Nassim Haramein Cognos 2010 – PART 5 OF 6 – Ancient Civilizations and Sacred Geometry (EN,NL subs)

Nassim Haramein Cognos 2010 – PART 5 OF 6 – Ancient Civilizations and Sacred Geometry (EN,NL subs)

the batting lineup vulpine these are
like up to a hundred ton blocks 200 ton blocks all stacked on top of each other
no problem those guys were supposed to not even
have the pulley they didn’t have the wheel they didn’t have iron tools only
copper copper does not cut rock and on some of these blocks there’s no writing
whatsoever in there but in some of these blocks is dissemble and these simple are
very strange because they are not cut they’re not etched they’re not carved
into the stone they are burnt into the stone like if they were burnt by a laser so now you have ancient ancient walls
5,000 years old at least walls that have burnt geometry in them laser burnt
geometry in them you don’t expect that from these ancient civilization here’s a
close-up of this actually now these pictures are more popular but when I was
researching this it was extremely difficult to get those pictures I
actually had to send people over there to take the pictures and this reason for
not being able to find these pictures easily easily is because the archaeology
community doesn’t know what to do with this so in general they ignored
but if you take that geometry and you make it 3d so that each circle is a
sphere well guess what you get 64 tetrahedron structure when you put the
fundamental geometry of the vacuum in it so where was that temple that temple is
called the Azorean temple and in Abydos hands behind City the second temple I
believe and it’s actually where the fundamental myth of creation the
fundamental myth of the Egyptian mummification comes from is the temple
of Osiris where the wife of Osiris Isis supposedly revived Osiris with her magic you have to understand that the
technology I am talking about if you tap into the fundamental structure of
creation if you tap into the fundamental structure of space you will start to be
able to tap into the life force of creation you can start doing things like
being able to keep your biological system going because you can
continuously feed back more information you can you can keep recharging your
system so that it doesn’t run down because now you have access to the
structure of space-time most people don’t know but there’s
pyramids in China those are actually Chinese spearmen
they’re very large you can see and when you look at the Chinese pyramid this is
the pyramids in Giza this is teaching a condom Sun pyramid the moon pyramid and
another one there I think the way of the dead they all
lined up nicely in the same way and that lineup is the same lineup that you find
for the belt of Orion this is the stars of the belt of Orion now these things
are worlds apart you think that’s a coincidence
never mind the fact that all of these people all of these ancient civilization
have told us that all of their knowledge didn’t come from them that it came from
Sun gods people that came from the stars and most of them identify that the
source of the Sun gods as the Orion constellation so this is almost a direct
map to what happened now I already showed you the yin-yang the
each in is 64 EXA grams right and it’s it’s each hexagram has six sticks and
there’s a broken stick and there is a full stick and if you cross the two you
get an X structure now if you duplicate this X right so that you’re using all
the sticks in the symbols of the each in then you can map it and really all
you’re doing is following the mapping that the eaching gives you to produce
the geometry of the vacuum all you’re doing is taking the number one number 64
and following the map that they each can give you and you get all of this
geometry coming together and that combined with the yin-yang that I showed
you the two together gives you all the map of the structure of the vacuum and
the dynamics of the toroidal field so let’s see and then you go to the
city of the Sun God’s right the Forbidden City and the city of the Sun
gods is guarded in front by the Sphinx in the ancient Chinese tradition is the
foo dog and the foo dog Garrick guards just like the tradition of the Sphinx
the knowledge is guarded by the foo dog or distinct under its paw it guards the
knowledge and what do you find under the paw again the geometry of the vacuum
this intersection of the tetrahedron array the guardian of the knowledge is
there remains of these individuals is there remains of these societies around
the world is there information that says yes these Sun gods were really here that
they were interacting with these people out there well I believe there is
these are skulls that were found in South America
they’re very elongated I call them cone heads they’re not your average you know
skull all around the world from the Egyptian the Mayans the Incas the
ancient Indian North American Indian and in in America they all had this strange
behavior the strange calls where they would ban the head of the
children to try to deform them and in their tradition it was said that they
would do this to make them Sun gods they were trying to irritate something how
did he do that well when the child was growing they would tighten the band
harder and harder in some cases they would put wood planks in the bending to
push on the forehead to deform it but you know when you do that to a child the
volume of the brain the volume of the brain cavity inside the skull does not
change he’s the same volume but in some cases in these skulls the volume is
almost twice the human brain so it’s very interesting now there wasn’t just
one of those skulls found many of these skulls were found most the time very
