Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

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company called foxconn is planning to replace half a
million employees with robots take a listen to this news
story and then we’ll see what your thoughts on
this list firewire titles i am foxconn announced a
plan to replace that’s a half a million human workers but from what years becomes after the
company trouble but employees foxconn traveled the world manufacture a
computer components and apple sound nokia ten thousand robots well foxconn
become outside sunshine uh… dinner it’s about time for it so this kind of big deal this is a lot
of influences the company that has a significant employee sued suicide
problem i’ve seen and read quite a bit about invasion the obvious problems with replacing so
many people with robots are job losses but at the same time the argument can be
made listen if we can automate a lot of these tax that someone consider maybe
mindless someone consider low brain activity tasks maybe the overall progress as a human civilization could be
accelerated if people could be focusing on other things altogether other types
of tasks what do you think seriously entertained the thought that
that is boxed ron’s intention no aka but my quant but they did it is a
good question in the sense that we are going to see more and more jobs replaced
by machines uh… yeah amina acting for a lot of these people they work here because they have no
other choice amir what pitch is gonna turn into a
huge mess well here’s the thing there are these people produce family so there
is a lot of research that suggests if we had a different type of economy
altogether and i know some some of our audience
will say one when i mentioned that they will say well yet sounds like you’re
talking about either the venus project or the site based
movement uh… and some other related related films um… i’m not per se and indeed that
does do address some aspects of the state’s new idea that if we can kind of
rebuild the structure of our economy in our society men people would be able to
put their focus on other types of tax anticipates is that brilliantly outlined by a lot of these individuals that study this however there’s also the possibility that
they’ve relieved from any of these monday nd tasks and jobs which many
people can only do that eventually machines could do maybe people wouldn’t focus on other things actually recently
read on a trip it’s a pretty sure book it’s uh… gold
childhoods and it’s by arthur c_ clark it’s a novel and in the novel it does
outlined in our society where the day to day trials in tribulations of life are basically they’re handled by technology and
handled david basically people are relieved of those duties and i imagine
then when that technology fails people have lost all these skills and have no way to do things that
himself made that’s our on going online with people just become uh… apathetic
in other words people just seem to lose interest in anything period yes there’s no crime but also people
don’t seem to care about i think people are ideal etcetera i think that there’s two sides of the
idea of what will happen if many tasks of many people are freed up by having
passed that they know do handled by technology and this foxconn story kind
of reminded me of that it’d be interesting to see where this
goes an audience member email me and said
idea that they had a professor in college who said that the increased bertin of day-to-day tasks being placed on
technology instead of people could lead to the next round of
concentration camps too many people not enough work to do employers looking for
maximum efficiency which they get in technology and a surplus population that is left has to go i don’t know that there is significant research backing that up but it’s something that if you google
round it’s it’s not a it’s not a completely unique where you can do that i mean it’s it’s a little extreme uh… uh… on are not forget that apple inc are open up mission open on a

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

75 thoughts on “Replacing Humans with Robots…Good or Bad for Society?

  1. So we have rich company owners making products with robots instead of people and that helps people how? So they don't have jobs to buy the products being made by the robots? We all aspire to becoming a robot owner?

  2. Are we going to let machines work for humanity or will we let a few use them to control the many?
    We are at a crossroads here. We really need to get our societies goals and priorities in order.
    Jacque Fresco has an idea about it.


  3. If robots overtake the technology industry, whats stopping them from overtaking the food as well as other industries? Before you know it, the society will crumble simply because the jobs of humans have been overtaken by the robots. This report reminds me of the movie i-Robot. Most of the workers in China and other countries are indeed being abused and pushed to their limits. Replacing the workers with robots will only lead to a less human society.

  4. You can't extrapolate the future from the present in a simple way. There are too many unknown factors.
    If I were to guess, humans won't be replaced by robots. Rather, humans and technology will more likely increasingly merge.
    But even then I could imagine a surplus population. Capitalism seems built on the necessity of creating and maintaining a surplus population. Capitalism and the surplus population have grown simultaneously and I suppose this growth will continue.

