NEO Black Sea Community Kickoff

NEO Black Sea Community Kickoff

Keep motivated. Stay motivated. Don’t forget the ideals and what we’re working
towards, because it’s going to change the entire planet. In this episode, we discover the new initiate
from companies on the NEO blockchain – to expand the NEO community globally. This is Spotlight You might be surprised that the nation of
Georgia is a hub for blockchain. With a supportive government constantly creating
new blockchain opportunities, it’s the place to be for blockchain entrepreneurs. I see a lot of young faces and keep working
at it cause it’s fun. When you can change the world, it’s a lot
of fun. Today – Georgia’s own Spotcoin is co-founding
the NEO Black Sea, bringing in CEOs from America, the Netherlands, and Vietnam to share their
experiences as pioneering start-ups. So Spotcoin we’re really proud to sponsor
the kickoff event. So today, NEO Black Sea conducted their kickoff
here in Signagi, Georgia. We really want to put it at the forefront as the primary community
focused on NEO throughout the Black Sea. The heads of NEO blockchain projects Effect.AI,
Spotcoin, Thor, and Travala are helping Black Sea entrepreneurs today. What we have to do is we have to work
together. They’re energized by a motto from old school
businessman Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” We’ve found that the NEO community is very
welcoming. It’s been a very collaborative community and
we’ve always stayed in touch. The NEO blockchain is very strong. The community really does move together and
work together well. Even the project founders. Every founder gets on well and believes in
each other’s projects and what they can achieve. Within this community – there is no rivalry
– only camaraderie. This open approach is clear at NEO Black Sea,
with companies sharing some harsh truths along with their encouragement. I feel sorry for you that you’ve got to go
through a token sale, because it’s hard. It’s hard. So you guys working on this project, I know
you guys are working hard. I’m sure you’re working as hard as our team
was. Which is around the clock. It’s 24/7. So stay motivated, stay educated, and continue
to upload those ideas of what this is, and what it can create. This is really a unique time in that this
is a whole new industry. All the young faces… What I encourage you to do: If you study,
you can be an expert in a year, or two or three. The key focus of NEO Black Sea – bringing
new talent to the field. This means encouraging and mentoring those
curious about the growing blockchain industry. We’re going to have opportunities for anybody
throughout the Black Sea to contribute, and also provide a mechanism for them to collaborate
with other members of NEO Black Sea. I support the NEO Black Sea community and
initiative because of my friend Tim, the CEO of Spotcoin. I’m here to support the people, and the initiatives
that I can get behind Those first opportunities start popping up
on day 1, with the CEOs exploring the possibility of deepening their business ties in Georgia
and the Black Sea region. And actually in September, Spotcoin is gonna be hosting the NEO hackathon And we’re really excited to focus on solving
problems within the NEO blockchain, and also using the NEO blockchain to solve applicable
problems within the Georgian government. From everyone at Spotlight, by Spotcoin. Thanks for watching

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. Great video and super excited about this collaboration among these bright individuals and the companies they are building. Keep up the work @Chris and the team.

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