Rape Club: Japan’s most controversial college society

Rape Club: Japan’s most controversial college society

For more than 120 years, Waseda University
has been a place of higher learning, a finishing school for Japan’s elite.It’s produced six
prime ministers, hundreds of company presidents, but now Waseda has also produced a scandal
that has shocked Japan and terrified the university’s female students.
Dozens of Waseda students, some seen here, formed a social club called ‘Super Free’,
an organisation that revolved around meticulously planning and regularly executing gang rape. I wasn’t surprised.
I think these things occur very often. It’s just that many people are not aware of it
because the victim don’t report. Super Free would organise massive parties.
Glossy brochures encouraged young women to come along. The flyers targeted students
from smaller out-of-town universities, urging them to meet men from an elite one. Ryuichi Daigo has been investigating the rape
club story since it broke, and what he’s discovered is shocking. Because those girls longed for the city life,
they were willing to believe anything. They thought skolling drinks was the Tokyo style.
It’s come out in court that some of the women actually consented to be gang raped. They
voluntarily submitted their bodies. Some later became girlfriends of Super Free members. The
ABC has obtained extraordinary video footage
that shows what happened after the parties began. The women outnumber the men 20 to 1. Proceedings
are carefully orchestrated. Some of the techniques are similar to those used by cults. The charismatic
Super Free members certainly behave like gods, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. It’s often said that Japanese people cannot
do anything alone but, instead, have a group mentality. This is an extreme example
of that. The parties are like some kind of cult or new religion. The rape club made huge profits, which were
distributed to the members. It had a pyramid structure and this was the man at the top
– Shinichiro Wada, the alleged mastermind. Super Free’s dream campus is hot and terrific
– it’s true! After the party had been going for a few hours,
selected women would be invited to a separate VIP function at a nearby restaurant. The aim
here was to get the potential victims as drunk as possible. They would play drinking games that were rigged
to ensure the girl had to skull. The drinks would be spiked with a type of vodka that’s
96 per cent alcohol, but tasteless and odourless. Wada once said that whoever invented the drink
would be given a Nobel Prize. As the women got drunk, one would be chosen
and taken to a toilet. Members of Super Free would stand in line to rape her. Often, one club member would take a photo
to embarrass the student into staying silent, while another would be given the task of stopping
her from going to the police. The member who was particularly good at calming
down women was Mr Kishimoto, the number two man in the club. He was called ‘Kisi The Bomb
De-fuser’. Altogether, about 100 women were raped. Around 50 men were involved. Some of
the men prosecuted have said they only raped once or twice. One said he did it 15 times. 14 men have been put on trial. The Tokyo District
Court found one of the club members guilty of helping arrange the gang rape of a 20-year-old. Toshiyuki Numazaki was sentenced to two years
and 10 months in jail. Kyoko Ogura is a lawyer who has represented
scores of rape victims.Our law says protection of personal property is more important
than protection of women’s sexual freedom. I think it’s absurd. A growing number of people want the law changed.
These men and women are all students of Waseda, members of a very different organisation to
Super Free — the Gender Studies Club. As far as they’re concerned, the rape scandal
is not just about a few men behaving very badly, but reflects the way women are treated
and depicted. Since the old days, Japanese men have had
a traditional role. If he dominates women, he’s regarded as a real man. The Super Free
case is the tip of the iceberg. Indecent Manga comics and adult videos are
influencing sex crimes. There is very little sex education in Japanese schools, so people
get a lot of information from popular culture. It dulls their awareness of what constitutes
a crime. Around 1.5 billion Manga comics are sold each
year. Many are sexually explicit. Quite a few feature heroes who have forced sex with
women. This movie, ‘Rapeman’, is based on a comic created in the ’90s that’s still popular
today.Keisuke Uasake is a schoolteacher by day, Japanese superhero by night. He rapes
women who have wronged, broken up with boyfriends, or swindled someone out of money. Often the
woman ends up falling in love with the Rapeman. She’s certainly not presented as a victim. I’m not giving you any sympathy. You can’t
go on as a woman if you get discouraged by this sort of thing. Ever since we were defeated in World War II,
Japanese men have not been able to recover. They have got weaker, while women have become
stronger. Men have developed an inferiority complex. That’s why they like to read ‘Rapeman’. Other members of Super Free are yet to receive
a verdict, including the alleged ringleader. Their cases will only further the debate about
Japan’s treatment of women, rape and sexuality.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Japan has the lowest rape looks different from the world standards. Only insertion (SEX) enters the statistical categories. Even after just sexual abuse in Europe and other Asian enter the rape.

