Prelude to the Witcher: Part II (Spoilers!)

Prelude to the Witcher: Part II (Spoilers!)

After several years of planning, the Emperor
of Nilfgaard, Emhyr var Emreis began his campaign to conquer the North, invading the Kingdoms
of Cintra and Sodden in 1263 AR. Though they were victorious in the sack of
Cintra and first battle of Sodden, their progress was halted in the Second Battle of Sodden,
when the other Northern Kingdoms mobilized to defend their lands. The Brotherhood of Sorcerers also joined in
the defense of the north, losing 13 of their kind in the battle alongside thousands of
soldiers. But in the end, the North was victorious and
Nilfgaard retreated. Despite their defeat, the Kingdoms of Cintra
and Sodden were gone, and so Nilfgaard remained in control of Cintra and Upper Sodden, while
Lower Sodden went to the Kingdom of Temeria. For a few years the continent settled into
an uneasy peace, with many believing another war was inevitable. This paranoia ultimately led to both sides
attacking each other in 1267, beginning the Second Northern War, in which Nilfgaard conquered
all the lands up to the Yaruga River and launched attacks beyond. This war also saw the end of the Brotherhood
of Sorcerers, dissolving into three opposing factions, with some fighting to defend the
North, while others joined Nilfgaard and their new allies the Scoia Tael, a rebel group made
up of Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes who wished to take back their lands from the Nordling
invaders. The last faction was made up of those who
followed Tissaia Devries, and remained loyal to the Brotherhood. Yet they could not prevent the collapse of
the organization, and so Tissia killed herself in disgrace. As a reward for their betrayal of the Brotherhood
and Northern Kingdoms, the Elves who defected to Nilfgaard were given a Kingdom of their
own in Dol Blathanna, ruled by the sorcerous Francesca Findabair. Throughout the tumultuous events of the Second
Northern War, a number of unlikely individuals played critical roles in the fate of the continent,
with some believing their lives were brought together by destiny. First, there was the Witcher Geralt of Rivia,
the White Wolf of Kaer Morhen, a legendary monster slayer whose adventures were immortalized
in the works of his friend, the famous poet Dandillion. The son of a sorcerous, Geralt was given to
the Wolf School, where he survived the trial of grasses before going out into the world
and earning a fearsome reputation. Though Geralt was often cold towards others
and felt self conscious about how he was perceived, he was a man of honor who valued political
neutrality and always tried choose the lesser evil. Yet this philosophy did always serve him well,
as he once tried to protect the town of Blaviken from a gang of thugs searching for a wizard,
but the people of the town did not know the full story, and so watched in horror as the
Witcher massacred a group of soldiers in the market square, earning him the nickname the
Butcher of Blaviken. Yet Geralt was not only known for his skill
as a warrior, but also for his whirlwind romance with the equally famous Yennefer of Vengeberg,
a sorcerous who became the love of his life. During a mission to seek a healer for his
friend Dandillion, Geralt found Yennefer in the town of Rinde, and requested her assistance. She agreed, but only because she had a plan
of her own, learning that the poet was injured by a Djinn, also known as a genie, which in
theory could be controlled by magic and forced to grant wishes. Through Yennefer believed Dandillion was the
one who freed the Djinn and was therefore entitled to 3 wishes, it was actually Geralt,
and while he accidently wasted the first two, one more remained. As Yennefer struggled to control the angry
Djinn, Geralt, who in that moment could have anything, made his last wish, believed to
have formed a bond of love between himself and the sorcerous, tying them together for
the rest of their lives. Yennefer of Vengeberg, once a deformed woman
with a hunchback, was trained as a sorcereress by Tassia Devries and with her new powers
ensured she maintained the appearance of eternal beauty and youth as well as granting her abilities
beyond anything she could have imagined. Yet it also took from her that which she held
most precious, the ability to have a child, and this in turn became a driving force for
her in later years, as she searched the continent for ways of reversing what was done. When she met Geralt of Rivia and experienced
the Last Wish, she could not help but fall madly in love with him, and for a time they
travelled together throughout the North, even sharing a home in Vengeberg. However their relationship was tumultuous,
often leading them to break apart and then return to each other. On one such occasion, the enchantress Triss
Merigold took advantage of the Witcher’s vulnerability and became his lover, at first
merely curious about the man who won the cold heart of her friend Yennefer, but soon developed
real feelings of love for him which endured for years to come. Geralt soon saw his new relationship a mistake
