Guys the city needs us! It’s morphing time! Ranger Power Red! ! Ranger power yellow Ranger power black! Ranger power… Oh my god! I told you that would end up happening! What did you do this time Bob? What do you mean what did I do? I put the explosives far away as possible as always He should move back! We told you like a thousand times, you’re
not supposed to put the explosives on the ground You gotta throw the grenade!
we can’t look for the right spot to morph every time And I have told you that when you all morph at the same time it can’t be the grenade. I gotta blow it
all at once It’s not the first time you’ve screwed things up Bob! Last week you didn’t even show up when we morphed at the marina You sent me the message last minute, I don’t know if you know this but after 15 years carrying
explosives everywhere I’m clearly blacklisted in all airports, so I have to drive everywhere! Did you know that? I think fighting monsters daily is a
little worse than that buddy! But you need some cute smoke, odorless, easily dispersed that blows high, it’s not that easy There goes Bob to look, to match
each one with his own color Do you know where I buy your explosives? In Sri Lanka and what happens after all this? What? A Pink Ranger turns into the black Ranger
and you don’t even tell me? Oh come on, Of course, why bother? He’s just the guy with the explosions Do you know how complex it is to get an explosive with black smoke? It cannot be any shade of black because
otherwise it looks like coal smoke and I just work with the best First off, I’m not the one to blame for switching from pink to black it was the choice of the
magical crystal and you think I like changing color? I had to change my entire
wardrobe I didn’t have any black clothes to wear I had to get my brother’s
sweater for a week until I got myself one Oh my god the monster is gigantic already We need the Zords! Bob we’ll talk about this later Prepare the explosions for when we form the big giant robot George bring the truck over with the black explosives not the coal one this time Oh and a black garbage bag…bring two just in case…

Author: Kennedi Daugherty


  1. To understand: Power Ranger Explosion Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3YnTwpD-0Y

  2. Cara eu adoro demais os seus Ramgers.
    Mas por favor façam mais videos deles e dublem se não for, tão trabalhoso quanto eu tenho certeza que e

  3. I feel that sentai actually has an explosion guy, and this has happened before. Sentai has a lot more seasons than power rangers which reuses footage, so I bet someone stood too close at least once

  4. That fucking show was polluting the planet.
    And dangerous to work on it.
    Now I know the reason they use those ugly helmets.

  5. Screw the rangers. Just send in the explosives team.
    They can handle the monster without any fancy colored suits or mechs.

  6. Queria saber por que o "Negão" se fudeu nesse episódio, já que estamos vivendo em uma era de representatividade?!
    Pois esse episódio parece os filmes dos anos noventa em que o negro só serve para fazer número e fazer cenas sem valor.
    Poderiam explodir o Ranger amarelo já que ele foi o cara chato e invejoso do primeiro episódio aí faria mais sentido.
    Mas enfim tirando isso o episódio é bonzinho o Bob só se fode fazendo os efeitos de abertura dos heróis ele tem que estar em todos os lugares para fazer isso!

  7. Just love how the ranger's have bike helmets as part of their outfit instead of actual combat helmets.

  8. To Bob and George, the unsung heroes of the "Society of Virtue." How do you think those giant monsters remains go? They don't clean up after themselves.

  9. The all rangers are dicks? I hate yellow ranger. They should really give all the credit to old guy for working with planting bombs on every scene they morph he's got a point dough buying explosives you can get youself caught and it's illegal. And seniors to plant those stuff for there personal prop's

  10. The society of virtue is fun and entertaining comic book motions and are there really comic books just like them are they marvel DC or image dark horse or something. I like to buy one for collection

  11. After watching this, i wonder, wouldn’t it be more efficient to just blow the monsters up with the explosives?

  12. Pink ranger really is a selfish feminist bitch changing from pink to black like that and expecting to never go back without even telling bob shame on you

  13. I would say this shit is gay but thats not an insult anymore….somehow it became bravery.hm?getting it in the ass is…brave.. fuck,im confused

  14. Bob would probably do better then the Rangers against the evil monster. I mean he already showed his capabilities by taking out one of the Rangers, seems like he should let them have the day off…just saying

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