New York Fashion Week, Where Cultural Appropriation Never Goes Out of Style: The Daily Show

New York Fashion Week, Where Cultural Appropriation Never Goes Out of Style: The Daily Show

Today is the official start
of New York Fashion Week, or as New Yorkers call it,
Thursday. For more, please welcome
to the show our newestDaily Show
correspondent, Dulcé Sloan, everybody! (cheers and applause) What’s going on, Dulcé? Hey. Thanks, Trevor. Yes, it’s Fashion Week, and while we’ll see
some new looks, some things will never change. For example, we know
at least one model will failat her only job–walking down the runway.And that some designer’s
gonna try to sell us clothes
they fished out of a Dumpster.But the thing– mmm– that gets the most attention
every year is the cultural appropriation. That never goes out of style. Well, uh, Dulcé,
for people don’t know, can you explain
what cultural appropriation is? Sure. It’s when
you take something that defines the culture
that you’re not a part of and profit off of it.The fashion industry
does it all the time.
They take from black culture,
Native Americans, Asia–
you name it.I mean, the models
even appropriate their body dimensions the aliens
inClose Encounters.Yeah… yeah, yeah, yeah,
but, Dulcé, to be fair, not all instances of cultural
appropriation are that extreme. Oh, yeah, that’s true. Not every person who listens
to rap or wears a kimono or sings the chorus
to “Despacito” is trying to steal
someone else’s culture. Well, that’s good to hear,
because I-I love singing “Despacito.” Well, you can definitely
sing it, ’cause, you know, you look like a Puerto Rican.Hola.But sometimes
it crosses the line.Like when you get movies
about white boys saving jazz
or Miley Cyrus twerking.
Hell, cultural appropriation
is the only thing
Taylor and Katy can agree on.Okay, okay, but-but some people
look at some of these examples and they think, “Why the fuss?” Because, Trevor,
it’s (bleep) when white people “discover” something that
used to be considered ghetto. For example, look at big butts. I always try to. (cheering, applause) Thank you. Big butts used to be
considered undesirable, but since the Kardashians
bought all of theirs, now everybody wants one. Ooh, and don’t get me started
on dreadlocks.When black people have them,
they’re discriminated against.
They even get fired over it.But when white people have
them, clothes fly off the rack.
Look at this. Is this a fashion
show or is she a avatar?
Wai… Wait, wait, go-go back–
was that Kendall Jenner? Baby, it’s always
Kendall Jenner. Yeah, we… You know what,
Dulcé, I’m not gonna… I’m not gonna lie– I hear you,
and this is interesting. Because for me it’s weird–
where I come from, cultural appropriation
isn’t really a big deal, right? My-my family’s always
trying to get my white friends to wear African clothes. They don’t view it
as white people trying to steal our culture,
they think they’re embracing it. Mm-hmm. And that’s the attitude
that got my ancestors over here. These white men aren’t trying to
steal us, they’re embracing us. Come on, come get on this boat. -Okay, no, no, but wait, wait.
-Shade. But it’s not-it’s not
just Africa. When Beyoncé did that videowhere she dressed up like anIndian, uh, goddess,
right, people here
were upset, but in India,
a lot of people loved it. Okay, now, Trevor,
Beyoncé’s a bad example, because she’s a literal goddess.
Come on. Forget culture,
if Beyoncé stole my identity, I wouldn’t even press charges.
I’d be like, “Thank you. It’s a honor.
Here’s my pin number, Beyoncé.” Look, Trevor,
this is about equality. If minorities were equal,
they wouldn’t worry about people taking their culture, because
that wouldn’t be all they have. Look, white people,
if you’re gonna appropriate, take everything–
take the goodandthe bad. You can take my struggle, too. Get pulled over for no reason,
get followed through a store, and the next time there’s
a Black Lives Matter march, I want to see you there,
Kendall. But don’t worry about
bringing that Pepsi, girl– we drink Sprite. Dulcé Sloan, everybody.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

100 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week, Where Cultural Appropriation Never Goes Out of Style: The Daily Show

  1. Cultural appropriation is sort of a tricky concept for me. I mean, yeah, it’s a thing, but to what extent should it be? It’s one thing to parody someone else’s cultural garb or music in an attempt to degrade or get attention, but is it wrong to express your admiration for another culture by taking on aspects of their art, music, etc? I don’t think so. Consider the fairly recent “incident” where a white girl wore a Chinese dress to prom and the Internet lost its shiz…seriously, who cares? She loved the style and looked good in it, so she bought it. Back at school, I wore an Asian style dress to formal events and everyone loved it; since I went to boarding school, “everyone” includes students from China, Japan, Korea and so on. Am I just brown enough that nobody takes my style choices as an insult? I don’t mean to offend anyone who feels differently, but I honestly don’t see why “appropriation” is a bad thing if it is done in a respectful way.

