Những Câu Thả Thính Hay Nhất 4 | Top Pick-up lines 4 [Eng cc] Social Experiment in Vietnam

Hello everyone, my name is Việt CG And today I’m doing pick-up lines to Vietnamese girls part 4 See how the students response in Hanoi banking academy! Let’s start the situation! Hi! Can I have your phone number Pardon! Me? Why do you wanna my number? I don’t want your number anymore,
an angel doesn’t know how to make a new lover Hi! Yes! I forgot, can I flirt my crush that way? Yes, you can! My crush is you! ♫ Honey, can you only love me ♫ ♫ From now on, the wind will be cold here in winter ♫ ♫ It’s the day I reunited with your heart, ♫ Hi dear! Can I flirt my crush that way? No mate! You’re a little lacking ! You’re a little lacking ! Oh But it’s you though! ♫ Go with you crossing to any oceans ♫ Coming with you to the horizon ♫ ♫ Cuddling long dreams ♫ ♫ Going to far away places ♫ You dropped something! ♫ Your smile is like spring sunshine ♫ ♫ Pleasant to bring warmth ♫ ♫ The sadness in mine is like erasing ♫ ♫ only by smiles ♫ Guys, do you eat snacks? Angels don’t know how to eat snacks, right? Hey dears! Yes! Thank you Can I flirt my crush that way? It should be okay! Yes , don’t be shy! it’s you! ♫ What a shame, ♫ ♫ My heart is pounding because I’ve fallen in love with you ♫ My dear Yes! I love you! Yes ♫ And baby, what I know is ♫ ♫ Every time you smile ♫ many worries in my life ♫ ♫ Vanished ♫ My dear I love you too! I can’t Believe it! Do not rush to make the rain filling my heart My dear ♫ It’s not like the models ♫ ♫ You are pretty Vietnamese girl ♫ ♫ There is no color lipstick Hey, can I have your number? Whose phone number? wanna my friend’s number Phuong? By the way, angels don’t know how to use phones! What is that! Can I flirt my crush that way? No! It’s you! ♫ Because you are! is the sky ♫ ♫ Because you are! Is the rain falling! ♫ ♫ Because you are! Is the rain falling! ♫ ♫ Because you are! As a youth! ♫ ♫ Because you are! the only one who I love forever! ♫ ♫ Know how far away! Where will it go ♫ ♫ Just holding hands ♫ For long nights ♫ Thank you for watching the video clip! If you like this video please give me 1 like, 1 subscribe channel Click add notification to receive the newest clips from Viet CG and If you have any questions, please comment below Thanks again and see you again in the next clip!

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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