Obama Cancels Woke Culture

Obama Cancels Woke Culture

>>We don’t hear much from former President
Barack Obama. But when we do hear from him, I wish that
he would speak a little more about what’s happening in the country in regard to Donald
Trump and his terrible leadership. But nonetheless, he had some strong statements
to make about woke culture, cancel culture, during his annual summit in Chicago. This is a summit that he does every year for
his foundation. And so during the Q&A portion, he was asked
about woke culture, and here’s what he had to say.>>This idea of purity, and you’re never compromised,
and you’re always politically bulk, and all that stuff. You should get over that quickly.>>The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff, Have flaws. Like if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t
do something right or used the word, wrong verb or then I can sit back and feel pretty
good about myself, cuz man you see how woke I was. I called you out.>>I’m going to get on TV.>>Watch my show, watch Grown-ish.>>
That’s not activism, that’s not bringing about change.>>So, his statements, I think can spark a
really interesting conversation. Because in my opinion, context matters. And, the context in which he’s thinking about
in making those statements, I think matters. So, who usually cries about purity tests the
most, right? It’s usually people who are establishment
politicians. Usually those on the left who are angry at
progressives, who want better politicians. Who want politicians who actually look out
for the working class. There’s also woke culture and so called cancel
culture when it comes to social issues, when it comes to racial relations and all of that. So it really depends on the context. And I’m just curious what you guys think,
I have some thoughts on this.>>Yeah, I’m really looking forward to what
I just said too. But before we get there, I wanna separate
this out into two different issues. Cuz I really think they are and I have totally
different and divergent opinions on the two different issues. So one is, calling out people on wrong verb
as Obama put it there, right? And there, I think is a point to make. So I had flame on Monroe on the show recently
so she was part of the Tiffany had a special day ready that Aida was also in, you should
check that out on Netflix. And so she’s transgender and she doesn’t give
a damn, right? She’s like, look, you can say this, you can
say that, I’m from the old school. I don’t care as long as you treat me right. And so, now that’s one camp, I’m closer to
that camp, okay? There’s the other camp that says, no, you
gotta say everything exactly right. If you don’t, you’re a monster, right? And I understand why some of the people say
things and it depends on well, what did you say, right? And it depends on the context, etc. Now the second issue is, about purity tests
on a political level.>>Mm-hm.>>So there, both the right way in terms of
the corporate Republicans but also, as Ana pointed out, the corporate Democrats say,
no, no, no, we had to compromise and give the rich everything. And so, I guess if you don’t wanna give the
rich everything, I guess you wanna purity test. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So I don’t want you making a deal with Mitch
McConnell to massively lower taxes on the rich as, by the way, Obama and Biden did,
okay? That’s not a purity test. I just want you to do progressive things and
not do conservative things. So a purity test would be, hey, a guy’s running
in Montana and he’s for Medicare for All and he’s for Green New Deal and he’s a wonderful
progressive but he doesn’t have the same views as I do on gun control. Okay, that’s a purity test. It depends, are you in Montana or are in the
New York City, Chicago? That depends on your state. But if you’re Nancy Pelosi you say, I’m not
gonna do Medicare for All, I’m not gonna do Green New Deal. I’m not gonna fight to get money out of politics. I’m not gonna do anything of the things that
progressives want. And you go, but then I guess you’re not a
progressive. She’s like, a purity test, I can’t believe. Now you want me to do things that are actually
progressive. Yeah, that’s kind of the point. And Obama, unfortunately, is way, way, way,
way, way, way, way, way closer to Pelosi which is I give you a little bit of change and get
off my ass for not trying too hard.>>So, I think that President Obama does not
talk about Donald Trump for a very, I think it’s very strategic and calculated.>>Donald Trump is always talking about Obama. Every time he turns around, he’s Obama this,
Obama that. I think Obama gets it, that we should have
a blackout Donald Trump day where we don’t tweet about him, we don’t mention him. I swear to goodness he will jump off a building
to get attention.>>He might spontaneously combust.>>Yeah.>>He thrives on attention.>>There’s something about the fact that Obama
never dignifies him with even a word. And it has to eat him up on the inside cuz
he does some weird things to Obama’s name. The other thing I was gonna say, so this is
my sweet spot, I believe in nuance, right? We don’t ever live in nuance cuz everything
is so extreme. I understand as a person of color why woke
culture can be annoying because a lot of the people who have taken on woke culture are
the people who don’t live the experiences of the marginalized. And they take on this role of being like the
buffer between the victim of the marginalization and the people who are doing it. And it can be insulting and sometimes it doesn’t
come from a genuine place. Like I told you, they have management companies
now that manage talent that have causes because they say activism has gone mainstream. And you know what happens when things go mainstream,
they start making money for people and they don’t really care about what the real issues
are anymore. So I understand what he’s saying that. That being said, it’s not okay. There’s an intention behind certain things. And malice and ignorance are two different
things. And we like to is it conflict the two, right? I retweeted somebody who used the t word,
right, for transgender people. I did not know that that was an offensive
term because it had not been named one at the time. But I was retweeting another comedian. And I had a lot of transgender people come,
