London School of Economics Rap Society

London School of Economics Rap Society

♫ Two months down the line,
you gotta show us love ♫ Three tracks already,
but you haven’t had enough ♫ Rap Soc’s takin’ off
like an airplane does ♫ Cause now we on the mic with Crimson Hub (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Jay] We’re part of the Rap Society. We formed in January, 2017. – [Rishav] I think that LSE
is quite academic oriented and a lot of people, when they see LSE, they think of it as,
like a great institution, which obviously it is,
but we kinda wanted to make it seem a bit more
fun, a bit more relaxed, like, doing something
that’s not always seen as work-oriented, and I think Rap Soc’s one of the biggest things that’s different to it. – We first started rapping
together at predrinks. It was just very casual,
literally just for fun. I’ve always thought that with rap, there’s this kind of thing attached to it where people think you need to be poor, you need to be a certain, like gender, but that’s what Rap Soc’s about. We wanna show that you can
be wherever you’re from, if you like the sound of
something, can you enjoy it? It doesn’t matter, like, where you’re from or anything, just enjoy it. ♫ So I guess you can say I’m
flames like a Snapchat streak ♫ Your balls remind me of a paddling pool ♫ You get it, cause they’re not that deep ♫ You don’t keep it 100, you’re LSE100 ♫ Cause you put me to sleep. LSE100’s a compulsory course
about social sciences. We rap about it because
it’s a commonality between all students. It’s something that everybody
has to do kind of thing, and it’s like a challenge
everybody has to face, and it just kind of brings that sense of community together if we’re
talking about things like that. I’ll do one now for all you Americans. ♫ Trump your boss, that’s
why I’m Rap Soc president ♫ Animal on the beat, I belong in the zoo ♫ Sick on this track,
man I must have the flu ♫ Listen carefully and
believe that it’s true ♫ Second year but I’m
still fresher than you ♫ I feel like the Joker, grime is my heart ♫ Content is sick and
the flow’s getting on ♫ You can call me grand Muhammad Ali ♫ Cause the punches are
getting more lit than Diwali ♫ Rap Soc of the Year,
Yeah, I’m liking that fact ♫ Stop all this bitching,
just sit down and listen ♫ Admit it, your jaw just dropped harder ♫ Than our student satisfaction Just like LSE100, talking about student
satisfaction was another way to be able to unite everybody because it just seems like a general slight resentment with all students, that our student satisfaction is, I think, the lowest in the UK, but that’s the reason
why we started Rap Soc. – The Rap Society, I
think, in second year, it’s made the year different because it’s provided
us all a release system, in a way, because we can write about things that we think
are common issues today or even at university, and it
just provides another way for us to voice these messages, I guess. ♫ As I grew up, I was
really, really blessed ♫ Made the most of what
we had, despite being led ♫ On the other hand, my
eyes were always fixed ♫ On the Tamagotchi that had
all the other kids obsessed – Started listening to grime last year, and because of UK grime
artists, like Stormzy, and that’s why I started writing rap after because he kind of inspired me. I’d appreciate his music more because I’d appreciate the flows more, the wordplay more, like how
difficult it is to achieve. – See, I use to play the drum kit, and I used to perform at some
shows, some talent shows, but when I came to LSE, it
was always difficult for me to pursue this due to the
fact that it’s quite big, my drum kit, so rap was another way of me to get involved in music and something that was more convenient as wherever I am, I
can just think of ideas and different lyrics as well. – Tomorrow, we have a rap cypher. It’s where a lot of people
that rap want to come and just rap. – In our cyphers, normally
is mainly LSE students, but we also invite other non-LSE students and non-university students come as well. – Yeah, Rap Society for me,
it’s been an interesting part of university, to be heavily
involved in society and especially finding a society
is a different experience and it’s something that not a lot of people can say that they’ve done. (funky pop music) (indistinct conversation) – Are you are rappers? – Yeah, you know us. – Famous rappers. – We’re from the ends. – I’ve seen your videos. – Do you like it? – Yeah. (everybody laughs) – If you want to know more about the top-tier universities
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