  2. I agree with what she says but it's the intention at the end. Exactly take the good and the bad and don't act like they discovered something that was already there.

  3. I don’t think it’s a problem for the arabs because only arab fashion designers take from our culture, don’t know if that’s a compliment or not though

  4. I'm leaving this here cuz its too danm!!!

    These white men aren't trying to steal us, they're embracing us
    Come on …come on get on this Boat 😁😂

  5. The comment section is a warzone of sorts, so be careful where you tred. If you don't get the point being made in this video or disagree, please read below.

    Cultural diffusion/appropriation is not inherently bad. Most people are fine with others embracing their culture. Note the word embracing because that is the difference. When a person takes an aspect from a culture and uses it shallowly while refusing to acknowledge that culture or putting it down for the very same aspect that was just taken, that is cultural appropriation gone bad, or, as another commenter labeled it, "cultural misappropriation". That is the problem being discussed. Take hairstyles or dance styles for example. Braids and "twerking," or simply the moving of the butt when dancing, have been an integral part of black (i.e. African, African-American, Jamaican, etc.) culture for an incredibly long time. Neither of these things were part of the accepted spectrum in the United States until the late 20th century. Prior to that, blacks were bashed, lost jobs, etc. due to their natural, native hairstyles. Braids literally gained popularity because an up-and-coming white actress donned them for shock value in a film. Don't believe me? Look it up. After that, they became a fad among white people, while blacks were still being discriminated against for it. A woman who filed a suit over being fired for that same "unprofessional" hairstyle that she'd worn all her life lost that suit because the judge thought she was copying a random white lady. That is the problem that exists when any culture is appropriated simply because some aspect looks cute or new or edgy. All historical significance is ignored and the appropriators are still likely to stand by and disagree with things like #BlackLivesMatter or any other movement for the improvement of the people they appropriated from. They may even look at the aspect they appropriated and downplay/bash when it manifests in a person of the native culture. Again, no one would have an issue and most don't have an issue with individuals who appropriate properly because the spreading and understanding of various cultures is a good thing. The problem is when a person takes a cultural aspect and wears it shallowly because it's "cute" or "profitable." That isn't okay. For those of you who may try to rebut my argument, particularly concerning hairstyles, please note: It doesn't matter what culture you think braids, dreadlocks, etc. are native to because I can assure you that most people who wear who wear them don't know a thing about their history in those cultures either. There are always exceptions, but it's otherwise misappropriation no matter who you take it from. The black community seems to be the most vocal, but this isn't a black and white issue. It happens with every minority culture.

  6. Um…dreads aren't just a black thing. Look at the vikings, Germania look it up. How exactly were people combing their hair in anctient times?

  7. Dreadlocks is not culture, it's homeless peoples dirty hair and white people had dread locks thousands of years ago….hahahaha "culture"….sad .

  8. If African, Asians and other not European use European language like English, wear costumes, use science achievements, write book, and etc., is cultural appropriation?) It's so fun ideological concept.

  9. This is bullshit …she is using the victim card and going on a rant about cultural appropriation ….but when Trevor brought up Beyonce she didn't consider it …becz she like Beyonce …well u don't represent Indians …and maybe Indians god offended ….so stop cherry picking and stop being a hypocrite…coz it won't help convey ur point

  10. It’s the same exact thing from Middle East and culture. Or with the head job. I don’t understand why white girl Crystal over their house to wear a head job for no reason other than the fact that she saw someone wearing it on TV. If she wants to be a Muslim that’s OK but other than that it’s not.

  11. Pssst! Indians didn't object about Beyonce because most Indians have no idea what a cultural appropriation is. They are happy to see American person not any American but Beyonce donning Indian clothes. And as Beyonce has a Black woman background she will not be bashed. Appropriation is not just taking an aspect from other culture, it's appropriation when taking from a culture that has been oppressed for a long time. But yes sometimes cultural appropriation and appreciation gets mixed up. We have to be more aware of these to be respectful to other cultures.

