7 thoughts on “Minneapolis Community Comes Together On Christmas After Homeless Shelter Fire | NBC Nightly News

  1. its like they imported Somali's instead of helping out their actual fellow citizens…
    Weird how so many US born people wind up on the streets…

  2. Can we get more dividing the country anti Trump bs? It's what your known for. You could care less about this story fake nooz.

  3. This Minneapolis community shows the world how they express compassion for their neighbours.
    I hope to see more cities follow this example to help fellow humans in need.

  4. Inspiring Empathy. 0:41: "It's good to see the human spirit alive." Moving , exceptional Kindness in Minneapolis: Minnesota: USA. Tears in my eyes. So touching and uplifting . Humanely, we must be one another's keeper on this challenging journey through earthly life. Humane wisdom, love and abundant blessings to humankind, globally, always. Thanks.

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