and tell me that I was not a part of the movement, and that was hurtful. I had no idea that that was a word that I
wasn’t supposed to use because I’ve seen so many transgender people use the word. So I didn’t know, right? But if I would have been an emotional person
who was disingenuous, they would have lost a person who actually really gives cares about
their group. That was actually willing to go fight the
fight for the betterment of their lives, and that is where you lose me.>>Yeah.>>You lose me in that place where it’s condescending,
right?>>Yeah, I totally agree with you. I think that what gets left out of those conversations
is intent, right? So, did this person have ill-intent in the
statement they might have tweeted or in something that they might have said. There’s a lot of ignorance out there, right,
and I’m not saying that to insult, I’m saying that because ignorance is not. It doesn’t mean they’re stupid, it means you
don’t know better, right? And look, let’s keep it real, our language
and standards for language are, it’s constantly changing, constantly evolving. And what is deemed acceptable and unacceptable
does change, right?>>Yeah.>>And so, when people go back and make comments
about let’s say which words comedians used like a decade ago in their stand up and they
criticize that comedian because they use offensive words, well yeah, ten years ago those words,
whether you like to believe it or not, were acceptable, right? And our culture has changed. So, all of these little nuances don’t get
discussed. And I just think that when you automatically
jump to the conclusion of, this is a bad person, I’m canceling them. I don’t even wanna have a conversation. Well, you miss out on an opportunity to actually
like have a conversation and help educate people on what the reality is.>>Like what Bernie said the other day when
he was asked by that black young man what about the police. And even though the way he answered it felt
kind of it was off-putting, right? He’s a white man and tell me what’s the right
answer to that question. There’s no way he’s gonna answer that question
and somebody’s not gonna walk away pissed off. There’s no way he could answer that question
that way, right? Because the truth is, he doesn’t know what
it’s like to be a black man getting pulled over by the police, but what he does know
is that there’s an issue with law enforcement. Because if he says, don’t get shot in the
head, that makes a big statement about what he feels about law enforcement at this very
moment, right? Not many people would be brave to even say
that. Because they’d be like I wanted to piss the
police off, the union or whatever.>>Yeah.>>I’m not endorsing Bernie so don’t come
for me with that foolishness because you know how I get down. But the other thing is that I want to say
is, if we operated from the belief that America is inherently racist, right, because it is
embedded in the fiber and the culture. It’s inherently sexist. Then we can operate from a real place where
we can tackle these issues and not walk around canceling people because they do stuff that’s
racist and sexist when it’s part of the culture of America. It’s a worldwide thing, right? But we wanna pretend that those things don’t
happen along with many other things. And then people say something, they’re like,
I’m done with this person. The reality of it is is that they teach white
people to be racist and they teach people of color to hate themselves. That’s very profitable and it’s been going
on forever. It is downright as American as American Pie. So when we sit here and we start cancelling
people, we’re gonna run out of people. Because you can’t cancel everybody, right?>>That is part of divide and conquer, it
really is.>>It is and the other thing is real activism
is not on Twitter and it’s not on Facebook. That’s just one little sliver of it. Real activism is going to talk to those people
who don’t think like you and say, hey man, let’s have a conversation because obviously,
you can’t just cancel everybody. I’ve had conversations with KKK people and
been able to have a real conversation with someone. It’s easy for me to call what the homies and
say racism is bad. And they’re like, yeah, racism. We should start a hashtag. We’re gonna be hot on Twitter.>>We’re gonna be hot on Twitter. Come on, let’s do something for real in real
life.>>Yeah, as usual, I love what Aida said,
we’re gonna run out of people. We cancel everybody. Okay but look, last thing and I’m back to
politics. I do have a less charitable of Obama than
what you said, Aida. Part of the reason he doesn’t get involved
with Trump, although I agree with you like I don’t follow Trump on Twitter, out of principle,
cuz he’s so proud of his Twitter followers.>>Yeah.>>I gotta look him up everyone’s talking
cuz he’s the president and he says crazy stuff, right, but I won’t follow. But Obama’s different, Obama cares so much
about etiquette and his legacy. So he’s like, former presidents are supposed
to talk about current president. Yeah, under normal situations. But when the country’s on the edge of fascism,
it might help for a really popular ex-president to speak up every once in a while. And the other the reason he doesn’t speak
up is because Trump drags everyone down in the mud with him. So I get it. If I was Obama, I wouldn’t wanna do it either
because he’s right now, Obama is, especially compared to Trump, is pretty beloved. And he’s got great poll numbers, he’s got
a solid legacy, etc. He don’t wanna roll in the mud with Donald
Trump. But that’s where the rest of us are. So, if you don’t come down here, you’re not
gonna be able to give us a hand up so we can get up out of this mess.>>No, I think he should speak, but I think
that it has a lot to do with when they go low, we go high like that, that’s lost. All is lost. They’ve gone low through the ground, the tunnels,
they flipped around in the dirt. They’re eating the dirt.>>It’s Lord of the Flies out here, baby,
we’re not there no more.>>Yeah, so he’s aloof, but in a way that
I don’t think is helpful. And then when he comes and kind of subtext
is yelling at the progressives, hey settle down, you don’t want too much change. Your placards said the words change on them,
so I’ll take that under advisement