  12. No shit .in Kenya we have lake Victoria and Thompson's falls which were (discovered) by British colonisers apparently those who were there before never saw them

  13. She had some good points, but the fact that she said white people can never wear or do something and then said its ok for Beyonce is a serious problem. Not to mention the fact that the earliest evidence of dread locks dates back to India, and pretty much every other ancient civilization had them.

  14. Well as I conclude from this comment section

    as Erich Kästner would say "The first humans weren't the last Apes." and most likely we all are at least one of those to the "other side" of any opinion.

  15. A lot of people aren't breaking it down properly of why a culture would be angry when someone takes from them or borrows from them aka Cultural Appropriation, so let me use music and fashion as examples.

    1. When in regards to Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel and several other black genres the issue with that is this, African Americans (and yes you can google it) had barely any way of having their music bought or played to the whole of the United States in the early days of the music industry, many radio stations refused to play certain black acts even go as far as calling it Jungle Music and at one point didn't even be allowed to have their faces on the records or had their records covered with paper bags, radio stations, especially in the south for black artists, were weak compared to the normal broadcasting stations that many white acts were able to work off of and if those stations did play black music they only played it at late hours of the night causing blacks to miss chances to have their records promoted, (also that comment about Ray Charles was very foolish when African Americans basically invented Country before it became a white-dominated genre ). So white acts like Pat Boone and Elvis did profit off of black music while several black artists had to struggle to reach a farther audience prior to Motown basically knocking the doors down. Though out history black acts had struggle to get the white audience to pay attention to them because the record industry basically labeled them as race records and moved them to their "urban" divisions which basically did not give them the same promotion and funding as other white acts, in fact Prince famously requested Warner Brothers to not put him on the R&B side of the label which in my opinion was because he knew he would not get the same treatment over there even though R&B was shown from time to time again as a profitable genre (which of course producers like Max Martin learned quick), and James Brown actually bought several radio stations in the south just to play his song I'm Black and I'm Proud because radio stations refused to play it. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Hip Hop was brought to the attention as a genre that was a danger to society because of songs like Cop Killer and groups like NWA. But when the record industry saw how big it basically had become especially after Billboard in 1990 or 1991 changed their rules of how certain songs charted from the record industry withholding singles which made one hit wonders like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice have the biggest selling Hip Hop albums at that time which made labels open their doors to more Hip Hop acts. Another example for music is Disco before it became a world phenomenon it was limited to nightclubs only and it represented African Americans, Latinos and Gay culture, but then Donna Summers Love to Love You Baby and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack caused the genre to blow up, but then acts like Disco Duck and pretty much EVERYONE jumping onto it made the genre unbearable to listen to anymore (funny because the same thing has happened to Trap), so white rock fans decided it was dead and it had to go and several black acts that were hugely successful barely saw the top 40 by the start of the 1980s which is also funny because then House music was born out of the ashes of Disco and now as we see EDM is one of the top-selling genres in the world right now. The point is Black acts have dealt with being either pushed to the back of the labels or screwed out of their money or in the early days being refused a chance on the radio or even MTV but nowadays those same genres that black acts struggled to push out to the public masses has now become the norm in white culture and it's not a bad thing at all but it's a problem for those particular groups because for them they weren't treated with wide praise from critics and audiences but white acts were even though one of the most successful acts of all time is a black man and one of the most successful labels of all time was ran and founded by a black man AND several genres like Rock were all based out of the sounds from that culture.

