100 thoughts on “Out of Place: The Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality (Part 1)

  1. Life is short do whatever makes you feels good and right, so long never hurt others we all are equal and have the right to be a human being in this planet. No matter you are lesbian or gay etc.. We don’t live in anyone judgmental point of view. No time for that, just live your life in fullest. Love our family spend most of the best moment with the love one. Is time wasting to act on negative judgmental.

  2. Transsexuals ceeep me out. I try to be open minded, but I just cant…;/ Many of them don't look like women, they look like transvestites. @ 16:01. Those are not the jaw lines of a woman. No amout of normal makeup and hair or costume is going to change that.

  3. DNA don't change. Your still a man. Your get sick on the inside can you take female medicine? Idiots in this generation

  4. Such a difficult road for these individuals. I wish all societies would become accepting and more compassionate

  5. Bobby is an awesome individual she would be a great person to hang out with!She is incredibly brave and strong and could help many people in the transgender community!

  6. It's all good hope all goes wellHowever I want VICE to do a REAL documentary in China about the struggle of transgenders who are not rich like this guy in this documentary camon this is NOT reality in China to say the least they probably go thru hell everyday this guy here is RICH he doesn't even hear the mean people look around him it's only rich people it's cool for them they CAN be flamboyant of course they gave the MONEYNow please like me and millions who are poorWhy don't you people at VICE go back to China and do a REAL documentaryIt's the reason I love you people for showing the ugly people !!!!!

  7. It doesn't matter if you can relate to these people on a intimate level. Live and let live. You would't want nobody to stop you from being you and expressing yourself the way you freely choose, so let others do the same and let go of your judgements

  8. We are all God's son. Love each other like you love yourself. Sometimes I think why so many prejudice? So many pain and when this situation will change. Seems getting worse everyday and everywere.

  9. 1.8K Dislikes.. REALLY? Hmmm.. you all clearly knew by the title of the upload what the content was going to be – you couldn’t just move on silently? Nope. You had to spread your negative energy and hit that button. Here’s to you, 1.8K LOSERS 👎 🖕

  10. Wheres part 2? I like Bobbie …its sad his friend told him it's better he's dead with cancer than to change to a woman..that's like Whoa!!! But then …life is full of shitty ppl.

  11. World is a beautiful place yet people are terrible , they don't realize but how much they are hurting the people around them by saying or doing hurtful things , one word can leave an enormous scars , so my beautiful people whether you are gay , straight , bi , trans or whatever don't lose hope in humanity and this world , there are people who are working hard to make this world a better place tomorrow so hold on …… My love for you all .

  12. Gender fluid huh? Hey I like to squeeze men's ass, men perfume smells good, wear men's shorts from time to time depending on my mood 😂😂😂😂. Am I queer?!. No f*n way. The things people say to justify their choices for others to accept them is amusing. A better explanation is needed these are getting old.

  13. I knew a lady who dealt with the fact of her son's sexuality in a remarkable way.She told him to become quietly effective by ignoring the hate directed at him and instead love himself .He acted as if all the hate around him didn't exist,completed his education and is doing very well in the same culture,which is still largely intolerant.We can all learn from such examples.

  14. LMAO the guy across the table facial expression 18:44 says it all… EPIC OUCH when she mentions herr upcoming Chinese Cock Chop!!

  15. Why do men have nipples? Let me tell you. Woman provide the genetic template for men to determine gender. Essentially, 1/2 of everyone's DNA would be "gender-less" DNA inherited from our mothers. Puberty triggers their development into breasts or let them remain decorative items. Gender seems so black and white at birth; however, genetics determine one's gender at conception. Most homosexual men do not wish to switch genders. Gay men like gay men. It's difficult enough to embrace your own sexuality, to question one's own gender must be overwhelming.

  16. People that show hate towards these trans people, you'll end up hating your own child if they become transgender. Have some acceptance. Be ready for anything.

  17. ugly motherfuckers.no matter what they do to themselves they still look like a man or woman ,whatever they came into this world as.lol

