Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline Part 10 (2011 – 2012 Updated)

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Timeline Part 10 (2011 – 2012 Updated)

After the duel of Harlem, Bruce Banner fled
from the America, leaving Betty Ross behind for her own safety, and changed his focus
from suppressing his anger to controlling it, so the transformations would occur only
when he desired them. By 2011 he’d left North America but suffered
another transformation during his travels which caught the attention of those in pursuit. With the bifrost gone following Thor’s battle
with Loki, Asgardians were no longer able to keep the peace throughout the Nine Realms,
which descended into chaos and war. Back on Earth, James Rhodes worked out a deal
with the American government allowing Tony Stark to keep all his technology so long as
War Machine remained on loan to the Department of Defense. But Tony knew the armor his friend wore was
not designed for his body, and so built a new suit specifically for Rhodes, so that
War Machine could go out to help the people of the world, while he remained in New York
working on other projects like the construction of Stark Tower to be powered entirely by the
arc reactor. War Machine then went to work, focusing much
of his attention on defeating Ten Rings terrorist cells around the world. In the Arctic, Shield recovered the body of
Steve Rogers, finding him cryogenically preserved in the ice and so revived him, preparing a
set to simulate the 1940s in New York city. Steve Rogers awoke and became suspicious of
his surroundings when he heard a baseball game on the radio which was a repeat of one
he attended. Becoming hostile, Steve attacked the SHIELD
agents present and escaped the set, running into the streets of New York where he realized
everything was different than he remembered. Nick Fury then found him and explained he’d
been asleep for nearly 70 years, sending him to stay at a cabin in the woods they called
the retreat, while he settled into his new reality. As SHIELD continued to research all of the
new technology made available through contact with other worlds, many of their resources
remained devoted to studying the Tesseract with Project PEGASUS, arranging for Dr. Eric
Selvig to the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility in the Mojave Desert where he was joined by
Hawk Eye, assigned to protect the item and keep watch over the doctor. In 2012, Joseph and Lucy Bauer found the Darkhold,
a powerful book of spells created in the Hell dimension, a place of darkness beyond the
Earth Plane. Using the Darkhold to make incredible scientific
discoveries, the Bauers brought in several of their colleagues from Momentum Labs and
built a Quantum Particle generator able to create matter from nothing. Learning about the book behind their discoveries,
one of the scientists, Eli Morrow became concerned and grew obsessed with it, prompting Joseph
to hire the 5th street Locos to eliminate the problem. Seeing Eli’s car in driving down the street,
the gang attacked, however it was actually Eli’s nephews in the vehicle, causing an
accident that killed Robey Reyes, and crippled his young brother Gabe. Yet just before his death, Robey heard a voice
asking him if he wanted another chance at life with the ability to take vengeance against
those who’d harmed him, to which he eagerly said yes. The voice belonged to the spirit of vengeance
who escaped from the hell dimension and now moved to different host bodies, choosing those
who’d been wronged in life, so they might unleash their fury against the wicked, together. After embodying Jonny Blaze for some time,
the spirit of vengeance transferred into Robbie Reyes, turning him into the new ghost rider,
a being with a flaming skull, increased strength, healing and resistance, able to imbue weapons
with fire. Eli Morrow, furious over what happened to
his nephews, beat Joseph Bouer into a coma, and used the Quantum Particle generator to
turn all the other scientists into spirits, trapping them in special boxes. Eli was then arrested and jailed for attempted
manslaughter against Joseph Bauer. Though Project TAHITI proved successful in
curing the life-threating illnesses of several test subjects, they suffered severe damage
to their mental state, forcing SHIELD to erase their memories and give them new lives. Seeing the consequences of this dangerous
experimentation, Phil Coulson recommended shutting down the project, but was overruled
by Nick Fury. Sent by SHIELD on a mission to Russia, Black
Widow foiled a Ten Rings plan to threaten world peace by setting off a missile on the
border with North Korea. After years of research, Aldrich Killian found
some success experimenting with Extremis to turn disable veterans into loyal super soldiers. However when Chad Davis, one of the men using
to the substance died in an explosion that killed several others, Aldrich Killian decided
to spin the situation in his favour, hiring an actor named Trevor Slattery to pose as
the Manderin, leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization. After another explosion caused when one of
the soldiers took an extra high dose, the fake Manderin took responsibility, allowing
Killian to deflect attention away from his involvement and profit from a heightened sense
of danger by creating super soldiers for the government’s war on terrorism. Far from the earth, sitting on his throne,
the Titan Thanos, one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, learned the tesseract
was on Earth, eager to get his hands on the space stone within. Already he had the Mind Stone in his possession,
and ruled over a vast army of Chitauri and Outriders, yet his ultimate goal was to collect
all six infinity stones, so he might enact his plan for reshaping the universe. Making a deal with Loki of Asgard, Thanos
provided him with a Sceptor powered by the mind stone, and tasked him to retrieve the
tesseract in exchange for a chitauri army he could use to conquer Earth. Using the Sceptor, he was able to activate
the Tesseract and transport himself to its location, arriving in the Joint Dark Energy
Mission Facility, where he killed a number SHIELD agents and took control over the minds
of others, including Dr. Selvig and Hawk Eye. Now under Loki’s direct control, Hawk Eye
shot Director Fury, before they departed with the tesseract. Back on Asgard, Frigga sensed her son Loki
was still alive, informing Odin and Thor. Although the project was abandoned in favour
of a weapons development program, Nick Fury, having survived the encounter with Loki, reactivated
the Avengers Initiative, gathering together the prospective agents and super beings they
previously considered for the team. Fury sent Coulson to call in Black Widow who
was hesitant to abandon her current mission, but did so at once when she heard Hawk Eye
was in danger. Coulson then contacted Tony Stark while Natasha
Romonov was sent to retrieve Bruce Banner in India and Director Fury spoke with Steve
Rogers. Though Tony Stark remained behind to go over
the information left by Coulson, he soon joined the other on a SHIELD helicarrier to discuss
the mission, with only War Machine unable to attend, as he was busy fighting terrorists on the other side of the world.

Author: Kennedi Daugherty

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