close to very sacred sites like in temples and so on they had different
kinds more pointy less pointy here’s the normal skull of a human and this is the
elongated skull and now can we have sound on the computer you see before
they were found only in let’s see and we should make sure we have sound on the
computer you know before these skulls were only
found in South America or in around Mexico now they’re starting to find them
all sorts of different places I think one was found in France and this one
these ones were found in Siberia in middle of Russia actually northern
Russia unusual skulls I would say so his male American Muslim yet know as
much money Puteri speaking tourism forestry watch until your neck register
gone almost at the group Mooji Kotori crystal realistic we schedule a trip or
a presentational each in the premiere apostasy Lea mala tillage meet your
pregnancy you know however it’s uncertain how they got
those right so you know these skulls were found now in northern Russia very
unusual France there is other skulls that were found in Mexico that look
quite different now this one was found in South America the I got this from my
friend clouds donor which is has done this exhibit of unusual objects that
have been found all around the world the first exhibit occurred in Vienna we’re
trying to get it to come to the United States as well but he showed me this
skull this is from South America I think it’s in a private collection note here
that the bone at the top of the skull is one piece right it’s completely one
piece now this cannot be a human skull because our top bones are two pieces so
that is very telling you have a completely different physiology this is a very unusual skull it actually
has a larger volume than the conehead skull this is actually the largest one
ever found you can see the atmospheres were quite separated let’s see all right it’s the next slide just a
second look at this one this is called a star child and interestingly in this one
there was tests that were done I’ve been waiting for a long time for years I’ve
been looking at these ancient you know skulls wondering when are we gonna get
good DNA testing done it’s taking a long time because it’s very difficult to get
the people that own the skulls or to get the curators of the museum to allow for
DNA testing in all this so finally the any testing was done independently and
here’s the result you mind if I pull out the file let’s see in early 2010 we need sound on the
computer possibly the strangest looking skull ever discovered in early 2010 a
team of geneticists in America began DNA testing on possibly the strangest
looking skull ever discovered whilst trying to recover its nuclear DNA and
matching it against the National Institute of Health database they found
a significant number of coherent base pairs that have never been seen before
this was an historic moment for science as it proved beyond all reasonable doubt
the path of the skulls DNA is not human since that result the geneticists have
predicted that when the final genome recovery is complete it will provide
science with the first record of alien DNA ever discovered the skulls caretaker
is Lloyd Pye Lloyd a researcher and aspects of human origins named it the
Starchild it was found in Mexico in the 1930s and
through carbon dating we know that the skull is over 900 years old
it has over two dozen major physiological differences to that of a
human these are the cuts in the skulls for DNA
testing and you see that the Starchild when I’ve been saying it’s half as thick
you see very clearly here in some points it’s even less than half and this is you
know in the skull so I mean there’s just no exaggeration there is a complete
difference in the bone throughout uniformly it’s different this is the
biochemistry of a typical human bone it’s calcium and phosphorous levels are
high and it’s oxygen and carbon levels are low but with the Starchild it’s
quite different the phosphorus is down and the carbon and oxygen are up
indicating it’s biochemistry is more like tooth enamel than regular bone this
is a scanning electron microscope view of the bone and this is why bone is
created you have the cortical layer here cortical layer here and in here the
cancellous holes where the bone marrow moves and coming out of some of the
cancellous holes but also embedded in the matrix of the bone or these fibers
these very durable strange fibers that nobody’s ever seen before they’re in no
other species and we don’t really know what they are but we just know that
they’re really durable because the dremel blade that cut this through here
did not cut cleanly these these different fibers that tells you they
have a high high resistance factor to the blade
it lacks frontal sinuses has smaller chewing muscles and is missing an Indian instead its neck connects on top of its
frame and magnum opening indicating that its neck is about half the size of a
normal human neck and here we see one clearly embedded in the matrix of the
bone on the surface manages no doubt about it and you know what science says
about this eye you probably dropped it on a carpet and it picked up carpet
fibers you know just I mean really that is the answer that I get it has to be
just fibers off a carpet or something this can’t be it really can’t be in the
world of mainstream science but there it is this is a piece of upper right
maxilla that was found with the Starchild when one of the teeth was
extracted it was found to have very heavy roots indicating it was an adult
when it died when the maxilla was x-rayed a staggering five more teeth
were discovered waiting to come down the key is that normal human bone when you