  18. It is very difficult when the country doesn't have a word for this.
    Trans are called trans in chinese because there is no actual chinese word for it , and this says a lot about how accepted and respected people are . Any country that doesn't have a word for Transgender has basically no place for them either .
    At least Chinese use the word Trans as it is . The Japanese version is sickening . A mixed race person in Japan is called Hafu which is short for Half Breed , literally , there is no such thing as biracial because for japanese you are neither of the race , you are just Half or Hafu . And if you wonder why i talked about Biracial people on the topic of Transgender , it is because in japanese the word for Transgender is Nyu Hafu , which is the contraction for New Half , in other term, you are a new version or a new type of Half, except in this case you are not Half Breed , you are Half Gender . You are neither man, nor woman you are not both either , you are just half of each . Which is why though Transgender can legally have reassignment surgery and have their gender official changed on their ID . it is always mentioned that it has been changed , and that the person was actually born as a boy / Oh and cherry on the cake, so far only Japanese men can become women, it is still forbidden for women to become men through surgery and officially in terms of social identity on passport and ID . Which is for me the most sickening form of discrimination because not only it forbids you to fully live your life as a woman after you have transitioned because any employer will know when they see your ID that you were once a man and this is going to make finding a job almost impossible in Japan . But also the epitome of machism as clearly for Japanese , becoming a girl is acceptable for a man if he wants to give up all his privileges (because make no mistake , Japan is an extremely Male oriented and Male dominated country and society) , but it is forbidden to a woman to ever expect becoming a man and gain the Male's social, political and professional privileges .
    Oh and to top it all , when Japanese Female to Male transgenders asked why it is forbidden for them to become men legally, the official answer , and that is from the ministry of health was that , attaching a male genitalia on a female body is still very difficult and not legal in Japan anyway, and also that , (hold on to your chair), that because females do not have a Y chromosome they can't really become males .

    I am a gay male, not transgender , married to a Japanese man , and i have lived 25 years in Japan , mostly working in the medical field . Though as a gay man i never really suffered in japan , which i must admit is not a country where it is difficult to be gay, as long as you don't brag about it and scream it on every roof . But because i couldn't get married and have kids there , we moved to Europe , where i am from and got married in Iceland and now live in Switzerland . My husband truly loves his country but nothing in the world would ever make him live there again .
    Japan is very VERY far from being a place for Transgender people and i suspect the rest of Asia is no exception .

  19. Now on a completely different note , because i am not only gay and a militant for the LGBT cause and an activist for equal rights, i am also a veterinarian and a former MD , but mistly a vet now and an even bigger activist for animals rights . I am always confused when i see oppressed people eating meat and always wonder, how do you expect respect and compassion when you don't show any yourself .
    I think when you treat animals like food , then you shouldn't complain about straight organisation, treating you like crap either. Either way, it is a complete lack of empathy and compassion . If you can't show any, don't expect to receive any .
    I run a few clinics and animal shelters because i am married to another vet and we opened several clinics here and there , but when recruit workers or vets , though i am very willing to hire trans and gays to support the community, the first and foremost condition is to be vegan or at least vegetarian , eating , using or wearing anything of animal origin is an immediate deal breaker and is clearly stipulated on the contract they sign . So i would hire a straight vegan far quicker than any trans or gay dead flesh eater .
    It is all about compassion at the end of the day. If you can't show any, don't expect any .

  20. I empathize with trans people being a gay person myself. The world is slowly accepting homosexuality as a slightly faster rate than trans people and seeing the hate and shame that they are still dwelling in is so hard to watch…

  21. some wanna be transgender while the others wanna be monster by joining ISIS but they dont have to undergo the surgery in order to look like monster

  22. Like am reading the comments and all am seeing is people talking about the hate and i scroll and still cant find the hating comments

  23. Bobbie looks like an eccentric man with long hair and not even close to a woman.   I feel sorry for these poor, possessed people, because it IS a demon living in them!    Demons have no physical form but can take the form of anything, a rat, a cat, a monster, but to have a "body" they must create a body of some kind OR… take possession of some unsuspecting human!    Then they get to do their dirty work!     And they even cause these people to mutilate their bodies and they do live very miserable lives.    Because no matter what these tranny people say, they are very miserable and they are cursed by breaking God's LAWS!    We still have the LAW no matter what some FALSE PROPHETS may LIE about!    (prophet=preacher)   Because JESUS plainly stated…"Think NOT that I came to destroy the LAW or the prophets.   I came not to destroy but to fulfill.   For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in any wise pass from the LAW till all be fulfilled."   Matthew 5:17,18   "SIN is transgression of the LAW."  I John 3:4    Breaking this LAW puts a CURSE on the life of anyone breaking it, and God will not bless someone who is determined to ignore His LAWS, because God's LAWS are for EVERYBODY…not just one group or race.    As an example, murder is against God's LAWS and it certainly is not meant for just one group of people, but for ALL PEOPLE!    We cannot pick and choose which LAWS we will obey and which we will just pooh-pooh.    Transgender people need to have the demon in them CAST OUT because that is the ONLY WAY they will ever be free and healthy, mentally and spiritually.    Many Pentecostal churches cast out demons, and I know for sure that the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) does this, and I've personally seen demons cast out and THEY DO BECOME CAST OUT!    And you can believe that their demon will LIE!… and fight tooth and nail for this casting out to NOT HAPPEN!…. because then they must seek a new home!    And WHY would anyone want to be the home of an evil demon?    Tranny people say they do not "feel like their self" and that is because it is NOT their self, but the creepy feelings of a hateful DEMON!     I'm not trying to be mean or rude, but just telling the truth, and I truly hope this will help someone who reads this, or their family member, or friend.        For BIG TRUTH!    kristi

  24. If gender and sex aren't the same thing, why do TransGENDER folk insist on undergoing these so-called SEX-change operations? Someone please answer.

