100 thoughts on “Recruiting a Future NFL Star! (FULL OFFSEASON) | NCAA 14 Dynasty Ep. 25 (S2)

  1. Me watches drew say goodbye to og dingos
    Also me watches big daddy basketball camp
    Later in life seems the same

  2. Love the content, NTE! Never thought I'd sit and watch a depth chart review for 20 minutes…now I know the Dingos roster better than I know the roster on my own NCAA14 dynasty. Calling it now: Logan Pogue has a breakout year

  3. I don't think you're crazy putting the ranked teams on there. I did a Georgia State rebuild (still am actually), where I put #15 Auburn on the First week. We were a 68 ovr on the road and we took the W 43-38. Then we went and lost to FCS the following week. 😂😂😢

  4. Have you thought about only signing 1 4 or 5 star a year and the rest of class would be 3 stars or lower? It would make it more of a challenge since it seems easy to sign 4 stars.

  5. New series idea, Madden 20 (or 21, depending on whether or not you make it by that time or at all) a team full of former Pandas and Dingos!

  6. Best sliders Heisman 0 speed thresh 8-10 mins

    25 qb acc, 50 pass block, 25 wr catch, 75 rba, 75 rbk

    25 pass cvr, 75 int, 75 rush d, 50 tkl

    75fg pow, 25 fga, 50 punt pow, 100 p acc, 50kop

  7. Michael JORDAN and Barry SANDERS have made a fullback named JORDAN SANDERS also the name of my 2kmy player since last year

  8. You have to wonder how he never gets copyright claimed for using Matt and Kim’s Daylight in most of his videos.

  9. Lot of disrespect to Adrian Felix from Not The Expert. He has all of the skills to become a top player for the Dingos.

  10. I love your series man. This series makes u love all the players. When I heard dick boulder was leaving I got sad cuz he's helped us so much. Keep it up man.

  11. Perhaps next season could we see Oklahoma State in non-conference? If so i would love you forever. And maybe send some goodies from Oklahoma State if you got a P.O Box

  12. With Evans coming back, I really get the transfer of Boulder. There's not much space at WR in DVSU. Gotta wish him the best though. I really hope you remember to play Duke next season!

  13. I know you probably have before but I'm jus gonna pretend you called Boulder Richard instead of Dick for first time when he was about to head out to Duke. For the lore.

  14. Unrealistic recruiting. 4 star 80ovr player would not commit to a team that has done but go 7-6 and plays in a dessert in front of a maximum 50 people in the stance. UNREALISTIC

  15. Yeesh. This next season of of DVSU Dingos is looking to be like 9 or 10 win season. These new recruits are gonna bring new life to this mediocre team.

  16. While the dingoes will never replace the pandas in my heart. I love this team and can’t wait to see them develop into a world beater.

  17. put chris davis at corner. he has really good coverage and good speed. i think it’ll keep from teams getting the long plays


    I caught up with recently transferred Richard Boulder in Durham and he had a shocking revelation when asked why he left Death Valley: Richard said QB Derek Brabham “dropped the N bomb several times towards me in the dressing room in my sophomore year because he didn’t like my choice of music.” Boulder said he “rebelled against him,” and Brabham responded by asking DVSU coaches BJ Hale and Hakim Perez to bench Boulder which lead to his shocking drop in production despite his skills improving so much throughout the year.
    Coaches Hale and Perez as well as Brabham could not be reached for comment.

  19. Honestly would’ve liked to see JT redshirted, that way the freshman gets more playing time and JT would have a better chance of reaching 90 ovr.

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