Nationwide Building Society’s Service Visualisation Journey

nationwide began its service
visualization journey by focusing on our 12 most important services previously
monitoring had been very much component based this project instead focused on
the services that nationwide provides I’m Chris Reeve operations manager at
Nationwide Building Society the approach was new we wanted to start out from a
business perspective understanding which services were important to the business
and how they should be represented we held workshops with each of our business
areas capturing the detail of each service this defined our service model
the basis of understanding the service health from a business perspective each
dashboard brings together multiple data feeds to display real-time information
ServiceNow provides details of change and incidents Microsoft’s comm provides
additional key metrics and transaction performance data comes from Dino traces
DC rum interlink were able to provide integration to each of these products
allowing us the flexibility in determining how data was displayed the
dashboards are highly visible they help us to react to incidents quicker many
people will have made a payment from their nationwide account and many expect
it to get to its destination within minutes so during a recent incident the
dashboard showed almost immediately that central connectivity was down previously
this would have generated an alert and this would have been triage and passed
the relevant team before it was action taking several minutes to complete the
dashboard showed almost immediately there was an issue and because it was
not expected the ECC were able to react immediately to after resolving the
incident the dashboard offer gave confirmation that the service had
returned the whole response took just a matter of minutes and resulted in
minimal impact before the dashboard was available this same scenario may have
taken an hour to resolve producing a dashboard and visualizing our services
means it’s clearer to identify incidents when they occur with service
dependencies included we can also see how a failure in one area impacts other
areas this helps us to prioritize our response we have the capability to
create and update woods in-house add new information
change the content and layout ensuring that they continue to deliver what the
business needs service visualization has given us clear real-time availability
information helping us to improve the customer experience for our members

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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