  5. Ideally, Robots would take over the mundane jobs that humans do and leave time for people to study art, music, philosophy, exploration of the deep sea, space and plant life, mathematics, and other subjects like that. Realistically what would happen is the rich would use the threat of robots to force workers to take less pay and benefits.

  6. @ruflychux Ofc this is a good thing for humanity more time to pursue other things.
    More free time for art and science. But yes in the poisoned capitalistic society we live now thats bad.

  7. @tilemacro I will give you an example. Ever heard of "Self Check out"? It is a system of payment in supermarkets that replaces the need for a WORKER to scan buyers groceries in a supermarket. Imagine having self checkouts in EVERY SUPERMARKET and how many jobs that will cost the society. Before you know it, we all will be jobless.

  8. RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY. Robots replacing people when it comes to mundane tasks is a very good thing because then society will collapse and become more advanced.

  9. No, it's a shitty idea. People need jobs, so stop giving away more jobs…First we send jobs over seas and now they want to replace us with robots..!!!

  10. @DvineGaming You sir are seriously, ridiculously and absolutely delusional. Give up your job and let a robot do your job. Go rightnow and resign from your work, if you have a job, and let a robot take over from you. You are one DELUSIONAL HUMAN BEING.

  11. It'll be good for society in terms of improving quality of life at least, but I truely think we'll have to move towards a communistesque economy within a few decades.

  12. If we take those jobs from them.
    How will people without a degree or proper education
    get to live and feed their people?

  13. Humans would still have jobs in service and care, I cannot see many machines being able to wipe the arses of old people for a good few years.

  14. If this were to happen, it would only happen in well-off countries. The third world would just stay the same, a bit improved from where it is today because time will have passed, but not by that much. Now, the right thing to do would be to put the extra man-power into helping those third-world countries catch up. But do you believe that would happen? I don't. So it would just be a new form of disparity between the areas that have and those that have not.

  15. "In the beginning, there was man. And for a time, it was good. But humanity's so-called civil societies soon fell victim to vanity and corruption. Then man made the machine in his own likeness. Thus did man become the architect of his own demise."

  16. The washing machine saved hours from the then chatled woman, who then found the time for emancipation. This might do the same for the brain-dead factory workers who are too tired to do much else but drink on days off.

  17. I remember seeing the suicide stories for Foxconn ( placing nets on the roofs so they don't try and jump off). So, maybe it's good in this case, though it must be hard for the families.

  18. I don't think this will happen as long as capitalism exists. Why? Because there will always be a limited supply of natural resources on earth. Therefor the rich will always try to limit the human population by starvation, war reduce the number of people competing with them for those resources.. This will especially be the case once they don't need us as workers anymore. They will try to kill us.

  19. Are robot replacements good or bad for society? Depends on if they're programmed to vote Republican or Democrat……

  20. I'm not sure why people would become lazy and apathetic when they no longer have to serve as cashiers, janitors, construction workers or bus drivers…

  21. Humans don't need menial, repetitive jobs for motivation. Studies show we're motivated by "autonomy, mastery, and contribution". Studies also show the profit motive to be a horrible motivator esp concerning creativity/innovation. see Dan Pink's lecture on Motivation /watch?v=9j2aTwNor5k This trend of Technological Unemployment will only continue. Watch the doc "Zeitgeist Moving Forward" go Resource Based Economy 🙂

  22. Okay, Foxconns response to employees committing suicide is totally unacceptable and insensitive to human beings, yet this is the exact type of response we should expect from a non-empathetic dysfunctional market,business, government, or whatever other interconnected variable of the same hazardous principles underlining and rewarding this behavior.

  23. Please read the comment by efortune357 re: human initiative and motivation and the links provided, as well as this clip from the RSA on You Tube – /watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc. Arthur C Clarke is a brilliant novelist, but nothing replaces solid evidence when challenging misconceptions about human behaviour, which are many and very frequently used to impede human progess by those who think they'll lose out from change, which is totally untrue. We'll all benefit, that's the point!

  24. @Violent2aShadow Republican or Democrat…. living a black and white world with only 2 options, where all of lifes problems are solved by government planning…. so sad.

  25. @Mahoivlich
    Robots are not necessarily making worse products.
    I work in the IT sector and 80% of my job could easily be replaced by very cheap and very low level technology AND they would do a much, much better, much much faster, and much more precise job than I would.

