100 thoughts on “Mick Mulvaney walks back quid pro quo comments

  1. It doesn't matter why they held up the foreign aid. It is at the Presidents discretion as to when and how foreign aid is sent. Now that Fox has gotten rid of the democrats shill Shep Smith they should follow that up with Chris Wallace another Democrat blowhard that thinks anyone cares what he thinks or says. No matter what the drunken geriatric patient we call a Speaker of the House of Representatives says about an "impeachment inquiry" it is nothing more than talk and a waste of taxpayers money and time for the democrats to unseat a duly elected President. Without a full House vote it is nothing more than a charade. It will die in the Senate and will only further cement the President's reelection. When the FISA IG report comes out along with the Durham investigation the democrat party will be no more. The President has more than 90% approval rating in the Republican party and 50+% according to the last Rassmussen poll on President's job approval rating. If these elitist democrats & RHINOs attempt to remove the President they will open Pandoras box that they wished they never had touched. They obviously didn't get the clue from the 2016 election so maybe 2020 will wake them up to the fact that the days of the elitist status quo are over.

  2. Shame on Chris Wallace for throwing the word 'Democrats' into the 3 points 3:30 . Mick never said the word Democrats. 3:15 Chris is doing that to imply the President asked for an investigation into a political opponent. Which by the way, Joe's opponents for 2020. Joe's the opponent of the Democrats running for the Democratic nomination. Trump's opponents are the Republicans running for the 2020 Republican nomination.


  4. Why is investigating 2016 meddling, the same as investigating the democrats for Chris? Does he know something we don't? 🤔

  5. Do you know why the media doesn't ask an accurate and specific question like "was there a quid pro quo?" It's because they frame things to suit an agenda, in this case, they don't want a clear answer, that removes their power of interpretation. Any sensible person knows and understands this.

  6. Too bad Shepherd Smith didn't take Chris Wallace with him. He's not a journalist, he's just another a bias puppet hack who constantly pushes his own false narrative.

  7. Geez……..it's freakin' upside down world. Says he didn't say, what he actually said. Just like his bosses pattern. I'm switching from GOP to Independent. When ya lie once then I question all truths……………. the end.

  8. I would just have released a statement.

    More than that, why the hell is this office always apologizing and making excuses for things that they have a legal right to do. Trump should have investigated Obama, Biden and Clinton on day one instead of pretending. THEY are CRIMINALS. Trump is the chief law enforcement officer. He has the right and obligation. Get this stuttering moron off my screen.

  9. You said it and then said get over it. We the listener got sidetracked? It’s the listeners fault? If we can’t believe anything you say because you may retract it at any moment that’s a problem.

    Your job is to talk. Of all things you could had said, you admitted exactly what congress is investigating you all about.

  10. Just went back and watched the entire news conference on C-span and what Mick said did not come off as a Quick pro Quo

  11. This was hilarious…..seeing Chris Wallace roast this guy with pointed questions and rebuttals when he tries to walk back what he said and replace it with "alternative facts"

  12. Look at the headline, "Growing republicans are breaking from the president". On what? Who are those?

    This guy must be on CNN paycheck. This is not factually reporting.

  13. Chris Wallace is such a dumbass old man that cannot stand our president I never watch this sprix show because he is a prick he won't get off of one thing it's not a quid pro quo it's not he never said it was. And Chris Wallace just keeps picking the scab he is such a piece of s***.

  14. The only People who have a problem with the use of Doral , are People who HATE ….. TRUMP AND THE AMERICAN CITIZENRY ! How stupid it is to object to providing a 5 STAR PRIME SERVICE experience , for what could be a productive gathering …. for fear of someone who's already a BILLIONAIRE , will make a buck . And of course the news hasn't got the time OR the inclination to check the travel costs of the ROGUE CONGRESS , and various other Gov FAKES who accomplish NOTHING with the 100s of Billions they throw around like it's their ENTITLEMENT – UGH ! KMA FOX

  15. Chris Wallace is such a looser. There are predetermined conditions for the money to be released. You can call that Prid pro quo is you want to, but we are talking about the President asking for something personal, not something that our Congress requires. Reality is not known to Wallace. He is just an anti-Trump hack. Never liked him, now he is just pitiful.

  16. LIAR, LIAR & LIAR!!! It won’t stick mr. mulvaney. You think every american is stupid right? You spoke the truth at first and GET OVER IT

  17. Chris Wallace, you heard what Mick Mulvaney said, then you put your own spin on it. I listened to the whole press conference (several times). The leftist, mockingbird, Fake News media were going wild with questions (stupid, idiotic questions, repeated over and over). Mulvaney did a great job at throwing it back to them.

