100 thoughts on “Rajesh Rao: Computing a Rosetta Stone for the Indus script

  1. Maybe its an ancient CV listing a workers skills, needs or capabilities, pictographic representations of occupational skills, the pitchforks obviously representing work abilities or maybe seasons.

  2. Maybe he is wrong, and other cultures reached India, e.g. from America, Mesopotamia, and Europe. There were also found objects counting several, several dozen thousand. years. Some researchers say that rational life on Earth originated much earlier than official science recognizes.

  3. Is there any possibility that the symbols are numbers representing weights or volume or some kind of measurement?


  5. This is something for AI to tackle!! AI can go at it 24/7 and compare with Mesopotamian and Assyrian scripts!!!

  6. You r saying Indus people write from right hand. But the seal when stamped becomes of left. Generally we make animal pictures with left face. Were all Indus people of left hand user. Aryan Invasion theory is #false.- Read Dr.BR Ambedkar book- Who were the Shudras.
    Also, New researches proves this. Watch on YouTube, analysis by- Raj Vedam, Srikant talagiri . Logical, Scientific, Unbiased analysis.

  7. Wait he says they were used for stamping clay, so their writing wasn't right to left, it only seems that way because they wrote it backwards so that when stamped it would read left to right

  8. Ancient astronomer's viewing the stars as fish? That is amazing! I have never heard of this before. This almost has religious connotations with the synonym of Elohim. Rhyming, for the same metaphorical meaning, is known in Hebrew. Example Jeremiah 1: 11 Almond and "Watching to perform" are basically rhymes or the same root. Basically, an Almond looks like an eye.

  9. is it similiar to the rongorongo script. of easter island? the ngati hotu of nz still speak an ancient language. that is not polynesian.

  10. No mention of sanskrit or vedic?. Conveniently avoid to talk about vedic culture related clue, sign of svastika, OM, pasupati/shiva, lingga-yoni. fire sacrificial altar, ekasR~Nga (sanskrit) – one tusked animal. Language called proto gauda dravida (northern-southern language) that already extinct that nothing to do with current dravida language of south india. Please check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPaCUJsZyPU, The Aryan Debate : 200 Years Old Question

  11. Why would they create seals that made a text which was backward? I find this problematic. Certainly they would have very quickly figured out how to correct for this problem. I just find it odd.

  12. First explains that the texts found are in stamps. Then fails to realize, that the text is therefore a mirror image. So, the Indus script is read left to right. And they are letters, not syllables. The text is the name of the owner of the stamp/good that was stamped.

  13. Indus script belongs to Indus Dravidian. The people's images are more similar to them. Stil too Tamils have limited letters to represent bundle of sounds. They know how to pronounce. But we don't known how to read, due to little knowledge in the words..

  14. His opening statement is incorrect assumptions about what will be lost from our culture, society, and language in the future.

  15. Excellent effort, I'm from city near to Mohan jo daro and a student of sindhi language. If you happen to come to visit the site for your research. Do contact me.

  16. Wait a sec, on the RTL or LTR, if the seal is used the way we use rubber stamps today, wouldn't the direction be a mirror image of the direction of the inscription?

  17. First of all why everything perished in catastrophe and not these artefacts. If you investigate what made them endure you may get a little closer to what they were meant to be. Then may be what they meant.

  18. 6 meen 7 meen 10 meen 20 meen anyone got these names ???? 😂😂😂😂 arumugam name has some meanin because aru (6) mugam (face) skanda is called as 6 mugam because he was born out of 6 lotus n had 6 face/head. But 6 meen is very funny

  19. Rajesh Rao didn't make mention of the existnce of the rongorongo tablets from Easter island, which also contain a verified version of the Indus valley script, with much longer texts, which would give the computers & researchers much longer strings to work with! I hope this finds its way into the dialogue on this fascinating project

  20. Well for starters, if it really is a type of clay stamp then they are naturally reading it wrong.
    On the stamp it is from right to left but when stamped then it is obviously from left to right, the question is — WHEN are we looking at the stamp and WHEN are we looking at the stamped "note"

  21. indus valley symbols found in #keezhadi excavations in tamil nadu….. its most likely to be the mother of all Dravidian languages….. see this link below…



  22. oooooo, new script, I love scripts. I'm going to write that font in and decipher it for you now. i'll get the sample texts from the British Museum. They may if anybody does have it.

  23. 那些不是印度人的祖先, 就像黄帝不是中国人的祖先一样, 蚩尤也不是苗族的祖先, 看看他们的样子就知道他们是被毁灭不存在于地表的, 古印度有核武, 就是说文明到一个很高的科技, 还是会被毁灭, 除了上帝, 谁有能力把地表都清理干净的?

  24. #bhagatseingh #nithyanandasatsang #tamillive https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2435065106773769&id=100008109097849

  25. That seal :Fish means through water, it's definitely not ox nor cow it's buffalo cuz it's horns bent , that animal is with bisexual organs ( transporting male and female animals ) and those are not tied , upper count is for male , lower for female animals , Finally it's written in left to right .


    Through this video

    Those symbols

    Crabs , birds , doves , peacocks , fishes ( types like cat fish etc …) Tortoise , ,pots , mud pots …


    Might we lost main things buried in Earth still .

    Like toady we see upside only = glass.

    Fragile = glass .

    Green Dot for veg .

    Not in flight symbols ( for batteries etc )


    Etc .

  26. The biggest lie he said was the indus valley civilization does not belong the the south indians or the north indians but belong to all uf us.Thats a biggest LIE ! Indus valley civilization is a Tamil civilization.Tamils ruled all of India in the ancient days .This moron should get his head checked !

  27. Brahui is spoken in vast land of pakistan still from Sindh province to across the border of afghanistan Quetta city is capital of brahui

  28. Someone if you know how to contact this man pleass reply or send him this message
    In the excavations of keezhadi, tamilnadu, India(south india) various scripts were found enscribed on pottery and stones that resemble the indus script in a very high proportion. If he could analyse that too with his computer model perhaps we can decipher the whole language.
    P. S: those scripts dated back to 2700 years

  29. Great research! i think more scholars need to work on deciphering the Indus Valley Script. Most of the world ignores it, that's sad.

  30. Ancient Tamil Civilization has been found in Keezhadi, Tamil Nadu State, South India. It may be in same time period as Indus Valley or it may be older than Indus Valley. The world has to find entire history of it..

  31. Elu meen, aaru meen is Tamil numbers 7, 6 … That's cool to know that Indus valley civilization used Tamil sounds in their language, if it's true.

  32. Give this man a bottle of water FFS! I DO NOT want to hear the ASMR version of his dry sticky tongue trying to break free from his palette! JTFC!

  33. Check Keezhadi (கீழடி), Adichanallur (ஆதிச்சநல்லூர்) archeological sites in Tamil Nadu. They strongly resemble Indus Valley. There are inscriptions in Tamizhi (ancient Tamil script) too.

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