    The only reason I have my job is because my employer can cheat out more money from our oblivious client.

  26. See Star Trek DS9 two part time travel episode about "sanctuary districts" on 21st century Earth. The reality we live in could make that Star Trek story come true!

  27. This is great for society if they dont have to worry about bills. If you support this you should consider checkin out the zeitgeist movement and the venus project

  28. You still need people to maintain and repair the robots. Fewer people will be employed, but at a minimum this gives an incentive to become more educated because working with robots will require humans to keep the edge.

  29. A very interesting topic. Personally I think these mundane tasks are necessary to keep us from taking our life too seriously and wondering that maybe a life has no meaning. Keeping yourself busy is a good way to avoid melanchory.

  30. I dont think people have the nearest INKLING about what is in store for us (from ALL directions). The 'singularity' will be jaw dropping. The first computer with human intelligence RAW PROCESSING POWER is due 2013. By 2030 (less than 20 years). That same computer will cost around $1000 and have the software to mimic human intelligence. By 2048 that same $1000 will have the intelligence of the entire planet COMBINED! The problem OBVIOUSLY is that if income distributions remain as they are

  31. @StunnedByStupidity the rich will push EVERYONE out of work and concerntrate ALL the wealth in their hands – leading to a potential genocidal nightmare!!!! Let the right wingers win AND WE ARE ALL FUCKED. Do this intelligently and THE BEST WAY of running society can be decided with the helpof computer intelligence. If we NEED to do menial tasks to keep up intellectually healthy – then DONT let computers do it. If flipping hamburgers is BAD then let the robots do it – it aint rocket science!

  32. @StunnedByStupidity Ray Kursweil talks about technological advancement here:
    'Ray Kurzweil (pt1of3) The Singularity Summit at Stanford ' on you tube
    BTW he predicts 20,000 years of technological advancement in the next 100! Hold on to your knickers humanity thinga are about to get VERY interesting!

  33. @Keim4ever

    Amen. Notice, that since Industrial revolution, life expectancy and GDP per capita increases. Also only real drawback of replacement is surge of unemployment. But economy, to cope with that, will have to adapt by creating workplaces for less menial jobs. And as we know, those repetitive menial jobs are really soul consuming, and Foxconn is notorious for worker abuse (like during industrial revolution itself). In long term, everybody wins.

  34. Bertrand Russell wrote a very interesting essay called "In Praise of Idleness" where he actually argues at one point that it's better economically and socially for humans to work half as hard if technology permits the same amount of product to be made in half the time. Of course this assuming that there are enough pins, to take his example, to fulfill the world's needs. I think in the long run it would make for a happier society, so long as we had the tech skills to keep it going.

  35. Overvalue is only produced by humans, what Marx named "alive capital".If they dont have humans to work for them, they get no overvalue. It is good for one capitalist, death for their class as a whole. Its all in "The Capital".

  36. The argument that 'relieving' factory workers of their tedious jobs will somehow automatically mean they can focus on higher value work is tragically flawed. If the workers had the required skills, they could be doing those higher level jobs now. The fact that they aren't implies that they don't have those skills. In reality, most of these workers come from poor rural families. They're told a bunch of lies about what they can earn and accept the factory jobs only to be exploited by Foxconn

  37. Wait… why would Apple (or other semiconductor companies) be paying Foxconn to use robots to assemble their components and then ship it to the US, when they could pay a US contractor to use robots to do the same thing while avoiding the shipping costs. If cheap human labor is out of the equation, then where is the incentive for American direct investment into China in such cases?

  38. The law of supply and demand means each demand that gets supplied removes the demand. No demand, no work. Work must be created by setting goals, like colonizing Mars, or some such thing. We don't need money as much as we (the people) need goals.

  39. Are you talking about… wait, why are you talking about China? The U.S. would be in better shape right now if one by one, companies had not sent their manufacturing overseas. I an building a business right now and will be using resources and people from my immediate area to produce the technology. I'm surrounded by talented, capable people who have exoeruence and need the work. And oh yeah, I will make good money but I will not take too much… more than I need. The profits will be shared.

