100 thoughts on “Price: White House Used Taxpayer Dollars To Tweet From Official Account And Smear A Patriot | MSNBC

  1. Forget about Trump dragging America through the gutter. It's the rats tour of the sewer every day with this Roy Cohn clone. Putin has Kompromat on him. What was in the black box gift Putin gave to Trump pre presidency? Nixon is Mother Theresea compared to this charlatan imposter!

  2. Check out the documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad. https://youtu.be/813V_GId5N8 It explains how Fox and right wing propaganda has radicalized Americans for decades and it's truly frightening. Now add in Cambridge Analytica and hostile foreign countries that Trump and Klan welcomed. Also check out the documentary The Great Hack. https://youtu.be/iX8GxLP1FHo

  3. So find out who it was,. Get them infront of Congress and tear a hole into them, then fire them and make sure that they never work in any government job again! Ever.

  4. Trump realizes he can't use his own twitter account after his intimidation of the former Ukrainian Ambassador last week. I guess Trump is so stupid he believes no one could guess it's really him using the White House account.

  5. My God, that cheeky Vindman had the unmitigated gall to show up in his dress military uniform!!! Well, Trump has a response to that, by golly. No one is gonna show him up! He's gonna make an appearance with a limp, and crutches!

  6. Sinking to their lowest depth!
    The GOP even try to outdo one another!!
    It is like a real time "ARE WE THERE YET" epiphany!!!

  7. Doesn't Trump Jr. Have a book about the left having no morals and trying to shut down the right BUT has been proved horrible wrong and Trump Jr. is in on it smearing government officials for honoring subpoenas and telling the truth

  8. Dear lord the liberal media is getting pretty pathetic. What a bunch of losers. Can't wait to see the meltdowns from yall snowflakes next year. Bahahahahahahahahahahahah

  9. Most Americans/Republicans DON'T know just how BADLY TRUMP SOLD OUT the USA to PUTIN/RUSSIA.. IF they REALLY took time to READ MUELLER Probe they will CLEARLY SEE that the DRAFT DODGING CHARITY THEIF IS A TRAITOR to the US

  10. Volker & Morrison & Vindman & Trent all "Googled" Ukraine info & rant 2Rat2 Eisenberg??
    So,"GOOGLE" maDe Ukraine policy???

  11. The desperation of Trump enablers is palpable. Nunes essentially debased the Republican led Senate Intelligence committee that found Russia interfered in our election as fake news.

  12. Pore little jimmie jorden wanted a girl friend, but only got a trump . republican would rather stand behind a draft doger then an American Hero. Why ?

  13. Pore little jimmie jorden wanted a girl friend, but only got a trump . republican would rather stand behind a draft doger then an American Hero. Why ?


  15. Jealousy is an ugly thing. they are jealous that LT. Col Vindman was so good that even another country offered him a job.. Just imagine that who will ever offer an outside job to this cheap traitors anything. Some of them never served their country #theFaceOfShame

  16. For "Rupublicans" less than perfect conduct is unacceptable and makes that "flawed" individual ripe for abuse and useful in gaining political advantage.

    For DjT's more than corrupt, out in the open for all to see, possibly treasonous, conduct is not worth a mention by his "Rupublicans" even if well documented by DjT himself, his public confession and those of Giuliani and Mulvaney, and with eyewitness, under oath, testimony before Congress.

    Rupublican rejection of the Mueller Report shows that they are more than ready to ignore the high probability that DjT is a Russian asset.

  17. He thinks it's "his" 💰! trump is disgraceful reprehensible slime. He attacks anyone who is a better American than he is the bone spur imposter!!!
    Impeach Imprison Execute

  18. again, this practically pitiful pattern of revoked democrat press priorities failing to impress their patriotism propaganda and all the entertainment realities america is offered based on their cowardice dishonesty and total inabilities to convince intimidate persuade or influence. disgraceful liabilities to democracy and all the excuses which are supposed to be 'pressure'. we still cant locate any particles of pressure that the president has been legitimately interested in other than applying the executive justice appropriately legally as pledged without apology. can we say that the pathetic democrats ghost of mccain games will give them a better chance of expired obama era respect ? no, but we can put our faith in joe, or at least endorse snl to finish most of the job.

  19. But when Clinton calls tulsi a Russian asset the mainstream media doesn’t even blink but now it’s like how dare they smear a patriot. Such fools.

  20. Where are all the big mouthed republican “patriots” while their cowardly leader trashes a military colonel? Disgusting, string em up!

  21. No, don’t lock up Republicans, just vote ALL of them out for the next 8-12 years…vote blue, vote only for women judges until no more red states, no male judges…vote for term limits for judges-no more life terms

  22. The GOP is now synonymous with being disgusting, loathsome, amoral, unpatriotic AND unacceptable! Filthy freaking jerks!!! 😡 🤬🤬🤬 😡

  23. I have concerns about your entire party with the lengths you're willing to go outside of reality and commonsense to protect and defend this obvious corrupt criminal of a President..