die there are bacteria in your body that scour in eat every bit of your marrow
out and they leave your bone polished shining just like this just like you see
you could eat out of that just like the bacteria did it’s so clean
there is no marrow left anywhere and this is the way it is with all animals
when they die with a Starchild we see a big difference and we also see a
difference in the color – it’s much more milkier than that alabaster look of the
human bone because it’s got so much more collagen but you see this red residue
here sprinkled everywhere we don’t know what that is never seen it before and
it’s not in any other species it’s not blood because when blood oxidize it’s
not our blood anyway or our type blood because when blood oxidizes it turns
black so if that was bone marrow that would that would be black so those two
things the the fibers and the and residue are just unknown in anything
else and here they sit in the Starchild both of them and yet science just says
you know and this is what they say this is what you need to understand about
and all of these physiological differences that I’ve just pointed out
they mean nothing to mainstream science they mean nothing in January of this
year a geneticist contacted me out of the blue and he said I think you really
might have something and he said if you send me a sample I will take a new
technique a new shotgunning technique which recovers much smaller pieces than
the old primer technique so he took him about six weeks later he got back in
touch with me and he says you’re really not gonna believe what what’s happening
here we we don’t I don’t believe it I’ve done it enough times now to where
I’m convinced that I’m doing it right and we’re getting some very unusual
results some of it comes out humans sure enough you see right here this sequence
of 265 base pairs long 265 no question about part of the Starchild is human so
this is a really important part this is why I’m playing this video for you but
except next slide some of the Starchild’s DNA comes back with this
incredible reading no significant similarity found 342 base pairs long
it’s a coherent base pair sequence not found in the NIH database I said well
what’s the answer and he says well it could be and here’s where we go off the
deep end it could be that it’s an alien entirely an alien born to a human mother
and I said what how would that happen how would you get a pure alien born to a
human mother so he made up a slide for me and sent it to me and he said now
understand this is happening today this is happening today if a human female has
mitochondrial disease which means that her mitochondria are bad and are going
to produce very very flawed and dead children for the most part if it’s found
out that she has that and she wants to have a child with her may
her husband what they can do is they can take her package put it in a dish you’ve
heard about this and mix it with her husband’s sperm and create a zygote with
her chromosome package and her husband’s chromosome package then they take an egg
of good egg from a third party a third a woman take that woman’s chromosomal
package out put the zygote in put that egg in the first woman and she will have
a baby that will be her and her husband’s genes but it will have the
mitochondria of the third woman so he said we could have the same thing you’d
have two aliens getting together making a zygote and for
whatever reason taking the the chromosomal package out of a female egg
putting it in and then she will bring it to term and it’s a full alien nothing
but alien DNA in it but it has her mitochondrial human mitochondrial DNA
now why why would they do that we don’t have any idea we know this is a radical
thing to say we know that it’s going to be met with a
lot of resistance because it’s going to prove that we don’t just have a a hybrid
between a human and an alien 900 years ago we have genetic clear genetic
engineering clear evidence of genetic engineering 900 years ago it’s a much
bigger pill for science to swallow and it’s also going to cause a much bigger
revolution in thinking among everybody because we’re it’s going to be very hard
to wrap minds around this but this is where we are this is what we think we
can do this is what we know we can do we’re now in the process of trying to
get the money to start the process of sequencing the whole genome because when
you sequence the genome at the end of that period it’s only about three to
four months from the time you start three to four months you have an answer
and you have a general idea of what that percentage is going to be whether it’s
15% 20% whatever you can do it within say five points of error just recovering
the whole genome and then you have the period of 8 to 12 months what you guys
get the idea you know that’s very significant and I’m working with clouds
donor which has access to these other skulls that were found to start
sequencing some of the DNA of the other skulls as well well in these ancient
civilization all over the place is that fundamental creation myth where the Sun
gods have children with the women of man it’s I think even in the Bible right I
think it’s it’s in Genesis 6 chapter and thus and the sons of God came to the
earth and found the women of man Purdy or something along those lines
and had children with them now I would like to say that what’s really the
reason I played that video to this end is that in this discovery that was done
from this skull you can actually see you can actually prove that there was DNA
engineering manipulation that occurred so you know it’s most likely not like
the Sun gods had intercourse with women of man but that they might have been you