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “Obama Cancels Woke Culture

  1. Obama oversaw the biggest wealth transfer to the 1% in human history and then went SkiDooing around pedophile islands and tax havens with Richard Branson.

  2. Obama's right but still a corporate establishment puppet so he had to slip in the purity test thing. Dude made so much money after bailing out the banks he wont even endorse his vp lol this guy has cashed out on American democracy which is why you dont hear from him often

  3. I am spool sorry I voted f or that layer twice. He didn't bring about change. The hope and change president. Still hoping and nothing changed.

  4. So when is TYT going to admit cancel culture doesn't actually exist and it was invented by the right? Everyone who's been "cancelled" all still have careers.

  5. obama's reamrks swere almost trumpian — he was referring to some vague things such as 'woke', 'cancel culture', with no specificity in the references….his phrasing was haf baked and meandering with too many ellipses. it is as if some big billionaire tool told him to 'go and spank those people [who voted for you ,[iroinically], they'll listen to you'

  6. Bernie Vs. Obama: (the way they act)
    Bernie: "We need a REAL movement powered by engaged Americans to power change from the bottom up. This is ONLY way we get change

     Obama: We needed a PRETEND people powered movement to make me president, which I dispersed right after I won. We didn't actually need a movement then and we dont need one now as the neo libs in power have everything under control.

  7. I don't understand one thing, there is nuances in a stand-up comedian, with language used 10 year's ago, but there are no nuances when we talk about someone that lived more than 500 year's ago, like Christopher Columbus. That seems weird?

