Pilothouse Cedar, Bilge Pumps, Heads and more

Pilothouse Cedar, Bilge Pumps,  Heads and more

hi I’m Doug welcome to sailing vessel
seeker of the boat the internet built and in this episode we’re going to be
putting cedar into the pilothouse here’s a little shot of the end result and
betsy knives also got a chance to take a break in sandblasting and painting and
putting insulation in this whole summer and fall so we took a break we went down
to Houston Texas I got to see the Johnson Space Center down there never
been there before and then we went out to and galliston island and rummaged around
there and looked at boats of course enjoy the video this is where old radars
go to die or to be repurchased yeah oh yeah watch out I’m here nice wheel oh my
god ouch it is expensive which is beautiful
wheel though I’m gonna had a more pretty will than this you know I could have put
on the back deck this these are the nice ones oh oh yeah
nature’s head thousand bucks I think we can build one it’s not quite as pretty
look it’s got best be urinal so your kiss is separated from the do and you
got a stirrer in it I’m gonna clip so you can empty the bottle not too bad
let’s see what it looks like inside cuz I want to put something like this on the
back deck so let’s got a hatch away see that’s where you can you piss too
goes through there had to wait for the permit and you can see the stern handle
down in there so yeah that’s a lot of parts a lot of time but maybe we can
simplify it something a little bit more romantic than a five-gallon bucket
normal pour that’s these are the normal pump out toilets on the boat and we
already have a couple of these that are donated so pump water into the bowl to
your don’t pump it all out you make it sound so disgusting it’s not disgusting
taking a dump it’s a natural thing you don’t need a word use the word dog don’t
poo you know I do better well that is cute you’re not working but
you succeed huh see that can’t be right Oh Dino bugged it okay that makes more
sense nothing else that I’d like you to have least could be probable but their
bilge pumps so imagine a diaphragm here on the top and the handle sticking in
there what happens is you got an inlet check valve and an outlet check valve so
when the diaphragm comes up draws down when you push it back down and pushes it
back out this side really great for clearing stuff that even has
crap in the water here’s an example of one that has a diaphragm there on the
top you just can’t see the check valves you know I don’t think that’s too bad 60
bucks for that oh look at this one it’s double-acting it’s got two old one on
each side pump it all goes on the top huh are you giving away this gush your
bilge pump today oh there it is it’s on the top now we found the price tag Yeah
right hey it’s cheaper than the other one I
could not make this for that price hey take a look kid I was something damaging
anything that’s right this is middle name it allowed us to take the pump
parts and inspect the diaphragm switch looking in good shape when people ask me
what my name is and I tell them it’s metal
they go like yeah I like your reaction his reaction and no he was not not until
much much later in life but I tell him okay my name is spelled in the following
manner women yes men no maybe you just sold a manual bilge pump here the gusher
30 was this must be 32 granite yeah mm-hmm okay well I’d really make
everything but I hear these are very good this is just too much to pass up
aren’t you glad we came here I am it was a good idea I don’t know why
we have to go there why do we have to go there know what I said I thought we were
going to breakfast you’re going to breakfast all right skipper’s we’ve been
discovered yesterday skipper’s was great I thought it was strippers when I pulled
up I was a little disappointed but yeah all right let’s put this back together
and we’ll buy you’re built handle distorted reverses
comes out on deck turns to boss no no no no look at me I got to go for a boat ride
on Galveston Bay I got to see dolphins Eagles at power giving away we gotta see
Billy home here what kind of build your energy now I’m pleased with it but if you want
to really smooth rough you’re gonna have to do some more work than this like
you’re gonna have to trim all these boards through the same width because
they’re a little bit offer one smile he’s a gap and then they have a lot of
bend to them as well man I’m not sure how to do that whether another saw
passed clean up the edges so they’re all nice and straight every once while they
get bad enough that I actually trim off a little bit from the side of the board
you see this one got trimmed that way but it’s in keeping with our boat we’re
not a yacht we’re not really a fishing boat either it’s kind of a you know
something in between and if you won’t get really depressed about your
government no matter who your government is there’s a great book called the
problem from hell it’s about genocide and basically the United States and
other nations lack of ability to well no lack of purpose to respond to such
