Persona 5 Gameplay Part 7 Ann Persona

Persona 5 Gameplay Part 7 Ann Persona

our friend so welcome back to my channel
of Joseph came her for life my name Joseph so welcome back to another
gameplay for shauna five so guys I got some good news that I buy I got me
another USB because I try to connect my camera my microphone and my head got all
HD City it did not work so I got me a new one yes we helped me get post more
stuff so yeah so anyway in I still yeah I still gonna still try to fish it out
of way I still trying to figure out on to fishing
well cam and everything for April because raises evil 3 nemesis apart let’s see thank you all right go down take this boom one more Oh hah yo Joker area
hey I just kill myself this boom yeah I gained a little bit more subscribers I
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where you find my channel is Facebook Twitter or here so let go this way oh boy oh boy I felt this way alright amen Oh och Chavo we have to favor yes
by safer yes I’m ready here we go so this is the intruder oh shit but more importantly what is this place
why is the school turned into something like this
I can’t believe you mistook my odd for someone like her are you afraid what does that help it
have you lost your mind I do is that please here after all this is my castle
the world of my desires what wait this some red-light district
what a lively slave funny enough of the bullshit Kushina shit the girls decided
to tell me off what do you think of that talking back is like totally
unforgivable in that case she should be executed now that should I play the fear shall I
tear you into little pieces this is half top is that what he thinks of the girls
on the volleyball team hey that’s jicama key just what I was
about to start enjoying myself what’s the deal with this guy you live how many
times are you gonna come back I bet you just like those seeds you came because
you’re pissed at me huh but did I forget that chicks name but
it’s your fault she jumped you know you were so reluctant to throw yourself on
to me that I had her take your place No Jhin deep trouble take one more step in
a pillar on a star oh damn it just sit back and enjoy the
dismantlement show Wow maybe I’ll start with your clothes fur
fur hey what are we gonna do yeah jicama key is this my punishment
for what happened to see how no that’s more like it you should have looked like
this from the start yeah I’m so sorry
Wow don’t give in huh you’re right letting this piece of
shit toy with me what was I thinking it’s like I always say slaves should
just behave in shut up oh I’ve had enough of this you pissed me off you son
of a bitch it’s taken tell me who is going to avenge you don’t
forgiving it was never the option such as the scream of the other 12
I am now we can finally watch oh I hear you
Carmen no more holding back nothing can be solved by restraining yourself then
I’ll gladly lend you my strength Oh whole you know what I’m not some cheap
girl you can toy with you destroyed her now it’s your turn I
will rub you on everything I’ll tear your insolence what Carmen what the heck this is on the
toilet take a dump LLL do Oh Oh all right this let’s say help cool like so close awesome here we go nice school that guy’s nothing but a
pathetic loser the love of that that’s ugh
oh shit wait why’d you come here man and more
importantly how hey is that how you speak to a woman I know right
that’s all right are y’all wrong are you all right lady Ahn lady Ahn wait what is
this thing is it alive how can it talk and where in the world are we just calm
down everything’s going to be okay don’t worry huh why am I dressed like
this you look great well I’m stumped a search
party will be coming for a soon there’s no time to explain
we don’t have a choice let’s retreat for now
we were just getting fired up and you had to go and get in the way yeah fine
here give me your arm you take the other side well which one you want whichever’s not
carbonated they’re both actually then here you go what about me huh but you’re a cat if he
calms down lady on um Morgana right I really am talking to a cat this
feels so strange oh sorry you’re not a cat right it’s
only natural that you’re confused demanding that you understand all of
this right after what you went through is asking too much honestly I still
can’t believe what happened and that power my persona it’s the will
of your rebellion lady on with it you’ll be able to fight in that other world so
if what you told me is true we can make kama Sheeta have a change of heart
right is it really possible and we actually force him to confess his crimes the volleyball teams keeping quiet about
this while teachers and parents turn a blind eye if guys like us try and
complain we’re just gonna shoot us down going all in on this plan is the only
choice we got then let me help too I want to make him pay for what happened
to Shiho he just keeps going like nothing happened even after what he did
to her wait did you just say let me help you
mean you want us to take you along don’t act like I’m going to drag you down
aren’t you watching I can fight too hey what should we do I agree as well we are lacking in
manpower after all don’t worry I’ll protect her even if you
said no hi just going alone all right she can go by herself I guess it’ll be
more dangerous turning her down fine then it’s decided well and I hope we get
along I’m going to make coma schita its home for what he did
not just for shiho sake but for everything he’s done I hope so