  8. again obama speaks correctly here. trump got elected not so much because people liked him but they got tired of the hypocricy of the woke… 'do as i say not as i do' far left

  9. Yes he wants us controlled brainwashed and dumber down for his corrupt muslim brotherhood so. He is a traitor we dont want him here or talking he is worst president ever. HE IS A HYPOCRITE AND TRAITOR AND A ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT

  10. Tyt aka millionaire hypocrites who yell race but only add to the problems. U idiots are what obama is talking about

  11. Obama is infinitely better than Trump but he just looks like a failure in hindsight. Achieved no real lasting change, backed down to Republicans and corporate interest on a daily basis, and helped create the conditions that gave Trump the win. He doesn't support Biden but is too spineless to call him out and endorse a revolutionary like Bernie

  12. Man so many years and I see the view numbers go down only for you guys to prove your insanity. Watching this gives me brain damage.

  13. This video literally illustrates Obama's point! Cenk and Anna you guys really don't get it do you?
    Cenk I don't see why you connected what Obama said about "woke culture" with remotely-related "corporate democrats" and "giving the rich everything".
    I'm sure there's a name for that type of fallacious argument.

  14. People woke up to the lies of his “hope and change”

    "The world is messy" Yeah, you got blood and brains all over the place, who's gonna clean that up?

  15. Ana: please talk more trash about Trump which every outlet already does 24/7 & aknowledge my ignorance & hate for him
    & not about how your spineless corporate ass paved the way to Trump & that u went after Assange, Manning & Snowden
    but pardoned convicted warcriminal Bush & the bankster frauds that plunged the world into 8y of crisis & added 5more wars. Please Dronebama tell us more about the sky that is blue, so i don't have to form a brain of my own
    ….he was talking about people like you Ana

  16. Obama doesn't talk about Donald because Obama is weak. He's a bootlicking politician who's still trying to be accepted by those who don't give a shit about him instead of fighting and speaking up for those who put him in office

  17. It is irresponsible for a president to talk poorly of another president following them. Every president has respected this rule.

  18. LOL I knew TYT would be upset at Obama basically going after them. I don't even think Obama was thinking the "politics" of outrage culture, he was talking more about the social aspect of it.

    I am someone who is leaning towards Bernie/Warren, but I also see "woke" culture as a terrible thing for this country. Those 2 ideas are not mutually exclusive.

  19. I say we find some pictures on iron crosses and bong hits done and TYT. I say we cancel TYT with Porten revenge not to mention I want to see Anna naked

  20. The version of cancel culture they are tallking about is the concept of the SJW. She is this entity sentrists, right wingers and edglords use to scare each other, but she is not to be found anywhere except in their minds and one titter account or two. I don't recognise it. The reality is that there are constant discussions about how best to approach people when they make mistakes or deal with figures intentionally spreading hate. The thing is, you can't be forgiven for doing something bad until you recognise that it was bad. In other words, forgiveness is earned and to just go on as if nothing happened… what does that solve?

    So in this essay I will…

  21. This world is to mfing sensitive everyone needs to just say whatever we feel.I feel like Racism is not what you say to someone, but instead how you try to hold back a group of people because of their color race or religion

  22. We no longer care about Obama. Hebrew's know that he is not of us. He is Confederate against the Hebrew people of these America's.


  24. For PELOSKI and OBama and BIDEN to be against Mecicare for all is Moronic. Its what she
    uses!!!! its what they all get!!! Even biden gets it he was VP. UNFAIR!!!! Peloski needs to get off the socialized medicine all
    the repubilcans and Dems in OFFICE and those that are now OUT OF OFFICE
    FOR ALL PLANS AND Use what American citizens use. Unfair and hyprocite
    of Peloski to even claim the standard medical insurance all americans
    are forced into access wtih are good..She never has medical bills and
    None of the people in OFFICe ever get medical bills. Standard Helath
    care plans are 10k – 15K a year 10-15 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Think about
    that if you make 50-60 a year 10-15 THOUSAND DOLLARS MINIMUM of your
    yearly wage goes to HEALTH CARE. Guess what? Peloski pays ZERO. She
    has NO idea what americans have to go though. UNBELIEVEABLE!