things because you know it’s kind of weird they got a number of thing you got
to have 80,000 civilian dead before you can justify one military dead and I
think if you put this question before the military they’d be much more willing
to take that risk than politicians are that’s why I think it’s not always a bad
idea to have somebody that has military experience a real military experience in
the government they will know when it’s worth their risk it’s just sad because
you know we could have stopped so much of the killing Rwanda
even Cambodia if we just a made it our point to stop these killings and if you
want a positive note there’s another book called the better nature of our
angels and it’s actually also about the politics of violence through the the
world and it’s actually getting much better you know we actually did I mean
it took us a long time but we have prosecuted people from Croatia and so
forth for the crimes of genocide over there
and maybe maybe we’re getting hand on it looky there
if she came out and finished the painting all the girls okay beautiful
this is this morning I mean a gorgeous sunrise my neighbor brought his crane
home and I’ll tell you what the whole sky is filled up this morning
here she comes our heater for the day nor the past few days I’ve gotten most
of the ceiling filled in just got this one side over here to do now I think I’m
gonna go ahead and bring the wood down to the top of the windows after that
we’ll plan out where the cabinetry goes well it’s working that it did just come
in but this is rounded right so it doesn’t need coming in a straight line
so the boards are going here on the most challenging thing and they’re not hard
to do though first thing I do is I figure out how long this board to be and
I want to go past that furnace trip there and I want to have a bevel up so
the next board can come in on top of it so I know that length about six inches
so I’m doing up for that the trick is you put this board in but you put it on
top of the last board and since Bart’s here if you just hold that there
yeah you got after that’s there then I can just take another board the same
width it’s the one we’re going to cut and I can run a line using that board maybe my business and there’s our cut it’s also gonna get half some screws are
a little bit longer reach up then there’s far too me too
well there it is all the ceilings in I mean I like you having that done it’s
not really flat because of the rafters above it just perfectly but when I get
the whole thing and get a better perspective it like how this eyeball
level I like it a lot better and it is a weird-shaped room you know with their
rounded sides and the cambers and the ends there’s a smaller camber in the
back and there is up here in the front there’s about what do you think about
four or five inches of camera there yeah not a flat surface anyway so I think
that helps hide some of the indiscretions that are handling up here
but well I so hide them more with other stuff that goes in here because there’s
a rack that goes through there for the ropes coming in from the sails and yeah
cabinetry goes around the edge then so yeah you can hide a lot of sense now
we’re cleaning our windows but now we think we’ve got the sparrows train they
had a little game a fly through the pilot house so I think the dirt on the
windows must’ve saved several lives yeah now the cat would have been appreciative
of dead bird light out there Barton I’ve finished the front wall
today and the upside above the windows the both sides just back wall behind me
is all we got left yeah nice day okay I often get asked
about my neighborhood I’m gonna tell you a little bit about my neighborhood I was
listening to a great little program on NPR hidden brain the podcast is called
zipcode destiny and I recommend you get that but if you just want to cut to the
chase it you know I hear this thing at work I used to work downtown very nice
very elite office lots of high paid people and it really pissed me off when
I hear this thing ah-oh their kids have the same opportunity tell all the kids
have that is such bullshit okay and this is a research study that just points out
how much bullshit that is this is a map that you can get go to the link
opportunity atlas dot org and it’s a research based on basically the
population of watching the population see if these kids do well later on in
life and where they grew up so it’s like does your zip code have if your kids a
good potential for being successful and following the American dream or not and
the whole United States is on this thing so you can imagine that the south this
is a lot of red but if you zoom in almost red spots to you know like
Alabama there you go into Montgomery see even on those cities you’ll see this is
where the successful people live in Montgomery now it’s said that that much
of the United States is read out like that
I live in Tulsa Oklahoma and it’s right over here on yeah let’s looking pretty