  2. Gonna clear some stuff up since people are assuming things and don't know what they're talking about. 1. Rapeman is porn not mainstream, porn is censored there so the rapes aren't shown because showing a penis or vagina is illegal 2. Rapes don't happen in Japanese prisons because they're ran like boot camp in the military and guards are around 24/7 watching inmates and are free to use force whenever they like so inmates behave or get the shit kicked out of them 3. Japan's laws in general are fucked, 15 years in considered harsh, especially considering murder usually gets you about the same 4. Things like this are EXTREMELY rare because Japanese society is one of homogeny, going to jail or prison for anything at all garentees you will never find a job and no one will associate with you at all because image is everything to them. Which is why so many convicts enter the Yakuza, their mafia, and live short lives full of drugs, mostly meth and speed, and usually die from inter gang violence.

  3. Rapeman lol a superhero who rapes, leave it to the Japanese to come up with something like that.

  4. Japan is one of those countries that gets away with all kind of sick stuff, including the exploitation of women. And even all the people referring to official rape statistics know the real truth.

  5. Fuck this, this is the outdated and overhyped video.
    What about the RAPES in Sweden, Germany and India?! What the fuck are they doing about them?!

  6. Nobody talks about how many women are raped in this world every day. IT IS CRAZY AND TERRIBLE. STOP THE HATE AND STUPIDITY! NOW PLEASE!

  7. why does this not surprise me. ah i know because they are fucked up pervs and train with tentacle rape hentai for the real thing

  8. Rape is traditional japanese culture. In Japan nobody wants to report it to police when get raped. Japanese proudly say Japan has the  lowest rape rate..

  9. this is what happens when you nuke people… hentai, anime pillows and rapu man… hey at least we got robots out of it so it's not all bad.

  10. This attitude of self-denial and their gravitation towards internalization are why they are a dying nation. There are other countries that are suffering from a similar issue of population decline, but at least those countries seem to be open to the idea of a globally connected society. In other words, Japan is fucked.

  11. Not shocking. These are the same muthafuckas that raped every ethnicity of woman that their army conquered militarily during WWII. These are their great great grand kids. Ask the Phillipines. Japanese men are some of the biggest deviant sex freaks in the world.

  12. Ha, ha. Sounds like the campus rape in American colleges doesn't it? How often do they happen in America? More often than any other campuses in developed nations.

  13. Japanese men should be awared with Guniess record for raping women and girls.
    >>>>>"A JAPANESE MAN ARRESTED IN PHILIPPINES FOR HAVING SEX WITH 12,000 GIRLS AND TAKING 150,000 PORNOGRAPHIC PHOTOS………"A 64-year-old former school principal in Yokohama, Japan was arrested in Japan on Wednesday, April 8, for travelling to the Philippines to have sex with over 12,000 women including a 13-year-old girl.Authorities identified the Japanese man as Yuhei Takashima.Nearly 150,000 pornographic photos were found in the custody of Takashima, Agence France-Presse reported. Compiled in 400 separate albums, Takashima narrated that it was his collection from over 27 years of travelling back and forth to the Philippines."

  14. I am a woman & I love to watch hentai where women are raped. Not because I am turned on by fantasies of being raped, but because I dream of raping Japanese women.

