ReactOS Community Edition

ReactOS Community Edition

Welcome to the ReactOS Community Edition! There are hundreds of apps and drivers which
are compatible with Windows. Think about your favorite ones. Wouldn’t it be *better* if we develop full
compatibility with your favorite apps and drivers first? That’s the ReactOS Community Edition: You
will decide, through your votes, which apps must be fully supported release after release. Thanks to your backing, the Community Edition
will maintain the spirit of ReactOS: A free, open source, Windows compatible operating
system. With no government controls, corporate snooping,
or privacy backdoors built in. We’re opening a new door to the future. ReactOS Community Edition comes with new enhancements
and features: A newly rewritten User Interface (no Metro – we promise!). It provides the ability to let you install
your favorite apps during initial setup. The Community Edition leverages ReactOS 0.4.:
A new, spectacular version with improved compatibility that will be further boosted by your backing. You don’t want to miss our impressive comparison
chart between the upcoming 0.4 version and the previous 0.3 on our website! We want you to be part of this!
Becoming a Beta Tester and enjoy early access before we release it to the world! Join our
Wall of Fame, back our open source effort! Reveal the Crazy Cake plan that is hidden
among several stretch goals! Check our rewards for more! You’ll decide which apps and hardware you
want us to work on, and we’ll make it possible.. Thank you for backing the future! Take control!
ReactOS Community Edition.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

45 thoughts on “ReactOS Community Edition

  1. Most awesome, great job. I'm glad you are well prepared. Could you add a link to Indiegogo leading back to I think there's none in the whole campaign page.

  2. А не Дениска ли случаем за всем этим стоит? Форкнули BolgenOS небось)

  3. Добавьте в описание видео ссылки на и IndieGoGo для тех, кто пришёл по расшаренному видео.

  4. Маркетологи поработали хорошо. Мы видим много рекламных штампов. Уникальность, новизна, революционность изменений и т.д. Но никакой конкретики. Что же такого хорошего в новой (R)evolution по сравнению с обычной ReactOS?

  5. The thing is, ReactOS guys, people don't want compatibility with Windows, they want Microsoft to stop being stubborn arseholes and to be stop breaking compatibility with Linux whenever they can.

  6. Currently, Linux is suitable for servers only. But guys like Poettering will DEFINITELY ruin linux sooner or later. Linux is becoming a pile of garbage.
    ReactOS is the BEST hope for everyone.
    Why throw away good software (incl. bought for money) when M$ shuts down support for your OS?
    Why throw away hardware? Why run OS compromised by NSA-like guys?
    Why give your money to one of the RICHEST men on Earth, who is openly proposing de-population of planet?
    Why support those who stole OS/2?
    Why obey to a corporation that ITSELF decides what YOU should like and use?

  7. I'm watching this project over 2 years ago and I like it and don't lie it.
    Like it, because I working and gaming on Windows.
    Don't like it because I go to arch linux when I don't working or gaming, just browsing or I need to do something fast and I don't understand why this better then linux or windows.

  8. Hi guys @ ReactOS .. Good video and I always love to see that the effort is progressing. Regarding these videos I might suggest you guys get some good monitors and filter the audio in the future. Lots of loud humming in this one.

  9. Have been waiting for a 0.4 bump like forever. Good to see some progress.

    I've been using Ubuntu/Fedora + Gnome as main OS for years. I love Linux and support other open source OSes (e.g. ReactOS and Haiku) to come. I appreciate the possibility that ReactOS provides.

  10. Да используйте уже слитые исходники Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 и даже Windows Research Kernel, а то так через еще 10к лет мы не увидим релиз

  11. Oh hello! Have you thought about – Shumpana Amazing Facebook Dominator (do a google search)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my father got amazing results with it.

  12. Проблема только в одном Системе недоступно графическое ускорения так как графические ускорители а конкретно их драйвера пишутся под windows.А это значит что про мультимедию на такой системе можно забыть.Будь графические драйвера открытые уже бы давно были созданы более быстрые и красивые системы с современными интерфейсами но вы этого не дождетесь максимум что может быть так это левые драйвера на подобии тех что использует линукс.

  13. Make the OS use Windows drivers, no drivers is a problem I've found in Linux especially for older stuff. I still can't use a printer in Puppy LInux or get Ubuntu to Live boot let alone instal. Yes I know probably a BIOS setting but one I can't find. I'm open to suggestions.
     I can't use my scanner or printer when upgrading from Windows 7 from XP, so going BACK to XP ! The only difference is XP is less than 1Gig installed and Win7 is about 10G installed and wastes memory like crazy.

  14. Microsoft – by its own actions is strictly going onward to break-down to ruins, first in fame, then in business: They (not the previous owner!!!) are declaring our activation codes illegitimate? Are putting up a 35 times activation as utmost limit for each code! They refuse information on how often we used our activation codes! Spleeny thing so far? Now the solution – and most win apps work on it: REACT OS. No costs for customers, but therefore donations welcome!

  15. Давно надо было завести свой канал! Всё централизовано и в одном месте.
    У меня тоже свой канал по пользованию линуксом

  16. 652

    It has been almost two years, but the numbers have not changed

    "No Metro, we promise". So how do you suppose to get windows 8/10 apps api support?

  17. I'm curious, when it says it's binary compatible with windows, does that include new windows programs made for 7 and newer, or xp and vista?

  18. you know… i am starting to consider this O.S. as a true viable option to the garbage Privacy stuff that Windows10 is. of course it needs a LOT of work,but it really seems promissing so far.

  19. Hola soy nuevo en ReactOS desde el 2017 y ya e visto lo Suficiente para unirme no solo a Jira si no a la comunidad, les ayudare en lo que pueda, y no se preocupen por la barrera de idioma… no sera un problema

  20. Good Project! I'am brazillian, the ReactOS is similar to Microsoft Windows! Bye + 1 subscripted, God bless you.

  21. it sounds like you have a grounding issue , i suggest isolating the grounds of your audio equipment so that you don't get the buzzing noise

  22. I think most people use windows for browsing, writing document, presentation, watching movies, listening to music etc. If more people would like to play some games (Oops DirectX). But I would love to run something like shareit in it so that I don't have to connect with wire may it be a computer or my phone. For hardware, it would be great if I could us those Fn keys on my laptop but still fine without most if not all. I think it would be better if I could install windows driver myself directly into ReactOS without your help. I would like to contribute even if I can't code I guess. Of course, I would still be using those driver installers instead of manually copy pasting into the proper folders.

  23. ReactOS is VERY good!
    I like using it in VirtualBox!
    Thank you for developing this open-source system. I hope ReactOS will be as famous as Windows is

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