good is that overall picture but when you zoom in there’s Tulsa this is the
the rich neighborhoods down the south and I live right up here in the middle
of this dark red zone okay so one of the things I encourage you to do if you want
to make it change to the earth and to our civilization into people is you can
move these people out of this neighborhood put them someplace else and
their children their young children will grow up to be successful or you can move
into one of these neighborhoods if you are the successful you know count
yourself successful you’ve made it in life that kind of thing I
myself firmly in that category move into all these neighborhoods and you will be
astonished at the amount of good that you can do because you’re setting an
example you know this idea that we take all these people who need help and put
them into this one little community and call it a project and that’s gonna be
successful is ludicrous that is just insane what we need is the diversity of
people so that when John little Johnny walks down the street and the morning
going to his school from his parents house who can’t pay their water bill
can’t pay their light bill because they’re spending it all on meth let’s
just be honest he can at least pass by this boat and he can see something that
says wow the whole fucking world ain’t like mom and dad at home there is a
choice that I can make of my life that’s all it takes you know you take somebody
than give them an idea in their head that maybe I don’t have to follow the
path the rest of my family has followed because when you listen to this program
it’s just amazing I mean there’s places where if you’re a black male you in any
given day you have a 40% chance of being incarcerated on that day the world
shouldn’t be like that and it shouldn’t be like this either so help make a
change all right we’re all set up below decks
now to start the cedar installation into the aft cabin still got the forward
gamma to do tube this one looks like more fun to this
wall sloped out so much but it’s only got a flat ceiling that would be nice
still I’m enjoying the cedar a lot more than I did the phone that was just way
way too much foam to put in and the forward gap will be the last one and I
went ahead and put in a strip below the windows cuz damn it just looks cool I am
really happy with the way that this came out no that’s fine that went crazy about
it when I started it but you know I can live with everything I see now and
that’s just because it’s done you know I’ve been thinking more about my
neighborhood too if I had had insight that I do now I would move to this
neighborhood from everything that I’ve lived in before homeowners associations
nicer houses all that stuff because I really like the community here you know
I can I talk to the neighbors here I can I can assist the neighbors here the last
for help I can ask for their help you know they’ll hand food over the fence to
me it’s just it’s just a great little neighborhood and if I had to make my
choice again I’d live here even if I didn’t have the boat and it didn’t take
many good neighbors to make you feel that way either I got borrowed I got the
fluorisis you know there’s there tweakers around here too but literally
you know we have had nothing stolen except out of the mailbox from this
property now I got the fence and the dog other neighbors do lose things but we
watch each other’s back you know there’s there’s a need for that there’s no
there’s no other protection from that and it’s really not a serious crime
neighborhood if you’re not selling drugs if you’re selling drugs you have some
serious things to worry about okay I mean there’s competition for that but if
you’re just a person living this neighborhood it doesn’t take too much to
safeguard yourself so you know I’ve had people at work that they won’t even come
here because it’s where this know where this house is you know if it is
considered that battle neighborhood but when you live in it it’s just like
everything else the things you fear or when you imagine them are much greater
than the reality in that right RL we’re talking about
killers in the neighborhood you are the biggest one by far aren’t you and I got
to looking at this gutter pump I know why the price was so little on it now
it’s missing one of these ports on this side it has it I’m sure I could buy that
but that’s such an easy thing to make it’s just a little bit of play with a
piece of pipe welded onto it that will be an easy fix and certainly worth the
discount I got on the pump but that’s why it’s nice to be able to weld and fix
little things you can get great prices because there’s one little part missing
this is a simple part and you can make it what did you make today appreciate
you sharing your photos send those in to me you can put them up on our Facebook
group that’s sv seeker on facebook or you can just email them to me as an
attachment sv seeker at y mail calm and I really appreciate getting that
everybody has something they could inspire somebody else with your
birdhouse it’s beautiful

