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video you did I now like I said in the beginning a video
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away in my next video so it is beyond me show you this best ways that you can do
right now with your main player and gonna be limited so you can do as many
as you want as you can see I got a Hall of Fame handles for days Hall of Fame
quick first step I got all my Hall of Fame – I got all my badges men’s style
from finishing to shooting some play making and defending so if you want to
make this on how to complete all those and get max badges go ahead please drop
a like on today’s video for me but what you want to do is go ahead just start
any micro game and go ahead and you can either ball out I prefer y’all the ball
out so score as many points as you want whatever beds you wanna go ahead and try
to get and do that in your micro game so you try and get the shooting badge go
ahead and start shooting up a lot of threes if you go ahead and do play make
and go ahead get a lot us-ally you get a lot of sis the fitting go ahead get the
fittings and get start to get blocks and stills you know finish and get contact
get layups drive-in finish on them and so on so that’s how you get your badges
that’s how you want focus on whatever beds you want to get messed out first
so once the game is over what you want to do is go ahead save and quit go ahead
and go to Menace game save data go your profile go to delete from console do not
go to delete from everywhere because it would delete your my players it will
delete all your mind players if you have more than one so you have a 99 overall
player you might wanna do not go to delete from everywhere all right and go
to delete from console I repeat delete from console and reopen
up back to K 20 go back to your mind player and you
should still be at the same spot where you stayed and quit it so as you can see
here I got my overall got the same game I loaded back up when I was on a bench
and game especially done so after that what you want to do is go ahead skip
through every single little intro cutscene that you get so when you get to
this screen right here the next step what you want to do is go ahead and make
sure you go to team practice all right so playing this game team practice and
go ahead enter such a team practice facility and just wait for the game to
load up that’s all you have to do and it’s very easy very simple and this is a
limited-time so you can do this over and over again as much as you want and as
you can see my badge is maxed out and if I do try to get a badge progression it’s
not gonna go up because what it say on my screen I am maxed out I’m doing this
for no reason but I’m doing this for to show y’all how to do this alright
unlimited times so when you inside the team practice facility you can go ahead
if you have this option when you press B or circle on your controller you should
have these type of drill set like shooting finishing and play making a
defending if you do shooting easy one is free throws so go ahead do free throws
if you don’t have that choice to either pick which one you want to do just sit
around the court and wait for the coach to call you now that’s what the coach is
really gonna do anyway if you don’t have the option to pick shooting or defending
the coach is going on Mac Lee whistling the waiting call y’all over for a huddle
and y’all gonna have a team practice together so are you doing to do that
team practice do whatever you want to do for your bears for aggression so as you
see here I’m trying much if I want my shooting up I’m doing little German
moves with it and I was gonna pull up a three so when I over come to this door
over here and get ready to go to your Menace gain save data and goes to delete
from counts all right it’s your profile to leave from console reopen up your 2k
20 and go back to the same player where you you did this on the first time so we
reopen that it should go back to that micro game that you had
saij so as you can see here I’m on a bench three seconds love the same team I
got the same stats I’m getting the same everything everything is like I’m I’m
just getting it the first time so when you get this make sure you do the exact
same thing on your day in the beginning it’s like you’re repeating the process
over and over again now so you to go to team practice ility enter your team
practice facility and do the drills you can do the drills wait for the costal
whistle and call for a huddle again and the team practice will start up again so
like I said if just do that a limited times it will keep working over and over
again with no problem very easy so if you new please subscribe turn on post on
vacation I got be secrets coming very soon I’m keep saying I got a big list
coming soon because it’s really big I’m finding a way to hit it consistently to
have over a hundred K bc so stay tuned for that I’m telling y’all I will make
your day and make y’all be happy with this VC glitch when it comes on to my
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to my Instagram and go and leave a vote for me on my Instagram so again over on
this video for this bad glitch what you want to do is go ahead and your first
microgame ball out get whatever best regrets you trying to get go ahead and
save and quit right when it says 4th chord with three seconds left in the
game when you got sim like got subbed out once you get that save and quit and
then go co-manage game save data and go ahead go to your profile and delete from
console and you delete from console reopen or 2k 20 go back to your player
when you go back to your player go to the team practice facility and go do
that do the team drills with your coach and your team
do that go to the double doors right when you press a to s it out you want to
go ahead and do the sex same thing man it’s game safe data go to your profile
delete from console and you go from there to your team practice facility so
stay tuned to my next video I hope you all enjoy thanks for watching I’m Judy

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

98 thoughts on “*NEW!!!* NBA 2K20 INSTANT BADGE GLITCH *UNLIMITED* AFTER PATCH 1.06! PS4 & XBOX! (2K20 Badge Glitch)

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    this for everyone I will have this in my pinned comment as well: 🙏🏽

    1.) play a mycareer game, and play till the end you can either ball out or foul out up to you

    2.) save and quite your game then go to your saved data and delete from console (not every where) for PS4 you load your saved mycareer file from saved data management.

    3.) load back up 2k20 and go back to your player, and it should go back to where you left off at.
    4.)go through the progress bar screen and skip cutscenes, and wait till you get to the screen where you get the next game and other tabs on there as well.

    5.) close your 2K20, open it back up and load your mycareer character you was just on.

    6.)go to team practice, and go ahead and do your 4 drills, if you don’t have it then you didn’t play enough games yet.

    7.)once you done walk to the exit door and leave out but while leaving go to your saved data and delete from console (not every where) for PS4 you load your saved mycareer file from saved data management.

    8.) open 2k20 and load your my player up and go back to team practice.

    9.) once you in, wait for a few minutes and then coach will call you to do drills UNLIMITED TIMES

    10.) repeat steps 5 -7 to keep going!

  2. Great video! I upload really high quality 2k content and they are very entertaining. If you give me a chance you will not be disappointed. I will reply to all comments and subscribe if you enjoy 👍🙏👏

  3. Bout to try his way but the original way work 2 times every game so you play one game and drills and do the glitch 2x until it give you 0 points then just go to the next game 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’ll let y’all know if this unlimited drill way work he talking bout work more than 2 times

  4. Wait so u play a mycareer game. Once it ends u delete ur save data from console. Then u go to training facility and do a drill and then go through the door and delete ur save data?

  5. You are cappin like crazy 😂😂 If anyone believes this shit your dumb asf he already has a 99 with max badges thats why he did it on that build so yall can’t see that the shit is actually patched
    Reported on all my accounts

  6. Didn’t work. if your playing in the game… I quit with 25 sec left. Hit save and return. Then went to manage game…. deleted save data from console…. then opened game back up. It just started the entire game all over again! If u save it then delete the save data then you didn’t save shit. BS. DONT WORK

  7. I got 153V© from here : nbhint.xyz
    guys trry that

    ඉතිරිය සඳහා අපි ක්‍රීඩා නිර්ණායක ඉදිරිපත් කරමු

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