  18. Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey. You were recorded on tape saying it and now you are saying it again trying to trick us that you didn't say it. You want us to take you indirect meaning rather than what we heard directly came out your mouth. Come on man! The emperor doesn't have any clothes on, stop trying to convince me that he does! You told trying to act like you didn't. Thanks for the confession, the best thing you could've have and should be doing now is SHUT UP! You have helped to sink the ship further.

  19. It is legal for the US President to say any thing. He should be able to hold OUR MONEY from ANY COUNTRY that we are helping for ANY READON HE WANTS!

  20. Fox News…….fire Chris Wallace….we don't want him at fox…..liberals already have 92% of the media. They don't get to come on the one conservative station and spew their bias. Things seem to be changing quickly since Disney bought fox….I know they say the Fox News Co. was not part of the sale but it sure feels like it.

  21. Bloten is a Deep State shill more concerned with the Money Laundering… Fiona knowledge leaker to off set the sent of the $ trail for Arms that had be forwarded to Libya, Syria etc…via Ukraine straight through the Obama/Biden and HRC State Department. The DNC Server proves how deep they all were in on the $ exchange for Arms for years …projecting that false narrative on Trump…will not change their duplicity and guilty implications which are being proven daily, the lest reported by FakeStream Media Shills like Wallace.

  22. I can take Fox when they attempt to present truthful politics for the Republicans not this good ball administration. He almost called Fox "fake news" but "changed that". This commentator isn't accepting his crap, he's too old and wise for this little pee on to try to trick him. Thank you Fox.

  23. It is clear, Mick Mulvaney is history, but his boss doesn't see it that way. Giving Chris or Rachel the power to "hit" his chief of staff is never in the script. West Wing tells that "story" over and over, the president does say things the media gets to interpolate, when you can call the president a traitor with no consequences, ol' Mick can call out stupid. Does Mick's words make the president a traitor? Does Nancy and Adam's words ring with America, or are they reading their script from RT. Americans want truth, but not all Americans can handle the truth, we negotiate every day, but changing from one lane to another is a different kind of negotiation, if you change lanes and make an error, CRASH a few folks are hurt, when the President of the United States of America makes a error, 10,000 humans die, the DNC is pointing but the Americans aren't looking because the light of truth is so bright not even the media can give it shade. 70/300/40 history will prove too much for those who would drink their vodka.

  24. It's funny how they don't get the three Democrats that went to the Ukraine to get dirt on trump. Double standards are furiating!

  25. Nice little tap dance attempt Mick but you work for the planet's biggest liar. Only another liar would do that. WE ARE NOT BUYING THE BS THAT YOU ARE SELLING.

  26. Hahaha, I liked this video because somebody actually called out his lies. Though Wallace should have pushed further. Mulvaney would crack in a grade school school debate meet

  27. Everytime Mulvaney said something true Chris Wallace turns around and says."…. ok we have no time we have to move on….." this is so freaking predictable and so sad

  28. Look at the color on this paper in front of me. This color is green.
    No that color is not green.
    You didn't look at the paper. Please take a look at the color on the paper. It is the color green.
    The president is a big fan of the color green.
    Yes, ok, but don't you agree that the color on the paper is green?
    Look, the color green is actually a combination of the colors blue and yellow. "Green" is not a real color.
    So you're saying it's not green?
    As I stated before Chris, the President loves colors and is especially a big fan of the colors blue and yellow. The president owned a big beautiful blue car at one time and everybody loved that car. I just don't understand all the fuss.
    Forgive me for being so forceful but you will not admit this is the color green?
    What I'm saying, and please listen carefully this is very important, is that there is a huge problem with color blindness in this country. Sometimes people think they see "green" but they are actually seeing red. Americans need to have their eyes checked more. It's a big problem and the President is aware of it and is working hard to include more of it in his ideas of what should be included in insurance coverage. It's a huge problem that has not been properly addressed and is tearing this country apart.

    We'll be right back after I step outside and shoot myself in the head.

  29. Is it me or does he even look more like trump? His skin is kinda yellow….

    New theory guys, trump is actually a fungus that mind controls people when they spend a lot of time near him. That would explain a lot…

  30. After the Bidens and Clintons disturbing and obvious quid pro quo and a plethora of illegal activities by the democrats and the Obama administration to choose from and this all that biased and long-time Trump-hating Chris Wallace can find to talk about?

  31. Sorry, Mick, you blew it. Your admission, and the transcript, are enough to send Trump, and his entire administration, into the outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  32. 5:40 "Yes but go back to what actually happened in the real world"

    So either he is trying to dismiss this video of him saying these things as a fraud, or he just slipped that we are in fact living in a simulation. My God what an interview.

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