know gene DNA engineering to produce you know those results these are physical
evidence of this ancient very powerful myths of these Sun gods being here and
this is might be so many of the ancient knowledge talks
about very specific geometries very specific temple building very specific
set of information that may be crucial for us at this time I think one of the
most remarkable evidence of these people you see because if this information has
to do with the structure of the vacuum if this information has to do with this
technology with this technology that can tap the structure of creation that can
tap that can produce gravitational field then you would see things like this
where huge wart rocks were transported look at the size of this thing I think
it’s it’s like a thousand ton this is in the quarry where it’s cut you know
imagine trying to lift something like that and then it’s it’s fact you know on
top of each other I mean look this is the quarry over there the Romans built
the temple on top of it they used that is like wow look at those big rocks hey
they started something we’ll just finish it with one of our temples right so you
know they built a temple on top of it but you see they were moved this is a
approximately a mile away now Milan is not necessarily a long
distance unless you’re carrying a thousand ton block you know so and so then you look at the ancient
texts and you look at the ancient information you start to realize that
this is what happened happened to me when I was doing the research I started
to realize wait a minute if these Sun gods were really here from
advanced civilization they might they left us really important information
about the structure of creation and there you see it for instance in this
you know Babylonian tablets some of the most ancient knowledge on the planet
you know from coming from the Sumerians look here the singularity with the
boundary of the event horizon right and the geometry the evolution of the
geometry structure the division of the structure of space-time if you look
closely you can start to recognize this I did because I was used to looking at
the 64 tetrahedron grid when you rotate the 64 13e Edin grid on its side guess
what you got these exact same mapping so they were telling us about this they
were telling us about this so we would have it on time because these ancient
people didn’t just tell us about the information they’d given they even give
us calendars right saying oh by the way here’s the knowledge and here’s the
calendar on how long you got before you gotta have this figured right these
calendars are most known as the Mayan calendars here is in the Islamic
tradition this is the Kaaba at the center of Mecca in there is supposed to
be the power at the center of the of the of the of
the faith at the center of the power of the Quran right
it’s the is the creation stone it it was called a black stone or the black
crystal in the Quran it says to have been given to man by angel Gabriel and
you know it’s supposed to be in the center of the Kaaba now archaeologists
have said that that black stone is most likely meteorite that was found by a
Bedouin in the desert I assure you that you don’t start the largest religion on
earth because you found a black stone in the desert this crystal this fundamental
crystal structure will see a little later on may have been this power source
that was described in many different civilization did you all know about this
in Turkey they found this ancient city in Turkey that is 11 to 13 thousand
years old you know 11 to 13 thousand years ago we were supposed to be hunters
and gatherers we we were like basically just out of caves and they found this
city that has these huge rocks these huge pillar that was sustaining most
likely quite an elaborate roof system and around them they found all sorts of
arrows from the hunters and the gatherers twelve thirteen thousand years ago but I
assure you that they didn’t do all this the hunters and the gatherers where did
it come from so this leads us just before the break would break at six
this leads us to D to the end of the ancient civilization part I want to kind
of talk quickly about this this is the part with the Hebraic tradition the you
know Old Testament tradition when I when I was studying all these ancient
civilization I kept the Bible for the end because you
know having been brought up in Catholic Church and Catholic schools I had kind
of an allergic reaction to the whole thing and so I was not so keen on
studying the Bible and but when I actually finally picked it up again you
know to start to study it I I started to study Old Testament and I started to
realize something he’s like wait the Old Testament talks about some object when
it says the word God it’s talking about an object it’s talking about something
they’re calling the the Covenant of God or the Ark of the Covenant of God or the
Ark of the Covenant of the Lord and when it represents that object it doesn’t
show an old man with the beard and you know a pair of binoculars and a Bisbal
bat it doesn’t when it talks about that it shows like
tetrahedron sitting on the throne as the representation of God and then it
describes it as like God was the crystal scene it was called the Ark of the
Covenant of God there was this incredible object that out all sorts of
power here it was able to do all sorts of things for instance it was sad that
it would radiate and if you weren’t if you didn’t cover your face you would get
sunburned right and it was said that it would create a phenomenon that was
called a pillar of light or a pillar of cloud about above it like a big vortex
aha now I was getting interested I liked the