  40. there's nothing more terrifying to the top brass than idle hands of the masses.
    we better be working on a socio-economic solution to this

  41. There will be less and less work available for people to do, but correspondingly less work needed for them to afford what they want to buy, due to falling costs. If goods are cheaper to produce, then initially the profit margin only increases, but as employment dwindles, so does the ceiling on what you can sell your goods for and expect a large population to buy them. With future technology, you will only need to work an hour a day to produce enough to exchange for food.

  42. If you replace everyone with robots in the workforce, there will be no one to buy those products because the masses will be out of jobs and money.

  43. I'm personally waiting for the time when machines replace fucking humanity and conquer the world. They will build the best regulated society and they start colonization of an outer space. So fuck humanity again, those shitty 2-legged bastards who only pollute the world with their hairy arses.

  44. Well, a simple trick to avoid robotic overthrow of humanity is to not install something like emotion or personal ambition into the machines. Just keep them as highly sophisticated, but non-sentient, tools!

  45. Let's just modify or make sure Fresco's machine or whatever serves us, and not us serve it. The last time I heard his arguments, he too much talked about humans as if they were hamsters; that if we just had our wheel, bedding, food & water pellets, we'll be satisfied. We require more than basic necessities.

  46. It's good for the 1% ultimately devastating to the rest us. Could be the best thing that's ever happened for humanity, but knowing the nature of greed it will be the worst. Ask yourself why you would even need an economy in such a time as when everything is made for you by machines. The problem is going to be the transition. You can see the effects everywhere already. Maintenance and repair will probably be safe for some time….but it's not going to make you rich.

  47. you have to take in what the future by design movie said,is that we will still have these desires to lean things,because we will make it mandatory for children to go to school and will put it in are culture to learn new things and invent new things. when we have graduated from school.we will still want to do things and learn new things,explorer, etc.all of these thing in are cult will come from computers making media for us in putting it in are heads to do these things. human will make media

  48. The problem is not concentration camps, but if all jobs are eliminated, then who will be able to afford all of the goods and services that the factories produce? There will be no disposable income.

  49. Redistribution of wealth is an inevitably. I just hope we figure that out before technology replaces all the hamster wheel jobs or we're going to have to learn the hard way.

  50. Concentration camp theory is already happening in a way. They really just put those "extra" people in jail. Problem solved.

  51. I can wash my clothes by hand but i prefer to use my washing machine yup its a machine like robots are machines you dont want Technology taking over shitty Jobs why not go life in a Cave then

  52. That old "they'll replace low skill jobs" gag was used to justify shipping US jobs overseas. The theory was that we'd be left with the "good jobs" while the "bad jobs" were shipped out in the Utopian "service economy" of the future. Well here we are with nothing to show for giving away all our production capacity to China.

    Now this shit sandwich is repackaged as the argument for having robots replace the "bad jobs" and people are pretending not to know how this movie ends… HA!

  53. It can be really bad unless we turn it for the good of humanity….What we need is a Scientific Approach to deal with this situation and the historical perspective of this issue. Read the following article:

    Artificial Intelligence ROBOTS Make Human-Labor REDUNDANT Part-I

    IF the current trend of Technological advancement in the field of AI (Deep-Learning etc.) continues at such an ‘exponential’ rate that we are witnessing today, almost all the well-paid, professional White-Collar jobs, which require high intellectual skills of the human brain will become easily replaceable with lower cost, as early as the year 2020.

    Nevertheless, those professionals need not worry, most of their employments retained, not because of the creation of new job opportunities but mainly because of the corporate capitalist strategic interest and for the political reasons especially to buy the AI’s acceptance in the society. The professionals will be kept in a supervisory role to the AI Bots. However the industry will not need so many of them, these people will be offered long and well-paid vacations etc., to keep their community happy and satisfied.

    In a similar way, most of the Blue-Collar jobs will remain stagnant in the employment market, not because the AI Robots cannot replace them but simply because the entrepreneurs/employers will find that the manual workers are cheaper than employing Robots. They can perform the rugged work like the beast of burden of the olden days because of their overall convenience. Very same will happen with the low-paid White-Collar jobs, in the service sector. By the way, more people will be lifted out of their poverty lines. The middle-class numbers joined by the labouring class swell out of proportion.