  25. Aida. You speak the truth!!! Taking me to church every time you talk. I may not be a person of color but I am a gay man and your words speak to my experience. They bring me to tears fighting in in the mainstream for our struggle. OUR STRUGGLE. That is something as a Louisianan I don’t hear often. You speak to me and if you wouldn’t be on tyt I would NOT be spoken for as directly as you do. You go ma’am!!! Speak for the people!! Cenk and Ana always fighting the good fight!! I wrote this with tears in my eye unashamed to support tyt!!

  26. I think you are so involved in politics and working with Republicans, even though you should have learned by the way they have shit on you, that you refuse to acknowledge the reality that your colleagues will NEVER compromise unless their corporate donors tell them to.
    That makes you a Milquetoast who sells out working people.
    Barack, I am seriously disappointed in you.

  27. Obama F—ckoff
    You had your opportunity to improve the lives of working class Americans in a very REAL way – but – YOU BLEW IT, BUDDY !!
    You did however, improve YOUR own life quite a bit – so there's always that !!

  28. Transgenders and their allies are the worst . Pronoun, misgendering… If you look like a man in a dress imma call you a man.

  29. Just wait, in next 10 yrs. Obamacare adjusts with inflation – meaning it will go up more in costs and Trump tax plan adjusts up unitl 2028 meaning more more deductions get taken away from middle class until there are no more deductions for anyone. its gonna be expensive – we need to fix health care now. Everyone but wealthy will be paying taxes and not getting any of it back. Middle class will die.

  30. Trump talks about Obama because Obama in conjunction with the intelligence agencies, conducted and investigation on Trump to support Clinton’s campaign – the exact thing Trump is being accused of doing.

    Obama is guilty af and wants to distance himself from his crimes.

    Cenk has no idea what cancel culture is, and how it intersects with politics.

    Cancel culture should be renamed to “cancer culture” because that is what it is in all it’s forms. Ignorant people looking for moral superiority through indignation and social media.

  31. I grew up in a small town in Upstate NY where there were very few people of color and a lot of racists surrounding me. My savior in this was my grandfather. His best friend was a black man from Albany who came around at least three times a year with his sons. Getting to see that all the crap spewed by others about black men especially proven wrong saved me from being indoctrinated and made me question everything they ever said or did.

    A lot of racists have limited or no exposure to the races they hate, or worse, like my step-father had only contact in a maximum security prison or Fox news as so many do today to judge by. They need someone to be their point of contact, to educate them and show them the errors in their thinking. So glad Wally Hawkins and his boys were there to show me the truth.

  32. This leftist is tired of the political correctness. And the condescension. And Obama, he's a centrist who wouldn't cut it today.

  33. Anna you aren't even acknowledging something like Kevin Hart. Those weren't right wing politicians going after him. Both sides do it alot. Thats why its cancelled culture not cancel bi-partisianshop

  34. Haha you gotta love it when the woke left becomes too much for libtards like Obama. TyT better use the right words and pronouns. Or suffer the cancel mob.

  35. If the country and people in it are inherently racist, dismissing an American as racist is not productive. As progressives, we need to be inclusive, understanding, and outreaching to bigoted people, and show them that it’s okay to admit you’re flawed, and admitting that is the first step to self improvement. Purity tests on what people say are incestuous and fascist at their core. If we’re a big tent party, we’ll win elections. If we’re divided, we’ll lose them.

  36. As we argue with and cancel each other over not using the correct words, the elite are robbing us blind, cutting their own taxes and taking away our rights

  37. People don't get cancelled just because they said something. People get cancelled because they say or do something stupid, they get called on it, and either they don't acknowledge it was wrong, or continue to do it. I can forgive you for something you did to me, but if you keep doing it, or don't acknowledge it was wrong, Imma wash my hands of you. And Aida is crazy, I aint talking to no Klansman, that person is so far gone, I ain't wasting my time, there's too many other issues to tend to.

