Moving Humanity from Religion to Responsibility | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: The entire movement what I’m heading
right now is towards moving the humanity from religion to responsibility. If something is going right it’s me, something
going wrong (Gestures up). We have lived like this for too long. It’s time to change this. We need to understand the source of all our
problems are within us and if we want solutions they are within us, nowhere else. So moving the world from religion to responsibility
only then human potential will be fully explored. Otherwise (Applause) everybody has an excuse
for all the rubbish they do. And usually they have divine sanction for
every stupid thing that they do. See this is the nature of human intelligence. If you do something stupid today, tonight
your intelligence will bother you why did I do this? But if it is god endorsed or scripture endorsed
you can do idiotic things with great confidence. You don’t have to turn back and look. This needs to go. We need to move humanity into a more responsible
function. If this doesn’t happen we keep looking up
and doing all kinds of terrible things to each other and to ourselves. This is happening all the time. A time has come where human intellect is firing
like never before. More human beings on the planet can think
for themselves than ever before in the history of humanity. This is the time when heavens are crumbling
in people’s minds. How many of you think you’ll go to heaven,
after your time is done of course (Laughter)? You… you’ll go to heaven? Okay all those who’ve made a hell out of
themselves want to go to heaven (Laughter/Applause). This happened (Laughs). This happened in Alabama. A Sunday school teacher was going on full
fire but unfortunately the audience were not like you. They were tiny tots. Catch them young policy. Full fire he was going on and in his rhetoric
and he stopped and asked, what do you have to do to go to heaven?” So little Mary stood up and said, “If I
scrub this church floor every Sunday morning, I will go to heaven.” “Absolutely!” Another little girl stood up and said, “If
I share fifty percent of my pocket money to my less privileged friend I will go to heaven.” “Correct!” Another little boy stood up and said, “If
I help people who are in need, I will go to heaven.” “Correct!” Little Tommy in the backbench stood up and
said, “You got to die first” (Laughter). You got to die first, that’s a qualification. And when you die, if you’ve not done anything
ecofriendly, one good thing you will do- We will either burry your body or burn your body
or cut it and put it to the birds depending on what culture you come from. Something we will do. One thing is we’ll put earth back to earth. It’s is good thing that everybody will do
at the end. Nobody goes with their body (Applause). So you left your body here and went to heaven. What is in heaven you must know. You know what’s in heaven? Oh you must know you’re going (Laughter). In Hindu heaven, food is good (Laughter). If you are a foodie, that’s where you go. In another place there are white gowned ladies
floating around in the clouds. If you like that kind of ambience you go there. In another place you will encounter virgin
problems. If that’s what you are looking for that’s
where you go. But one thing is you left your body here and
went to heaven. You don’t have a body, what do you do with
good food and virgins (Laughter/Applause)? It is time we move this humanity from religion
to responsibility. I want all of you with it. Thank you very much (Applause).

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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