100 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Travel: Research Tour— Community Day with Eevee and the Raid Battle Challenge! (Ep. 3)

  1. Hey guys i need some friends outside the usa!! Or just anybody for that matter i play everyday and will send gifts back!! please add! im trying to complete the adding friends part of the celebi quest!! 6936 0233 4863

  2. Why is Spieletrend part of this? Noone likes him anymore here in germany since he took a pause making his casual, way too late videos because he´s busy farming crypto money?!

  3. Anyong~ 8355 7246 5836

    Looking for Pokemon Friends in different countries! I'm Min-Jae from South Korea. Where are you guys from?

    Let's exchange gifts! I will always send it back. So please be patient.

  4. Love the fog rolling into the city. Kinda miss California. Lived in Carlsbad area for a bit and every day during the early summer, the fog would roll in.

  5. Trying to get unlocks with friends for ripple in time and XP bonuses, Add me! Play daily and will exchange gifts with you on a daily basis!! 490096827786

  6. Best way to enable everyone to know and participate in events: have a button in game that shows timers for when current events end, and when future ones start!

  7. I'm surprised to see them wearing jackets. It was so hot here in Wisconsin when I came home I fell out. I couldnt get enough water.

  8. I guess Nick is hard to draw, because he's the only one that looks off in the intro. XD It's actually hilarious. Hopefully I can play an active part in this community someday. I'm glad you guys had so much fun! Oh, and why don't you guys have events in San Fran? It's your headquarters, after all. I'm all for that as a Cali resident. 🙂

  9. 8031 3648 0794 I need friends in real life, but this should do for now! in need of xp bonuses and chain quests! daily player will send you gifts daily!

  10. please niantic i beg, do something for raid system,i live in rural area where no one gathers for raids,i have only got entei which came from 7day field research task,please do something so that we can catch legendaries,not everyone has money to fly off and catch mons,please niantic

  11. I want mimikyu to be in pokemon go for this Halloween. I now mimikyu is in gen 7 or 8 but we have a hat. I would love a mimikyu for a October exclusive Pokemon.

  12. hello, i am from Prague, middle of Europe …. and i would to ask you, what your camera is … you have so beautiful movie.. nice picture, you know what i mean…. thank you for answer 😉 " level 40 " 🙂 peace Mystic

  13. WHY not anyone from India and not a single YouTuber from 🇮🇳 India I ALSO WANNA PARTICIPATE IF THERE WILL BE A SAFARI ZONE AT INDIA DELHI

  14. Alola mates 🙂
    I'm lookin' for New Zealand players to build up our friendship-level before I'll be there later this year for work and travel.
    Will be stocking up Mr. Mime for you guys!
    My TC is 8503 2997 2015 (NZ players only pls)
    Currently, I'm located in Germany.
    Can't wait to see the most beautiful country in the world and meet up with you for trading!
    Gotta catch 'em all and see you soon 🙂

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