46 thoughts on “Pope Francis takes on income inequality

  1. The Pope needs American tax payer money to pay for his Balenciaga suits. The Pope needs to be assassinated. Only the Hitman can do it.

  2. It always works out great when popes stick their nose into politics. So now it's socialists, just as infallible popes of the past supported monarchs and aristocrats.

  3. Hey, pope crap, give back the billions of dollars you people stole along with the Nazis from the Jews during the holocaust. Miserable socialist, I got it, you can't have it, anti American taxpayer POS.

  4. Sign the the White House petition to give Alex Jones press credentials and seat him next to Jim Acosta. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/give-alex-jones-press-credentials-and-sit-him-next-jim-acosta

  5. WRONG!!! The catholic church takes in $200 billion per year from the poorest people in the world, and less than 3% goes to the poor. The vast majority goes to maintenance of the Vatican and their universities. Look it up.

  6. Oh yes, he's putting all the church's property up for sale and giving it to the poor. No!, wait.. sorry just a rush of blood to the head. Forget all that communist shit. What we have we hold and He's not sharing anything with anyone, who do you think he is Marx? No just keep the poor sending in their remittance. Have you seen the cost of running a Roman palace lately?.

  7. Clean up your church..sell all real estate and valuables..then follow Jesus. A Socialist by any other name is still a Socialist.

  8. Sorry Pope F, there's no such thing as performance equality, skills equality, initiative equality, knowledge or risk-taking equality. Consequently income equality doesn't work either.
    I hate that even the Pope is a Marxist.

  9. The Vatican so hypocritical. The Vatican is one of the wealthiest STATES ( and yes it is its own state) and this Pope needs to hand out his own wealth. Itโ€™s sick if people really paid attention to just how wealthy they are and how they have had in the kitty deeply for hundreds of years. God will judge the Pope and his hypocrisy. Although I do always believe we can all give more. For sure.

  10. Where are the female popes? The pope shouldn't forget he lives a life of privilege surrounded by high value art and other assets. Jesus didn't walk around dressed like a king but the Catholic church does. Not knocking their religious view point, just the way they present themselves to the world.

  11. In the poorest areas of the world you get extravagant Catholic churches and cathedrals. Jesus was born in a stable, has this irony been lost on the Catholic church? Jesus shunned the trappings of wealth. Catholic church should look to themselves before calling others out on inequality.

  12. How much is the Vatican worth ? Google says 10 – 15 billion . How much is the pope worth ? Google says 2 million . Now what was he talking about ?

  13. Who is talking about what? With church money you control the world. Is it what Jesus did for us or he died on the cross to remove our sin?

  14. This Pope has shown time after time that he's a socialist and personally I think he bordering on communist.

    And they wonder why people no longer trust the Catholic Church.

  15. The issue isn't income equality, it is about having enough to live on if you are at the bottom. That is okay. To bug about income equality as a problem is communism, not so good.

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