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  1. Thanks for saying this Teal. This is so important. So imortant to confront political correctness. We need to free ourselves of the restraints Political correctness has put on us and say and think what we feel, what we think.

  2. Yea I wish teal had used this "black people can't swim" stereotype the whole way through the video. it would have shown where her thinking is right and where it needs some clarification

  3. America was based on free speech. When ever there is a subject that touches on P.C. I just start with "My Opinion is……" and or "I base my opinion On…….". I feel that if you can not base your opinion on something due to lack of knowledge or facts of the subject in question, then tell the person or group you are presenting your opinion to. Ask if it is offensive and why?

  4. When you convolute reality – regardless of the reason – everyone loses. The ends don't justify the means and the means and their purported ends just kick the can down the road.

  5. What if saying what you think just creates an argument and bad energy from the other person? I don't want arguments or more negative energy.

  6. I'm very raw and unfiltered, therefore, I don't fit into "polite society" and many do not want to associate with me because of this. I've tried to change myself to be like everyone else, but it just doesn't fly for long. I've always wondered why most people would rather be lied to than told the straight up truth about things. A lie is less painful than the truth. So although I "get" what you are saying because I am what you are saying, it's also a very lonely world to live in at times. That's the struggle.

  7. My perspective is that anyone who cares about political correctness is usually mentally ill; and therefore their opinions do not concern me, because they aren't reflective of reality.

    I am also deliberately almost completely cut off from mainstream society; and the reason why is because, aside from my belief that said society is pathological and misery inducing in almost every possible respect, I've recognised that the only real weapon that says society has against me, is the human need to belong to groups. If I deny that need, which I mostly do, then said society has no form of leverage over me.

    The only reason why I need to care about what anyone else thinks, is if that person has something that I need. If they don't, then I can tell them to take a flying leap with zero practical consequences. Unless you're one of the very few people who I actually care about, then unless you have some concrete means of enforcement, I could not care less about your feelings. For me to have any other attitude, is to allow you to have power over me.

    This is also why I refuse to become employed, even if it means I starve or otherwise die. I will not tell pretty lies in order to please others, for the sake of money.

  8. Teal has also radically increased my level of respect for her, with this video. Before this video, while I've enjoyed watching her and at times found her genuinely insightful, I will admit that mentally she had been filed in the "aspirant New Age guru" category; especially when I noticed that she's started doing paid workshops. The Namaste abuse as an occasional signoff didn't do anything to dispel that impression either, I will confess. 😉

    Yet with this video, Teal has made at least two positive accomplishments. The first is that she has demonstrated that she is willing to discuss topics that have genuine potential to harm her economic profitability, which in turn implies that she may truly have a level of authenticity which is greater than her desire for fiat currency. Given how often I've been betrayed in this area before, I hesitate to commit to real trust in her regarding it, but the signs so far are extremely positive. There is probably still time for you to go to the Dark Side, Teal; but apparently, at least it hasn't happened just yet. 😉

    My second reason for congratulating Teal for this video, is that she has managed to discuss the issue without becoming genuinely uncivil. That is usually extremely difficult.

  9. Hm, well, Idk rlly know what to say about this except that what anyone says about race and their stereotypes is meaningless to me. This is because I always know that to a degree, every single stereotype contains BS. However, I can't stand it when I meet ppl who have this hierarchy mindset – it's tiring to be on either end of the situation. From my experience, I separated from certain individuals because of my trust being abused.

  10. I'm not politically correct, but I also have no desire to verbally abuse or offend people. I treat others respectfully because people deserve to be treated that way. It has nothing to do with my image to the outside world. I like to look in the mirror and see a person who is not only loving to herself, but also not spreading hate and negativity to others. Why would I even want to be a destructive force in other people's lives? I think that people who feel intense urges to dehumanize innocent people have some very serious personal issues.

  11. I am surprised that there are so many negative responses to this. I really don't see much anything to be upset about in this video!

  12. The only people I know who are referring to political correctness or incorrectness all the time, are people who intent to offend others and are looking for excuses in doing so. You can read a lot about being pc as a negative attribute on all racist forums. Racists/right wing supporters/homophobes are often using "political correctness" to insult people who don´t share their believes. Normal, decent people usually don´t have problems offending others and that´s because they aren´t assholes. You can be honest and respectful at the same time. And if I´m allowed to be honest here I´d like to say that I´m skeptical of spiritual gurus who claim to be aliens and who seem to have an answers to all the big questions of humanity/the universe, but I really liked your earlier videos. It seemed like you did your homework about new age and spiritualism and you have a good way of explaining certain concepts to people but this video just changed my mind.

  13. I agree with everything Teal said on being Politically Incorrect and also the viewpoints of the other 561 commenters.