    2. Now with fashion that is a very fine line to walk because even Africans Americans have taken European culture and style and made it the norm which within the culture is seen as selling out and we have been known to throw our own under the bus if they are seen too "white" and it happens in a lot of minority cultures. But African Americans have been discriminated against because of fashion choices even as far as simply walking down the street with a hoodie on which for some weird reason makes them look like a criminal. Take for example the Afro, in the 70s it was used a symbol of black pride but a lot of people who wore it were denied work opportunities and it has been shown from time to time again there are companies that will not hire people who have dreadlocks but for Rastafarians it's a symbol of their religion and for many black cultures it's a symbol of pride because they are basically saying they will not conform to European standards of beauty and be proud of their natural hair, which from time to time as well has been shunned and ridiculed for being "nappy". And the fashion industry hasn't shown it's very racial accepting or at a time and one can argue still very accepting of body types until now where a big butt is seen as sexy, as well as several black business men and women create their own fashion lines that are now inspiring the fashion world and is now becoming a part of societies fashion (ie Yeezies, Jordans etc). But for cultures and their clothing, I can understand if it's representing a religious aspect of their people and then you have white guys running around wearing Indian headdresses at Coachella. Even now in Fashion and even Film and especially back to my point about music, blacks aren't given the same equal opportunities because they aren't quote unquote "light enough" which is another word for saying white and as someone pointed out artists like Beyonce and Rihanna are all over the place but darker skinned singers are not even being signed to record labels because the labels feel like they can not market them, even in India they have been known to be against those of darker complections and it's why when people think of Indians they only think of the ones with a lighter complexion because society has made it seem like it's ugly to be dark and in Jamaica they have created a soap to bleach their skins and has even gone as far as bleaching their skin till they are white and it's that mentality that has plagued many cultures around the world into bleaching their own skin to achieve that look (ie Colorism).

    Basically, each minority group has faced some form of discrimination for something that their culture either invited or is a part of it which is norm for them but then white people can go and be "influenced" by it and it's called original and it's called inspiring and ahead of it's time (ie when a white girl wears braids or Elvis being crowned the King of Rock and Roll even though Little Richard is considered the architect of it ) which can be frustrating to those groups because it's a part of their history that is being taken and yes being profited off of and not being used in a light they find respectful and or they feel isn't even including their own kind or that the people borrowing from those cultures aren't even contributing to the betterment of that cultures art and fashion and history period. Cultural Appropriation is a problem that isn't fully understood because the things people get angry about isn't really being pinpointed (kinda like Feminism) and so people either take it as a joke or feel like it's all bullshit. But to those cultures it's not, it looks like something of theirs is now the norm but they're not being featured in fashion magazines as models for it or they're not winning awards for their music (which yes I know black people have won Grammys before). These cultures would not be angry about something of their being used if history and society had allowed them the same opportunities with what was originally theirs or what they basically made the blueprint for which even today is still a major problem, these groups aren't saying white people cannot be influenced by it or even be a part of the culture but when these people of these cultures aren't given the same opportunities as whites or they were once shunned for something that is a part of their history that they are proud of then yes these groups of people will be offended, so to even for one second say or think Cultural Appropriation isn't a thing is only allowing whites to keep doing it and allowing these groups to keep being angry instead of allowing their culture to be mixed into the new trends or the newest forms of entertainment and fashion.

  16. Appropriation is happening world wide even here in Portugal. Their stealing music from former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Cape Verde etc. 20 years ago no Portuguese people want to listen to kizomba because it was black people music meaning ghetto now that someone has heard it in a reality show its mainstream.

  17. Portuguese are making their own versions of African dances and renaming them its enraging I'm talking about kizomba dancing that is being transformed into a ball Room dancing and commercialized to the core. Hate it !

  18. There is an issue to adress obviously but i think it was reached the wrong way.. Too much digging for political correctness instead of truly analysing when the cultural exchange stops and it becomes rasism.Kinda dissapointed tbh. And finally, fuck beyonce

  19. I still don't understand cultural appropriation as long as you are respectful of the culture you "stole whatever from you should be ok. I also think it is too subjective. I am black an when I tell people what I think about this subject they always go well what if you saw a white woman wearing traditional African garb. True answer: I WOULDN'T CARE! I don't know her reason for wearing it, now if I knew she was trying to be disrespectful I would give her a piece of my mind. The only time where I would be automatically mad is one of those situations where there is a double standard against the culture the whatever came from or when another culture "discovers" something another culture has been doing for a long time. But these instances where its like how dare that white women wear a kimono or how dare she wear braids. I think people are blowing it out of proportion.

  20. TOO WOKE is the crazy ppl saying biggie smalls did gay sex for a chance at movies -thats woke up stupid.

  21. This is the first time I've ever seen this segment. Dulce can't read wait. They need someone who is not sounding like she's trying to sound like she can read.

  22. Okay I'm all here for the message of cultural appropriation, but please don't bash skinny models. That just isn't fair. Some people are just naturally skinny and that's not a problem. Imagine if someone made the same joke about big girls, everyone would be rightfully upset. Smh

  23. Isn't cultural appropriation what you ultimately want in an integrated society, instead of segregated ethnic tribes in the US.