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

93 thoughts on “Pilothouse Cedar, Bilge Pumps, Heads and more

  1. I love your attitude and your perspective!! It would be a better place with more people like you in it! Love the cedar work!!!

  2. Looks like a good trip to TX, I saw the Saturn V there too, did you get to tour the rest of NASA ? If you make a head, or I'm guessing multiples, like 2 or 3 plus a spare perhaps, will you mold it out of aluminum, plastics, or fiberglass and gelcoating ? Maybe making one of these Incinolet's would be better… all sheet metal construction, no black water tank, just ashes, electrically powered, no noise ? Check out : https://incinolet.com I was going to suggest this to Bart for his tiny house too !

  3. ❤️❤️🎄Hey Captain!…😊thank you brother, for posting my playing on your vid again!. I finally accepted how I am able to make a difference in the world also.
    It took me 20 years, but hey…better late than never. I believe we are on the same page as far as making the world a better place; you do it with a research vessel and inspiring others, I do it with a little music here and there.
    Btw, I will have some new music with higher production values in the coming months. I will remaster and re film my music. clean them up, and Ill do my best to offer up some SV Seeker approved music for you. Your boat is really looking great, you have come so far on it, I am right there along side, looking towards a time you start your next adventure; life aboard!

  4. Love your attitude regarding your neighborhood. When we visited from Africa we did not feel a moment's concern, and we do have some experience with dangerous environments! As for the small gaps in the planking, the wood will shrink and expand, and soon the gaps will be invisible. Best wishes from a sweltering hot Maurtius where we went diving with Eagle rays today.

  5. The only person who knows what you can and cannot do is YOU.
    I learned that lesson when I was 4 years old.

    If you wanted a "yacht" you would have bought one. :p I do love the look of red cedar and know it is actually a hard wearing wood that will last a long, long time.

  6. you have done so much this year to move this project forward, what will you achieve next year. cant wait to find out! good score on the pump, merry xmas and have a great new year to both yourself, miss Betsy and the rest of the crew. have a great one….

  7. Hi duag my name is well I go by horseman I was watching you for a long time. You keep menchingng this mota try even if you don't know how. I took that in Hart and I did not know how to bulied a chair well I went a head and did so I am so proud of my work and hope to improve I am only 13 but say the word and I will help you with any thing you need.

  8. If you won't do a nipple ring, PLEASE stick a fish hook (with leader and bobber) through a nipple. Wind indicator and so much more!

  9. Doug, the toilet you are looking for is the C-head. It uses a modified 5 gallon bucket for the poo and a milk jug for the urine.

  10. Looks like a nice vacation guys….. Good to get away, I'm sure…
    Merry Christmas to you both from MI. Hope you both had a good holiday… Ceder looks great in the pilot house.
    Doesn't that have to come off to get to water??
    Anyway. Have you thought of a video showing that Diesel spin the prop…😁 Just saying, it would make a great video….

  11. Our military is too busy fighting endless sand wars for Israel…we get to send them billions of dollars and in return we get bodybags filled with sons…because they “our greatest ally”.

  12. By the way the crank for the hatch really works well and where's all your volunteers? Have a great day 😀👏🛥️😀👏🛥️😀👏🛥️😀👏🛥️

  13. i am with you about moving into a less affluent neighbourhood. It's been such a positive influence in MY life (the food here is amazing!). Not sure how much an impact I've had on them, but I do spend my dollars in the local businesses.