    As the result of the overall Technological progress, which includes Bio, Nano, renewable energy etc., the productivity of the key goods and services industry tremendously increase. There will be plenty of goods for everyone. The average middle-class families can very much afford to buy all their needs, comforts, even luxuries as it will remain well within their reach.

    The businessmen corporate houses, conglomerates get super wealthy that they try to buy and control everything including the world Governments, public opinion. They have already established total control over the Mass Media, Cables, Satellites, particularly in the entertainment industry. Movies, Sitcoms, Sports, Gaming, Augmented, Virtual-Realities. It will keep the majority population totally preoccupied, captivated and thoroughly brainwashed.

    However, there will be a marked increase in the TERROR ATTACKS or incidents. The news media totally geared to hype the news and keep it at the top on their agenda, constantly preaching people about the virtues of Democracy, peoples voting power against the fundamentalist , extremist, anarchist, rapists. It will keep away people’s attention from the real great challenges ahead, the mass unemployment, underemployment that the middle class and their children are facing at this very historical juncture.

    Along with the steady world economic, GDP growth, there will be widening income gap between the shrinking minority rich and the growing majority middle class. Disparity in wealth, inequality in the income distribution will be far greater than anything seen in the past human history. The Marxian Working Class, “labor-power” is already stripped out of all its past glory and historical significance. People calling for redistribution of wealth, will be shunned as a socialist or communist propaganda to be ridiculed and socially ostracized. Masses will be constantly reminded about the virtues of entrepreneurship, asked to retrain themselves for the new job market to avoid demanding unemployment (social security) benefits, saying; worker without job lose their self-dignity, identity! People demanding lesser working days, equated to becoming idle, a breeding ground for all kinds of evil.

    Let me go back to the starting headlines of this paper. Today’s raging debate among AI, social scientists and other professional community including the social media acknowledging the extraordinary advancement taking place in the AI technology particularly the introduction Deep-learning etc. Robots are entering into all human employment spheres. People who oppose the highly advanced AI technology, say that the Robots rapidly replacing almost every human jobs. It will result in mass unemployment unprecedented in the past human history. Therefore they argue that the Government should bring regulation on this technology, stall its progress, if not to ban it. On the other hand, the supporters of the AI claim that, like in the past industrial history, it will create new jobs. Therefore people need not fear, neither call to regulate the AI advancement, in any such way.

    I find both their argument quite naive and misleading as they both lack the historical human-labor perspective. Of course, the fear of the people, about the Robots, which are rapidly replacing even the professional high intelligent brain skill jobs quite genuine. However they, completely forget, history has proven again and again that one cannot stop the development of technology if the society wants to progress into a better future. On the other hand, people who vehemently deny the fact about the Robots rendering the human labor redundant, completely lack the new future world vision. Instead, they vociferously argue like the old way, that the coming industries will create new jobs replacing the old ones, like in the past history.

    In my humble opinion, people who fear the advancement of the AI are in a “PANIC-mode” and the latter in the “DENIAL-mode” about the AI impact on the future human labor, employment and society as a whole. They completely fail to see that AI making the human-labor obsolete, in every goods, services and employment market. Therefore, there is a great need to establish a new kind of socio-economic-political system in the coming future to ensures, equal payment or income distribution for all people without them having the compulsion of labor in order to earn it. People who still like work in the social production (goods and services etc) can do so but not for any income, the rest are free to engage in their hobbies in their entire life.

    My book captioned “An ALTERNATIVE to Marxian Scientific Socialism – The Theory Reduction in Working Hours – A Demand 6 Hour Working Day”; was published in the year 1981. It provides the historical perspective of the working class which has transformed today as the emerging majority middle class who have no means of production of their own to sustain.

    The historical mission of the RWH theory is; a gradual reduction or working hours/days that finally should lead to zero or ABOLISHEN of the working day. In essence, complete extinction of the compulsion of labor on the people in order to obtain their livelihood. Equal distribution of the income, resource to all. Welcome to a TRANSHUMAN world.

    Copyright 2016.-Valerian Texeira
    PS I apologize for below the standard English writing. Subject to further revisions.
    The second Part of this article is ready can be sent on request, if you want it early.

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