  15. Japan by me living here since 2003 is easier described as another planet not another country….not only sexually

  16. By their colors they shall be known. That is their color of clothes and some women actually join of their free will. A depraved cult that is spreading their sickness world wide!!!!

  17. The only difference between this club and the thousands of other clubs which we all go is that the former carries a name 'Rape Club'.. Other than this, everything remains to be the same.. Sexually saturated minds! Zero social inhibitions!

  18. Japan has yet again amazed me by empowering men around the world to stand up against systematic international gender discrimination and favouritism.

  19. It's a very wierd culture in Japan. A place where you can go to an internet cafe and buy a pair of used school girls knickers from a food vending machine. That's just plain wrong.

  20. It's so funny how defensive people get about Japan…. Nobody's saying this doesn't happen anywhere else. Is Japan supposed to be perfect? You guys are naive. I used to live in Japan and it's got problems like any other country does. Life is flawed. Humans are flawed. This planet is flawed. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but there is no utopian country on this planet. Let's face REALITY. Can we not still appreciate the good aspects of Japan and also know there are flaws as well? Why does Japan or any country for that matter need to be either all good or all bad? It's never one or the other. Every country is BOTH.

  21. If you guys look to the sidebar on the right-hand side, you will see that there's talk of secret rape cults in other countries outside of Japan. Nobody is just picking on Japan, so chill guys.

  22. It's good to be bringing light on this subject but the subtitling on this one is awful: the timing is all over the place

  23. When men gang rape, it is really the other men that they like to see naked. They probably aren't into women at all.

  24. What cracks me up is this video is about Japanese rape culture that goes back centuries even the Japanese samurai rapped little kids but everyone has to bring up America. Rape happens in the states but it’s not acceptable you can’t even talk back to a woman never mind rape. Look what the Japanese did to the Koreans or the Chinese during ww2.

  25. Why is everything so loud except the narrator? Does ANYONE know how to fucking mix sound anymore? FFS

  26. Basically men are whores not women can’t keep it in their pants but men are allowed to act like whores double standards nothing has changed been no sexual revolution for women

  27. Women all tries to be holy and sacred from the outside, but under those fake makeups and plastic surgeries they all secretly wanna be touched & fucked. Women lie even more than men. fact. 🙂

  28. Jesus Christ! How many more random and sad brushed off topics and situations are still hidden 🙁
    There is no point hiding them, people will obviously find out later. Deep sigh

  29. Not trying to be the weird person here, but why not just find women who are into rape play/gangbangs? I mean women like that do exist, they could do things in a nicer place than a bathroom stall, nobody /actually/ gets raped or goes to jail. I mean just find some woman who will consent, maybe more than one. I just think that's a better plan?

  30. Only cowards need to huddle together in order to cover their evil tracks. A single man shows bravery and character.

  31. if u look at the comments below, u can see the level of women right of japan.
    this is the real face of japan.
    if there is some problem, the first thing they do is hiding not a fixing.

    and they call the ppl who talk about it as a 非國民 非国民: ひこくみん which means unpatriotic individual.
    for that reason, nobody can say what they really think when there is a problem because they are scared of IJIME いじめ(苛める・虐める)
    u must know what i mean, if you look at the history of japan.

  32. Japan has always been a misogynist society.
    Japanese people can be very developed in very areas, but when it comes to women, they're the fielthiest pigs ever!
    That's really not shocking or disturbing … it's simply Japan! What 75% of this planet's people fantasize about, Japanese simply do it!

  33. With hard work and good insurance you can replace personal property, but when you are raped it is a violation of a persons body, personal space and they are traumatized for a lifetime, this destroys a person sense of security, this is also what American’s calls PTSD, people will live with this for a lifetime, fear of intimacy, closed spaces, strange people, high places, and load sounds, these people become damaged goods for life.

  34. I'd just like to thank the filmmakers for making 90% of the subtitles the exact same color and shade as the backgrounds behind them!

  35. University City Philadelphia is shutting down. Talks of relocation of Universities safer for students. Investigations on Trapt "Pitt" housing

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