  38. Cenk and Ana do you remember what happened to Cenk with the justice democrats Cenk had to leave because stupid shit Cenk said years back that is Woke Culture

  39. I recommend reading the book "Listen, Liberal!" by Thomas Frank.
    It describes how democratic party abandoned the working class in favor of the professional class. Obama is the embodiment of that philosophy! He said "The world is messy, there are ambiguities!" basically saying you plebs are too dumb to understand the nuance and complexities of the world, so shut up with your criticism and let the professionals handle running the world, because we are the experts and professionals and you're too simple for these "high level ideas"!!

  40. Obama is part of the elite professional class and an expert in punching down!
    Purity tests are needed because we can't trust democrats, thanks to Obama and the rest of the neoliberal establishment democrats with their "private and public positions"!!
    You should ask for forgiveness for paving the way for Trump by eroding what American's trust in their elected officials or what was left of it!

  41. The "woke culture" Obama spoke against is basically threatening his legacy. He realises that 20 years down the line, history will not judge him as the cool, smart, funny, sophisticated, first black president. He would be judged as someone who promised so much but delivered so little. Bending backwards for the wall street, banks and corporations; appeasing to military industrial complex and encouraging regime change wars in Syria and Libya (that directly led to the rise of ISIS) and pushed the region 20 years back at least.

  42. "They teach white people to be racist and they teach people of color to hate themselves"? Thats a real idioc statement

  43. How to torture Barack insane Obummer…

    Gather all corrupt a_holes in DC like Shifty schiff, Jerry the 🐧 Naddler, Puffy eyes Castro, Beto Odork, Joe bite me Biden, Manchelle, CNN, NBC, ABC,MSNBC, CBS NEWS ANCHORS, podesta, Robby mook etc. Strip em pull their teeth then pair em up and lock em up in 69 position… Make a bracket system like NCAA fashion
    First one to bite the dick off the other guy wins and advances to the next level… OBUMMER gets to watch but can't participate… The envy will kill him.

    How to punish the OBUMMERS

    We know how they don't want to leave the WH because like it's public housing, free rent…  So Trump can let em be be share croppers in manchell's old vegetable garden.  Barack can plow the field, manchell can pull the plow, Trump can ride manchell during Polo season or  when Putin comes to town and wants to race Trump…  Secret Service guys can make bets…  Guys always bet on the dark horse to win.
    Manchell can serve food and Barack can shine shoes and sing and dance at WH parties during the winter

    The Cigar
    Remember the photo of obummer and hillbilly Clinton while golfing?
    Here's what really happened….
    Billy Gave a cigar to obummer which he PROMPTLY shoved deep in his throat…  Billy watched the expression on obummers face and the confused look on his face was PRICELESS…. You see obummer was tasting something strange, something he has never tasted before….  This was a special private reserve cigar that was stored in the MONICA HUMIDOR…..  This had Billy reminissing of the time in the WH and all the fun he had

  44. It IS activism on social media for people with disabilities, though. Not everyone can go and talk to people with differing opinions.

  45. 8 years & full control of house & Senate and wiped his ass on climate change!! How much did he blow on foreign conflicts?? And now young people are pissed because they feel they're been cheated of a future, but Obama thinks people should shut up and get over it? what an arrogant prick! Wonder How much he charges for after dinner speech to bankers and millionaires??

  46. in the age of information ignorance is a choice. Too meny toxic people and they all need to be cancelled. Idolizing too meny smdh

    we got to be honest with ourselves and admit that there's something that people should know but it's because they live in a bubble why they don't know

    people need to get out of their bubble! End of story

  47. I mean what can Obama say about trump that everyone else’s hasn’t already said ? How do you go from talking about woke culture to talking about racism and trump ? How about discussing the fact that most progressive liberals think they are woke but they really aren’t , and how calling everything racist in America is what continues to fuel the hate and divide , or about how woke culture and cancel culture are destroying the social fabric of how we address people we disagree with ? Does TYT lean so far to the left that they don’t realize they are the very people that Obama was referring to and they are the very people they where talking about themselves?

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