Bible all of a sudden I was because you know all through the research as I start
to elaborate how you would build this technology I realize that crystalline
structures would be very important and I realize you would have to spin the field
very very fast to start to get the singularity to be produced basically
you’ve got to reproduce those fundamental dynamics of the double torus
for it to occur for the singularity to occur would produce a vortex in
space-time and it’s exactly what they would describe this is what they call
the tabernacle where they would put the ark while they were going through the
desert for four years and when you read you know the
Bible and if you read the Torah that describes this movement of the of the
Ark of the Covenant through the desert it talks about things like the ark would
move on its own you know this desert took only six
months to travel this desert for all the bad ones at the time it took forty years
for the tribes of Israel to do it because they were following the ark and
the and it says that the ark would go on its own and then where it would stop
they would stop and sometimes they would stay there for years and so they camped
there for years until he would go again and then they would follow it again
this is you know some of the things that my grandfather did my grandfather was a
Bedouin he brought people to Mecca where another one of those crystal might have
been actually I think that the two were very much related the Ark of the
Covenant and the and the Kaaba my grandfather was a Bedouin that brought
people from Iran to Mecca because in those traditions everybody’s got to go
to Mecca at least once in their lifetime and if they can’t make it they have to
send somebody with their prayer to Mecca and they gotta turn around the Kaaba
seven times with that prayer so my grandfather was in charge of bringing
all the prayers of the people that couldn’t go and then so he would you
would guide the people that could go and bring the pair prayers of the ones that
couldn’t go and it would take six months on Camelback to go there and six months
to come back and I have an article my father has an article from the Teheran
when my grandfather died he was thought to be the oldest man on earth he died at
the age of a hundred and twenty-eight years old why did he die sold I think
it’s because he went and spun around that crystal for a very long time because remember and we’re going to see
this after the break if you have a technology that’s tapping
into the source of creat life the source of the organization of all things
now when you hang around that technology there’s a good chance you’re going to
live longer and in the Old Testament in Genesis they keep insisting on the age
of people you know they tells you and so-and-so was seven hundred and thirty
five years old and had 325 children’s dude I have to and I’m like overwhelmed holy schmoly you know and you know and
so-and-so lived eight hundred years and so and so and and you know the ancient
Egyptian talked about the at the moment of initiation when the initiate would go
and in front of this power and they would come out of the temple as semi-god
and live forever and so on so you know this all started to sound similar and
then when you looked at the word God in the Bible if you actually look at where
that word is translated from his friend translated from the Greek the
tetragrammaton this is actually at the forefront of your Bible in the preface
if you look carefully it says the word God is taken from the word
tetragrammaton that’s right graviton folks every time
you see the word God in the Bible you can say Tetragrammaton so when you go
all my Tetragrammaton now you start and for a guy like me that’s doing my
research when I see the word tetra you know oh yeah you know I clue in right so
Tetris for in Greek and graviton has been translated as grammar so the four
letters of God here’s the four letters of God the tetragrammaton and they’re in
the Kabbalistic tradition they’re typically arranged like this in a
triangle shape and it you know that is a good representation of these a traffic
vector metric which is you know one face of it is 4 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 and you know
this graviton part of the word has two roots four letters of God so it has the
root grammar for letter but as well it has another root which is the source for
the word gravity it represents grams of weight so all of a sudden you have a
tetrahedron a tetra that has gravity for the word of God in the Bible okay most
of you have read the Bible right it’s no no nevermind so it’s very remarkable though
it starts to give you another understanding of why they might have
been a distortion of our understanding of creation the ancient might have been
talking about geometry and technology physical thing and then it’s got all
mixed up into you know dogma and when you each letter has a
number and when you add the numbers together you get 72 which is found in
the Bible everywhere the 72 faces of God or the 72 names of God but you see this
is only the male tetrahedron again it’s only the male approach to God again
if we have another one of these that come together now we double this number
72 plus 72 is what a hundred and forty-four a hundred and forty-four is
found in the Bible in Revelation where it says and the Crystal City of the Ark
will come back to the earth right and it has it has faces of a hundred and forty
four crystals or something along those lines well oh the part I forgot to tell you is
that if you take 64 tetrahedrons and you count the amount of faces on the outside
you get a hundred and forty-four faces and then it
if you decode this geometry which is called a tree of knowledge the