  14. i have a hard time saying all what i know to people that ask a simple question.. i want to be honest but some people seem like they aren't really interested in the whole truth.. i guess i predetermine what that kind of person can tolerate and then re spawned to them in a way they can understand without overwhelming these people. but this process takes a long time to get to know them and learn they behaviors then act out my ideas with a long spread out set of lines to help them ease into the subject. ive always had a hard time speaking my mind to anyone and even myself but ive noticed this and been trying to work on this even before i watched you video. thank you for sharing your thoughts ive always loved them.

  15. This video was an energetic experiment. Observe the nature of comments this has attracted. She was in low vibes when she made this video.

  16. PC is a social tool. The main questions are "why am I having this interaction?" and "how free can I really be?". PC becomes a problem when rules are taken out of their "original" context. For example, when diplomats have meetings they use PC because they have an objecitve.. (maybe to sell something to the other country), it is not a personal encounter, the idea is not to share feelings in that case. BUT too often people interact under fear, so – unconsciently – they define them selves as in danger, adopting unnecessary carefulness.
    The awareness of WHY you interact with the other in each case will decrease the chance of having unnecessary filters in communication. Unfortunately people don't define encounters in open social spaces (such as a party, club, the street, most interactions out of institutions) as really open, instead, it is normal to start looking what to avoid more than what we feel that we want to express.. To me it is a fact that most people engage in encounters without really knowing why. It becomes obvious in more evidently not-aligned-with-self tasks such as "jobs".

    (sorrry for my english (too PC? haha)

  17. People need to understand that you can be honest and POLITE at the same time.  In other words, be honest, but speak as kindly as you can. need  No need to be hateful or disgusting.

  18. P.C. is the same as telling a white lie.  It is designed to make someone believe something that is not true.  It is dishonesty at its' finest.

  19. I unfortunately offend everybody with my realness but after Teal….IDGAF!….and that's ok 🙂 I am aiming to be more careful though 🙂

  20. Here's the truth. This lady's schtick is just a luxury of living at time when many "hard realities" — which would have kept her as woman down in the past– are not so much a problem now. She seems a bit braindead towards real history, there's the harsh truth. She's a ditz. How that for a stereotype of a pretty lady?

  21. This makes no sense on like a billion levels. I mean, this definition of being "politically incorrect" means using language and action to 'disadvantage a so cial group'. That is literally discrimination. And we should therefore not be politically correct, the opposite of this definition, because..?

  22. political "correctness" is a virus. A inhibiting self censoring social engineering/brainwash technique. Used by the worldwide monopoly zionist elders of propaganda to yes… propagandize and control your body, sould n mind.

  23. political "correctness" is so prolific only due to peoples indoctrintion. You are not really taught to think. You are only taught WHAT to think and what your authority figures tell you to. And that goes not just for the mainstream. Also sub groups including this "spiritual" "love and light" scenes.

  24. "It offends me as a Spiritual Teacher to live in a world where so many people would rather be told a direct lie than something that is politically incorrect"… You nailed it, sister.

  25. There is a herd of elephants in captivity and suffering from corporate and entertainment exploitation. Those are elephants whom politically correct people often don't want to consciously see in the room. I challenge society to speak out for the elephants. Love All living beings equally much. (Teal Swan is an amazing and gorgeous woman, she's my soul mate.)

  26. those that hAVE ANYTHING TO do with being politically correct are giving evidence they are actually indoctrinated conformists forming the banal mass of brain dead slaves serving the greed and corruption of the kakistocrats(look it up)

  27. Oh no! Teal Swan I just got into your videos I'm disappointed by your unenlightened attitude towards combating systematic oppression and how power dynamics exist in our words,we can think critically about these stereotypes and call them out on their falseness (we have made progress and continue too). It's not about being inauthentic its about letting incorrect stereotypes and MYTHS die by not allowing them to persist any longer. It's not all about not being "offended",it' about extending basic human decency to groups who were previously denied humanity. It's about living with truth and interrupting the lies around you. It's true we all have prejudices and it's also true we can all work to change ourselves and the world around us to be more equal. Political correctness serves to address oppression as it manifests in our words beliefs and ideas which is just one arena on the spectrum of systematic oppression.

  28. I am not performing by respecting someone's right to self identify. Talking about race,gender, and power dynamics IS exactly how we progress and it is not wrong to do so . The people who ARE in fact talking about these issues critically are the ones accused of being coddled by those who are too afraid to speak honestly for fear of losing their moral posturing. I've been looking for relaxing videos online and enjoyed your other videos then this popped up causing me to doubt your perspective unfortunately.

  29. Does anyone know of any other spiritual relaxing and inspirational video that don't reinforce harmful cultural myths and play into the "politically correct" bogeyman that seems to have replaced terrorism as white america's top irrational fear?

  30. Ok. When I first saw your name I thought it said Steel Twat and I thought "wow, this is edgy". I still think you should consider it.

