Outlaw Origins | League of Legends Community Collab

Outlaw Origins | League of Legends Community Collab

My parents never gave me a name. They trapped me in hell instead. *Swords clinking* Left for dead. If they wanted to kill me… They shoulda done it themselves. Little did they know… I was born one tough son of a bitch. Stealing to eat. Fighting to live. I was throwing punches before I learned how to walk. And I threw a hell of a lot of ’em growin’ up. The Streets of Bilgewater raised me right. *Coins clink as they’re dropped* *Coins clink* All I have left is my blade. I’m all in. Turn’ em over. *Reveals their cards* *Slams the table* You’re gonna drop that blade and walk away. I’d do what he says if I were you. *Slams again* It’s all in the cards. Well… This is a first. Oh, it certainly is. You know no one’s ever made it pass the shuffle trying to sharp me. Well, how you reckon we gonna handle this? Cause the way I see it… You got two options. I’m gonna knock your teeth through the back of your head, and take this pile of loot. Or… We can split it up and.. Call this what it is. Sounds to me like the start of a very lucrative friendship. From that moment… We ran the underground. Until he had a change of heart. Heh! Dead man walkin’. Heheheheheheh… Let’s settle the score.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Outlaw Origins | League of Legends Community Collab

  1. non non non faite pas film si vous ferer un film sa doit etre anime parce que la xD vous aurer pas pu trouver bien que sa comme sa mur? la femme qui donne le coup de poing pas mieux nn plus? se petit bete la il le mec est ko? xD mec je me prend 50coup comme sa je suis pas sonner

  2. Twisted Fate And Graves Lore Is The Best
    Also i thought the Hooded Man was played by Chuck Norris XD but it's Chunk Norris

  3. It was looking pretty good until 4:38
    Those bricks looking like paper mache were just… so… bad compared to the rest of the sets, costumes and props.

  4. Like wolverine screwed over by Gambit. YAh I know its LoL, but respect to that what came first lol. This was one of the best of all the lol clips.

  5. So they have these advanced prison bars made of what plasma or some type of lasers, but they use candles in a bar as lighting? Love the concept, just not sure they got the peripheral things right.

  6. that man played TF, is he Chris Evan ?
    Cause every scene of him, with his half smile, it's look exactly like Chris Evan
    Come on
    2:08 and 3:35 – 3:37
    Captain America with beard in Avenger : IW

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