Kabbalistic tree which relates to the tree of knowledge that’s found in the
Garden of Eden notice that many of these ancient civilizations talks about the
time of Revelation the time where we going to understand all of the mysteries
that we hadn’t understood before and that we are gonna s and when they tell
us were gonna s and maybe they didn’t just mean spiritually but actually they
meant literally we are gonna ascend right when they tell
us this they say to us that this moment this transformation is going to come
from this understanding of the fundamental geometry of knowledge the
tree of knowledge that if we can decode this we will understand the principles
of the universe the mystery of all mysteries but then they give you a
warning they say many have tried and most have gone crazy I when I came
across that I thought well you know most people think I’m crazy already so it’s
not gonna make much of a difference perfect so I talked wait you know I gotta figure
this out and I I I drew the whole thing and I was in my van still and i i i
plastered it on the ceiling of my van above my bed so i could wake up and look
at it and try to figure it out and so i you know i looked at it oh by the way as
well this is related the tree of knowledge is related to the tree that
described in genesis as the the tree with the apple thing you know the tree
of knowledge in the Garden of Eden which the ancient civilization tells us that
when we’re going to ascend the earth will regain in state of garden well that
would mean that we literally ascend not just spiritually because if it the earth
goes back to a state of garden that’s because we took all the cement off
because we’re not on it anymore right so you know I was thinking about this and
they you know this tree of knowledge as well
in the ancient in the in the Jeanette the book of Genesis is a apple tree
right and the apple is like the knowledge and so all of a sudden I
realize wait and I grabbed an apple and I cut it in half and if you look at half
an apple you realize you’ve got a double torus okay with the seed in the middle
and the each scene contains the potential of infinite amount of apples
because each seed can make the tree that makes apples that make trees and
examples and so on so you know this amazing thing was
coming together I was really liking the Bible over Sodom and
I start to look at this and I realize that obviously you have a tetrahedron on
the bottom and that on the top you have an octahedron which is the two geometry
you need to build the 64 tetrahedron grid but I couldn’t figure out this part
here so I eventually realized that if I took the top part and I slid the bottom
part into the top part all of a sudden it became a 3-dimensional object and all
the vectors were there to produce the eight star tetrahedron so all the
information was there and then it was said in the Kabbalistic tradition that
there is not only a one tree but that there’s four trees of knowledge that are
connected at the root and that they are they have a mirror function so there’s
not four they can be eight if they’re mirrored if they’re polarized so if
eight of these trees come together and they decode to eight star tetrahedron
then you get the 64 tetrahedron grid right out of it and how do you know
you’ve done it right because by the time you finish you can plaster the
Kabbalistic tree right back on it you’ve got a full loop and you can actually
array it right around so I don’t know if I’ve gone crazy but it seems to be
correct there’s much more details to this
structure you can actually flip the trees around and get all the other
tetrahedrons and and and if you follow the actual Kabbalistic tradition the
roots become the crown and the crown becomes the root and the whole object of
the decoding of the tree is to find this singularity this point of infinite
density that’s at the heart of the Kabbalistic tradition is the heart of
God the point of infinite potential I mean this is like literally describing
everything I was describing to you in physics earlier on and so a lot of this
information is uncovering now it’s coming out we are literally at that
moment in history where we are recovering the information
and we have the knowledge base in science now to apply it and to apply it
to our external world so that we can transform our world transform our
technology and ascend are we gonna make that step you and me together we will make that
change it’s coming it’s a storm that’s brewing that cannot
be stopped but and we have a limited amount of time there is changes that are
occurring in our world that are going to have consequences on our capacity to
move forward we have to make that transition we’re very very close we need
every one of you every one of you to become aware of the information to take
the time every day to connect with your vacuum self to connect with your
infinite potential because in that point of infinite potential is your true
essence is your mastery every one of you is a master you hold that within
yourself all knowledge and I actually mathematically proved it to you today yeah so we’re gonna take a little break and
after the break we’re gonna do another hour to hour and a half where I’m going
to talk about what was done in laboratory which I usually don’t talk
about in public and after this we’ll have questions and answers so thank you
thank you so much thank you

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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    ███████╗███████╗██╗ ██╗
    ███████╗█████╗ ╚███╔╝
    ╚════██║██╔══╝ ██╔██╗
    ███████║███████╗██╔╝ ██╗
    ╚══════╝╚══════╝╚═╝ ╚═╝

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