  14. Hi Doug. I have been watching your videos from the very start. Wow, your boat is looking great, Can'twait to see it on the water. Looking at the double action bilge pump you just bought and was thinking that I am sure you could build/come up with, an engine that would actuate the pump without you having to manually move the pump handle. Say hello to Betsy for me. Kind regards, from Hobart, Tasmania . Have a truely exciting 2020 and beyond

  15. What was Cambodia in the Khmer rouge we just got out of Vietnam in the country lost its taste for war and the politicians at the time thought that it would be a long drug out conflict I'm not saying it's right it's just that was the attitudes in 1975 through 80

  16. I live in Pensacola FL, all of the school funding gets washed down deeper to the handle past the north (pandhandle) of Florida. If it ain’t washed away then god forbid the county gets it and whoop de doo there’s a new fee stop lights on the highway

  17. Hi Doug, Im the old Aussie guy that said he would send you some photo,s of what did you make today. Where do I send them mate. ?. I,m getting on in life but have several projects on the go and can send you some pics.

  18. That double acting Whale Gusher is a bargain and will serve you well, if you bolt it to a bit of solid timber you can use it as an emergency bilge pump anywhere it's needed, we have used one to salvage a boat or two. I appreciate your comments on community, you will be joining a community that will have your back, It's the unwritten rule of the sea that you will always help other mariners in trouble and this tends to be extended to everyday helpfulness, as we are in a way, all in the same boat. BTW the worlds best bilge pump is a frightened crew with a bucket, it's amazing how much water they can shift.

  19. If you want to help stop a genocide such as the one currently happening in South Africa, start by sending guns and ammo to those being victimized and broadcast the truth on your news channels in order to apply political pressure… not some leftist bullshit.

  20. Sorry Doug I wouldn't read anything written by Samantha Power..
    You need to be red pilled…
    She was/is a major part of the problem…
    Just saying….

  21. What did I make today ? Glad You asked
    An Appeal to YouTube Seekers Help ! …

    I will spare you the grief and just give you there link.
    Wishing you 20/20 vision in 2020.
    This is one of my favorite Thank You

    From Cleveland Ohio Happy Solstice

  22. You touched on it briefly there Doug…..The single biggest factor for opportunities provided to children is determined by family structure. And family is under attack in the US.

  23. @14:30 You brought up a serious social problem here. Unfortunately, those that has a selection of what school district they raise their kids in will almost always pick "the best" one in their area. This is compounded by property taxes netting high amounts in those areas because of this constant competition. This can be mitigated by supplemental funding at the state level, but that is more of a band-aid on a severed limb.

    The real solution would be for federal regulation of the funding and required curriculum for all schools in the US, but I have yet to see a combination of a competent administration paired with a robust Congress that are both willing to set up such a program. Anything less than bringing at least funding up to parity with the top 25% of districts and making sure that the money goes to education and not after school athletics is leaving half of our youth with no futures.

  24. You're the only person to go to houston on vacation. You're supposed to go to Austin. If you want to see something super cool, Spacex is in Boca Chica building space ships, but thats quite a drive. If you were in a city, you could be part of a maker space, im sure you could teach other people how to do a lot. I'm glad to see the ceilings in. If you installed bunks in the ship, you could have a place for the travelling workers that come through…

  25. How many of those families are single parent families? Some Democrat President offered free stuff for women to have babies and not get married

  26. Work ethic, coming from a 2 parent household, not having kids before marriage, is a much bigger indicator of success than where you live.

  27. I graduated from high school in the late 70's. In a working class lumber town on the Pacific Ocean. Our graduation class had roughly 100 kids. My rough estimates for the career choices of my classmates were around 20 graduated from a university, about 25 graduated from community college or a trade school, about 25 got blue collar jobs with little post high school training and about 20 ended up in early marriages with children, (homemakers). The balance-10, disappeared and I have no idea what happened to them.
    Our class produced 1 microbiologist, one field biologist, one pediatrician, one urban planner, one oral surgeon, one vetrinarian, one medical research specialist, 3 teachers, 3 R.N.'s, 3 L.P.N.'s, 3 wastewater treatment plant operators-(my group), and at least 2 commercial fishermen, along with a number of small businesses owners. Of course I don't have the information for all of them, although for a working class lumber town, I think we should be proud of these people.
    This list may not impress anyone else, but it's pretty impressive to me.