  31. Another great video. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    I tend to not be real popular due to my total dislike of political correctness. I don't (usually) offend someone on purpose, but I do state my real feelings in conversations. I also reserve the right to change my views on things. What I believed 20 years ago are not what I believe today, for the most part.
    I'd much rather be truthful (especially with myself) than make someone feel good or bad. Like an old drug/alcohol counselor friend used to say: I what I say offends you, maybe you just need a good offending. You should take a look at that."

  32. Teal, I love your passion, that is coming from the place of realness. It can convey more then the words. Thank you.

  33. What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?
    By the way I was actually very surprised that you hold this belief as well as being very spiritual. I've only been watching for your video's for about 2 days.
    Thanks for existing.

  34. I agree totally with this video political correctness is about being open to facts as they are and not be offended at what anyone is saying. And to be politically correct you should always remember that it is other peoples problems if they don't like what you have to say not yours. My favorite part of this video is when Teal says we can't have a conversation without discussing are prejudices. Cuz this is a fact I totally experience in life when it comes to being open with people.

  35. I would love to be that honest but i do not have the courage to deal with the toxic dissaproval I receive from the indoctrinated

  36. I think the ''trap'' that I normally fall into is that I can say whatever I want to say and still be politically correct, meaning, soft. There's no need to fuel the fire and cause unnecessary conflict. The thing is that I take a lot of time to process the perfect way to do so, and I can never have both spontaneously, but I have become better at it with time, I see it as a skill and I deeply admire people that trully know how to say what they mean without being rude. In the meantime I'll continue to swing between extremes until I get it right. x)

  37. Please checkout steemit.com if you haven't. I loved this video. Be great to hear what you have to say…. again lol

  38. You can't expect an authentic, spiritual woman to entertain the idea of endorsing something as manipulative and deceitful as PC. Very well done, TS!

  39. Teal is awesome. Politically correct behavior is essentially evil. It has nothing to do whatsoever with respect. Being pc is being a coward. You are actually not respecting others when you refuse to speak with them in earnest for fear of offending them. You are essentially treating them like children.

  40. Being someone who leans a bit toward the Conservative side, I was expecting a video that would explain a spiritual meaning behind being Politically Correct. Instead, I got the delightful surprise of seeing a video that exposed Cultural Marxism (the proper term for being Politically Correct) for the Fascist ideology that it truly is.

    For anyone who seems to disagree, just keep in mind that the true solution is breaking the stereotypes BY AND FOR YOURSELF. The Law of Attraction sees no such thing as true exclusion.

  41. I don't like p.c., and I agree it is a very dishonest way to behave. However, regarding stereotypes, the question is, who created the [reality] stereotypes to begin with? If most Jews are rich, and most blacks are poor, how did it get that way? It had to be created. Did blacks create the reality of being poor, or was it created for them, by something or some else? Perhaps the larger society.

  42. people in the comments section who think political incorrectness is about being prejudice are completely missing the point of this video

  43. without political correctness at all, not even in its basic form, society would fall and we would lose civility, respect and consideration for others and end up as uncivil savages that is driven by ignorance. this is what you preach.

  44. I don't have a problem with using certain words to sound polite, but I have a problem with forcing other people to do so. I have an issue with censorship as it is reminiscent of the conservatives who tried to censor rock bands , and had all sorts of satanic conspiracies to warn other parents away from such music. I think if it all starts from within, individual commitment is the ultimate way to change, rather than enforcement upon individuals by certain groups (such as the lefty libs pc agenda) Love you Teal

  45. This video made me think of my phone conversation today with my black friend (i'm white). He and i speak very openly and honestly with one another. We are very "politically correct" with one another. But because of this we have great discussions and really understand where each other is coming from. And by understanding each other, we break down racial barriers. Of course we genuinely care about each other and are compassionate with each other, so that helps a lot. But I think that political correctness just keeps the races from truly coming together as one.

  46. Teal I have never heard your opinion about major current isseu's like Islam of immigrationshifts in Europe. Why are you doing that?

  47. There is a fine line between political incorrectness and deliberately hurting others (bullying,sadism)…unfortunately this line can get blurry very quickly for a number of people.

  48. well . I shared this a came out with my ignorance and was shamed naturally..I didnt really respond bc I didnt feel like I needed to defend the topic or Teal.. I could perceive it as an attempt to attack but I just left it alone..so as to not allow momentum to grow by grabbing ahold of the story..I used it as a guide to where my vibration is ..an it looks like that when I felt my own resistance, that was activated in my vibration..I'm growing and becoming more unshakable each day ..I know that it is in me to be unflinchingly authentic I wont stop. I cant stop. thank you for being you and putting light on the shadows.

  49. Teal Swan: "Yes racists, say whatever is on your mind. Your violent hate speech is liberating. You will feel great!"

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