and returned to Yennefer, but he and Triss remained good friends. Unfortunately, Yennefer in many ways saw her
feelings for Geralt as an unwelcome intrusion into her life, and was not prepared for the
intensity and commitment those emotions might entail. Soon enough her lies, schemes and demanding
attitude became too much for the Witcher, who left her and returned to his former life,
thereby breaking the heart of the enchantress. Sometime later, Geralt and Yennefer met once
more during a mission to kill a dragon, and for a time their relationship was renewed. Yet it was not to be, as Yennefer then chose
to play cruel game with the Witcher, taking him to the town of Aedd Gynvael, so she could
be intimate with the sorcerer Istredd, her other lover. Making matters worse, everyone in town knew
what was happening except the Witcher, who was informed by Istredd himself, of Yennefer’s
infidelity. Heartbroken and humiliated, Geralt waited
for Yennefer to explain herself, but she offered little apology, and felt no guilt, claiming
she needed both men to be happy. Despite his disappointment, Geralt was so
blinded by love he could not leave her and so was prepared to fight a duel to the death
for her hand. Yet as they prepared to do battle, they both
received letters from Yennefer explaining that she left them both. Perhaps even more important than his bond
with Yennefer, Geralt once again played with destiny when he tied himself to the life of
a young princess from the Kingdom of Cintra. In attendance at the royal court, by the request
of Queen Calanthi, Geralt was present when the Knight Urcheon of Erlenwald appeared to
claim the hand of the princess Pavetta, a girl born with innate magical abilities. Many years earlier, the life of the girl’s
father was saved by Urcheon of Erlenwald, and so he was offered any reward he wished. Urcheon invoked the Law of Surprise, meaning
he would be given that which the King found upon his return home, but was not expecting. In this case, when the King returned to Cintra
he found his wife pregnant with Pavetta, and so the child was destined to become the wife
of this southern Knight. His claim to her hand caused outrage amongst
the nobles assembled, and some tried to kill Urcheon to prevent this from occurring. But in the end, his life was saved by Geralt
of Rivia, meaning the Witcher could now ask for any reward he wished. Geralt then invoked the Law of Surprise, and
they soon learned that Pavetta was pregnant, meaning her child was destined for the Witcher. Although the White Wolf had no plans of ever
returning for the Princess Cirilla, destiny would not allow him to abandon his charge,
and so he randomly came upon the girl in the Forest of Brokilon, where he saved her from
becoming a Drayad. Although the girl wanted to be with him and
fulfill her destiny, Geralt felt it would be wrong to take her from a loving family,
and so sent her back to Cintra. But once again they were brought together
by fate, when Geralt saved the life of a stranger on the road, and once again invoked the Law
of Surprise. When they arrived at his home, the child surprise
they found was once again the Princess Ciri, who was taken in by the family after the death
of her grandmother and fall of Cintra in the First Northern War. No longer willing to ignore their connection,
Geralt embraced Ciri and brought her to Kaer Morhen, to be trained as a Witcher.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  2. Dandelion is completely useless why be friends with the bard if he can't use talent and charisma to humanize geralt in his tales and use good facts and logic to explain Geralt actions to the masses the way plebs understand

  3. You did a great job sorting and displaying all the storylines and important plot points! I read all the books and totally approve this video. Great summary as always!

    P.S.: Get audible, listen to the witcher audiobooks, they are amazing.

  4. How far into the books are these spoilers? I just started the main saga, but read the first two short story collections. Is it safe?

  5. Finished all the books yesterday (to prepare for the Netflix series), & having just seen Part 1 & 2, this is awesome. It's succinct, to the point, I really love how it's animated, and also using books quotes, and looks from the games. Fantastic job!

    Is your plan to cover the books and the games? Or just the books (I'm kinda hoping you'll cover the games as well, hehe)?

  6. I not sure why but the politics and the locations of the witcher world were always hard to follow in the books so thanks for clearing up so many questions

  7. Cintra fell in 1261 not 1263. It's mentioned in one of main quest in Novigrad (witcher 3). Geralt and Menge were drinking wine of the year 1261. Then Menge sat that that's the year of Cintras fall.

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    …… metal gear history timeline and lore

  9. Sword of destiny is a blade with 2 edges. One is Yennefer, second is Ciri (both very sharp btw). And Geralt is wielding that sword.

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