but also I won’t let any more people suffer because of him I’ll do whatever
it takes so I doubt something as dangerous as your
group could have been pulled off with wertha Doc’s methods it wouldn’t be odd
if you had someone that was proficient in deceiving the eyes of others if
you’re listening then answer me I am thou thou art I thou hast acquired a new
vow it shall become the wings of rebellion that break it by chains of
captivity with the birth of the lovers persona I have obtained the winds of
blessing that shall lead to freedom and new power all right just let me know when you’re
heading back in oh wait we don’t have each other’s info hey give me your number in chat ID I’ll be counting on you then same goes for you Morgana the pleasure is all mine lady on what a kind girl such admirable
consideration for others hence the innocence to cast herself into the jaws
of death to achieve her goal she cares about her friends and she’s beautiful to
boot what a girl she’s captured my heart dude you know it it’d be better if this
group could get together quick from now on true our best option would be to make
a secret hideout where we could discuss these things hideout huh I like the
sound of that the school rooftop would work it seems
like nobody goes up there for the time being that will make the perfect hideout
I can’t contact you from inside a palace so I’ll stay in this world that being
said I’ll need someone to take care of me I’m personally nominating you you
should feel honored Sall you there’s no way I can at my
place really let’s meet there tomorrow okay
okay let’s go look at my new residents for this world No okay hey the store still open
galuf sir all right thanks I see your lair come back again no phew that is it
for today oh that customer just now she the head doctor over at that clinic
down the street well she hot so hey are we there yet well I got get home and start making
dinner what what is this place is this some
kind of abandoned house hey are you I was wondering why I heard meowing what
did you bring it here for it doesn’t have a halt it was abandoned that’s it’s a shame look this place is a
restaurant animals are a no-go though I guess you might stay on good behavior if
you’ve got a pet to take you out oh thank you
fine but keep it quiet when we’re open for business and don’t let it roam
downstairs or I’ll toss it out oh and I’m not gonna take care of it that’s all
unto you all right was that the ruler of this place yes he seemed pretty
understanding for someone who keeps you cramped up in this dump
Oh God again I suppose to normal people I just sound like a meowing cat seriously had to keep calling out in
that cute little voice make sure you wash that dish by the way have you
decided on a name Morgana I was hoping I’d get to name it looks
like the chief likes me better than you Oh duck old gal and to be honest this place is heaven
compared to comma schita sells remember how you guys asked me before about what
I am to be honest I remember anything about my birth hmm I think the meta
verses distortions made me lose both my memories and my true form is that form
human it has to be I mean why else would a cat be able to talk like this there’s
no other possible explanation there’s no doubt that the distortions for what
caused me to lose my real self I’m sure that once they’re purged I’ll finally be
able to get that self back and I have a pretty good idea on how to do it too
that’s why I was in the castle in the first place come to think of it I didn’t get hungry
over in that world let me make myself clear you’re taking
care of me won’t be for nothing it’ll be give-and-take due to my
knowledgeable and dexterous nature I have a lot of intel on infiltration
tools really whoa I can’t tell you more unless we settle on a deal in exchange
for you keeping me here I’ll teach you about these tools how does that sound
I do this I like that answer then it’s a deal all right cool skillful infiltrations and escapes to
all manner of places there’s even the possibility that you use special tools
and had someone who manufactured them answer me I am thou thou art I thou hast
acquired a new vow it shall become the wings of rebellion that break it by
chains of captivity with the birth of the magician persona I have obtained the
winds of blessing that shall lead to freedom and new power alright I’ll lecture you about the
infiltration tools over time by the way the power you used in the palace was
seriously amazing the stronger that power gets the more reliable it’ll be as
a trump card all right I’m gonna stick with you wherever you go from today on
personas are the strengths born from one’s heart depending on what kind of
life experience you gain I bet it’ll affect that power as well and if you
become acquainted with capable people you might learn various useful skills –
this is all part of our deal got it I expect great things from you don’t let
me down okay cool
also all right so all right so get around in cat form so free well I don’t
know what your human form is so oh you’re welcome be fine you guys send messages to each
other with that thing right I want in too so I’m gonna have to ask you to type
for me all right all right friends so I’m gonna stop right here
so thank you for watching do it for showing off I read you say don’t forget
click like subscribe comment share and think forward check out my channel just
to come off life alright see you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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