Quakers, Racism, and the Blessed Community

Quakers, Racism, and the Blessed Community

In the blessed community, for me, it would
include all the members of our human species. I see that as a goal for Quakerism. That is
something that we strive for within the Religious Society of Friends.
I’m Vanessa Julye. I live in West Mount Airy in Philadelphia and I work with Friends
General Conference serving as the Ministry on Racism and Youth Programs Coordinator. What is the blessed community? Well, for me,
its a community where everyone has value and that we’re actually able to see that of
God in each person and to be able to live in community, sharing the gifts that God has
given us with each other. White supremacy is restricting our way of
creating a blessed community because it is making it difficult for people of color to
be a part of the community. What I mean when I say white supremacy is
white dominance, essentially. In this culture, what is considered “American” is really
European-American culture. If you are a part of that culture and fit into that culture,
you don’t notice it and so things don’t seem different for you.
A part of the white supremacy culture is its invisibility to European-Americans in this
country, because if you don’t see a structure and feel that that is normal, then there’s
no need to change it. One of the things for me within Quakerism
is it feels its alive and that its alive because it can be responsive. The revolutionary aspect
for me of Quakerism where we have stood up against the status quo and there have been
times that we haven’t, let me be clear. As the author of “Fit for Freedom, Not for
Friendship: Quakers, African Americans and the Myth of Racial Justice” I’m not putting
Quakers up here on a pedestal and saying we did things perfectly. Quakers have had—and
still have—issues around racism. It’s still very much a part of the Religious Society
of Friends, but we were the first religious group to say, “No, we will no longer enslave
people of African descent.” The next step for me in the Religious Society
of Friends in using our continuing revelation in addressing the issues of white supremacy
and white privilege in the Religious Society of Friends is for us to be able as individuals,
as Meetings, to admit that this does exist and that race is an issue in this country
that needs to be addressed, and for us to educate ourselves about what white privilege
and white supremacy is for us. Once you are able to see some of the systems,
then it becomes astonishing, and it is going to be hard, and it is going to be challenging,
and there are going to be moments where its going to feel like, “I just can’t do this.
This is too hard. This is too overwhelming.” One of the benefits that the Religious Society
of Friends has is the structure that we have support systems through support committees.
If you are going to—either as a Meeting or as an individual—decide to start doing
this work around identifying what white privilege and what white supremacy is… to have support
as you’re doing that. If we’re able, as some of us are beginning
to do around climate and looking at the issues of climate change, of saying, “Ok, this
country, we do need to make a change” and that we do need to be aware of our white privilege
and the white supremacy so that we can make changes to create more of the blessed community
that we’re looking for.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

12 thoughts on “Quakers, Racism, and the Blessed Community

  1. Loved this, and try to remember that I'm no better or worse than anyone because of the color of my skin.   I would just like to point out, though, that Vanessa was the co-author of "Fit For Freedom…", along with Donna McDaniel.

  2. I had no idea we really need to do more to stop it. We are meant to be friends and friends shouldn't be racist to one another. Just my thoughts on this. 

  3. She is too inarticulate to understand… ): I’ve never seen someone separate their words like that, man. The education system failed her in English, so why trust her history skills? Lol

  4. Wait how are Quakers racist when they started out also to benefit people from Africa ? illuminatti infiltrated them.. They infiltrate all organizations. To have them fighting amongst themselves. And it's sickening…..

  5. Social justice has NO PLACE in the Quacker movement this poor woman
     is a VICTIM of Social Marxist indoctrination of our public schools.

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