Real Life Heroes 46 Faith in Humanity Restored – Good People Compilation 2018

Real Life Heroes 46 Faith in Humanity Restored – Good People Compilation 2018

Hello heroes!
Before this video begins I just want to say Thank You for supporting our channel It really helps to keep the show going Now it’s time to restore your faith in Humanity Oh, my god! The dog is in the water Ben West had been taking his dog for a walk
around Trout Lake in Eastern Vancouver when another dog fell through
the surface of the ice and into the lake. One woman simply started breaking the ice with her
hands & making her way out to the struggling canine. All she said was, “It’s a dog, I have to.” A hero driver drove a blazing fuel tanker away
from a petrol station in Gotegaon town, India The tanker left behind a trail of fire,
but did not cause any human casualty. Driver initially fled from
the truck when it caught fire Sajid turned back and jumped into the car to
drive it more than a mile to save the town. A bus suddenly started to burn and then trapped an elderly man inside the bus. Owners of some roadside shops broke the windows in order to save the trapped citizen One shop owner stepped into the flaming bus and pulled the trapped man out. People then contained the flame in about 2 minutes by using fire extinguishers and water. Everyone would do the same as what I did under such circumstances. If I were trapped on the bus, other people will do the same thing to save me. It’s normal The accident caused no deaths according to police. It’s normal. An inmate begins to choke. Officer Black jumps into action. Calling a doctor first
and then applying the Heimlich maneuver. Cop who “can’t swim” dive into freezing waters to save drowning man Police Constable Mohameed Nadeem, jumped into the water so he could rescue the man. He was able to grab the distressed man
and haul him to the side of the river Nadeem later told the BBC:
“I can’t swim. But I just had to go in…” 25 residents came together to assist a herd of elk that had fallen into reservoir. Get the rope out of her! Police in Illinois have deemed a local man a hero
after he raced to rescue a man from a burning vehicle It was 58-year-old Jose Martinez who rushed
out of his home to save the driver, a 34-year-old man A second man, 29-year-old Devin Johnson, also helped by pulling the man away from the car. Hong Kong biker risks his life to save kitten stuck on busy road Hong Kong firefighter Kwok Kin Wai, off duty, chose to lend a helping hand. Russian fisherman, Evgeny Kuznetsov, rescue stranded fox on ice floe. “Hey you, jump in!” “Don’t fret just yet. I’ll take you to the land.” That fox was too afraid to jump onboard, so Evgeny decided to push the ice floe to the land. Fox jumps into the water and safely swims to shore. An electric bicycle carrying a mother and her kid fell in the flood water. A passerby dashed toward the kid and pulled the kid out of the water. A woman carried away by raging flood water
was drifting for more than an hour. Police & local residents waited for the woman at a bridge where she was due to pass They threw life buoys into the river,
but the woman failed to catch them. Four boatsmen finally found her and rowed her to shore. The woman was sent to hospital immediately,
and she is said to be in a stable condition now. Extended Episode of RLH #46 is available on: Police officers stop to help motorist, end up saving a choking infant. Police officers Sidders and Oklander hold the infant
at an angle, patting her back to free up the airways “I can hear air moving”. “She is breathing” Firefighters came upon a scene of pure panic. The parents, fearful of their child’s safety, were worried they wouldn’t escape the building in time. The mum and dad threw their young children to the firefighters. Miraculously, both were caught. Thank you for watching!
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Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ “ – Mr. Rogers

  3. I was 7 the first time I saved someone’s life. A little girl was facedown in the pool, her mother was in the jacuzzi at the other end of the pool. I pulled her onto the steps and flipped her over, and screamed HELP HELP HELP as loud as my little lungs could muster. I didn’t know what else to do, I was only seven years old. Her mother ran over and started CPR, and she started breathing on her own again. All of this was told to me by my mom. I don’t remember any of it, I guess it was so traumatic to my young brain that I completely blocked it out.