  25. It was so sad watching all those people laugh and stare as the woman was walking down the street. Really hope people change their mentality😔

  26. Can't blame these trans for what they are, some are born this way. But the thing is that if some of these ppl are hitting on you (of the same sex)….then it's kinda uncomfy…..and freakayy…..

  27. It is amazing the variations of life on this planet, seemingly endless possibilities and i think thats some cool stuff

  28. Why are so many "good Christians" shitting their pants over trans people? Why do you care? What scares you so much? I don't think you are scared. It's just bigotry as per the use.

  29. Hong Kong is Hong Kong, not Hong Kong China! Don't put China next to Hong Kong! This story is situated in Hong Kong and Hong Kong is a mixed community. It's not merely a sole chinese community. Please do not mislead the world and kowtow to the red bloodly commie China!

  30. Are they doing any harm to the people who hate them no so live and let live as long as they don't demand special treatment. They are just asking for equal treatment.

  31. I’ve always wanted to know how a trans person feels about this. I’m afraid to have a trans child because I’m afraid of the choices I’ll need to make. With a gay child, no problem. You just keep loving them. There are no choices to be made. But with a trans child, you keep loving them, that’s the easy part but you also have to make choices that will affect the rest of their life. If you don’t allow for transition soon enough, will they be miserable? If you do it too soon, will they regret it and be miserable? I’d never forgive myself if they lived to regret transitioning. I’d also never forgive myself if I made them wait and their whole childhood was filled with pain because of it.

  32. As a society we should embrace that a another human being.regardless of gender, is a happy person comfortable in their own skin. I would think that a planet with a vast ocean in which we’ve only explored 5% of, so has the vast spectrum of gender expression. So, what does that mean? It means that as we evolve, we’ve still got a long way to go, we should tap into our own humanity and explore why it is so hard to accept and embrace each other’s differences. Honestly, it’s really very simple, gender expression has been around for thousands of years. You be happy in your skin…..I think that might be a good place to start.

  33. The fuck lol. God damn you aging hipsters and your college kid minions are fucking retarded. Triggered much? If you are trans, life is going to have obstacles. ESPECIALLY IN CHINA. You have to learn to adapt and overcome those obstacles. China was hucking baby girls into rivers not that long ago, I think you should check your priorities.

  34. That first woman, Bobbie is really really charming , looks like her heart is in the right place.She deserves a to be happy!!!

  35. Transgender is in conflict of being a proper Chinese, if you want to cut your genitals so much, go to the 'open minded'' west

  36. These people are failures in true love and feeling inferior so they resort to this state just like those marrying dog etc. They’re all possessed need help and serious help

  37. I don't know y biological man wants to associate themselves to transwomen… Don't u feel disgusted calling a transwomen man if they're man what r u??

  38. He will always live in a male body. He will die as a disabled male.
    A dress and hair and high heels and panties and make-up do not make a female. It is called CULTURE.

  39. At first I wasn’t interested in the video because Bobby was showing off about growing up in houses as big as in the US.

  40. With the over abundance of men in China I think transgenderism should be more accepted as a way for Chinese men to vent their sexual frustrations. Since Chinese men have tiny genitalia anyway its very easy for them to have a sex change. They should have a resort in China with lady-boy hookers just like in Thailand. Men from will come from all over the West to sample the tightness of Chinese post-op lady boys and the nation can earn extra foreign currency. Chinese seriously needs to reassess their views on transgender issues and realize that man of its so called men need to transformed into women through artificial means by popular demand.

  41. Why is my writing on youtube videos being judged? Judge my writing if I decide to write a story. Proof reading my content on youtube is fucking retarded. Get over yourselves because again, you're not funny. Pointing fingers doesn't offend me so I'm unsure of why you're repeatedly using that tactic to scare try and scare me. It's as if I say one thing and it goes over your head entirely.

  42. OK, aside from the mental illness issue that is never addressed (much lip service instead devoted to a lack of understanding surrounding misgendering), why is the difference in secondary sexual characteristics not addressed? Asian men as a group have far less facial hair, less body hair, less muscular builds than other racial groups. Women as a group do not have prominent butts, large breasts, dramatically feminized bone structures. So no discussion of how transgender surgeries in China, and concomitant psychological issues, affect individuals and families?

  43. Please watch Lushious Massacr discuss how friendships crack because of social media bullies and trolls. @-Ouo

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