand new
top notch resume that you’ll be able to send out to employers we’ve had hundreds
of professionals take this course and numerous success stories of them lending
not just one job offer but multiple job offers so you definitely want to take
this course if you feel that your resume is not getting you the callbacks and the
interviews that you’re wanting now if you’re an experienced professional who’s
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will see you in the next video

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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