75 thoughts on “Man Caught On Camera Shoving Woman Into Train

  1. Pushing a peaceful woman into a train, what's wrong with people?!😱 That man should not be allowed on the streets, he should be locked up.

  2. I hope that sick Bastard gets locked up and never release! Thoughts and prayers goes for the Woman🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

  3. She should have stepped back, kept her mouth shut, and minded her own business. She didn't know the beef between the two brothas, so she should've stepped back. White people think they can just jump in the middle of our affairs verbally or physically. NO, IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS! STAY OUT THE WAY!

  4. Locking this fool up at public’s expense is a NO JUST KILL HIM HE IS A TERRIBLE PERSON PUSHING that lady like that my god how much more can we take I’m sick to my stomach

  5. This New York city is so beautiful that God has made this city a paradise, but half of the people here do not know the meaning of If two men fight, then it can be a solvent. But this fellow has pushed this lady, it is very wrong.I do not say that black men are bad. Black men are also very good and live very well in this country. But due to a black man, others face a lot of problems as if one fish spoils the entire pond. heaven.God has made such a beautiful city. This heaven is created. New York City is this paradise. It is the very best paradise in the world. In this class, such people should be thrown out of the country, this government and this policeman should not be such an entry in this country. This country has a very good public and is the most intelligent public. But why such accidents do not go public, the public should wake up and tell their gourmets and the policemenI think this news channel which runs on YouTube will only run on YouTube and will not be shown on cable TV or Dish TV. That is why the public is not aware. If I think that through all the channels in the entire country, show through-channel of news, cable or dish TV, whatever goes on, then I say you will be very aware and such accidents will stop. My opinion is if I have said something wrong. Please forgive me. Very very very very very good vibes .

  6. Lmao woman gets pushed into a stopped train and it’s news because she’s white 😂😂😂y’all are pathetic racist devils

  7. He will be arrested. Then it will be discovered that the has at least 10 prior arrests and at least 1 warrant. Then he will be let back out onto the streets because the Brooklyn DA and Mayor Asshole don't want blacks and browns locked up because it's racist.

    Welcome to NYC where our liberal politicians have allowed the thuggery to take over. Yet again. Repeating 1989, one day at a time.

  8. no cops. or at least a presence. they may not agree with diblasio but please try to protect the passengers. too many people are just riding the trains and starting trouble. the majority are just walking in; some are not mentally well.
    that woman had nothing to do with the drama on the platform. i hope she filed a police report and saw a doctor.

  9. He took off after pushing her, that means he knows it was wrong and can’t claim mental illness, 15 years to think about it would be appropriate.

  10. Had this been a White Male shoving a Black Woman into a Train your headline would read, "White Man shoves Black woman into Train" This si why your Media Fails.

  11. Why the fuck is she standing there like she invincible. Like white people have no street smarts you have no idea what the situation is or what happen to the person earlier in his day that he just doesnt care. She is literally acting like her words of wisom was about to stop that fight or something. She was starring in his face two feet awaybfrom him like she was waiting for him to talk to her something , she was did not move at all. Life is not facebook for yall to just watch you have to react with intelligence and stay woke. As soon as that would have started i'm already on the otherside of the platform. As a woman you have to be on point on this earth & pay attention she just stood there –– never look a crazy person in the eye. She could have even got on the train –– i'm not saying its her fault but it's not always about protecting the poor white lady when its crazy violence being poured into our community on a daily you need to also use your mind when your outside. There is a couple things she could have done to prevent this.

  12. The problem with blacks is growing. America has a serious problem on its hands with these blacks. Eventually, the 87% will get tired of the BS of the 13% and then, well, let's just say they will probably wish they had all fucked off back to Africa….

  13. Where's the head line black and shoves white woman I to subway cart? Because if it was the other way around would turn into a racial thing of course

  14. The woman is stupid though. If you see commotion going on you should get out the way….get out of the danger zone. Dont stand there looking

  15. That's why I take the express bus to Manhattan. It's always blacks causing violence, groping, slashing, mayhem, not to mention soliciting for money which has ruined the subway system. The soliciting for money is a daily thing. I just want to go to work and not be disturbed. These lazy dysfunctional mother fckers have no problem bothering people going to work.

  16. Not a sheepdog in sight. It would’ve taken just one person to act and take that guy to the ground, motivating others to help and detain that man for the police. What a disappointment.

  17. Horrible! Hope she's OK. Use good judgement people. Move away from situations like these you don't need to be there. If you wanna help go look for a cop or station agent.

  18. Woman, 18, Visiting Chicago From Poland Had To Relearn How To Walk And Talk After Brutal West Town Rape, Prosecutors Say
    Full article here: https://blockclubchicago.org/2019/10/15/polish-woman-18-had-to-relearn-how-to-walk-and-talk-after-brutal-west-town-rape-nearly-killed-her-prosecutors-say/

  19. We all know by now how the media will color inconvenient narratives like this. Flip it around and the will be a media blitz, a congressional inquiry, research grants in sociology departments and all the socialists linking it to Trump.

  20. I mean shit a push is way softer then a bullet. She'll be ok. I'd probably be more sympathetic if there was a back story and audio. But for now I'm neutral

  21. So the guy gets into physical altercation with someone and pushes closest person to him that wasnt even involved? What a hoe

  22. He will be released almost immediately in court. Jail reform by liberal brains in NYC is a joke. No more bail on assaults like this because it is a misdemeanor. No bail needed for most non-violent FELONIES either . I kid you not. Liberals believe in rewarding bad behavior. It will only get worse.

  23. Why is she, or anyone, hanging out while this guy is going nuts – if I see a guy acting crazy I go to a different part of the platform. She wasn't even paying him any mind when he came near her

  24. Do you want to know when Africa Americans feel guilty and embarrassed? They go silent. Just look at the comments, it's all whites. LOL

  25. EVERY single person I know who has black neighbors live in a daily nightmare.
    NOISE, hostility, vandalism …
    However, I am sure somewhere out there thee are a few good blacks.

  26. My mother would give her paycheck to buy clothes for blacks when she first immigrated to this country.
    We lived in poverty too, but managed our money well.
    Then she was attacked by a rape gang. Guess the race. Then attacked again. Never was her good deeds returned.
    My mother now fears blacks. Liberals would call her racists.

  27. men don't do stuff like that. go ahead argue he is an adult male, he is. he does not behave as a man. many adult [legally] males do not behave as men. he attacked a woman [hopefully she behaves as such]. raised by a single mom and attacks a white woman. well, lets see. angry at his mom and mom tells him him white people are the devil; so this? i'll bet she told him no.

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