  4. People helping people is wonderful but there's just something so sweet about people saving animals especially wild animal

  5. Wow that truck driver ran from his burning truck. Then he came back to drive it away. That takes balls man. Respect

  6. I can only hope that if I am ever put in a situation like this that I would be able to act as bravely as these people did. So much respect.

  7. В первом видео женщина спасала собаку в ледяной воде а мужик снимал

  8. :43 – “Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)

  9. все герои, всем здоровья и удачи, но наш рыбак крутой, не только лису спас, но и льдину

  10. Middle of winter, everyone rugged up the nine's, elk in the frozen river and there's a guy running around wearing just a singlet top. Why isn't he a Popsicle by now???!!

  11. Tessa? Like Tessa on YT?
    Btw, its good to see that there are so many peoples who like to help <3

    Edit: thank u for heart 😀

  12. I think this video needs to be shown to some very small-minded people who construct their world view based on prejudice of entire populations of people. Show them that there is good and bad in every group of people.. just like there is good and bad in their own community.

  13. “If you point a gun at an old man and he takes off his glasses you might want to think twice”

    What the hell did that have to do with anything? They showed it after the woman who was caught in a flash flood???

  14. 3:18..u perform the heimlich manuever,& ur a 'hero'? What, bc they're'prisoners'?? Fuck that. None of these ppl are 'decent', they are normal humans. Someone is in trouble, u help, no matter what. That's what makes u human, not 'superhuman'.

  15. Heros rush in regarardless i have done it 8 times got awards never collected them never came foward till now

  16. 3:08 =I've done this.The person was sat down.I think it's easier to leave the choker /get the choker sat down,as you have more upward thrust ,especially if they're taller than you.

  17. My Real Life Hero story: when I was 16 my parents separated and my dad, my brother and myself had to move to a unit in a not very good area of town. One night we were woken up by noise coming from our neighbours unit. Long story short; a guy on drugs bashed their back door down because he was convinced that they were hiding his girlfriend. We called the police several times, not knowing that they had decided to come in quietly. We were watching out our back windows when the next thing we see were a whole bunch of police officers jumping out of the bushes and they brought they guy down so quickly! Amazing! ❤️

  18. I hope KARMA is watching and waiting to give to those who have given so much, especially the lady who said It's a dog I have to well done of course you had to.

  19. China, Russia, the Balkans, the Middle East…all the countries that we are told to be afraid of. I'm not so sure! They seem to be populated by people just like us; some bad, others very bad, but mostly good, in fact brave, courageous, frightened, timid, kind, compassionate, caring. Funny how the West still sees itself as morally superior.

  20. All good hero's in this one! The last firefighter who caught the child though! I want him coming to my house if I ever have am emergency!

  21. Unfortunately, some days u just need these videos & today is one of those days!!! Thank you ❣️

  22. 04:15:
    Man, that river is so dirty. Look at the rags and stuffs on the branches.

    Littering is bloody disgusting.

  23. Seriously? 7:35, the mother could of just stood up and got her kid instead of just sitting there like it's a water slide. You can tell it's the street and about 6 inches lower than the sidewalk. The guy who picks up the kid literally steps down off the sidewalk and scoops up the kid. SMDH.

  24. Been watching these to lift my mood and be reminded that THERE ARE amazing people out there. It works everytime.

  25. Mis respetos a los bomberos y a los policias honestos que arriesgan sus vidas para salvaguardar la de la sociedad por sobre todas las cosas

  26. Bless everyone in these videos with happiness and love. They are all OUTSTANDING human beings. I am in awe of the kindness and compassion.

  27. Dear RLH I love the videos,i love you and I love everything you stand for thank you for every single hope that people need to do more often

  28. Oh man, i cried alot watching this video.
    6.58 "Hey you, jump in!" The man said to the fox🦊
    LMAO 😂
    Thank you all kind souls on earth.

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