  24. Build a Gallows on the White House lawn and have traitors (R) to America led up and on to it one by one and call it draining the swamp.

  25. Why hasn't President Traitorump himself testified in front of Congress? I thought he was a 'winner'? How about going in and putting some of that 'winning' on the impeachment?

  26. Republicans and evangelicals love to spend other people's money on frivolous things to benefit themselves. Look at Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Betsy Devos and others who wildly spent money on travel, private phone booth, pens, dinning room tables, programs that benefit themselves. Spending taxpayer money for the President to use an official government resource for political gain, is improper. He has a government Press staff who are well paid for doing 'official' communications. If he is claiming that its his 'free speech', then he should be paying for his resource on his own with no 'title', so that it reflects his own view and subject to the laws and governance of any other citizen, and should not have any immunity of Executive Privilege. This is stealing from the taxpayer for personal gain.

  27. Tax payers paying for the WiFi that trump uses to tweet… Meaning you're all paying for every piece of rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

  28. we taxpayers are FINE WITH THE PRESIDENT AND WHITEHOUSE USING OUR MONEY TO TWEET!….REMEMBER MUELLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! triggered!

  29. The White House IMPOSTOR is in a PANIC because he knows the One On High got his number and is exposing him for the Fraud he is! IMPEACHMENT cannot get here soon enough! IMPEACHMENT is his new brand! Y

  30. Trump cannot help himself to shut his trap he thinks (key word here – think) the more he flaps his lip the better is a Orange Orangutan Clown Show and we paid for the show so enjoy it I guess!

  31. Peanuts compared to over $12 million dollars of taxpayer money for outrageous vacations by the Obama cartel. I want reparations for that money! I'll give $$ for Trump to tweet whatever he wants!

  32. White HOuse Used Tax Payer Dollars to Tweet ?? OMG!!!!!!!!!! This is the end of TRUMP!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG!!!! Those tax payer funds are better served in Ukranian Foreign aid or Giving to Illegal aliens!!

  33. Ah a former Obama hack…….totally creditable!! Ha! Just because you have bled for the country doesn’t make him immune

  34. Joe Biden: “Hold my beer. I used taxpayer dollars to fly my ex-convict Navy-dropout son to China on Air Force 2 to obtain lucrative contracts for his company.”

  35. It's obvious venneman is a Democrats to lie and he deserve to be smeared good I hope the taxpayers like paying for it just like we like paying for Obamacare

  36. I keep reading the title about using taxpayer dollars to tweet…

    the only thing I can come up with is that whoever sent out the tweets must’ve been on the clock, or that since they are more likely salaried, that they were getting paid via our tax dollars to make a personal tweet on behalf of someone on the official WH twitter account

    I mean, that has to be the gripe, right? Cause isn’t Twitter free to use?

    Not trying to defend the usage of the official account but I’m getting exhausted from every teeny-tiny thing that’s getting brought up that is, to an extent, taking coverage away from the major stories at hand.

    Even if they wanted to stick with this twitter post as a newsworthy story, it should be about the way the account was being used inappropriately and not about how it cost taxpayer dollars in some persons salary to take the time to craft and send it out, especially since it was likely an intern tasked with sending it out

  37. Moron and staff use tax dollars for everything, 30k dining set for Carlson, 25K rug for Sondland's office, 350 million for golf, 17,000 airplane fuel to re-direct military planes to trump properties. The Real Question is what don't they use tax dollars for?

  38. So now its witness intimidation and wasting taxpayer money? And Trump supporters claim he was American First at some point?

  39. If the GOP had any legal arguments they would have used them by now. They can't be objective and serve, law, country, and Constitution… every one of them should step down.

  40. It highlights the seperate on of your Republican Party to try and save trump and his disgusting party. They all should be fired and the Republican Party made illegal.

  41. Trump is a traitor and the republicans are not for the american people, republicans are going down with Trump, traitors

  42. I said it before and I'll say it again … white folks are the real crooks in this nation … committing their crimes in plain sight, on national airwaves, and nobody goes to jail…smh

  43. Whatever the WH did would be to intimidate. Shame on them. But what can one say. There is not one patriot in the Republican Party. There are only rats.

  44. Smear, smear and more smear! That's all the GOP Republicans can do. Trying to rattle Lt Col Vindman. And, you can see this smear didn't come from bozo Trump. He feared to do that, but his son, Don Jr. resumed the ante along with Trump's only network, FOX News.

  45. Patriotic Americans are reminding us Lt. Col. Vindman shed blood for this country, unlike the blimp in the White House. I'm sure Trump prefers soldiers who don't bleed.

  46. When this is called out as it should be the White House will blame it on a low level intern who wasn't authorised to use the account and is no longer with them. They'll pick someone out and throw them under the bus and destroy their career..

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