  28. Getting free stuff your entire life does not inscentivize people to work and they don't understand the value of property. One of my friends grew up in low income housing he then moved into a brand new complex free internet, free heat and lights and his rent was $175. I tried to explain fair market value for that 1 bedroom. I told him I coukd move in but my rent would be $700 a month. 1 year later his apartment looked as if the building was 30 years old. You get free stuff you won't take care of it.

  29. I went to one of the best public highschools in my state we had a 98% graduation rate and 90+% went on to college, trade school or military. My school had 50+ clubs. Less than 5 miles away is the worst preforming school in my state for like 20 years running. It has less than a 50% graduation rate and I think 30% went on to college or trade school. On don't think they have 10 clubs or half the spoets we did. I find that ridiculous. I know it is a tax and poverty problem but sadly I am not in a position to do anything… yet.

  30. As a retired member of the Military I'm afraid I'd finally found a spot where we disagree. We need to pull our military home ! We've spent far to many life's and to many wounded on "try to teach" the world how to live with each other. Now if you want to try to fix our half of the world then I'm in.. one of the best foreign policy's we ever had was the Monroe Doctrine.

    What you said about the movement of people is true but the libs have even weaponized that by screaming it's reunification and displacement of minorities… Sorry Doug but our way of thinking is now wrong in our country.. it's sad…
    Whites our age who want what Dr. King was preaching are now a danger to the left wing..

    But please don't block me I'm not bitchin' your out look is great I'm just telling ya the reality of what I see …

  31. You are so right on about the genocide book. Read it several years ago and just got so frustrated with the inaction it shared. As long as we have the greed we have now in our society, we will never do anything which will actually lessen genocide, maybe a little something which is just for show. But then, when America turns its back on its most loyal and dedicated allies, such as the Montagnards, what can one expect. It is still going on in Vietnam today and because a few Americans make money there, nothing is done for human rights. Only when we understand that human rights is not simply a local or state issue but a big overlapping one about humanity as a whole will the human race ever take a stand. I guess we can dream can we not?
    Cannot wait until I see you pulling S/V Seeker out of Tulsa and its bottom starts to get wet and floats. It has been a very long eight years or so. Fair Winds.

  32. Hi Doug love youre channel.
    how are you making the lighting in the pilothouse ? maybe its an idea to take LED build in spots that you can colour ( day light white and at night red) grtz from the Netherlands

  33. Yeah, sorry USA isn't the world police… 🤦‍♂️ People need to get there shit together by themselves.. when people are meddling they will never get with themselves just keep waiting for the "help"…. bunch of fear mongering and many wars have started by the CIA… so fu

  34. Nice work on the pilot house and I love your take on setting examples of hope for everyone. Keep up the great work on all fronts.

  35. "Lack of effort to respond" ay.. The U.S government is FUNDING a genocide in Palestine, occupiers call it Israel, U.K, France and other former colonial superpowers made their fortune out of genocide.

  36. Let’s look at who created the red spots. Prior to 1957, we had the New Deal which actually housed Blacks separately. This segregation was supposed to stop with the 1957 Civil Rights Act. Then as we started to improve we got the Great Society in 1964, with its permanent welfare, public housing, abortion, and Affirmative Action. Now, we have renewed segregation being pushed as Diversity with the Democrats singing that old song “they will be more comfortable with their own kind.”
    Need to bus the good teachers into the poor schools.

  37. Glad you made a visit to my town Doug, Galveston has it perks with many boats and good food around. Happy Holidays * * *

  38. I have been lucky to meet people from all over the world 99% we all want the same things its the 1% that are the arseholes of the 1% 90% are politicians 😄

  39. I so much love your attitude…you have personally changed my life…I make about 30k more per year because of your inspiration…Thankyou and God bless

  40. It's very very easy to fool people . But very very difficult to convince people they have been fooled . Mark Twain . 9/11 for example and going to war with Iraq . Very few Americans can except what really went on here . El Salvador and the war in Rwanda was started by the CIA . The list goes on and is very long .

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