  24. One thing I dislike with these videos is that people always forget to mention that cultural appropriation isn't necessarily negative. It's a neutral sociological phenomenon that allows culture to grow and spread. The only reason it's gotten a bad name over the year is bc white people refuse to acknowledge that they didn't invent a certain cultural phenomenon.

  25. Embracing and learning another culture isn't appropriation.

    Taking a culture and slapping a label and a price tag on it is.

    You shouldn't be ashamed for getting involved with human culture, but stealing and selling it is criminal.

  26. I don't know I have to disagree, I think it's upsetting when any race appropriates another race. I used to be teased growing up about eating Indian food and Indian clothes by a lot of African- Americans as well but when Beyonce wears Indian attire in a music video it's suddenly iconic and she's a goddess. I get that she's famous and renown but cultural appropriation is cultural appropriation.

  27. I DISAGREE…. The fact is that white people "steal" from white people's culture and customs as well, if you take a look to the "La blouse Roumaine", you may find that "inspiration" of the Big Trade Companies from other cultures less known for the "great powers".
    Well, it's not a big deal about races, it's about borrowing some patterns, some allusions, and it's rather an act of promotion of rediscovered traditions and, obviously, an economical profit.
    Nevertheless, I must say, that the paradox is that even white people get rasist in relation to other white people from other cultural backgrounds, so the discourse would rather be about the geo-economical and socio-political position…
    Give all people the same high level education, and the society won't be ill and denied, and wthat's the worst punished and banned as a victim of racism…

  28. Beyonce didn't dress up as an Indian goddess…it was her interpretation of an Indian goddess/lady which was woefully inaccurate.

  29. Why dont you get mad at them wearing berets, or those nordic sweaters? idk… just… you know… if your gonna get mad a culteral appropriation, why not make it equal. '

    lol im just joking.. dont freak.

  30. Cultural appropriation is an american thing. Here, in Europe, it's just called mixity and cross-culture because, you know, we live all together….

  31. 2:32 dread locks are not black or African culture it's originated in India. It's a Hindu spiritual practice to be connected to Lord shiva. Even now many hindu monks and nuns do that.

  32. Remember to pay homage to white bearded scientists who have been dead for a few centuries when you turn the lights on next time… you stole that shit!!!!111 😀 Flushing that toilet… pay homage you thieves. This is the level of logic nowadays.

  33. cultural apropiation is so vage this days that i don't know anymore. As a mexican White man, now i could get in trouble for using a tipical folk clouthing from my own state ( Yucatán) and people would think that i'm insensitive despite that it is MY OWN culture, which i'm very proud of.

  34. Ok no offense but Beyoncé was not actually dressed up as an Indian goddess (she is one but not the point) or an Indian woman- the outfit was really off and the accessory on top of her face never covers the face in the first place (just one of the things that was really wrong)

  35. Blah Blah Blah, I get so tired of people making up things to complain about. We are one, heart to heart we stand, no promises no demands, love is a battlefield. Okay. Got off topic, but seriously. As a black woman I find it an honor to take, that's what most white folk are good for, take, take, take until there's nothing to imitate or take. says the white supremiscist. I dont know, I dont care.

  36. Cultural appropriation is extreme in US due to US racism, germans can dress as french and spaniards can dress as russian in europe, even arabs can dress like french and turks can dress as moroccan.

  37. It's probably different in the U.S. because black people have had their culture or art forms repeatedly stolen or appropriated.

  38. The thing about "cultural appropriation" that I think many don't understand is that you have no place trying to determine what is offensive to people from another culture that you do not belong to. Many people are careless and appropriate culture because it is seen as trendy, fashionable, or profitable, which is sad because these things usually have actual meaning and cultural significance to that particular group of people.

  39. How are ppl so blind. It’s in black and white(no pun intended). Like, no one wants to see the other side. Try and understand before you start attacking. Didn’t you learn this in school??

  40. I'm sorry; but can we pause for a second- she said: "Big butts are 'undesirable'? Since when? You mean big butts on men? Yeah, that's undesirable. Big butts on girls? No Hell no. Very desirable, very desirable indeed.

  41. "look at big butts" "I always try to" this is the best moment on this whole show. the response. her pause. her look at him. their hands. Best shit ever its so fucking good

  42. Trump 20/20 how are you liberals doing today fine day for abortions little baby killing y'all people love that. . Now you guys are going to talk about other people make them out to be racist when in fact you guys will sit here and be racist Hypocrites everyone of you love it

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