Mulaka – The Tarahumara Culture

Mulaka – The Tarahumara Culture

Teen ESRB Rating Violence Blood. Mulaka tells a story that nobody has ever heard of, nobody knows what’s going on with these people, so that makes a very distinct and unique game. [CREATURE ROAR] [MUSIC] The Tarahumara culture is one of the most interesting in the whole of Mexico because of the fact that they were able to isolate themselves from the rest of the society. And they’re one of the first cavemen, literally, and they’re alive even today. We preserve our culture… the typical dresses and traditions. For example, we dance “Matachines” and “Yúmares”. In Easter we make another party. There is an infinite amount of myths. There is some truth in them. One that has lived surrounded by them, can realize so. We do take care of the world. Yes, because we want to look after life. The Tarahumara are world-renowned for their amazing endurance and that’s portrayed in the game by the means of running, you have unlimited stamina. If you research a Tarahumara and ultramarathons, you’re going to find that they have broken a lot of records, while running with sandals. I make the sandals. I grab a tire and get to it. I work the tire with a knife. We don’t train. This is how we run, without any training. There’s a legend that says that the Tarahumara hunted deer by running them down. So, literally, running with the deer until the deer got tired and then tackling it down. I don’t want to leave it. I want to keep on running. I want to keep on moving forward. I mean, you expect to find runners in a plain, in a city, or a… whatever, but not in the mountains. The game of Mulaka is based on a lot of regions that are really important for the Tarahumara. for example, the Basaseachic Waterfall, there’s also the Barrancas del Cobre which is also called the Copper Canyon. These are a lot of locations that are known globally, but, unfortunately, people don’t know the connection they have with the Tarahumara. We live in a very racist society, a society thay has put enormous pressure on minorities, and I think these kind of cultural products help very much in trying to heal these wounds. Even though I didn’t know about this mythology, it’s still part of the city I live in, and the state, and the country I live in. So I really feel proud that we can get to share this amazing culture with the world. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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  1. I'm skeptical because I see no discussion of gameplay, but I admit I am interested by the vision of the project and by learning about such a unique culture. I shall add this to my list (and be pleasantly surprised when it exceeds my somewhat low expectations)

  2. An interesting game idea based on a unique culture. If you are into running and like exploring other cultures I would suggest reading Born to Run.

  3. I’m Looking for more Info on this tribe. My ancestors came from this tribe, and I would like to know more about them and their practices. Anyone know anything or can point me in the right direction please let me know.

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